Unlocking The TRUE Ending! | Kindergarten 2 (Final Ending)


  1. Ultra Banana

    Ultra Banana2 시간 전

    Nugget, you can't snap twice! That's just greedy! Btw I love how Cindy is always the first one to go 😏

  2. Matthew Fletcher

    Matthew Fletcher8 시간 전

    it was your first ever episode of kindergarten 2

  3. Matthew Fletcher

    Matthew Fletcher8 시간 전

    (in dumpster hag voice) i perfer gravey

  4. Hannah Yokoyama

    Hannah Yokoyama10 시간 전

    what about Billy? Billy didn't die

  5. GiraffeNoise11 1025

    GiraffeNoise11 10254 일 전

    Nugget: *Kills everyone* Me: WHO LET NUGGET IN THE MONSTERMON STORE!?! HE'S DONE IT AGAIN!!!! Nugget: Nugget Let Nugget In The Store Me: Yeah I got that. Nugget: You are frustrated with Nugget are you not? Me: WELL YEAH IM MAD! Nugget: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Me: NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO! Nugget: *Snaps* Me: *Gets turned to dust and then my dusty remains get struck by lightning* Nugget: Ok, time to find the pretty Lily! Wait... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  6. GiraffeNoise11 1025

    GiraffeNoise11 10254 일 전

    So you dont know how you are messing up all those things Steph? Well, I know why! Cuz Your In Kindergarten! (Get It?)

  7. Poo Pie Pie

    Poo Pie Pie6 일 전

    i like how steph is disgusted by that card game

  8. Maddie Pickerill

    Maddie Pickerill6 일 전

    alexander the person who wanted a clap and a half well (clap) (half a clap) there you go

  9. Maddie Pickerill

    Maddie Pickerill6 일 전

    mat you never finished the game... you never nuked the cats



    It's just like Thanos again

  11. Bill Hagen

    Bill Hagen8 일 전

    MatPat:hoodlum *puts up hood Me:*puts up hood**screams*hoodlum

  12. Bill Hagen

    Bill Hagen8 일 전


  13. Suchega Uber

    Suchega Uber10 일 전

    But you didn't find out what was behind the shrine in the nugget cave! You found out what your button did, but not the shrine. It's not even on the fandom wiki. Does it do something or not? So unsatisfying.

  14. Messiah Panisse

    Messiah Panisse11 일 전

    Wait billy is still alive

  15. Logan Campbell

    Logan Campbell12 일 전

    Nugget snaps also nugget half me end game

  16. Griff Studios

    Griff Studios12 일 전

    Lily’s brother survived

  17. Angel Gomez

    Angel Gomez13 일 전

    And also there is their names in special thanks I think that meansthat other people and them have supported them to make kindergarten 2

  18. Angel Gomez

    Angel Gomez13 일 전

    There is references to the game theoristsin kindergarten to and at the very end of kindergarten to when you do the mission creatures features you tap on the nuggets in the Nugget caveand it says theorists believe that this pile should be bigger

  19. Gabriel Shadwick

    Gabriel Shadwick13 일 전


  20. David Anderson

    David Anderson13 일 전


  21. Justin H.

    Justin H.16 일 전

    Why did it take me so long to realize the five colors of the monster on cards are the colors od the infinity stones

  22. Zakk Jackson

    Zakk Jackson16 일 전

    What happened to billy???!!!

  23. Steven Carenduff

    Steven Carenduff19 일 전

    Drama lama :3

  24. Noan Bähler

    Noan Bähler19 일 전


  25. Toy Bonnie

    Toy Bonnie20 일 전

    Yea but Steph's jacket tho

  26. Aria_Ocean

    Aria_Ocean21 일 전

    Can we make a Oliver Theory and the first vid should be : HOW A ONE YEAR OLD KNOWS PURPLE AND GREEN AND HIS PARENTS DONT!

  27. cARdbOarDFur Draws

    cARdbOarDFur Draws22 일 전

    In pretty sure the canon ending in this game is the one where they help Lily and Billy

  28. Professor Jeff

    Professor Jeff23 일 전

    Can we, uhh... Can we talk about Dab Hero for a moment?

  29. super cuphead Bros Salguero

    super cuphead Bros Salguero24 일 전


  30. Drexton Noble

    Drexton Noble26 일 전

    42:29 if you were looking, at 42:12 Agnes gained a mana and then when she placed the card down, it went away.

  31. nenemonkey

    nenemonkey26 일 전

    Mat Pat or should I say “ Matthew “

  32. Wolf C

    Wolf C26 일 전

    I could not put out Wenr because I broke my arm☹️

  33. Jaggati Jordan

    Jaggati Jordan26 일 전

    Give us your WINUS

  34. MidnightBlaze16

    MidnightBlaze1627 일 전

    Everyone talks about Steph's Nugget and Dumpster Hag voices, but I wanna acknowledge her Cindy voice. I mean she *nails* it every time, that 'HOW DARE YOU' is fantastic

  35. Davids Channel Pro

    Davids Channel Pro개월 전

    I wish a Kindergarten 3

  36. Danny_jh137

    Danny_jh137개월 전

    I wonder if Nugget killed Lily cause she never actually earned his friendship, she was just sorta got given it cause crush gotta crush

  37. XxKaed OfficialxX

    XxKaed OfficialxX개월 전

    *It's either that or it's Nuggos* -Steph 2019

  38. Raichu753 Siordia

    Raichu753 Siordia개월 전

    If Jerome had not died would have been sadder

  39. Seamus Greelish

    Seamus Greelish개월 전

    Game Theory: Billy didn't die

  40. Reboot WW

    Reboot WW개월 전

    Player: Did you do it? Nugget: Yes Player: what did it cost Nugget: the pretty Lily

  41. Reboot WW

    Reboot WW개월 전


  42. Ashy Kitty

    Ashy Kitty개월 전

    I have A THEORY! Billy did not die because the lightning cannot reach underground!! Sorry I just realized that

  43. Tony Basterrechea

    Tony Basterrechea개월 전


  44. pancake destroyer

    pancake destroyer개월 전


  45. Carson Hutcherson

    Carson Hutcherson개월 전

    Did they ever microwave a cat

  46. Do Not Watch

    Do Not Watch개월 전

    Billy lived

  47. Jack Dempsey

    Jack Dempsey개월 전

    Nugget once asked the lunch lady for 100 nuggets😂

  48. Hayden Jace

    Hayden Jace개월 전

    F u all

  49. N8tron97

    N8tron97개월 전

    They never showed Billeh getting blasted or dusted though...

  50. Hannah Stephens

    Hannah Stephens개월 전


  51. Ongrong

    Ongrong개월 전

    Bruh why is nobody talking about how cool Matt's jacket is

  52. The Fire Fly

    The Fire Fly개월 전

    Did anyone notice that Billy is still there

  53. Max Baldwin

    Max Baldwin개월 전

    Game lode erre super smash bro’s ultimate in the bead room beside the closet.

  54. Cristino Salto

    Cristino Salto개월 전

    I summon my killer purple guy

  55. Vanessa Muñoz

    Vanessa Muñoz개월 전

    Kindergarten 1 : billy is a lost child/missing. Kindergarten 2 billy is the only one that didn't dust or lighted away pretty much only alive

  56. Lolo Kambal

    Lolo Kambal개월 전

    ms Applegate:did anyone else see that or am I actually going crazy me:i think you crossed that border many years ago

  57. Jenny Shull

    Jenny Shull2 개월 전

    There goes another school. Stop moving to places where they worship satan. Are they at a school for troubled youth or purgatory?

  58. Crazy Raven Lol

    Crazy Raven Lol2 개월 전

    Puke edit: sorry I just puked a few times while watching this I'm sick

  59. Chara Dreemur

    Chara Dreemur2 개월 전


  60. Brandon Mac

    Brandon Mac2 개월 전

    Ok, so this lighting problem is simple. Go inside