Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) - Smarter Every Day 217


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    If you're interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here's one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you're over there. koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-57IMufyoCnQ.html

  2. Justin Tounsi

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    I speak french and you are saying Couette pretty right! Also À Ç É È Ö!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Andrew Chen

    Andrew Chen7 일 전

    9999turn challenge

  4. Arshaam Kabeer

    Arshaam Kabeer23 일 전

    Will that work with honey

  5. I-Love-CO Mountains

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    Re: the book, also look up Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier

  6. Bill Keith Channel

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    You should be wearing gloves handling all that mercury.

  7. David Van Drunen

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    Did the friction from turning change the viscosity over time to cause the striation?

  8. Sailing, sports and etc.

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    The funny thing is he counted wrong both times

  9. MagnificentZGamer

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    *LeTS SEe wHAt YoU GoT BOiS*

  10. BamaKnifeGuy

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    Wow 😮!!!!! That was one of the coolest things I’ve seen you do man !!!!!!! Awesome !!!!!

  11. E M

    E M2 일 전

    I was definitely mesmerized that it worked! Just wondering how would a variable spinning speed would affect the results...

  12. BigDH28

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    Sooo cool! 👍Thank you Destin! ✌️

  13. Say Oh Yeah

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    Cool video! Btw your pronounciation of "Couette' is almost perfect. Just put less emphasis on the "ou" sound : more like "kwette", less like "cOOette"

  14. user 9429450

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    Wasn't expecting some deep advice to happen in this video, great book recc too! Thanks!

  15. ludi light

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    God bless bro. I love how u just added some inspiring and hopeful wisdom. I hope the universe opens up to you with some amazing opportunities that help u support your family and ur dreams. Blessings tocu and your family

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  17. Kevin Button

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    This is an actual process in the making of candy canes 😀

  18. Avery Thurston

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    I love how Destin gets so exited over seemingly simple but amazing things! As a 12 year old wanting to learn as much as possible in science, smarter every day and Veritasium have both been amazing channels and role models, and one things for certain, I want to see the beauty in every little thing, just like Destin. Have a good day to the few people reading comments!!! :)

  19. Landyn Powell

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    Y’all should shoot a baseball going 500 mph

  20. Patrick BUNINO

    Patrick BUNINO5 일 전

    You can reverse as long as the spirals dont mix. Front view is simply added layers. Upper view shows distincts spirals. The question is, depending on the velocity and the thickness of the flow, how many turns do you need to reach an unreversible situation ?

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  22. Stephan Santalucia

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    youre videos suck

  23. A.G.K

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    You deserve all the subscribes, bell rings, and likes... But your pronunciation of .gif is unforgivable.

  24. Still blastin

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    The only time I didn’t want to fast forward and he does it for us 😂

  25. Rylac Zero

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    Except Hawking Radiation.

  26. Joey Mormann

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    i knew it would be a spinning cylinder inside a jar! I fear that my brain works faster than this guy, but clearly, based on my views, He's a far better person that I.

  27. Max Matrix

    Max Matrix7 일 전

    At first I was like "of course its gonna work, it's not that amazing" But then I was like "wait a minute, this is insane if it works" And then I was just in disbelief. Great video!

  28. Dovian Mapping

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  29. Matson Jones

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    So this is why a typical fluid coupler uses a type of 10w.

  30. Monkenations

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    you should try that with resin to make a cool vase

  31. Ravenn

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    Why is this so mesmerizing?

  32. narp goldstein

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    You only did 6 terns

  33. Paul Gardner

    Paul Gardner11 일 전

    Entropy was just violated. I'm scared

  34. ScottyNeedsIt

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    I want to discover Scotty Flow. It’s going to be awesome.

  35. Hazaerdt

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    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for pronouncing gif CORRECTLY!!! (like jif)

  36. Paul Gardner

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    Yeah I know. "Choosy programmers choose jif". Don't care! This programmer rolls with a hard G

  37. Hazaerdt

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    According to the creator of the .gif, it’s pronounced jif.

  38. Paul Gardner

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    That's incorrect darn it

  39. The Great Cornholio

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    You make me love science

  40. Anthony Lopez

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    I've counted 6😂😂✌

  41. Think 4 Yourself

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    I'm not going to lie, that is fascinating. Needs applied in the real world...

  42. Matt Pearse

    Matt Pearse13 일 전

    Hi Dustin (man i hope thats spelt right!) I just wanted to say i have been watching your content for years mate. You are someone i really have come to admire somewhat. Thank so much for all your energy and enthusiasm. Peace and love in heaps and bounds from the UK bro x

  43. Matt Pearse

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    Destin. I meant Destin

  44. Darnel Uy

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    It didn't mix it actually just stretch they didn't touch each other.

  45. Jeremy Mettler

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    Exactly why the everything is spiraling out . In a dying sun in eye of fire purified holy Spirit out eye a dying sun bore the FATHER I AM ALL FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT in all out all of all the FATHER of all . Return to him whole of genders mature in genders known sons daughters return tree its knowledge known understood book of life without ends written in eyes of true image of just beauty path be known . See sea split path be known return. Faith is being true and just threw life's mess knowing that he will find you one day split a piece of wood I am there lift a rock you will find me . Reliogon Imagination man's for the greater good to control people greater dumbasses are injust and lied and shall pay

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    Dustin we watched this in my physics class!

  47. Nightmare Blade

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    Badass physics teacher then!

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    That is very interesting!

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    He’s so excited it’s awesome 😂

  50. Abetsss Cornulet

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    crazyrussianhacker did this 5 years ago with household items and no experience at all

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    Either Sir Geoffrey or Sir Geoffrey Tailor.... or Sir Jeff if you're tight.

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    Best part is @ 6:25 😅🙌

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    That's so dopee!

  55. Kenbo

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    I’ve been wondering about something and can’t seem to find anyone that can make it possible. Can you make it possible or figure out why?... is there a way to change the color of a vape cloud, I’ve seen an edited and photoshopped video before but I want to blow like blue clouds 😂 I’m sure it’s not safe if it is possible but I just want to know what would be able to turn from liquid to a colored smoke. That’s inhale-able. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    You are not unmixing something that was not mixed in the first place.

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    @J•Erik :<D

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    @dynomax101 ofc

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    @J•Erik I see you're in nobody's care.

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    @dynomax101 im just a regular guy with a rocket launcher

  61. dynomax101

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    @J•Erik And you are...who?

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    Anthony Ray Hinton. @SmarterEveryDay I made a stand in my life for equity and justice and reformed a tiny piece of "for profit privatized prisons" humans as product. Now I gained confidence and bit off a chunk 😫 in proportion to Cassius Marcellus Clay and the Gracchi family Gaius and Tiberius to Rome. But I have thought of the confusion in life akin to the failure of the "Tower of Babel" as like life having so many layers of perception similar to a photoshop layerset. And that if one could understand the divisions involved they could, with deliberate and intentional effort, undo the mess.

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    Does the speed of the rotation have anything to do with the final result?

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    This is amazing! 😮