United States Of Food S01E02 Burgers Documentary

  • 2016. 12. 01.
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  1. Tony So

    Tony So10 일 전

    Fucking disgusting that burger cooked in grease.. What the acutal fuck??!

  2. William Smith

    William Smith13 일 전

    Foreigners such as these Greek fuckers are destroying the USA. Drain the swamp and get rid of these migrant bastard. Long live trump. All foreigners including rapist Mexican must leave. Report all foreigners to the authority.

  3. Nige Rapana

    Nige Rapana17 일 전

    one of those burgers is still running around the field

  4. big toe

    big toe19 일 전


  5. Sophie Jackson

    Sophie Jackson25 일 전

    I hate when pretentious food snob chefs & patrons insult other people for the way they want their meat cooked. Like, you’re not the one eating it. I prefer rare myself but I don’t get offended when someone wants well done. Let them live, what’s your problem? Why are you so insecure that you have to insist they get their’s cooked the way you like it or they’re ‘not doing it right’? Stop gatekeeping when it comes to burger and steak. It’s not up to you. Stop insisting no one uses any condiments on their meal. That’s not up to you either. People like what they like and it’s just so baffling you would demand they order something they won’t like. I know someone will probably reply ‘it ruins the food’ or some other bullshit. Yeah, to you. The food isn’t ruined to them. That’s how they prefer it. So just do your job, how about that? If you’re a chef, make the food, get paid, end of story. Recommend something if they ask for your advice and only if they ask for your advice. If you’re a friend you can be quiet and eat your food, allow your friend to eat their food in peace, pay for your meal; end of story. If you’re a random commenter on KOreporter, mind your own business. Comment on your own preferences. Leave people alone.

  6. Robert Dixon

    Robert Dixon개월 전

    Everyone is obese .

  7. Rich Bent

    Rich Bent개월 전

    Every single burger: head turn, eye roll "oohh. Thats the perfect burger. Mmm." Douche

  8. Tony So

    Tony So10 일 전

    He knows nothing but to stuff fat down his throat.

  9. Katherine Wilson

    Katherine Wilson개월 전


  10. Vincent Vaughan

    Vincent Vaughan개월 전

    I like my burger loaded with lettuce, onions, cheese, grilled onions, fried onions, bacon, ketchup, and bbq sauce!

  11. Marc B

    Marc B개월 전

    Im sick of all lies making everyone dumber and dumber . MEAT HAS ZERO SUGARS AND DOES NOT CARMELIZE!!!!! 41$$$ 4 that kobe burger.

  12. Desmond Ciauri

    Desmond Ciauri2 개월 전

    He is thicc not fat

  13. JӦYの貓

    JӦYの貓2 개월 전

    Such a thin patty

  14. D D

    D D2 개월 전

    Wow all this hate expressed at a big person is absolutely disgusting! I don't think a rapist would get this much hate. Does someone been fat affect your life no, so why so mean. What a bunch of nasty judgemental fucken assholes. Rather be with a nice fat guy then a nasty skinny guy any day.

  15. 7firedragon6

    7firedragon62 개월 전

    fuckin hate that ugly fatso!

  16. Keep it Real

    Keep it Real2 개월 전

    Why are they called hamburgers if there's no ham in them? They actually get their name from Hamburg, Germany, home of a cut of beef called the Hamburg steak that eventually evolved into what we now consider hamburgers.

  17. Keep it Real

    Keep it Real2 개월 전


  18. Keep it Real

    Keep it Real2 개월 전


  19. Chris H.

    Chris H.24 일 전

    Hamburg, Germany was named after the American hamburger when Germany lost the war.



    not sure why 95% of the people who watch have to comment on the fact that the host is rotund and at high risk of having a heart related episode....I am sure he is aware..

  21. shahril power

    shahril power2 개월 전

    burger tour is one of my bucket list

  22. juicy lipz

    juicy lipz3 개월 전

    100 yr old burger grease 🤮🤢🤢

  23. Mahmoud Takieddin

    Mahmoud Takieddin3 개월 전

    100 years old oil grease omg how in the world it z legal wooooooooh

  24. lemonidask

    lemonidask3 개월 전

    i love usa!!!im from greece and we have a decent kitchen but you guys...take meat to another level!!!you are the best as a nation in general!!!!to be honest your crime rates are so high unlike my country but other than that you rock!!!love u!!

  25. kleec0203

    kleec02033 개월 전

    Out of all the places in Chicago they pick Billy Goat's. It's not the best burger but made famous by Saturday Night Live.

  26. Werner Daelemans

    Werner Daelemans4 개월 전

    Fucking raw burgers... no wonder that fat pig loves em

  27. Peters World

    Peters World4 개월 전

    Thank you ..now I am hungry ..smile ..greetings from the Netherlands ..

  28. Todd Kelly

    Todd Kelly4 개월 전

    That dude should have done a documentary about cheese. Ugh!

  29. Mike Tayon

    Mike Tayon4 개월 전

    I love a good hamburger, but have moved to making a lot more fish type sandwiches, like my own recipe for Salmon Patties on bread with mayo. I also love eating just tomato and mayo on bread, especially in the summer! :)

  30. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams4 개월 전

    Makes me nauseous

  31. iggypopisgod9

    iggypopisgod94 개월 전

    it aint a burger unless you have bacon + cheese

  32. Ken Yablowme

    Ken Yablowme4 개월 전

    watching people enjoy 100 year old grease dipped burgers makes me feel good about my drinking problem

  33. no one

    no one11 일 전

    Because of my alcoholism, I tried that burger. It. Was. The. Bomb. !!!

  34. KEITH Clarence

    KEITH Clarence4 개월 전

    fat , over weight ,unhealthy food . Heart attack waiting to happen .All American .

  35. MsJinkerson

    MsJinkerson4 개월 전

    I am getting hungry

  36. Jamie Davidson

    Jamie Davidson3 개월 전

    ill cook you a burger

  37. MsJinkerson

    MsJinkerson4 개월 전

    nothing like the cheese burger

  38. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas5 개월 전

    This guy has more clogged arteries than charisma Fn snooze fest!

  39. Mike Sheehan

    Mike Sheehan5 개월 전

    He is dead wrong on the cook of burgers. Medium rare is underdone and can result in foodborne illness. Burgers need to be fully cooked. You will never get an undercooked burger in Canada.

  40. Michael Olin

    Michael Olin개월 전

    Bruh, live a little

  41. richard wallace

    richard wallace5 개월 전

    this guy is going to die soon from food addiction

  42. Plant Maven

    Plant Maven5 개월 전

    Videos like this make me regret not becoming a heart surgeon.

  43. shania edmond

    shania edmond5 개월 전

    100 year old grease 🤢🤢🤢 that’s nasty that man is a ticking heart attack time bomb

  44. TrueFury

    TrueFury5 개월 전

    The Presenter looks like a beach ball with a head.

  45. Eric Von Dumb

    Eric Von Dumb5 개월 전

    Louis invented the patty melt, not the hamburger and the hamburger bun was in use since 1905, not 1920. Get it right chef.

  46. catalynoo

    catalynoo5 개월 전

    A burger is not food

  47. Eric Von Dumb

    Eric Von Dumb5 개월 전

    Have to agree Amen. WTF!!! Beef, bread, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and cheese, sounds like a meal to me... plus fries.

  48. catalynoo

    catalynoo5 개월 전

    Amen-projection i meant it like is not main course. This is just a snack, a sandwich and nothing more .

  49. Amen-projection

    Amen-projection5 개월 전


  50. Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering5 개월 전


  51. Rola Rola

    Rola Rola5 개월 전

    43:07 WTF it is litterally soaked in oil.. so disgusting!!

  52. Markus Havers

    Markus Havers5 개월 전

    if this fat would be 100 years old this place would be closed long ago... it is just a story they tell to make them known better. Fat that old would be no fat anymore... beside is is sooooooo ugly.

  53. dr d jones

    dr d jones5 개월 전


  54. Graham Smart

    Graham Smart5 개월 전

    Go eat your alahpha sprouts you whining bunch of bitches enjoy life and live the way you want to

  55. Vertical Sombrero

    Vertical Sombrero6 개월 전

    Because it is made with toast, it is not a burger. It’s just something else. How is this not common sense?

  56. Carlos Calderon

    Carlos Calderon6 개월 전


  57. Younes ZH

    Younes ZH6 개월 전

    This looks Moroccan, Morocco's favourite eating out spots are this grill shops where you get bread,Ground beef patties and grilled tomatoes and onions plus salt and cumin and that's it , some add olive oil and herbs. absolutly deliciouuuuuuus

  58. William Smith

    William Smith13 일 전

    Foreigners such as these Greek fuckers are destroying the USA. Drain the swamp and get rid of these migrant bastard. Long live trump. All foreigners including rapist Mexican must leave. Report all foreigners to the authority.

  59. J. Steven

    J. Steven6 개월 전

    Yeah pick the fattest fuck to do this show. Brilliant.

  60. The Ser

    The Ser6 개월 전

    Discount Adam Richman

  61. jgfear

    jgfear6 개월 전

    I want this man’s job .

  62. LloydieP

    LloydieP6 개월 전

    Scroll down for triggered narcissists spewing hate.. Entertaining..

  63. Jack Wong

    Jack Wong6 개월 전

    What a strange man. I imagine that he feeds himself into a catatonic stupor into the early hours every night, trying to fill the blackhole inside him.

  64. Jack Wong

    Jack Wong5 개월 전

    Eric Von Dumb . Man I didn't think of that. You're actually right. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this fat fuck eats prime rib on the knife-edge between the dark and life. You're alright von dumb, I wish you and yours well. Say a prayer for me

  65. Eric Von Dumb

    Eric Von Dumb5 개월 전

    Completely agree Jack Wong! Those tears provide all the additional salt he needs too! Very eco minded. lol

  66. Jack Wong

    Jack Wong5 개월 전

    Hi Eric Von Dumb . I can imagine it so clearly. Him alone in the dark gorging himself on burgers whilst bitter tears roll down his fat Face into his open mouth to mingle with the rich gravy. Do you see where I'm coming from?

  67. Eric Von Dumb

    Eric Von Dumb5 개월 전

    That's just so wong! LMAO

  68. Adam Świtlak

    Adam Świtlak6 개월 전

    Watching a guy who can hardly walk and cannot whipe his ass is embarassing.

  69. Eric Von Dumb

    Eric Von Dumb5 개월 전

    Just curious... how would you know?

  70. Ole Larsen

    Ole Larsen6 개월 전

    Can you eat those burgers cold? Or are you just Tender Foot City Slickers.

  71. SayHiBob

    SayHiBob6 개월 전


  72. MrMetuber1

    MrMetuber16 개월 전

    You have to use bread. A slice of cheese fits perfectly on a piece of bread and, therefore, makes the perfect cheeseburger.

  73. Michael De bernsteiner

    Michael De bernsteiner7 개월 전

    Simply a copy of Adam Richmans 'man vs food '

  74. anummasa

    anummasa7 개월 전

    50mins 2 long

  75. lee shamitt

    lee shamitt7 개월 전

    waffle house may taste better depends when u eat.

  76. lee shamitt

    lee shamitt7 개월 전

    Unless u put seasoning beef is chit have eaten kibby/beef tartar flat pattys same ole stuff . toppings r everthing unless u smoke so get back . just nostagia sells these burgers

  77. donald new jr.

    donald new jr.7 개월 전

    Burger dropped in Grease 😲😲😨😨 sounds good, but very diabetical... And yes I made diabetical up.

  78. no one

    no one7 일 전

    +Tony So You only live once. 🙂

  79. Tony So

    Tony So10 일 전

    +no one Yes, but one still want to live long, not be dead by 30 cause of fucked up food habbits.

  80. no one

    no one3 개월 전

    So what? You only live once.

  81. Jonas Butler

    Jonas Butler5 개월 전

    diabetic + diabolical. I like it.

  82. Jonathan Strange

    Jonathan Strange7 개월 전

    Does anybody care about their health anymore? I would imagine he won't be making that annoying laugh while having a major heart attack!

  83. cdonepricegrandtheftautoterrorism twentydollars

    cdonepricegrandtheftautoterrorism twentydollars7 개월 전

    not without chase. doctorine bitch. purchase

  84. Gino Tarabotto

    Gino Tarabotto7 개월 전

    Sorry but did you say the original "GAS FURNACE" more than 100 years ago?

  85. Rafael Moreno

    Rafael Moreno7 개월 전

    Donde puedo conseguir este programa en español

  86. Wayne Little

    Wayne Little7 개월 전

    Come to sloppy dogs in mckeesport pa

  87. qkwnwkw

    qkwnwkw7 개월 전

    Dyers in Memphis Tennessee should be shut down by a Health Inspector. Anything cooked in 100 year old grease is poison!!!!!

  88. dantevelez531dv

    dantevelez531dv7 개월 전

    One of these fat fucks is gonna die if they this crap up

  89. MrWiredead

    MrWiredead7 개월 전

    goddamn soooo unhealthy

  90. Panada Bear

    Panada Bear7 개월 전

    Fat guy eating food! Way to go fatty!

  91. battams1

    battams17 개월 전

    This guy's a ticking time bomb for a heart attach

  92. Dan Brooks

    Dan Brooks개월 전

    If he'd just take the bun off he'd be fine.

  93. Meta ModernSounds

    Meta ModernSounds2 개월 전

    Hamburgers arent that unhealthy

  94. Angel Martin del Campo

    Angel Martin del Campo3 개월 전

    Your spelling alone already made me explode.

  95. Debra Lawrence

    Debra Lawrence3 개월 전

    seriously, though, will all the belly fat he has, he could have a stroke or heart attack AT ANY MOMENT; abdominal fat is not to be played with, nasty stuff

  96. Debra Lawrence

    Debra Lawrence3 개월 전

    adam lost a lot of weight, like his doctors told him too, his health was in danger so he handled it...this guy, however, is still fat as hell

  97. JewManFew

    JewManFew7 개월 전

    I don't know man, not to be a buzz kill but I want mine cooked about another minute. I know, I know.... Boooo this man. Whatever, that's just me I guess.

  98. Mark Johnston

    Mark Johnston7 개월 전

    Now that's ironic the Cubbys won the World Series eventually ,and in the film Back to the Future part II they're prediction was right on the money nice!"""""" LOL

  99. Xavier

    Xavier7 개월 전

    "There's some lines I don't wanna cross" *"It's not your fuckin' waistline."*

  100. Xavier

    Xavier7 개월 전

    There is no way he wonders why he's fat.

  101. Christina Haswell

    Christina Haswell7 개월 전

    The Old Homestead is false advertising 100%! They are not one of the nine authorized kobe sellers in the US. 212steakhouse in NY is the only restaurant on the east coast that sells REAL kobe beef. I hate how kobe has become a term used to describe waygu, which is still great quality, but it is still far inferior to kobe. Yet they'll charge insane kobe prices for an inferior product.

  102. Steven Crawley

    Steven Crawley2 개월 전

    +e nilsson no there are a few places but not many and alot of places try and lie about it to make money

  103. e nilsson

    e nilsson6 개월 전

    What I've heard, there's no Kobé beef at all in the US, wagyu yes, but no actual Kobé.

  104. Simon Bach

    Simon Bach7 개월 전

    Whats even worse is that a local burger joint, that just opened near me, is offering Australian Wagyu burgers, at such a price that you know its a scam. A regular burger around my area costs 15-20$, yet the Wagyu burger only costs 20$? and its 200 Grams of meat. Last time I checked, we pay about 50$ for that amount of meat alone.

  105. judas brute

    judas brute7 개월 전

    guess Todd has not watched Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Vegucated, Eating You Alive, etc... emotional eater causing harm to humans, animals, and earth

  106. B. W. Starkey

    B. W. Starkey8 개월 전

    That dipping the patty into that pot of old grease is just DISGUSTING !!!!!

  107. B. W. Starkey

    B. W. Starkey8 개월 전

    S T O P !!! Stop calling them Hamburgers because they are NOT Hamburgers !!! There is NO HAM in those Ground Beef Patty !!! Just Ground Beef !! They are BURGERS !!! NOT Hamburgers !!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Nicholas Rowley

    Nicholas Rowley3 개월 전


  109. Aubrey Morgan

    Aubrey Morgan6 개월 전

    Hamberg Germany.

  110. YoungHappyM

    YoungHappyM8 개월 전

    This guy annoying af.

  111. Marco Garcia

    Marco Garcia8 개월 전

    It causes me alot of. CHemical gases😶😞😳😄

  112. Quentin 33

    Quentin 338 개월 전

    I like Havarti cheese.

  113. Jasmin Swart

    Jasmin Swart8 개월 전

    Nomnom my faveee food **DROOLLLLLL**

  114. Mark R

    Mark R8 개월 전

    Fat ass mothafucker

  115. Francis Ajax

    Francis Ajax8 개월 전

    The secret ingredient of the grease is MSG+ soy sauce

  116. Francis Ajax

    Francis Ajax8 개월 전

    And the grease has spit by the fat man in it.

  117. Francis Ajax

    Francis Ajax8 개월 전

    That is a cheap 50's squier telecaster

  118. Mathieu Nuytens

    Mathieu Nuytens8 개월 전


  119. Adam Bernard

    Adam Bernard8 개월 전

    The Billy-Goat burgers look terrible.

  120. Eric Von Dumb

    Eric Von Dumb5 개월 전

    AMEN! Even for a greasy spoon the food sucks!

  121. Spliphi

    Spliphi9 개월 전

    i love instead of a typical hamburger bun they use toasted white slice bread, but if it was sour dough it would of been even better.....Mmmm sour dough, yummm

  122. Screw You!

    Screw You!9 개월 전

    Needs ketchup!!

  123. Rockin Russ

    Rockin Russ9 개월 전

    Don Gorske ate over 29,000 Big Macs so far and he's in good health.

  124. Miss Kiki

    Miss Kiki9 개월 전

    Heart attack waiting to happen smh

  125. Xavier

    Xavier7 개월 전

    Heart failure is a more likely scenario than a heart attack.

  126. Dail Ray

    Dail Ray9 개월 전

    old cooking grease not good but good


    GMONEYMOTO9 개월 전

    I love burgers, but there is nothing funny about obesity.

  128. Tony So

    Tony So10 일 전

    +William Smith Remember where US citizen originated from, Europe. So most of the US citizen are actually immigrants. So maybe its you who should leave.

  129. William Smith

    William Smith13 일 전

    Foreigners such as these Greek fuckers are destroying the USA. Drain the swamp and get rid of these migrant bastard. Long live trump. All foreigners including rapist Mexican must leave. Report all foreigners to the authority.

  130. Todd Kelly

    Todd Kelly4 개월 전

    Shut up and exercise and have all the burgers you want.

  131. Jimmy Jive

    Jimmy Jive6 개월 전

    I dont know, your mums pretty funny.

  132. donald new jr.

    donald new jr.7 개월 전

    GMONEYMOTO "double cheeseburger is the best"

  133. murdy1975

    murdy19759 개월 전

    Burgers in greese, fucking nasty!

  134. murdy1975

    murdy19759 개월 전

    12:15 look at the size of those patties, are you joking? its not even fresh, its frozen! If you dont take a double your basically eating bread and condiments! What a joke!

  135. Brian Lange

    Brian Lange9 개월 전

    Had the Billy Goat and the Holeman Finch... both good, but the HF is amazing!