VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)


  1. Amit Kumar Padal

    Amit Kumar Padal10 시간 전

    Get Mighty Racoon that guy is genius

  2. ThePandaCuber

    ThePandaCuber14 시간 전

    niko from node?

  3. Lukas Sprehn

    Lukas Sprehn일 전

    Invite Ian Hubert on your show and look at his Blender Lazy Tutorials and especially his science fiction web series DYNAMO.

  4. Lemonade.

    Lemonade.일 전

    React to captain disillusion!

  5. Planetkid32

    Planetkid32일 전

    Y'all know that Zach King was actually in Disney's Zootopia?

  6. Tino !

    Tino !2 일 전

    This dude could make a live action paprika remake


    DARKxMYTH2 일 전

    Whats the instrument at the end called?

  8. The Bat Films

    The Bat Films2 일 전

    Could you react to a music video called stars from switchfoot. Is amazing.

  9. thotchuiyo achui

    thotchuiyo achui2 일 전

    What is that instrument?

  10. Jone Nascimento

    Jone Nascimento3 일 전

    Dope, I always imagined that despite being very small segments would took some work, but not that it would take SO MUCH WORK to do it. Congratulations.

  11. AFranklin78000

    AFranklin780003 일 전


  12. Cody Weiss

    Cody Weiss4 일 전

    You guys should react to the channel dust, some great effects in those short movies

  13. Answer Is 7

    Answer Is 74 일 전

    Anyone else hate Zach king

  14. Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little4 일 전

    It's getting more difficult to not cringe whenever I hear Wren's effeminate baby-voice. Jesus, man. Butch up a bit.

  15. Samuel Potter

    Samuel Potter5 일 전

    The first part was recorded after when the ladder was put down

  16. Gamer Gus

    Gamer Gus5 일 전

    I reckon he magic and ladder appeared

  17. Little Gamer

    Little Gamer5 일 전


  18. Lennon Groover

    Lennon Groover5 일 전

    Yeah I guess I agree with him that it was just someone that had a painting of a ladder then as they pause slip in a ladder somehow exactly the same and I guess he climbs it and then as the pause it take the ladder to give the allusion that he clicked a spray painted ladder that he climbed and made the cop go through it? I don’t really know

  19. SilentSniper

    SilentSniper5 일 전

    Alright mr kubric simmmer down (joking the cgi magic vids will always be good)

  20. Adi C

    Adi C5 일 전

    I think it was more jump cuts

  21. Róbert Alexovics

    Róbert Alexovics6 일 전

    Its a Hang Drum guys

  22. T-posed Pewds

    T-posed Pewds6 일 전

    The ladder paint when he finished that, he paused the video and remove the paint, put a real ladder unpaused the video in the right position and to another position, same as the first one i said and he placed a real ladder from the wall and the police tried to get him, when he go up to the painted ladder from the wall that he actually placed a real ladder as soon as he stop painting he goes up to the other ladder and as soon as he did they removed the ladder and painted the shape of the ladder unpaused the video, wtb the cop? Its timing he paused the vid and the cop didnt move while they painted the ladder, unpaused, chased and the ladder that Zack Climb to from the wall also removed and painted, when Zack is at the top someone is also up there holding him to make sure he wont fall because Zack is holding the edge of the wall and as soon as the cam goes up He goes above the roof and thats my Theory

  23. Theawesomegodmaster

    Theawesomegodmaster6 일 전

    99% everything else 1% actually guessing how he did it

  24. _Sooshee _

    _Sooshee _6 일 전

    Can't believe captain disillusion called Zach's videos simplistic and overhyped. Such a disservice to the effort and time put into these videos.

  25. Mr Spectacals

    Mr Spectacals6 일 전

    Now this is old school vines right here. Good stuff.

  26. Max Gubbins

    Max Gubbins7 일 전

    It’s not cgi it’s actual magic

  27. Gem Bocobo

    Gem Bocobo7 일 전

    wats the bell thingy and did that really make those sounds?

  28. Chicking gaming

    Chicking gaming7 일 전

    This is random but I have an LG

  29. Shahneel Farooqi

    Shahneel Farooqi8 일 전

    He man you teach vfx????



    So... are we gonna ignore good ol’ Zach or not?

  31. Temojin Ryan Roxas

    Temojin Ryan Roxas8 일 전

    Zach king with edit

  32. Nitin Bhattacharyya

    Nitin Bhattacharyya8 일 전

    Never knew Zach king put in so much work

  33. The French Chief

    The French Chief9 일 전

    0:12 Wren:Thanx to L g t b Me:Dont you mean pack-man incorperated

  34. Reena Bolleddu

    Reena Bolleddu9 일 전

    I know how it's made It's called MAGIC!!

  35. Migs Satilom

    Migs Satilom9 일 전

    Theory: Zach King is Mysterio! He uses drones for the illusion

  36. Migs Satilom

    Migs Satilom9 일 전

    Theory: Zach King is Mysterio! He uses drones for the illusion

  37. T of J with H

    T of J with H9 일 전

    Zack the king

  38. Gumbolaya!

    Gumbolaya!9 일 전

    Get Captain Disillusion on this series and react to fake videos

  39. HybrydATP64

    HybrydATP649 일 전

    I smell a collab in the future

  40. Ian Montecillo

    Ian Montecillo9 일 전

    The ladder they marked the points where the two ends of the ladder and they did two paintings or there were two walls one when zach was painting it and one when they introduced the guard