1. Zaynab Najafi

    Zaynab Najafi22 시간 전

    5:47 even the guy behind them was laughing at JJ’s big fail

  2. Silvia Fernandez

    Silvia Fernandez일 전

    Did any body see that thing in the background oriundo minute 2 46

  3. Alex Staniland

    Alex Staniland일 전

    Where was this filmed

  4. MonAndj

    MonAndj일 전

    from jj that fall tho

  5. buthGBMeister

    buthGBMeister2 일 전

    No one: Not even Jake Paul: Not even Yuri: Ethan: Niiiiice

  6. Air Gaming

    Air Gaming2 일 전

    Jj you’re goin in

  7. katerina fouli

    katerina fouli3 일 전

    y’all need a supportive friend like ethan

  8. Will San

    Will San3 일 전

    simon is JJ and harry is deji 6:41

  9. Dry Fishers

    Dry Fishers3 일 전

    Why is jj swimming like a dog🤣😂

  10. RBStreax

    RBStreax4 일 전

    Couldn’t stop laughing

  11. Ben McManus

    Ben McManus6 일 전

    are they in holland

  12. leon tuber

    leon tuber6 일 전

    it lookes so easy

  13. haha nee oke

    haha nee oke7 일 전

    This is in holland, on the red balk where they have to jump over is standing: niet op zitten/ hangen. looool :)

  14. emily.a .bee652

    emily.a .bee6528 일 전

    12:25 o_0 phah

  15. Allyson Bruns

    Allyson Bruns10 일 전

    No one: Ethan: NICE!

  16. Frwrks

    Frwrks11 일 전

    9:50 JJ just chillin

  17. Peter Quigley

    Peter Quigley13 일 전

    Ksi for the win Logan Paul for the lose

  18. Eider Kortabarria Agorria

    Eider Kortabarria Agorria13 일 전


  19. Lucky Beast clan

    Lucky Beast clan14 일 전

    At 4:07 at the background there’s something running?

  20. Morgan Alun

    Morgan Alun15 일 전

    They should of made a counter of how many times ethan said nice and flip

  21. SaraLovesFood ILOVEFOOD

    SaraLovesFood ILOVEFOOD16 일 전

    That JJ fail though!

  22. Ellie

    Ellie17 일 전

    Ethan’s like that supportive parent to Harry and Simon and hates Vik

  23. End3rSn1p3r __

    End3rSn1p3r __18 일 전

    Ethan : nice Viewers : I count 10 nices from Ethan JJ: **nice**

  24. X_X

    X_X18 일 전


  25. Kyle Barrett

    Kyle Barrett19 일 전

    My spine left my body is the best thing ive ever seen

  26. Ronin Mangla

    Ronin Mangla20 일 전

    Did anyone see JJ slip at 5:30

  27. Rizwan Ahmed

    Rizwan Ahmed20 일 전


  28. Šhot

    Šhot22 일 전

    2:40 ghost bike

  29. LJeffy

    LJeffy24 일 전

    All your videos are unseen till you release them

  30. Sophie Bandoni

    Sophie Bandoni25 일 전

    Brilliant boys I love it amazing vid

  31. Tijmen Van Weert

    Tijmen Van Weert28 일 전

    You dame al the way to the netherlands just do do thuis vid😂 bosses al bosses

  32. Lyndsey Ekuban

    Lyndsey Ekuban29 일 전

    Funny comment

  33. Jacqui Bennett

    Jacqui Bennett개월 전

    This cracks me up

  34. Gordon Boyd

    Gordon Boyd개월 전

    8:10 ethan what about tobi oh wait at 8:00 ethan finds it funny when tobi does it

  35. Joel Lim

    Joel Lim개월 전

    JJ failed , does he fail in every thing

  36. Tornado 0333

    Tornado 0333개월 전

    What is the song at 2:08 ?

  37. Saxon Crowther

    Saxon Crowther개월 전

    Everybody: *Jumps* Ethan: NICE

  38. Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan개월 전

    Lol this is in the netherlands on one of those challenges there was written “verboden te duiken” means you are not allowed to dive in the water

  39. Justin Zaw

    Justin Zaw개월 전

    5:40 I laughed so much

  40. blanket boy

    blanket boy개월 전


  41. Taylor Smith

    Taylor Smith개월 전

    Jj and harry are the funniest people alive

  42. Termination_Fire -Striker365

    Termination_Fire -Striker365개월 전

    Do u know the one where u have to jump I would just hang on to the bar get to the middle and stay there

  43. Noah Caupp

    Noah Caupp개월 전

    I could watch this part all day 5:42

  44. Mika van Deursen

    Mika van Deursen개월 전

    is this in the netherlands

  45. Scar 47

    Scar 47개월 전

    When KSI tried to sabotage Harry josh and Simon in the first obstacle in this vid It was just so 😆🤣🤣🤣

  46. Britte Meek

    Britte Meek개월 전

    is it just me or is it dutch that stands on the mats ? 6:24

  47. MEINE ;D

    MEINE ;D개월 전

    Who is nl and sees niet op zitten

  48. manly mailman

    manly mailman개월 전

    I live near where they filmed the video that's pretty neat.

  49. Theo DCG

    Theo DCG개월 전

    8:57 jj peeing nobody knows

  50. StraightOblivion

    StraightOblivion2 개월 전

    Tobi literally always has me saying “my twest” 😂😂😂

  51. TTV Vintage

    TTV Vintage2 개월 전

    Fat ksi is so funny to watch idk why Edit -my bad bulking ksi

  52. Ryvano

    Ryvano2 개월 전

    Hahahh lol this is in the Netherlands

  53. skarrt you fart

    skarrt you fart2 개월 전

    the 1323 people who have disliked this are the people who have failed wipeout 😂

  54. LuKa_GM

    LuKa_GM2 개월 전

    5:43 Mission failed

  55. Mertin

    Mertin2 개월 전

    5:40 the fall is epic

  56. IsaiahMiner D

    IsaiahMiner D2 개월 전

    Every time Harry or Simon jump Ethan:NICE!

  57. Kathit Arora

    Kathit Arora2 개월 전

    Ethan saying flip was more than the weight he loss

  58. Teagan Pitt Vlogs

    Teagan Pitt Vlogs2 개월 전

    5:29 did anyone else see JJ slip

  59. finn

    finn2 개월 전

    It's recorded in the Netherlands

  60. OBG Yardie

    OBG Yardie2 개월 전

    If Ethan says flip one more time I’m gonna lose it

  61. stop motion

    stop motion14 일 전

    OBG Yardie ur gonna flip aren’t you