US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51


  1. Desert Loner

    Desert Loner23 분 전

    We pay taxes, we are entitled to know

  2. z3k3_

    z3k3_24 분 전

    They think they can stop us with shaggy on our side 😂😂😂

  3. Morro

    Morro24 분 전

    Welcome to 2019, folks. Can't wait to see where the world is going once the Gen Z kids take over.

  4. Hairy Potty

    Hairy Potty24 분 전

    2:04 *RUSSIAN BOTS!? XD*

  5. B3T0

    B3T024 분 전


  6. Julie Torres

    Julie Torres24 분 전


  7. Casey Hagen

    Casey Hagen24 분 전

    Yeah sure, the 1.1 Million are all Russian bots. Fox, just Google area 51 and I think u will they arent Russian bots

  8. William Rodriguez

    William Rodriguez24 분 전

    I feel like it’s not really worth it bro.

  9. Whitney Faye

    Whitney Faye24 분 전

    can I carpool with anyone?

  10. Unusual Texas69

    Unusual Texas6924 분 전

    Let’s clap those alien cheeks

  11. washburnbilly

    washburnbilly24 분 전

    The rapture is coming quick! And this might be one way the world tries to explain it? Alien's and not the Lord taking His church home before the Antichrist comes to power and destroys the earth!

  12. Coolseviedotcom Wowo

    Coolseviedotcom Wowo24 분 전

    Good thing we have god and anime on our side.

  13. Nix Cage

    Nix Cage24 분 전

    It’s been enough to spook the Air Force lmfao

  14. lyndie freistroffer

    lyndie freistroffer25 분 전

    I'm a alien


    TRIFUSE25 분 전

    Russian bots Yeah ok go wit dat

  16. This Guy

    This Guy25 분 전

    I really hope 1 million people go

  17. Jdotbigs

    Jdotbigs25 분 전

    Internet wins

  18. Daddy

    Daddy25 분 전

    Bro they try really sucked the meme out of this and then ended by joking about Russian robots? The elections were rigged

  19. RULION 1

    RULION 125 분 전

    Чо за фигня

  20. Mikell Bart

    Mikell Bart25 분 전

    Just a dumb s***post account started this thing lol

  21. Ryan Aguayo

    Ryan Aguayo25 분 전

    i like how they think we’re bots, and think that it’s “clickbait” or “meant to steal likes” they’re so out of touch from our culture

  22. Nikki Caudle

    Nikki Caudle25 분 전

    Lol bro can they take a joke

  23. Ana Gonzalez

    Ana Gonzalez25 분 전

    I can tell you all that I’m one of the 1.5 million who is interested in the event this means I am not a Russian bot

  24. Im Barbossa

    Im Barbossa25 분 전

    Largest testing site in U.S atleast that's what the lady said. Obviously if it's still the biggest the. Back then it would have been a big deal it's literly in the middle of the desert lmao how stupid do they think we are 😂

  25. Mibr 2507

    Mibr 250726 분 전

    ¿Chucha es verdad?

  26. Jasmine Robles

    Jasmine Robles26 분 전

    Should I be scared....I live in Nevada

  27. Immortal Blast

    Immortal Blast26 분 전

    My thoughts on how the events will unfold. Military: please turn back or you will be shot. Leader of the

  28. Cellus2k3 you know me

    Cellus2k3 you know me26 분 전

    RUSSIAN BOTS y'all old heads are outdated

  29. XØLTRIX s

    XØLTRIX s26 분 전

    Yes bois we got this, we shall uncover the secrets that is hiding behind area51

  30. Flaming_Gauntlet

    Flaming_Gauntlet26 분 전

    Y’all wanna storm fox when we done with them aliens

  31. Tiny Tank

    Tiny Tank26 분 전

    Russian bots are you kidding me

  32. Tronald Dump

    Tronald Dump26 분 전

    I wish Etika was still alive, he could have given his life for a good cause like this instead.

  33. hannahispan

    hannahispan26 분 전

    Biggest r/wooosh in history

  34. Justin Dallman

    Justin Dallman26 분 전

    Russian bots?!? What?!?

  35. Fradnight Gaming

    Fradnight Gaming27 분 전

    We storming the White House next

  36. Jakob

    Jakob27 분 전

    let’s see them aliens 👽👽

  37. Only The100

    Only The10027 분 전

    Old people really have no sense of humour😴

  38. Tanisha Rasealle

    Tanisha Rasealle27 분 전

    Y’all have taken this too far lmao 🤣🤣

  39. Commisky Davison

    Commisky Davison27 분 전

    1# trending area 51 2# trending old town road area 51 naruto run

  40. Cellus2k3 you know me

    Cellus2k3 you know me27 분 전

    They can't stop all of em.

  41. Foxychu 31108

    Foxychu 3110827 분 전


  42. RICKYBO510

    RICKYBO51027 분 전

    I’m jus here for the comments 😂😂

  43. Ismael Vazquez

    Ismael Vazquez27 분 전

    I'm going

  44. Annoying Doggo

    Annoying Doggo27 분 전

    Can’t wait to see dem anime tiddies

  45. BrandonDavis259

    BrandonDavis25927 분 전

    Russian bots

  46. A Psycho Pizza

    A Psycho Pizza27 분 전

    *area 51 sets up defenses* *pieces of drywall shoot from over the horizon* *Guards start sweating* *1.3 million monster cans open* Gaurd: Oh god it can't be Guard 2: It-it's... A million Kyle's E.T.: PHONE HOME PHONE HOME

  47. Yang Gang 2020

    Yang Gang 202027 분 전

    did I just hear Russian bots? They're just old American folks wanting to see what their tax dollar is doing.

  48. a1mSeNz TG

    a1mSeNz TG27 분 전

    They can’t stop us all

  49. Tgb Fusion

    Tgb Fusion28 분 전

    I’m actually dying rn they are really taking this seriously

  50. Joey Ouyang

    Joey Ouyang28 분 전

    Wait fox news on trending page???