UNDISPUTED - James Harrison on Ezekiel Elliott calls out Jerry Jones for "Zeke Who?" joke


  1. Mike Ansley

    Mike Ansley15 일 전

    Dude who exposes women's breasts at crowds worried about respect...

  2. anthony Hunt

    anthony Hunt15 일 전

    Players need to honor contracts i work full time served my country got no sympathy for money hungry players the way it should be u honor ur contract then u ger ur extension. At my job i cant demand anything i show up or im replaced simple as that no sympathy for zeke or gordon get off of lazy ass play ball

  3. MFJesseJames

    MFJesseJames16 일 전

    Lmao these cucks defending somebody holding out and fucking a team just so they can make a few million more a year. Cunts.

  4. Asa Smith

    Asa Smith20 일 전

    I Came here to deliver a message .... GOD BLESS TEXAS !!!!

  5. Camilo Gomez

    Camilo Gomez20 일 전

    So if Zeke runs for 200 Yards he is the best, but when he runs only for 30 is the OL????? where is that???????

  6. Camilo Gomez

    Camilo Gomez20 일 전

    Cowboy fan for ever, Zeke has nothing to prove, but Zak???? different story

  7. KacyJ

    KacyJ20 일 전

    Zeke should go to Pitt

  8. Parke Obrien

    Parke Obrien21 일 전

    Zeke is is a WHOLE lot of trouble. I would love to see Cowboys trade him.

  9. T B

    T B21 일 전

    Greedy Motherfuckers! I say Trade Zeke! I’m a DIEHARD COWBOYS FAN! Not necessarily a Zeke fan, he’s expendable in my eyes. LET’S GOOOOOO TONY POLLARD #36

  10. Steve Davis

    Steve Davis21 일 전

    Elliot should be traded to the worst team in the NFL now

  11. fkb1982

    fkb198220 일 전

    Why? Because he's a shrewd businessman that's knows the career expectancy of a running back is 4-5, which is the length of his rookie contract. No one has a problem when teams ask player to renegotiate contracts or just cut them. When Zeke is long gone Jerry will still be owner and making money. Maximize your playing window.

  12. Brian Kimball

    Brian Kimball21 일 전

    Um...do the players sign contracts? And are they Adults? What if Jerruh "held out" on Zeke's paychecks until he took a pay cut? Would EE object?

  13. Brian Kimball

    Brian Kimball21 일 전

    BB showed you don't need big $ running backs...Eek best be careful.

  14. Jay Man

    Jay Man22 일 전

    Fans get sick of hearing it is all about the money. We watch football for the love of the game.

  15. Moe Clips

    Moe Clips19 일 전

    fkb1982 I agree.

  16. fkb1982

    fkb198220 일 전

    What if the owner on your current job told you, you have 5 years, then you either leave or get fired. You'll think twice about how you approach it. You'll try to maximize earnings. Football is your entertainment, but their livelihood. Once you reach a certain income it's very difficult to cut back. You have businesses to run, employees to pay, etc.

  17. T B

    T B21 일 전

    Jay Man time we as fans stop going to games, and buying the extra merchandise. Greedy Motherfuckers can’t live off of Multi Millions!? They don’t deserve to have it if they can’t handle it, invest your millions into more businesses and make profits that way, plus help employee Americans... but a lot end up going broke anyways.

  18. Handorgeous

    Handorgeous22 일 전

    I wish they would stop make the Zeke who a big deal. Zeke has two more yrs in his contract so he should get his butt on the field and start playing.

  19. groovefx

    groovefx22 일 전

    he aint that good for more money he wants

  20. Bernardo Tarin

    Bernardo Tarin22 일 전

    All bout money nathg bout the team wow

  21. Bernardo Tarin

    Bernardo Tarin22 일 전

    Let zeke go and run with what uve got

  22. T Hopp

    T Hopp22 일 전

    James hes a running back. Life expectancy 5 years in nfl he has 2 years left. Hes playing a child's game.

  23. Randal C Quebedeaux

    Randal C Quebedeaux23 일 전

    I thought it was hilarious!! Signed the contract live with it!! Do not need him!!

  24. blooneyful

    blooneyful23 일 전

    The new trend in sports is for all of these (already spoiled) athletes to act even more arrogant is despicable. If any other person on Earth doesn't show up for work.....They are simply fired. End of story.........BUT!!!! because winning is everything, these little children have all of the power.

  25. ST 23

    ST 2322 일 전

    blooneyful half truth. What’s wrong with the players getting what they’re worth? The NFL is posting record profits and short changes MOST of these players. You’re calling these pro athletes spoiled 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Compared to who? Us or these trillion dollar owners???

  26. Row Mane

    Row Mane23 일 전

    I am a STEELER FAN... But I also love other teams and the CowBows are one. Zeek is a good player and will be a Great player, but 2 years left on a rookie deal, if I'm Jerry I dont budge o e bit. And if I'm Zeek I ball out, stay out of trouble and hold my tongue until I'm a free agent. And once I'm a free agent I will make them $$$$$$$$$$(PAY).

  27. ronald robert

    ronald robert23 일 전

    Is he guessing or is it facts about bell Hes a other udiout hes so sure about zeke but knows nothing about bell Sharp STFU U TRASH ASS HOUSE N--GA

  28. ronald robert

    ronald robert23 일 전

    Lol i dont see the cowboys doing much with him

  29. AllMoneyIn 676

    AllMoneyIn 67623 일 전

    James Harrison b talking like a smooth pimp.

  30. TanHalen

    TanHalen23 일 전

    Harrison should be permanent on the show

  31. tony smith

    tony smith23 일 전

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  32. david fritze

    david fritze24 일 전


  33. Benjamin Brown

    Benjamin Brown24 일 전

    Steelers fan here: I think Pittsburgh has proven that you don't need a "star" running back.....the Cowboys need a good line....spend the money on lineman. Zeke is under contract period.

  34. Dee Gus

    Dee Gus14 일 전

    Benjamin Brown this is professional sports tho lol that whole “this is a team sport” speech is no longer needed. I’m sure they heard that speech a thousand times lol. You need elite position players to win championships, period! A team of average skilled players behind a great O-line still isn’t gonna win you shit unless you have a dominating defense like the Baltimore/NY Giant teams

  35. Benjamin Brown

    Benjamin Brown18 일 전

    @DJ Elliott Let's see, I was half back in high school. I've followed football for 35 years and I am currently studying to be a coach. Football is a team sport and if Dallas cannot survive without Zeke then they wasn't shit to begin with

  36. DJ Elliott

    DJ Elliott19 일 전

    You clearly don't know footbball. Cowboys whole offense is built around Zek. Dak is not Big Ben and Cooper not evening close to AB level of talent. Cowboys will not go anywhere without Zek. I don't care if they have the best offenses line in NFL history this year. Their going nowhere without Zek.

  37. Benjamin Brown

    Benjamin Brown21 일 전

    I believe that Conner went to the pro bowl

  38. J R

    J R21 일 전

    You don’t need a star? How’d that work for you guys in the playoffs? Oh wait....

  39. Andrew hiers

    Andrew hiers24 일 전

    TP will put the same numbers, the proof is in the pudding. Look at the RBs before Zeke.

  40. William Smith

    William Smith22 일 전

    Lmaooo you’re a joke. Tp couldn’t make it through 16 games with zekes carries

  41. Justin Bell

    Justin Bell22 일 전

    I can tell ur not a Cowboys fan with comment,because defenses will tell you the hardest running back to take down is Ezekiel Elliott

  42. Jerrett Runge

    Jerrett Runge24 일 전

    I’m pretty sure these people have no clue what’s going on. In zeke’s contract it said that he can’t ever play in the nfl again if he keeps holding out

  43. 290 Ren

    290 Ren24 일 전

    Houston Texans has a spot for ya

  44. Rodolfo Meneses

    Rodolfo Meneses24 일 전

    Jerry Jones is a g hahah he doesn’t give af

  45. Donnie

    Donnie24 일 전

    And if you get paid and you don't produce..........you pay that money back

  46. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez24 일 전

    Wow since the money he is making right now is not enough lmao...

  47. William Smith

    William Smith22 일 전

    It isn’t about having enough. It’s about getting what you deserve

  48. Froilan Gonzalez

    Froilan Gonzalez24 일 전

    Harrison is intimidating and mean.scary af.

  49. Don Lashon

    Don Lashon24 일 전

    Running backs don't have long careers in the league... Unless u are Adrian Peterson

  50. laxmannate07

    laxmannate0721 일 전

    Add frank gore in there too

  51. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams22 일 전

    @Justin Bell ^^Truth!^^

  52. Justin Bell

    Justin Bell22 일 전

    Or Emmitt Smith

  53. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams22 일 전

    Or Walter Payton!

  54. RJ Macready

    RJ Macready24 일 전

    Of course, Zeke is too stupid to realize that context plays a huge role in Jerry's joke. Lighten up, ya sensitive fuckin baby

  55. Cinch McCoy

    Cinch McCoy24 일 전

    Zeke is not the best back in the League and doesnt deserve to be paid as such. I would tell him to kick rocks if I was JJ. Cowboys can make anyone good running behind that Offensive Line I would give the O lineman the money and keep the rookie

  56. William Smith

    William Smith22 일 전

    Our offensive line was average as hell last year, and slightly above average last year. That’s why Dak’s sacks keep rising as well, he has the most yards after contact so the offensive line myth is dispelled

  57. weljo2001

    weljo200124 일 전

    The Cowboys aren't going to make it to the Super Bowl with #21. Let him sit out the next 2 years on his contract and she what teams offer him. Don't think he'll get what he thinks he's worth..

  58. Lonny Fuller

    Lonny Fuller24 일 전

    Thin skin. If it would have been a black guy saying this it wouldn't have been an issue. I got no problem with the man getting paid. The players Association and owners screwed rookies especially running backs. Most RB have a very short shelf life. That being said. A four year roomy contract with a fifth year option doesn't work for the player. Jerry needs to pay his bread and butter because without ZEKE Dal goes nowhere.

  59. Jr Master

    Jr Master24 일 전

    They need to pay zeek we need him that’s facts

  60. Eric Henretty

    Eric Henretty24 일 전

    play your contract, jerry supported zeke, his behavior off field cost them games and a season while Jerry supported him even against Goodell the commissioner. Having him has obviously NOT guaranteed them a successful season when you can't rely on him to be there.

  61. Michael Peter White

    Michael Peter White25 일 전

    When a player is that young and that talented they obviously want to get paid before the lose a step. Give Zeke one big contract, enough to set himself up for the future, then resign on a smaller number and try to win SB’s. There’s only one 1st Round running back in the past 3 years that you can honestly have some concerns about, that’s Leonard Fournette. Zeke has been the most consistent guy for Dallas and he makes Dak look above average at QB. As an Eagles fan I’d love him to go somewhere else, but the guy deserves his money and the only reason he hasn’t been paid yet is because the league doesn’t value RBs the way they used to when Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton and Barry Sanders we’re running around dominating he league.

  62. Joshua childress

    Joshua childress25 일 전

    Please bring Harrison in on a regular basis. He is articulate and compliments the show.

  63. Josh White

    Josh White25 일 전

    'The goal of this game is to make as much money as you can'...... Man, that's a sad indictment.

  64. Bad JuJu

    Bad JuJu15 일 전

    dumbass..... he said win superbowls too..

  65. Boop Bop

    Boop Bop21 일 전

    He said make as much money and win as many superbowls what else are they supposed to do

  66. Affordable Sticks

    Affordable Sticks21 일 전

    It's a job what else are you supposed to desire? lmao

  67. GalaxyofGreatnesstv

    GalaxyofGreatnesstv25 일 전

    We are all underpaid until we can pay ourselves. Zeke is worth every red cent.

  68. Sam Oso

    Sam Oso25 일 전

    Lol it wasn’t disrespectful. Zeke doing dumb shit off the field is disrespectful


    DUCK DROP25 일 전

    It's Jerry Jones. Tom Landry (he knew he was gonna be replaced, but still classless) finding out the new owner had hired another coach from hearing it on the radio...shooting his mouth off about "A monkey could coach this team to the super bowl" = Jimmy's exit etc...etc...etc...

  70. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams25 일 전

    if they cant get to the super bowl without him, their team is weak. the great teams are great "TEAMS" man goes down it's next up!!! Do not like teams be held hostage by one player. No players do that in New England that is for sure. there are tons of running backs that can get the job done. The quarterback is the only position that approaches "not going to super bowl without him" status. They could get 2 or 3 RB's for what he wants for pay. Great teams do not put all their eggs in one basket.

  71. Stu Gatz

    Stu Gatz25 일 전

    So according to their logic. Every player in the league who is under contract can hold out if they want more money. What would that do to the league??? A player under contract who holds out, should be cut and banned from the league. Problem solved. This is such BS.

  72. Stu Gatz

    Stu Gatz25 일 전

    I'm not a Cowboy fan and I don't care either way what happens with this situation but everyone who thinks Zeke is doing the right thing here with two years left on his contract. It says alot of what kind of person YOU ARE. That's all I got to say.

  73. Motor Sportz

    Motor Sportz25 일 전

    James " Where them white women at " Harrison

  74. Gary Crook

    Gary Crook25 일 전

    Reality is Zeke has no leverage on Jerry. Elliott was 22nd among qualifying backs when running to close out a game. Last season, the Dallas Cowboys ranked 10th in red zone expected points added (EPA) per play on short-yardage runs in the red zone and 22nd in short-yardage success rate. For a team that boasts one of the league’s better rushing attacks, these are far from elite numbers. Elliott ranked 16th in EPA per play and 28th in success rate among running backs with at least five short red zone rushes. Red zone efficiency doesn’t require a big name running back. Even outside the red zone, Zeke isn’t elite in short situations, just 11th in the league. Situationally, Zeke is profoundly average and is easily replaced by nearly any back talented enough to make a Week 1 NFL roster. (Cowboys still don't get how to use backs situationally, like Belichick just showed the league with Sony Michel.) Overuse of Zeke is the problem, it's an objectively poor offensive strategy by the Cowboys. Dak can't throw for 350, so fall back on Zeke. Stop Zeke, beat the Cowboys, every time; just like James Harrison said..... hahahaha But if you buy into those padded stats of total yds for the season as some attempt to justify the overspend at the position, by all means, write Zeke a big check.... hahahaha...... For Dallas, encouraged to run more and pass less, it impacts play calling in the worst possible way. The Cowboys will cave, pay Zeke, that's why it's not hard to predict: Dallas is not Superbowl bound anytime soon. Jerry who??

  75. willie Breamer

    willie Breamer25 일 전

    Pay Zeke and let Dak test the market after the season. No other team will pay Dak kind of money.

  76. TheWallStreetKid

    TheWallStreetKid25 일 전


  77. elbones1982

    elbones198225 일 전

    Is it right that the players should get "any kind if money, anytime they want"? Because some of these egos just need to calm down, and they would just skyrocket with (even) more money. I mean, it's not like they are only getting peanuts. As im european im curious what americans think about this

  78. Brett Hobbs

    Brett Hobbs25 일 전

    The players are funny. They want big guaranteed money but laugh about guaranteeing results.

  79. Randal C Quebedeaux

    Randal C Quebedeaux22 일 전

    Pay for what you produce! Play and get results get paid not pay me and I will play when I want to!!

  80. lamar jackson

    lamar jackson25 일 전

    Does anyone else miss the old days of football when it wasn't about 💰 💰 money?look i wish people would stop acting like 20 million won't be able to take care of there family..if i was jerry i would not pay..

  81. D Flatt

    D Flatt25 일 전

    Or "Hey Shannon, we can't fit Zeke in the cap ... will you take a pay cut?" Yeah we know the answer to that one lol.

  82. Upstate Izzy

    Upstate Izzy25 일 전

    It's pre season Mr. Jones smfh..