Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  1. Boy Baho

    Boy Baho4 일 전

    i was half of the trailer but then i saw u guys commenting that this trailer spoiled so much, i just have to stop watching.

  2. Black Monkey

    Black Monkey5 일 전

    Cyberpunk 2077 font

  3. Vexanii

    Vexanii7 일 전

    Is it me or why does his voice sound like Kabuto from Naruto? 😂😍

  4. Matt Harden

    Matt Harden9 일 전

    Whole movie right here.

  5. Rossclairborne

    Rossclairborne11 일 전


  6. Gerlyn Frances

    Gerlyn Frances12 일 전

    I watched it it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen but I was crazy scared

  7. Elle

    Elle13 일 전

    i actually laughed out loud at that last bit lmao

  8. Aviral Verma

    Aviral Verma13 일 전

    They showed everything ..but got nothing

  9. Elias Vandenberg

    Elias Vandenberg21 일 전

    lol not going to lie, I really liked how scummy and annoying every character in here.

  10. Vũ Trương

    Vũ Trương24 일 전

    Chào netflix . Dùng phần mềm của bạn như thế nào

  11. Sir Hopkins

    Sir Hopkins24 일 전

    I’m not tryna jump your train man

  12. Ioio Ioana

    Ioio Ioana25 일 전

    You were looking for this comment so here it is: DAVEED. DIGGS. Here. I said it. Have a good day.

  13. SaBi NuKi

    SaBi NuKi27 일 전

    Such a cool movie!!! Fuck the Critics!!!

  14. Renee DeCamillis

    Renee DeCamillis28 일 전

    Great film! I love it! I wasn't sure at first. I watched it on a whim, just searching horror titles. In the end, I was definitely not disappointed. Great story, great message, great acting, all around excellent movie! I want to watch it again, it's that good!

  15. Mephisto Steiner

    Mephisto Steiner28 일 전

    The animated intro is the best part of the movie. Honestly, it's pretty terrible

  16. Golden Record

    Golden Record개월 전

    Song at 0:26?

  17. Jorge Siles

    Jorge Siles개월 전

    Worst movie i ever seen....

  18. disebo matakalatse

    disebo matakalatse개월 전

    its not convincing as a horrow

  19. Eudora Thomason

    Eudora Thomason개월 전

    This is some new age Clive Barker shit.

  20. wcwretro2

    wcwretro2개월 전

    Very Disappointing flick.

  21. Aditi birdie

    Aditi birdie개월 전

    1:50 In this whole trailer i particular loved this scene..

  22. bobstone1984

    bobstone1984개월 전

    film świetny, nie dla lamusów 9/10

  23. II QuietRiot II

    II QuietRiot II개월 전

    I love how this movie is just a mock of the modern art industry and the trend perspectives of the rich.

  24. Doctor Weird

    Doctor Weird개월 전

    Gyllenhaal is playing quentin beck

  25. Loki Skito

    Loki Skito개월 전

    This movie sucked

  26. Snicker Doodle

    Snicker Doodle개월 전

    Tried watching this movie, its shit don’t waste your time.

  27. Ana Rodriguez

    Ana Rodriguez개월 전

    This trailer is a perfect example on how NOT to make a trailer. Saw the movie a while back and watched the trailer to refreshen it in my mind and this trailer killed the entire movie for me to the point where the movie just felt like I was watching an extended version of the trailer. Filmmakers, take note. Don't spoil your whole movie in your trailer. A good trailer builds hype for the movie, a bad trailer can damage it. Hope the people involved learned from this experience.

  28. Nicoline Blankespoor

    Nicoline Blankespoor개월 전

    The only good thing about this movie was Jake Gyllenhaal in my opinion. Boring bland movie, was supposed to be satire and horror but I found myself laughing because of how idiotic it often was. All the characters - except Coco - were unlikable so I didn't even care about all their deaths (which I'm not really spoiling since the trailer just gives them all away)

  29. Varun Shrinet

    Varun Shrinet개월 전

    1:57 she is the most unluckiest girl in the movie

  30. basil al sadi

    basil al sadi개월 전

    Who puts a painting of monkeys, in place of a mirror, in a bathroom.

  31. Aaron Valla

    Aaron Valla개월 전

    So if Duma Key and Final Destination had a baby... 2:17 And got jizzed on by The Pagemaster.

  32. FILMY0

    FILMY02 개월 전

    i don't trust Netflix movies

  33. Luan Oliveira

    Luan Oliveira2 개월 전

    yet again I'm glad I don't watch trailers beforehand because the whole damn movie is in here

  34. Farfar F

    Farfar F2 개월 전

    I watched birdbox right now and according to the comment section i will be dissapointed so im not gonna watch i.. BUT JAKE I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT

  35. Doriana Calabrese

    Doriana Calabrese2 개월 전

    Don't watch the trailer and above all, don't watch this stupid movie

  36. Ashley Yung

    Ashley Yung2 개월 전


  37. G S

    G S2 개월 전

    Trash movie, trailer was scarier than actual movie and the movie went by way to slowly

  38. Jacoby

    Jacoby2 개월 전

    Such an intriguing trailer for such a boring movie

  39. AYA Lolz

    AYA Lolz2 개월 전

    Where is Peter Gadiot

  40. Group Project - In a nutshell

    Group Project - In a nutshell2 개월 전

    2:06 Saw franchise in a nutshell

  41. Group Project - In a nutshell

    Group Project - In a nutshell2 개월 전

    Movie was bad....jake was good

  42. Ankit Verma

    Ankit Verma2 개월 전

    Why an actor like Jake Gyllenhaal working in this short of stupid movies. Thumbs down to Jake for bringing us here. Poor cast, poor acting, poor direction. They should have focused more on the dead artist and his obsessed mystirious work instead of Josephina cock sucking skills and a robot taking murphy from behind and saying "i couldn't save you" 😂

  43. Cole Edits

    Cole Edits2 개월 전

    Wait, did Mysterio just fuck Liz?!

  44. Swarnav's Crazy World

    Swarnav's Crazy World2 개월 전

    My Rating for the movie: 0/10 My Rating for Jake: 100/10

  45. kittencat

    kittencat2 개월 전

    Just a tip for people, when you're watching a trailer, Never watch the last 1/3 of the movie, or when it starts showing things that look like they're important in the movie, stop watching so it doesn't spoil everything. Or at least that's what I do.

  46. kittencat

    kittencat2 개월 전

    I was watching this ad and for the first minute I as like "This is super boring" then I was gonna click off but I kept watching and now I want to watch it lol

  47. Thrasher38

    Thrasher382 개월 전

    god awful movie

  48. Jenn N.

    Jenn N.2 개월 전

    Çağlar ertuğrula bak be ne güzel oynamış

  49. Semih Malikic

    Semih Malikic2 개월 전

    I got an erection o.O wtf

  50. Adam Jafari

    Adam Jafari2 개월 전

    Different movie amazing with Jake Gyllenhaal

  51. No one

    No one2 개월 전

    Güzelmis ya la

  52. Alcoholic Sax

    Alcoholic Sax2 개월 전

    I never thought there would be a movie that makes me scared of paintings

  53. Colby Woodbery

    Colby Woodbery2 개월 전

    Every character deserved what they got, they all were such vile manipulative greedy people.

  54. AlchemicEntropy

    AlchemicEntropy2 개월 전

    It's like a mix of Deep Dark and Art School Confidential.

  55. Daniel

    Daniel2 개월 전

    Boring movie

  56. Jeffrey Williams

    Jeffrey Williams3 개월 전

    2:20 His scream makes me succumb to acting desires in horror movies!

  57. Luis ignacio Lin

    Luis ignacio Lin3 개월 전

    This movie sucks

  58. Crystal Gold

    Crystal Gold3 개월 전

    Am bored just looking at this trailer. Should l waist 2 hours of my life on this or not?? 🙄

  59. Man Free

    Man Free3 개월 전

    Very good movie. Sometimes it's just the audience that's not recieving well enough. I loved it. MESMERIC!

  60. Eddy mmm

    Eddy mmm3 개월 전

    You make me confused

  61. 緑先輩

    緑先輩3 개월 전

    Spoiler alert. This movie sucks Dease nuts.

  62. Martian_

    Martian_3 개월 전

    Very good movie. Not gonna lie, didn’t expect it to turn into a horror movie

  63. pizzahot

    pizzahot3 개월 전

    Can't believe it's from the same director of Nightcrawler.

  64. pizzahot

    pizzahot3 개월 전

    So glad I didn't watch the trailer first. Not that the movie was that good.

  65. pizzahot

    pizzahot3 개월 전

    I call dibs on Coco!



    ...and now I know the whole plot.....

  67. ProgrammingFlaw 3489

    ProgrammingFlaw 34893 개월 전

    I thought it was quite good.

  68. BarakudaNah

    BarakudaNah3 개월 전

    this movie is realy bad, bad, bad. gIWE ME BACK MY TIME

  69. BarakudaNah

    BarakudaNah3 개월 전

    I want to kick all of their faces so bad, because of their ignorance

  70. BarakudaNah

    BarakudaNah3 개월 전

    super fucking "artists"

  71. Devan Beadle

    Devan Beadle3 개월 전

    This movie is weird

  72. Fo Haus

    Fo Haus3 개월 전

    Nicholas Cage is so good in here

  73. S AvliS

    S AvliS3 개월 전

    Jake Gyllenhaal is such a great actor!

  74. genevieve ott

    genevieve ott3 개월 전

    actually watched this and it sucked

  75. Georgia

    Georgia3 개월 전

    what a waste of time

  76. Daniel Whyte

    Daniel Whyte3 개월 전

    Great film

  77. Flary Bartender

    Flary Bartender3 개월 전

    Trailer spoiled 99% of movie

  78. You stoopid. no u stoopid

    You stoopid. no u stoopid3 개월 전


  79. James - Steven Mulraney

    James - Steven Mulraney3 개월 전

    2 minutes in now cutting off the trailer! too much given away here

  80. pocket change

    pocket change3 개월 전

    Jake Gyllenhaal's versatility is undeniable...Jarhead,Nightcrawler,Enemy,Prince of Persia,Demolition

  81. Unkown Cause

    Unkown Cause3 개월 전

    This movie kind of sucked 😐 and disappointing.

  82. Georgios N. Telas

    Georgios N. Telas3 개월 전

    Charming film. A few questions though, why in almost every film we have to see the ass of that butface Gyllenhaal? And another one, the character he portrays is intellectual blah blah blah BUT he has a flip cell phone............hilarious miss.

  83. Antoine Bazinet

    Antoine Bazinet3 개월 전

    The trailer is just a big spoiler

  84. I am Romano

    I am Romano3 개월 전

    see the damn movie first, then come back with comment

  85. OmnipotentO

    OmnipotentO3 개월 전

    This movie is fuckin silly 😂

  86. Ariel Hernandez

    Ariel Hernandez3 개월 전

    Lol the ending where the street seller guy is selling the recovered art for like... eh how about $5. Even though those art snobs would pay millions for it I don't know if they were going for satire there but i found it funny and fucked up.

  87. Mehmetcan Kurt

    Mehmetcan Kurt3 개월 전


  88. Jose Russell Rojas

    Jose Russell Rojas3 개월 전

    Bad movie..very bored... and the art ball is that as anime Gantz.. no original idea. The movies is going the bad to worse.....mejor veo tus series Netflix but Daredevil is gone ...I hate you Netflix 😦😔😓

  89. Always watchin' o_o

    Always watchin' o_o3 개월 전

    A slow but steady suspenseful, not really scary but still fun movie. It has some B-movie deaths but nice visual effects and script. Worth the watch if you enjoy the first 10-20 minutes of it. Don't watch the trailer though.

  90. rutituti678

    rutituti6783 개월 전

    Not sure if any one has seen the movie "The Dark Stranger " from 2015... It was interesting as was this film. Both have artists whom art work comes to life and.... Tell me what you think 😊

  91. l3utterl3oy

    l3utterl3oy3 개월 전

    Why did they show every single death in the movie in this trailer? Like what's the point?

  92. VideoK1d

    VideoK1d3 개월 전

    Jake Gynehall channels Ongo Gablogian!

  93. Kaneda Lionheart

    Kaneda Lionheart3 개월 전

    El trailer resume toda la pelicula.

  94. Bram25

    Bram253 개월 전

    One of those trailers that gives everything away and saves you 2 hours.........

  95. TheUnP0ssible

    TheUnP0ssible3 개월 전

    Spoiler: Dumbledore dies.

  96. gxbz gxbz

    gxbz gxbz3 개월 전

    Have I just watched a robot raped Morf?!

  97. Salome Kabinga

    Salome Kabinga3 개월 전

    I want the music in this trailer

  98. Salome Kabinga

    Salome Kabinga3 개월 전


  99. ameer adel

    ameer adel3 개월 전

    i like my movies the way i like my girls disappointing

  100. Chazbot

    Chazbot3 개월 전

    It terrible; the promising premise and good actors are wasted on a by-the-numbers Final Destination-style series of deaths that by the end of the film aren't even connected to the ghost of the dead painter whose supposed to be the focus of the story.

  101. lisa starves

    lisa starves3 개월 전

    NOW this Movie is trip ing man.. i seen it and holy shit man. Wow.. CRAZY ..