Vans Are Freakin’ Sick and You Know It! | WheelHouse


  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media9 개월 전

    I hope I convinced you that vans are cool! Which one is you favorite? Are you thinking about building a van of your own? Let me know! ALSO we've almost made it to 2 MILLION SUBS!!! Help us get there!

  2. Brycen Garrett

    Brycen Garrett3 일 전

    That Chrysler pacifica is the coolest Van

  3. Joshua Bonode

    Joshua Bonode8 일 전

    Toyota Sienna 2005

  4. Rka 15

    Rka 1512 일 전

    You should see toyota hiace commuter d4d drift van.

  5. Firestorm 2101

    Firestorm 210123 일 전

    Vans are best at giving out free candy! I can’t stop smelling this crushed marshmellow

  6. fortnite SUCKS

    fortnite SUCKS24 일 전

    Japanese burnout odyssey

  7. Austin Gilkey

    Austin Gilkey2 일 전

    you need to do a challenge where everyone lives in a van

  8. ThatkidRy X_X

    ThatkidRy X_X2 일 전

    The boogie van would kick ass in the drag strip

  9. Brycen Garrett

    Brycen Garrett3 일 전

    This kinda makes me want a new mini van

  10. Brookz 1116

    Brookz 11166 일 전

    1000HP Odyssey 😂

  11. William Wright

    William Wright7 일 전

    I remember seeing a black guy on Jay Leno's garage

  12. NJ Spun

    NJ Spun7 일 전

    i want a honda minivan

  13. Ty Nguyen

    Ty Nguyen8 일 전

    So you can’t order your car part online.

  14. William Akiu

    William Akiu8 일 전

    Bisi is wack

  15. William Akiu

    William Akiu8 일 전

    I also don't like the new host .. he's so fucking annoying.

  16. William Akiu

    William Akiu8 일 전

    Dirty hippy still lives with his mom

  17. William Akiu

    William Akiu8 일 전

    He's living in his van cuz he rather be a bum ass bitch and run away from his problems.. ppl today are weak.

  18. Picture This

    Picture This9 일 전

    As someone who drives a hightop wheelchair van, I fully approve of this video...

  19. Kadyn Reid

    Kadyn Reid9 일 전

    Is that 1000+ hspr the one Rutledge drove on top gear?

  20. Kief L

    Kief L9 일 전

    Yo that SLAMMED Honda Odyssey is sexy as hell PLUS the 1000hrsprs

  21. Brian

    Brian10 일 전

    Vans *are* awesome. Living in a van, however, is for losers. I don’t make the rules, but that’s what’s up.

  22. Asyraf Idris

    Asyraf Idris10 일 전

    Is that guy from Smosh??

  23. Justin Turbo

    Justin Turbo11 일 전

    if i had that last van i would be ripping through my town with 7 of my boys 😂

  24. DetachableLegJeysin

    DetachableLegJeysin11 일 전

    does living in a van require that you dress up like Shaggy? lmao

  25. Herabai

    Herabai12 일 전

    I prefer nike or adidas than vans

  26. Bezingose Bongose

    Bezingose Bongose12 일 전

    This video was secretly sponsored by vans


    TTV_NITSE12 일 전

    We just not going to notice the Willie kit

  28. THE plovs

    THE plovs12 일 전

    3:47 He looks like some main character in some movie

  29. BackwoodsGod420

    BackwoodsGod42013 일 전

    4:05 I deadass thought he was gunna say rapist van

  30. Marley Lyshem

    Marley Lyshem13 일 전

    From uk... merc vito vans most fun. New transit all rounders but a sprinter van best of all

  31. Tree Wise Men LLC

    Tree Wise Men LLC14 일 전

    Recarro car seat! Both my children have these! Respect brother!

  32. kinsel

    kinsel14 일 전

    9:28 ... please don't do this, it's like Hoonigan. Cringe/10

  33. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia15 일 전

    Oh shiiiit shout out to the home town

  34. El Camino Save me

    El Camino Save me15 일 전

    Didn’t Top Gear US have a Honda Odyssey like that one 🤔

  35. Quackin

    Quackin15 일 전

    First guy be looking like shaggy from scooby doo

  36. Christian Mcmillan

    Christian Mcmillan15 일 전

    Where do you poop at

  37. Oscar Romero

    Oscar Romero16 일 전

    What kurby game is that

  38. helterskelter416

    helterskelter41616 일 전

    how.... are you.... gonna not have the previa in this episode? mid engine rwd minivan. dafuq you doin?

  39. Devan Devan

    Devan Devan16 일 전

    Yea suck it classmates

  40. Brayden Carter

    Brayden Carter16 일 전

    The last one is a byproduct of when your a car guy with a family 😂

  41. Ghost 64

    Ghost 6420 일 전

    My fav tuned van is a rape van

  42. cottonwoodrebel

    cottonwoodrebel21 일 전

    He is what you use when you are unsure about a gender

  43. J.M. Mencias

    J.M. Mencias21 일 전

    My family owned a van my entire life. Countless roadtrips in those boxes.

  44. J.M. Mencias

    J.M. Mencias21 일 전

    The biggest problem with living in a van is the limited water supply.

  45. thejman63

    thejman6322 일 전

    yeah ive got a few spicey files of the at n t girl

  46. Dennis Rodriguez

    Dennis Rodriguez22 일 전

    Can you guys please bring back the boogie van guy

  47. XIIINoir

    XIIINoir23 일 전

    Did Tanner purposely dress up like Shaggy or...

  48. Zach Lee

    Zach Lee24 일 전

    Idk if that guy is doing any shaggin in that shaggin wagon

  49. M Fatani

    M Fatani24 일 전

    You hand is broken but you still make video 😅 cool man

  50. Aben Kassing

    Aben Kassing25 일 전

    3:22 at 1/4 speed

  51. Tyler Albright

    Tyler Albright25 일 전

    That Honda sounds sick

  52. thomas davidson

    thomas davidson26 일 전

    What does that Oddessy do at the drag strip?

  53. Pablo Ramirez

    Pablo Ramirez26 일 전

    Cuz my ball wouldn't fit in a muscle car 💀💀💀

  54. Samzilla Buddy

    Samzilla Buddy27 일 전

    Living in California so hard and expensive living in a van is more practical

  55. Magic Fay The producer

    Magic Fay The producer개월 전

    Sexy vans

  56. Javzio Valdez

    Javzio Valdez개월 전

    Yo I love how the boogie van built his ride with his son that’s awesome parenting brother 🤘

  57. Richard Whiterose

    Richard Whiterose개월 전

    We need more episodes like this. nice lurk into minds that created those machines

  58. S S

    S S개월 전

    Still waiting for the 2jz van:)

  59. Yeetus_the_feetuss

    Yeetus_the_feetuss개월 전

    Ha ha your arm broken

  60. Yeetus_the_feetuss

    Yeetus_the_feetuss개월 전

    Im joking

  61. Minor Doge

    Minor Doge개월 전

    Imagine right, your at the lights and you just see smoke on your right. He lets off the throttle and you think “Skyline?”. NOPE this 6 year old in an oddesy goes past and it’s popping and crackling and you hear the turbo flutter as he lets off. Just think about how you got to that point in your life

  62. pierce yu

    pierce yu개월 전

    Imagine Tyler's Pimp my ride Van being in this video lol

  63. CKW

    CKW개월 전

    i always liked vans but if u get u get a minivan and expect me to like it you're dead wrong

  64. pierce yu

    pierce yu개월 전

    First time I saw that Bisimoto Odyssey was in Top Gear USA lol

  65. Alexander Wood

    Alexander Wood개월 전

    Vans only make you sick

  66. Enrique Emmanuel JM

    Enrique Emmanuel JM개월 전

    I see that “Dodge Sprinter” like a Mercedes Sprintes everyday here in Spain hah