Vikings vs. Packers Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019


  1. JohnBoy

    JohnBoy5 일 전

    3:49 watch the sideline lmao

  2. Sylvie Vu

    Sylvie Vu6 일 전

    go pack

  3. Sam Buckley

    Sam Buckley9 일 전

    I Felt Like The Vikings Lost Because They Weren't Fast Enough Though.

  4. Sam Buckley

    Sam Buckley9 일 전

    Lol, I Watched It On The TV The Packers Absolutely Destroyed The Vikings. What Team Are You Guys On? 🏈🏈🏈



    Imagine your whole offense being Aaron jones

  6. libraryham

    libraryham12 일 전

    Gotta give kudos to the Packers for their offseason acquisitions and for punching the Vikings in the mouth early, going up 21-0 in 1 1/2 quarters. Vikings still had real opportunities to win this game, they shut the Packers out after going down 21-0, but they shot themselves in the foot so many times, what with penalties and all, including one that negated a TD. This is a discipline issue, and these Vikings are not very disciplined, at least not that week.

  7. DanielSong39

    DanielSong3913 일 전

    That goal line interception by Cousins was really bad.

  8. Roger Rebollar

    Roger Rebollar13 일 전

    Calling back a touchdown for illegal blocking? That new rule sucks

  9. Clara Harmon

    Clara Harmon13 일 전

    Packers win

  10. bstlybengali

    bstlybengali16 일 전

    no arm strength for a hail mary lol

  11. Gramps

    Gramps19 일 전

    I told you Minnesota when you got him and paid him all that money that your QB will throw terrible interceptions. He's done it his entire career. His mind goes blank too, he once took a knee instead of spiking the ball when he was trying to stop the clock while in range of a chip shot field goal. The clock then ran out for the half and his team got no points.

  12. JohnX

    JohnX19 일 전

    My teacher said that if the packers win we give him donut

  13. Jeffrey Adams

    Jeffrey Adams21 일 전


  14. jose martinez

    jose martinez21 일 전

    I love cheese

  15. Better Than You

    Better Than You22 일 전

    3:50 anyone see 6 throwing the ball to 43 on the sideline lol

  16. Xavier Dillahunt

    Xavier Dillahunt23 일 전

    At 11:15 the whole O Line is looking at kirk like wtf are you doing? Lol

  17. Mentor Tairi

    Mentor Tairi23 일 전

    Cousins still makes a lot of rookie mistakes for someone who's been in the league for awhile now. Many times on 3rd an shorts he could have ran for the 1st but just throws it into tight coverage or to nobody that's open

  18. david nichols

    david nichols23 일 전

    It's always the same people who CAN'T remember to leave their helmets on.

  19. STaTiiC Clan Official

    STaTiiC Clan Official23 일 전

    Kirk Cousins: Trying to comeback 21 points Kirk Cousins in the 4th quarter: ight imma head out

  20. Jackson Spratt

    Jackson Spratt24 일 전

    Vikings should have won this. Kirk Cousins is frustrating to watch

  21. Jorge pelaz

    Jorge pelaz25 일 전

    these guys need a better defense

  22. mohd sa

    mohd sa26 일 전

    the worst QB decision I have seen at 5:15 for Vikings

  23. b xx

    b xx26 일 전

    I played against Dalvin Cook in HS. He a beast bruh

  24. Eduardo B. R.

    Eduardo B. R.26 일 전

    That thumbnail looked like "don't leave me, come baaaack!!!" lmao xD

  25. h. lloyd

    h. lloyd26 일 전

    Cousins is good enough for MN, they never get anywhere anyway.

  26. Dj Savage

    Dj Savage26 일 전

    Cousins is trash 🚮🚮

  27. Lurin Witbait

    Lurin Witbait26 일 전

    A Rodgers is a beast, best QB in the league

  28. john dferfr

    john dferfr26 일 전

    Wtf happened to Kirk he used to be a beast

  29. howdy folks

    howdy folks26 일 전

    thank you..

  30. Jay

    Jay26 일 전

    Diggs drops passes then makes one good TD catch and thinks he's Jerry Rice. Then gets a 15 yard penalty after the TD. Wow. Needs to grow up.

  31. Joshua McKeever

    Joshua McKeever26 일 전

    Cousins is a stupid qb. He just threw a ball in traffic when he should've thrown the ball away.

  32. PoonDestruction

    PoonDestruction26 일 전

    7:10 wow that is unreal. dude is just amazing.

  33. A Eazy Young

    A Eazy Young27 일 전

    COUSINS got paid all that $$$ to end up CHOCKING in BIG games! 😆😆😆

  34. Richard Lind

    Richard Lind27 일 전

    people think that this 60 million + quarterback we have is going to get us to a super bowl. You are out of your mind. He's no better than the quarterback we had last year. In fact I wish we could get that guy back.

  35. maria enriquez

    maria enriquez27 일 전

    I live in minadora

  36. Aaron Mejia

    Aaron Mejia27 일 전

    Dude these calls are ass cheeks

  37. C Williams

    C Williams27 일 전

    That 70yd run was on you martinez!

  38. Drail

    Drail27 일 전

    When the Vikings run the ball they look like the 2017 Vikings, when they throw, they look like last year Vikings.

  39. kj232009

    kj23200927 일 전

    84 million. Kirk is no better than Keenum

  40. Grig Jones

    Grig Jones27 일 전

    Goota damit it feels good to win

  41. Felipe Esly

    Felipe Esly27 일 전

    Kirk made all kinds of wrong choices

  42. jr milovale

    jr milovale27 일 전

    lil mini choke hahaLOLhehecheeeehooo

  43. EliteGaming

    EliteGaming27 일 전

    How long are people gonna keep sleeping on the packers this season, it’s ridiculous. People need to see that we are a contender this year. Maybe once we beat the cowboys in week 5 we’ll show that we are a top 3 team.

  44. timomastosalo

    timomastosalo27 일 전

    I don't like the rule it's unsportsmanlike to take the helmet off - it's not a move of unnecessary violence. Let them show their faces to the audience: It would only benefit the teams, makes the players more human: are we watching robots? Only if he causes delay of game with it - or with any other activity, should it be penalized. But then it's delay of game. Or throwing it would be dangerous of course.

  45. timomastosalo

    timomastosalo27 일 전

    @sepultura7771 IS - it's in the rule book, so that should change.

  46. sepultura7771

    sepultura777127 일 전

    timomastosalo i agree,that was a BS call

  47. Paul

    Paul27 일 전

    I'll kick for the Vikings, for 50 grand and a Packers jersey.

  48. Kreutz

    Kreutz27 일 전

    Why are refs shown in the highlights? Who cares about them. Come on.

  49. JBC_81

    JBC_8127 일 전

    Cousins drop back is painfully slow

  50. Retrovirus09

    Retrovirus0927 일 전

    No one: Aaron Rodgers: Green Nineteeeeeeen

  51. Ryan Daniel

    Ryan Daniel27 일 전

    Vikings made a couple mistakes that killed them...Otherwise they beat the Packers who are pretenders.

  52. Hugh Gard

    Hugh Gard27 일 전

    Cousins CAN hit the crossing route, CAN hit the long shot, but he IS going to throw the pick 6, he IS going to cough the ball up, he IS going to fold...he IS never going to the dance...SKINSFANKNOWS

  53. CCGG262

    CCGG26228 일 전

    aaron rodgers needs to pick his play up. Packers offense has not shown that its good enough o beat elite teams. Lets hope for continuous improvement. if we can replicate 75% of what was done in the 1st quarter this is a super bowl contending team

  54. Some Guy on the Internet

    Some Guy on the Internet28 일 전

    Kirk Cousins single handedly lost this game.

  55. MrKarter HuH

    MrKarter HuH28 일 전

    I love the comments by green bay fans saying "our offense was good in the 1st half but bad in the 2nd half" bro we all saw the bears packers game. I think its sage to say you guys arent what you thought you were. I also think it's safe to say a more accurate description would be vikings defense sucked but turned in on in the second half. #signkapernick

  56. KickLikeLee

    KickLikeLee28 일 전

    Dude if I was these kicker who are probowl kicker I would start a trend on making sure theae kicker get paid huge money. You can make a case kickers are as important as the qb and even more important than the running back or wide reciever when you need that 3 point in the clutch since these game are won by only few point.

  57. John Roberts

    John Roberts28 일 전

    When did the Vikings trade for Nate Peterman?

  58. The Police

    The Police28 일 전

    Unsportsmanlike conduct for taking his helmet off ........major bs

  59. Men0cide

    Men0cide28 일 전

    Man I saw a couple of big passes being dropped by the packers.

  60. KyAndRyProductions2 .-.

    KyAndRyProductions2 .-.28 일 전

    The packers are the best

  61. Bilal Mohamed

    Bilal Mohamed28 일 전


  62. Bilal Mohamed

    Bilal Mohamed28 일 전

    Smh I hate the ref