VENOM - Official Trailer (HD)


  1. Alpha Lee

    Alpha Lee시간 전

    What could be better than infinity war? This

  2. Eduardo Alvarez

    Eduardo Alvarez시간 전

    Gonna be lit 🔥👌

  3. ThatGamer065

    ThatGamer065시간 전

    Sounds like infinity war soundtrack

  4. Sickles197

    Sickles197시간 전

    I hope we get to see him web swing when he finally meets spiderman. Maybe even get the white spider symbol.

  5. the wolverine 7619

    the wolverine 7619시간 전

    I must admit that I was nervous about the movie by the first trailer but after i saw the full venom the words that came out of my mouth is I'm seeing this movie


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  7. Blanco Numba6

    Blanco Numba6시간 전

    I cant stop watching this ...

  8. Nefes Yusuf

    Nefes Yusuf시간 전

    Müthiş 😎👌🏻👍🏻

  9. Railson Júnior

    Railson Júnior시간 전

    A marvel copio o venom extreme mds sem conteúdo marvel!!!

  10. Gabrel

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  11. Ben war

    Ben war시간 전

    We are groot ...nope we are Venom!!!

  12. Evan James

    Evan James시간 전

    21k dislikes are from fanboys who are butt hurt that Spider-Man isn’t in it.

  13. Mario Hernandez

    Mario Hernandez시간 전

    It better be rated R

  14. 50farmers

    50farmers시간 전

    Guess I'm in the minority here but this doesn't look that good to me. Venom looks a CW version of Spawn and this seems like a lot of Tom Hardy riding around shooting goo from his hands and rectum. I was wrong about the first Deadpool movie so hopefully I'm wrong about this one too....loved Venom back in the day.

  15. Julio

    Julio시간 전

    Will Spider-Man get even a reference in this film?

  16. TheNavyShadow

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  17. Blue Chicken

    Blue Chicken시간 전

    Its impossible to say Venom with all your teeth out. Try it

  18. TheGuess2D

    TheGuess2D시간 전

    This looks really good, but honestly, the third spider-man did a better job of whatever is going on at 2:19. Here, it literally looks like a children's mask is being pulled over this dude's face...come on. All in all though, this should be a good movie.

  19. Christopher Cooper

    Christopher Cooper시간 전

    If u support Sony and Venom like this

  20. Myk H

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  21. Jake Batema

    Jake Batema시간 전

    So is this movie in the mcu or is it like the x-men movies where they're not associated. I'd really like to see the new Spiderman fight venom thats why im asking.

  22. WeezyIsTactiic

    WeezyIsTactiic시간 전

    soooooo where's Carnage at???

  23. Novan Heaven

    Novan Heaven시간 전

    Oh yeahhh venom is my favorite character...cant wait to watch it..

  24. DeGamer Gameplays

    DeGamer Gameplays시간 전

    Filme do Venom...QUE LEGAL👏👏👏

  25. NOTNA Films

    NOTNA Films시간 전

    Watched this at 200k, now it’s #1 on trending at 20 million views!

  26. Kirsten Murray

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  27. billy jones

    billy jones시간 전

    I love spider-man I always have and will... but he can't touch venom... Beast!

  28. TheOracle8191

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  29. Chuck Noia

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  30. Aidan Stumpf

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  31. JDL M

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  32. Anderson Marquez

    Anderson Marquez시간 전

    The way i see it we can do whatever we want

  33. Tim Senna

    Tim Senna시간 전

    Can't tell if this looks more awesome or terrifying

  34. Jean Guy Villneuve

    Jean Guy Villneuve시간 전

    alfie solomons is venom

  35. Tenchu Tesshu

    Tenchu Tesshu시간 전

    Why so much hate?

  36. LOVE CR 7

    LOVE CR 7시간 전

    Ok Spiderman venom is the better 1 n this movie is gona be fucking good

  37. lARaNitaXD

    lARaNitaXD시간 전

    WOW Amazing

  38. Jhon Lloyd Borlagdan

    Jhon Lloyd Borlagdan시간 전

    We... Are Venom!

  39. Tj Mobley

    Tj Mobley시간 전

    This movie is going to be lit

  40. Ritchie David

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  41. Digitominal

    Digitominal시간 전

    I’m excited for this movie, but I’m not a fan of Venom’s voice. It’s just too deep. They should have made it a little bit higher.

  42. Matthew Trotman

    Matthew Trotman시간 전

    2:32 . Best bit .

  43. Ray Nomurika

    Ray Nomurika시간 전

    Yur fuckin craaaaaaaaaaaazeeeeeeeee bruuh.😲

  44. the jaedy

    the jaedy시간 전

    Fucking Awesome

  45. Madgirltt [Tracey]

    Madgirltt [Tracey]시간 전

    *Vibranium > Symbiotic*

  46. Madgirltt [Tracey]

    Madgirltt [Tracey]시간 전

    *Waits for all the fanboys to harrass me...*

  47. Buddy Guy

    Buddy Guy시간 전

    Well...if that didn't look like an open sack of buttholes I dont know what does.

  48. Fajri Nafisa

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  49. inthezone666

    inthezone666시간 전

    This looks awesome!!!

  50. S L A V G H T E R S E A S O N

    S L A V G H T E R S E A S O N시간 전


  51. thedevilisaloser666

    thedevilisaloser666시간 전

    One thing we can agree on, Carlton Drake done. FUCKED. UP.

  52. aj

    aj시간 전

    This looks really good

  53. Dauriru

    Dauriru시간 전

    First marvel movie that will be good in such a long time

  54. Johnny Chimpo

    Johnny Chimpo시간 전

    For fuck's sake. Stop with that micro-trailer before the actual trailer bullshit!!!! It ruins moments from the trailer for no reason

  55. Vedaant Verma

    Vedaant Verma시간 전

    Dying to watch this....!!!

  56. Jake Paul

    Jake Paul시간 전

    Mona Lisa?

  57. DNAK

    DNAK시간 전

    Até que enfim um vídeo de Q U A L I D A D E no em alta.

  58. BLANK

    BLANK시간 전

    Looks 🔥

  59. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen시간 전

    Is he a hero or a villain? Or perhaps an anti-hero with his own cause who eventually becomes evil?

  60. Skelrud

    Skelrud시간 전

    Não estou VENOM graça

  61. Kejin Lee

    Kejin Lee시간 전

    Do u know da way out of this venom

  62. Just a Freerunner

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  63. aeeev Sweg

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  64. Carlos

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  65. GamersCLJ

    GamersCLJ시간 전

    Pago o ingresso dos 100 primeiros que der like 😊

  66. Purple Flame

    Purple Flame시간 전

    Gonna love it

  67. joker ,

    joker ,시간 전

    Wow this movie actually looks like it is going to be awesome hahhaahha

  68. Supremo Dos Games

    Supremo Dos Games시간 전

    cade o miranha pra mata ele

  69. Michael Truong

    Michael Truong시간 전

    Looks lit af venom looks awesome

  70. Jon Wolfchild

    Jon Wolfchild시간 전

    if ryan reynolds Crossed over to any movie id want him to play deadpool vs Venom Tom hardy Vs Ryan Reynolds would be fucking awesome lol

  71. Charlie Amaxtal

    Charlie Amaxtal시간 전

    Omg I wish I saw this on the OG spider man with Toby maguire!!!😍




  73. xElementZ GAMING

    xElementZ GAMING시간 전

    I just got a stiffy uh

  74. Kobus Janmaat

    Kobus Janmaat시간 전

    This looks epic

  75. No, Not Vengeance. Punishment.

    No, Not Vengeance. Punishment.시간 전

    My body is ready for this symbiote

  76. SurgeOfLife

    SurgeOfLife시간 전

    sim-by-oat..... no..stop....It's pronounced sim-bee-oat

  77. Vando GG

    Vando GG시간 전

    So the voice in eddys head is the Arbys guy

  78. Rican J

    Rican J시간 전

    Can't wait for this film! Hope to see a good amount of Venom in the movie

  79. gotoeverywebsite and MonkeyBoy!

    gotoeverywebsite and MonkeyBoy!시간 전

    I woke up this morning watching it like "WHY ISN'T THIS ON TRENDING?!" But now the Lord has answered my prayers.

  80. Envy YT

    Envy YT시간 전

    Who else saw Carnage?

  81. Beeh Silva

    Beeh Silva시간 전

    Alguém BR?

  82. James Jarman

    James Jarman시간 전

    Now THAT is Venom done *RIGHT!!* No more Spiderman 3 bullcrap, this looks good!

  83. little carrey

    little carrey시간 전

    Come on! I just put on clean underwear!!!

  84. Drrck11

    Drrck11시간 전

    Dammnit Marvel and Sony. There you go again with another awesome trailer. Just take my wallet now.

  85. San Junipero

    San Junipero시간 전

    Honestly it looks like every other generic action movie, nothing new and exciting here...

  86. Hello Holly

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  87. thed00ffarmer

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  88. A Spectator

    A Spectator시간 전

    Can’t stop watching

  89. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya시간 전

    And spiderman ?

  90. Vincent Cardenas

    Vincent Cardenas시간 전

    Love how the eyes move

  91. Sherlock GlowBlue

    Sherlock GlowBlue시간 전

    I am batman We are groot And now we are venom 😂😂

  92. JayJay

    JayJay시간 전

    I just remembered...this is sony's second attempt at venom

  93. Iñaki Flexol

    Iñaki Flexol시간 전


  94. SrjKVG

    SrjKVG시간 전

    Spiderman better be the villain in this movie

  95. Eric Fisher

    Eric Fisher시간 전

    Well at least we will get to see more than 10 minutes of venom.... I hope!!!

  96. Mario zúñiga

    Mario zúñiga시간 전

    The movie looks great and the Venom seems far better looking than the old one.

  97. Amin Bouhsiss

    Amin Bouhsiss시간 전

    WOW 20 hours 20 milions views Just Wow

  98. Silap Arashev

    Silap Arashev시간 전


  99. Knox

    Knox시간 전

    Mad Max next plz

  100. Panda Vermelho

    Panda Vermelho시간 전

    _MANO !!! QUE BIZARRO !!!_

  101. Andrew Kang

    Andrew Kang시간 전

    What heck is sym-buy-ote? Lol, is it for sale?

  102. Shota Aizawa

    Shota Aizawa시간 전

    Symbiotes can't make you do things you don't want to do.