Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) - Smarter Every Day 217


  1. SmarterEveryDay

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    If you're interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here's one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you're over there. koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-57IMufyoCnQ.html

  2. Jim Marks

    Jim Marks28 일 전

    So weird seeing Hsv International featured in a video with more views than many TV stations. Hope to run into you on base or out and about.

  3. cody hedges

    cody hedges개월 전

    If you forget which way you were turning it almost looks like you're just straight turning it and you just do a magic trick. If you could make somethin take people's Stanton away for a second it might be a really cool magic trick. Like a distraction a little ways from the device shortly.

  4. Sunny Boy

    Sunny Boy3 개월 전

    Dustin I love you I love what you do I'm at a loss for words just keep up the good work!!!

  5. Justin Tounsi

    Justin Tounsi7 개월 전

    I speak french and you are saying Couette pretty right! Also À Ç É È Ö!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Andrew Chen

    Andrew Chen7 개월 전

    9999turn challenge

  7. Borneagain

    Borneagain일 전

    4:57, 5:05, & 5:27 that’s what she said

  8. H H

    H H2 일 전

    Imagine if all science teachers in school were this excited about scientific concepts and teaching them in a way that is interesting and memorable.

  9. Spectre Skeptic

    Spectre Skeptic2 일 전

    Makes you wish life had an undo button

  10. Spectre Skeptic

    Spectre Skeptic2 일 전

    Do it with dye and water and I'll be impressed :)

  11. JeepsNamedMufasa

    JeepsNamedMufasa2 일 전

    You should post a drawing/ materials list for the device, would be a really cool demonstration piece


    UNKNOWN G4 일 전

    Would it work the same with water? I was a little depressed before watching this. Thank you for putting a smile on my face

  13. Jonathan Ho

    Jonathan Ho5 일 전

    That's how they caught the pedophile.

  14. Daniel Slaven

    Daniel Slaven7 일 전

    Very cool stuff thanks

  15. blargg

    blargg8 일 전

    When it was all twirled, you could have added some other drops. So then when you twirled back to the first state, you'd get one set of drops, then twirl back to the second state to get the other drops.

  16. Jack Epley

    Jack Epley9 일 전

    That was one of the coolest things I have EVER seen! Thank you

  17. BFisch

    BFisch9 일 전

    "Ultra Laminar flow?" Isn't that just Stokes flow?

  18. SonOfGalactus

    SonOfGalactus9 일 전

    that was incredibly cool and so worth not jumping forward...people suck for skipping

  19. Matenetewhiwhi Habib

    Matenetewhiwhi Habib10 일 전

    Wow ahaha i was blown away your reaction was golden

  20. Matenetewhiwhi Habib

    Matenetewhiwhi Habib10 일 전

    On the edge of my seat

  21. Molly Newell

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  22. William Shreckengost

    William Shreckengost11 일 전

    This makes me want to un-scramble an egg.

  23. Axel Holm

    Axel Holm11 일 전

    Destin: "please don't fast forward this video" Destin: *Continues to add fast forward to the video*

  24. Phillip

    Phillip12 일 전

    Honestly you did it a little too slow it kills me

  25. superfluityme

    superfluityme12 일 전

    Interesting but was sad to see that it wasn't actually unmixing as it was never mixed. One day we'll figure out how to unmix :)

  26. Michael 23

    Michael 2313 일 전

    Real life undo dog

  27. 10,000 subscribers without a video challenge

    10,000 subscribers without a video challenge13 일 전

    This is how Superman reversed time

  28. Shyam Tripathi

    Shyam Tripathi13 일 전

    That's my favorite video by you.... Thank you Destin Love from India ☺️☺️

  29. Aaron Ricedup7

    Aaron Ricedup717 일 전

    Why are there so many dislikes? What is there to dislike about this? lol I love this channel! Awesome work!

  30. none urbusiness

    none urbusiness19 일 전

    With stuff this cool and real, how can there be some 3,500 thumb downs...what's wrong with the video?

  31. John Harpe

    John Harpe19 일 전

    This reminds me we are just a few turns from where we started:)

  32. Qldragon

    Qldragon19 일 전

    2 Years ago actionlab : how to unmix color you:...

  33. Noah Brehmer

    Noah Brehmer19 일 전

    Omg how

  34. Rebecca Jolley

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  35. Rebecca Jolley

    Rebecca Jolley20 일 전


  36. Troy Durica

    Troy Durica20 일 전

    5:22 Thats what my parents keep telling me!

  37. J Shepin

    J Shepin20 일 전

    I didn't realize what this was until he started going backwards

  38. Nicholas Nakic

    Nicholas Nakic21 일 전


  39. Kepler 78b

    Kepler 78b22 일 전

    1:02 what does he say liquid dash effect

  40. Flynn Curtis

    Flynn Curtis23 일 전

    9:08 I stopped listening to everything after you said Jiff.

  41. Mr. Sandman

    Mr. Sandman27 일 전

    “Don’t fast forward the video. You need to experience this In real time” Fast forwards the video himself.

  42. Bikewithlove

    Bikewithlove29 일 전

    That is quite something. Thank you for this.

  43. David

    David개월 전

    That is totally awesome man👍🏾👍🏾.....I thought when you did it in reverse the colors would not separate and the colors would stay totally mixed together

  44. mrkthmn

    mrkthmn개월 전

    Awwww, jiff?? Should have stopped the video early.

  45. YouTube TV

    YouTube TV개월 전

    I fast forwarded anyways

  46. Timmy Fingaz

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  47. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin개월 전

    I wish I could pee in laminar flow

  48. Toughkix

    Toughkix개월 전

    1 2 3 4 6 1 2 3 5 6 task failed successfully

  49. Matt Sanocki

    Matt Sanocki개월 전

    Dude my mind is completely blown... Thank you...

  50. Clifford Williams

    Clifford Williams개월 전

    I love the inspirational messages served alongside physics and engineering projects!

  51. j.boil2804

    j.boil2804개월 전

    He only did 6 rotations

  52. Paris Saizan

    Paris Saizan개월 전

    Incredible! Great metaphor on top of that! AND your best AudibleBook presentation yet!

  53. Kruemmelbande The Cat

    Kruemmelbande The Cat개월 전

    That... Isnt laminar flow.... Laminar flow is Something completly unrelated.

  54. Lemonboi Mon

    Lemonboi Mon개월 전

    Just asking why is he so excited?

  55. Dean Robert

    Dean Robert개월 전

    Now do the same experiment inside of a vacuum chamber But each differently 1 , rotate as vacuum draws 2. , only when at its lowest Safety first, safety glasses mother-in-law on speed dial

  56. Jakub Jandourek

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    Burn the warlock! :-)

  57. Burnt Nugget

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    This guy is proof that you dont need drugs to fill your mind with ideas and excitement

  58. Anime Watcher

    Anime Watcher개월 전

    Try to use motor to spin it?

  59. Black Cat XIII

    Black Cat XIII개월 전

    "No hablo french"?? Jajajaja

  60. Gregory Ashton

    Gregory Ashton개월 전

    Well at least you were consistent in losing count up & down 😂

  61. SD com

    SD com개월 전

    Try that with just water. See if it's reversible.

  62. 3djjm

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    The thumbnail should win an award for seeming most like clickbait, but not acutally being

  63. Esteban Cortes

    Esteban Cortes개월 전

    Awesome, It would be pretty cool to try it with a servo or other type of motor to spin the cilinder at a steady pace for a certain amount of turns to see if those lines and spaces that happen because of drag and changes in speed disappear .

  64. skilletamy

    skilletamy개월 전

    "I want you to work so bad" something Smarter Everyday and my parents have in common

  65. DogeisCut

    DogeisCut개월 전

    Im not very impressed, it's still cool though.

  66. ibrahim daylan

    ibrahim daylan개월 전

    do not fastforward this video 1 min later autofastforwards :D

  67. ibrahim machmouchi

    ibrahim machmouchi개월 전

    I would like to see you try it using a stepper motor with cst speed and 0 acceleration instead of using ur hands, I think the result would be more accurate. Love the video btw, gr8 work.