Video Shows DeMarcus Cousins' ACL Injury | TMZ Sports


  1. damian 00

    damian 002 개월 전

    Q dichoso ete tipo pobre

  2. Mr Slate

    Mr Slate3 개월 전

    He's done

  3. Jazz Critic

    Jazz Critic3 개월 전

    He shouldnt have been playing like that

  4. Kalexer

    Kalexer4 개월 전

    R.I.P prime Cousins 😢

  5. Ultimate Warrior

    Ultimate Warrior4 개월 전

    Why is he playing point tho

  6. Ultimate Warrior

    Ultimate Warrior4 개월 전

    Cousins look like a fat old man running out there skinny legs big upper body smh just all bad🙏

  7. Resterz YT

    Resterz YT4 개월 전

    Who’s here after he got a warrant for a arrest

  8. Smokey McbongWater

    Smokey McbongWater4 개월 전

    Dude needs to lose shit tone of weight of he wants to continue his career .. maybe even get to kd level skinny


    THE CEREAL GUY4 개월 전


  10. Not so ugly duckling

    Not so ugly duckling4 개월 전

    must be the puma shoes

  11. TheDesta82

    TheDesta824 개월 전

    Why he playing in pick up games like that..he is a pro

  12. Rich Fetuu

    Rich Fetuu4 개월 전

    That wouldnt jave happened in pumas.... oh wait

  13. Michael Arsen

    Michael Arsen4 개월 전

    Bro it’s crazy u can hear his knee crack or snap

  14. XXLStrength

    XXLStrength4 개월 전

    not good.. all the best man .. go hard in rehab

  15. Sammy Mubarak

    Sammy Mubarak5 개월 전

    Damn that’s hard to watch. God Bless him man, hope he has a speedy recovery. 🙏🏼

  16. Don Toribio

    Don Toribio5 개월 전

    After cousin's injury... AD suffers ACL injury will miss entire 2019-2021 nba season.. 😂😂😁😂😂😀 Good bye Self Proclaim King... End of Lakers, trade LeaveBron.. 😂😂😁😂😀

  17. Jason Foster

    Jason Foster5 개월 전

    His career is over. It's so sad. Boogie was a great player.

  18. Maximus Lucifer

    Maximus Lucifer5 개월 전

    Its over for boogie the next year maybe see him in the Big 3 League

  19. klazzikk

    klazzikk5 개월 전

    Andrew Bynum 2.0

  20. CJ Payne

    CJ Payne5 개월 전

    He will be

  21. SirHellaDope

    SirHellaDope5 개월 전

    The fact that this guy can even still get contracts is amazing to me. Injury prone is an understatement for Cousins. Guys are willing to pay him to not play but won't even make an offer for Melo.

  22. Invincible Speaker

    Invincible Speaker5 개월 전

    Whos mans is this? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  23. Hot line Gold

    Hot line Gold5 개월 전

    Who told him to run point tho

  24. The APEX Lifestyle

    The APEX Lifestyle5 개월 전

    Time to retire and call it a career.

  25. Meek Forrest

    Meek Forrest5 개월 전

    He got millions he will b fine

  26. Peter Johnson

    Peter Johnson5 개월 전

    U cant tear an acl like that trust. The nba is all reality tv and scripted.

  27. kingjappyjoe420

    kingjappyjoe4205 개월 전

    His weight is what slowly destroyed his knees. I hope zion takes good care of his knees

  28. Kustom Denver

    Kustom Denver5 개월 전

    step 1 get nba contract step 2 go for layup at gym step 3 scream bloody murder step 4 pay doctor to say you got injured step 4 sit around "recovering" step 5 $$$$$$$

  29. guest man

    guest man5 개월 전

    No one wants boogie! He can’t even play in the big 3 cause he’s not even 30 yet! Bye bye boogie , you about to become a china man.

  30. Russell Ally

    Russell Ally5 개월 전

    Superman to replace boogieman

  31. S N

    S N5 개월 전

    Fam should've sat out last year instead of playing.... he never healed all the way smh


    NBA FANBOY5 개월 전


  33. archie zulueta

    archie zulueta5 개월 전

    Playing without knee support...

  34. Yaj Romalliv

    Yaj Romalliv5 개월 전

    Another talented player ruined by injury. Glad Lebron is a beast at his age.

  35. Steven Lark

    Steven Lark5 개월 전

    A walking piece of paper 🧻

  36. Fly Boy

    Fly Boy5 개월 전

    Mr. glass is that you?

  37. Victor Santos

    Victor Santos5 개월 전

    Everyone is saying Boogie can't catch a break? What do you mean, he's caught all the breaks! Achillies, Quad, and now ACL

  38. TMagicW

    TMagicW5 개월 전

    My 90 year old grandpa wouldn't have suffered an injury from just casually driving through the lane with NO contact like that.

  39. Jeremiahzzz Real

    Jeremiahzzz Real5 개월 전

    Torn Achilles torn quad Nd u still bringing the ball up!!!play ur postion fooo u ain’t no point guard!!!

  40. Zyrif Brown

    Zyrif Brown5 개월 전

    My birthday is on Oct 23rd SAS : you’re wrong and let me tell you why

  41. Zyrif Brown

    Zyrif Brown5 개월 전

    That could have easily happened in a real game so it might be time to retire

  42. Zyrif Brown

    Zyrif Brown5 개월 전

    That could have easily happened in a real game so it might be time to retire

  43. Jose Reyes

    Jose Reyes5 개월 전

    Melo to Lakers confirm.

  44. Kane Velasquez

    Kane Velasquez5 개월 전

    He thought he was a pg

  45. Poop Poop

    Poop Poop5 개월 전

    Cousins body material is made in china 🇨🇳

  46. MR. Vegeta

    MR. Vegeta5 개월 전

    Karmas a bitch .. Ace up his ACL

  47. Lion Thomas

    Lion Thomas5 개월 전

    👀 WTF 🤦‍♂️

  48. 3 D bandz

    3 D bandz5 개월 전

    Is Im Wrong for playing DMX slippin after I seen this

  49. TheBoyOffTheBlock , Prezi

    TheBoyOffTheBlock , Prezi5 개월 전

    His legs are made out of French toast sticks

  50. Michael Moore

    Michael Moore5 개월 전

    Ok why not just get ready for season

  51. Itria Dealmas

    Itria Dealmas5 개월 전

    He made the warriors suck lmao

  52. B Young

    B Young5 개월 전

    bye bye~

  53. random stuff

    random stuff5 개월 전

    cousins carrer was already on life support now this

  54. B moses

    B moses5 개월 전

    Sounded hella shitty

  55. bodyemcal

    bodyemcal5 개월 전

    Yea he need some milk

  56. danny 1

    danny 15 개월 전

    There's no reason for DeMarcus Cousins bringing the ball up the court and running full speed you should have just posted up

  57. Chris evo

    Chris evo5 개월 전

    That’s what happens when you 6’10 but got the body strength to only support a 5’10 body

  58. Frank Paulson

    Frank Paulson5 개월 전

    Why is this so funny ahhhhhh then the whistle blows

  59. 925KING Faleloa

    925KING Faleloa5 개월 전

    Dumb ass looser

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    DeWayneMIL TV5 개월 전

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