VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 12


  1. benny cp

    benny cp3 시간 전

    Please do pulimurugan malayalam movie

  2. sabarishwaran

    sabarishwaran13 시간 전

    'I' Vikram movie

  3. Jagtesh Singh

    Jagtesh Singh18 시간 전


  4. Griffin Fletcher

    Griffin Fletcher20 시간 전

    go to 5:18 and notice how the guys arm goes through a part of the boat.

  5. Thomas Tank

    Thomas Tank21 시간 전

    Please react to Marvel's Runaways and cloak and Dagger

  6. Smitty Plays

    Smitty Plays22 시간 전

    And for Spider Man I literally thought they forgot to animate his costume 😂😂 I was like why is he wearing a motion capture suit

  7. Smitty Plays

    Smitty Plays22 시간 전

    The Boston Dynamics video was super popular on Instagram and it had my cousins fooled 😂😂 they showed it to me not know I knew it was you guys and he was like we are screwed 😂

  8. duncan rmi

    duncan rmi일 전

    one of the better ones, this. :-)

  9. Cυɾɾყ dєsu

    Cυɾɾყ dєsu일 전

    3:49 lol

  10. Morgan Granquist

    Morgan Granquist일 전

    The covenant 2006

  11. Alex Day

    Alex Day2 일 전

    Damn it guys, now I can't look at supergirl the same way ever 😅😂

  12. Hemanth Kumar B

    Hemanth Kumar B2 일 전

    Plz watch kgf movie dudes Indian best visual effect movie in 2019

  13. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    Tech News for Tech Noobs2 일 전

    I nominate the tunnel scene from I, Robot. There's a lot going on there that I am picking out now just from watching your videos. 1. Light reflections galore...overhead lights on the top of the car, along the side of the tunnel, from the "trucks" in front of the car...each with different movement properties 2. Reflections of the robots on the car windshield change in brightness based on their height in the truck in front of the car 3. Light reflections on the robots themselves...while in constant motion 4. Might be me, but I would think that a broken windshield would have a little haziness around the broken edges...but this is the future car glass here, so who knows. 5. The hole in the windshield is essentially a "frame" for Will Smith to be inserted into, surrounded but all the CGI Action 6. The insane motion blur of the car spinning fast from the outside view compare to the inside view 7. All the motion, lighting and damage effects as the car is flipped upside down

  14. Sebastião Soares

    Sebastião Soares2 일 전

    Have u done sharknado?

  15. sabarishwaran

    sabarishwaran2 일 전

    Enthiran, rajini's movie

  16. Ricky Mason

    Ricky Mason2 일 전

    no bumping the lamp?

  17. Mason Spencer

    Mason Spencer2 일 전

    Does anyone know the shirt Wren is wearing? It looks cool but I have no idea how to look it up

  18. Jake the dog

    Jake the dog3 일 전

    I'd love to see you guys take a look at The Thing (1982)! One of the greatest horror movies ever, with some SERIOUSLY special effects!

  19. Bee Emm

    Bee Emm3 일 전

    Can we have more dogs feature in future episodes???

  20. David Ortega

    David Ortega4 일 전

    Also, Roger Rabbit is a legend onto itself. And a perfect movie as well.

  21. David Ortega

    David Ortega4 일 전

    Please do a video comparing The Lord Of The Rings fx to The Hobbit.

  22. RyeToast

    RyeToast4 일 전

    OMG you talked about Who Framed Roger Rabbit and DIDN'T talk about bumping the lightbulb?!?!?

  23. Pedro Paixão

    Pedro Paixão4 일 전

    Damn those super girl shots looked like power rangers but worse

  24. Clan Rocks

    Clan Rocks4 일 전

    Pedro Paixão GTH

  25. Johnny Ramirez

    Johnny Ramirez4 일 전

    RAndom, but you guys should do a breakdown of Double Down by Neil Breen. Remember me while you endure the fever dream that is that movie.

  26. Tymo Mollema

    Tymo Mollema5 일 전

    Can you do pan(2015)

  27. Puru Yadav

    Puru Yadav6 일 전

    DO DR.Strange TRIP SCENE

  28. Keldfelle

    Keldfelle6 일 전


  29. Emanuel Morales

    Emanuel Morales6 일 전

    That Supergirl scene could easily be blended in a Power Rangers episode.

  30. Clan Rocks

    Clan Rocks5 일 전

    Emanuel Morales get lost

  31. Callum Cassee

    Callum Cassee6 일 전

    I like how Niko can’t ignore the least important thing in the show. Like bad producers-meh, bad cgi-eh, BAD MUZZLE FLASHES?!?-NO!!!!!

  32. Somesh Pnwr

    Somesh Pnwr7 일 전

    Please do some of the indian movies like krish and the tv series shaktiman

  33. Andy Carter

    Andy Carter7 일 전

    Everything in the spiderman scene was fine except for spiderman. His movement seemed to stiff, and you can clearly tell that something is off. I don't understand how you can find it so convincing, when he is clearly CGI.

  34. Richard Denson

    Richard Denson7 일 전

    Lol you guys should do robot jox 😂

  35. erzan

    erzan7 일 전

    The photorealism scenes from Spiderman are shocking. 😮

  36. Colorado Kush Master P Aka. Z

    Colorado Kush Master P Aka. Z7 일 전

    Do a podcast with joe

  37. Maximus Prime

    Maximus Prime7 일 전

    Do The Mandalorian

  38. JMUDoc

    JMUDoc8 일 전

    The Supergirl bit is why I don't watch superheroes on telly. Just makes you think of the (far better) films.

  39. Craftsman1138

    Craftsman11388 일 전

    Never seen supergirl, titanic had soooo much love, passion and dedication it will stand the test of time also the CC robo soldier part with the gun pushing against the bullet proof vest 😂

  40. Killteam65 Gaming

    Killteam65 Gaming8 일 전

    The Supergirl TV show is meant to look kind of janky because it’s supposed to look like the cartoons and comics, where a punch sends someone flying towards a wall in a funny-lookin’ way.

  41. kathy

    kathy8 일 전

    One of my teachers worked in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the way he explained stiff was so amazing. The scene with the kitchen and the baby blew my mind cause it was a whole 2D drawing made to look like a 3D space and even after the explanation I still can’t quite grasp it

  42. De'Ceon Lyday

    De'Ceon Lyday8 일 전

    Do Tin Tin