USS Grayback, submarine missing for 75 years, found off Japan


  1. MisterBuklau

    MisterBuklau18 일 전

    They should look for the uss cyclops

  2. Agus Sururi

    Agus Sururi22 일 전

    Chinese gov Let mining it . Its free metal

  3. MikeG5887

    MikeG588722 일 전

    There will not be repatriation. It is a United States war grave not to be disturbed, those that went down on the Grayback will rest where they are in eternal peace. Forever. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

  4. Chet Granaas

    Chet Granaas26 일 전

    I’ll remember next time I crash my submarine to transmit the exact coordinates

  5. Naughty internet person

    Naughty internet person27 일 전

    “Service person”, no you mean serviceman...

  6. Garrett Hampton

    Garrett Hampton27 일 전

    Desmond Doss is the greatest hero ever

  7. John John

    John John27 일 전

    Thought this mf was a crusty whale

  8. John John

    John John27 일 전

    Just shows you how big the ocean is... all the sonar and just now found

  9. Mike Tayon

    Mike Tayon27 일 전

    not to be snarky or flippant but better late than never right? 👍

  10. Jesus Casillas

    Jesus Casillas27 일 전

    That's amazing.



    I have high respect for the brave young men of the US Navy’s “Silent Service” 🇺🇸🙏

  12. unclebugspayton

    unclebugspayton27 일 전

    “Closure” ok!

  13. ssplintergirl

    ssplintergirl28 일 전

    They should open the hatch and see whats inside.

  14. Mike Loghry

    Mike Loghry28 일 전

    A Very Slow Right Hand SALUTE...Taps

  15. Jeffrey Robinson

    Jeffrey Robinson28 일 전

    Over due on patrol, God bless the heroes.

  16. nekonohige2

    nekonohige228 일 전

    It is recorded that Japanese bomber planes sunk this submarine which sunk many Japanese vessels including "Konan-maru" which carried 700 normal citizens whose lives were instantly lost with the attack of this submarine.

  17. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes28 일 전

    Thank you sailers, I love you all and I look forward to seeing you come home bright eyed and bushy tailed at last.

  18. sik59rt

    sik59rt28 일 전

    “Service person?” They were men

  19. ProGreen LAWN

    ProGreen LAWN28 일 전

    Found last year!? We now hearing about it

  20. JamieTheIrvine

    JamieTheIrvine28 일 전

    I found my dad after 20 years outside a shop

  21. Alex Williamson

    Alex Williamson28 일 전

    “Repatriate” what? I imagine it will be left as a war grave as they do with our (Royal Navy) subs lost on patrol? #stillonpatrol

  22. Fenrir

    Fenrir28 일 전

    Repatriation? There’s no bodies left. Even if they were this is a war grave they’re not allowed to even touch it let alone pull it apart (430 metres below you’ll be lucky to even get an image of the inside) and recover bodies. Not possible. No going to happen.

  23. EMB 59932

    EMB 5993228 일 전

    Rust in peace ✌️

  24. Jeager Gaming 325

    Jeager Gaming 32528 일 전

    I say now in rememberence of this discovery for Azur Lane to put in USS Grayback in the game to give some pride to the Eagle Union

  25. Arnold Stollar

    Arnold Stollar28 일 전

    Men. Inside

  26. GaMeRfReAkLIVE

    GaMeRfReAkLIVE29 일 전

    I fail to see how this is closure. Its not like there were many things that could have taken place. "We now know what happend". Yeah as it turns out, the sumarine not coming back to port on time means that it was sunk. As opposed to the more obvious theory that all the crew decided to not only desert but to also steal and hide a multimillion dollar submarine. I can appreciate them reporting the finding but good lord is there no reason to be interjecting emotion here or acting as if some greatystery about what happend.has been solved. And theyre not even going to credit the man for his discovery? God damn i hate news outlets

  27. Bill Lombard

    Bill Lombard29 일 전

    Never forget these brave boys sacrifice


    BH OUTLAW29 일 전

    Crazy how this was on veterens day

  29. Miktecrep

    Miktecrep29 일 전

    See there are no supernatural things, it might be the same for barmuda triangle

  30. VolDep45

    VolDep4529 일 전

    Rest in Peace to the crew.

  31. Two Vacation

    Two Vacation29 일 전

    That's amazing


    TXMEDRGR29 일 전

    I recently toured the WWII submarine USS Drum in Mobile, Alabama. Those old diesel submarine sailors had true grit to go down in what is essentially a big metal pipe. God bless them and their families.

  33. ColKorn1965

    ColKorn1965개월 전


  34. Ben Doggett

    Ben Doggett개월 전

    "begin the process of repatriation" it's a little to late for that, don't think there is anything left to repatriate even they wanted to.

  35. Fenrir

    Fenrir25 일 전

    frtard what that’s just something you’d assume?

  36. frtard

    frtard27 일 전

    I guess you didn't hear the "presumably"

  37. Fenrir

    Fenrir28 일 전

    That bit got me. Surely it’s a war grave and they’re not allowed to touch. Also how does he expect they do it? Just open the hatch and wait for all the bodies to float home? How are they even going to open that sub 430 metres below the surface?

  38. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu개월 전

    Rest In Peace sailors.

  39. Earl of Wickshire

    Earl of Wickshire개월 전

    "off by one digit, be careful". Careful? It’s like she’s half listening and then just scrambles to say something at the end.

  40. Hunter Bogart

    Hunter Bogart27 일 전

    Earl of Wickshire These fuckers just reading a script.

  41. John1911 Gun Blog

    John1911 Gun Blog29 일 전

    Earl of Wickshire most anchors are empty suits reading a teleprompter. As long as you remember that, you’ll understand a lot more about they frequently talk themselves into Gibberish. Regards, Marky

  42. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson개월 전


  43. Frank Rice

    Frank Rice개월 전

    Wow these young men went under, never knowing the outcome of the war, and never resurfaced God Bless your souls and your sacrifice!

  44. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu개월 전

    I wonder if Clive Cussler found it. Rest in peace, gentlemen.

  45. 2.5Fucks_ Given

    2.5Fucks_ Given개월 전

    If we meet in heaven, you aren't driving my sub...

  46. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo개월 전

    I just got finished watching midway movie

  47. Brian Haney

    Brian Haney28 일 전

    Looks like total crap.


    TXMEDRGR29 일 전

    Great movie.

  49. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin개월 전

    Wear this a Japanese sub or an American

  50. Daniel Brooks

    Daniel Brooks개월 전

    The best Veterans Day gift ever! Thank you for your service equalling our freedom! God rest you brave servicemen!

  51. IcyySebass

    IcyySebass개월 전

    Tbh it is in great condition

  52. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo개월 전

    Ima be the most careful 🤣

  53. FLY EAGLES FLY Bleed Green

    FLY EAGLES FLY Bleed Green개월 전

    Godspeed to that crew..that k tou for your service and ultimate sacrifice

  54. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi개월 전

    RIP the service men who were on that ship

  55. Demented Fish

    Demented Fish개월 전

    Is it weird that I saw the thumbnail and believed it was a birds eye view of an island?

  56. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi개월 전

    May my brother sailors rest peace. Thank you for your service.

  57. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon개월 전

    "One Of Our Submarines" by Thomas Dolby

  58. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi개월 전

    Now that’s history

  59. big moike

    big moike개월 전

    Godspeed, crewmen.

  60. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu개월 전

    Fair winds and following seas men. USS Baltimore SSN-704

  61. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi개월 전


  62. Ben Peters

    Ben Peters개월 전

    Rip to those poor souls i cant think of a worse way to die than at the bottom of the sea and nobody knew anything about it. Finally peace and closure.

  63. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon개월 전

    Fair winds and following seas to my fellow shipmates. RIP.

  64. Robert Mintun

    Robert Mintun개월 전

    I wonder if Clive Cussler found it. Rest in peace, gentlemen.

  65. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu개월 전

    Rip soldiers

  66. misolou fout

    misolou fout개월 전

    I just got finished watching midway movie

  67. misolou fout

    misolou fout개월 전


  68. Ken Elliott

    Ken Elliott개월 전


  69. Re.

    Re.개월 전

    I want to know if there are the bones of the men inside, and would they be removed.

  70. sirderam1

    sirderam1개월 전

    Very unlikely, salt water tends to dissolve bones and its been there for 75 years. More respectful to designate the wreck as a war grave and have a US Navy ship conduct the service for burial at sea over the location. Leave the souls who perished with the boat at peace.

  71. Senor Senor

    Senor Senor개월 전

    Waaaw goodVringat Bak to the museum

  72. misolou fout

    misolou fout개월 전

    1400 feet under water - oof. nobody getting out of that alive.

  73. Erin Savage

    Erin Savage개월 전

    Ima be the most careful 🤣

  74. doliio volay

    doliio volay개월 전


  75. versidue shaie

    versidue shaie개월 전


  76. Joshua B

    Joshua B개월 전

    Be at peace, thank you from the bottom of our hearts