Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now - SNL


  1. Justin Lehman

    Justin Lehman14 시간 전

    I like Adam Driver, bit not gonna lie. I can't be the only one that thinks he was cast for the Kylo Ren role because when he revealed his face he was a mediocre attractive guy with an a somewhat evil face. Good thing for his acting skills.

  2. Jack Rodarte

    Jack Rodarte14 시간 전

    The real joke here is that they recycled their script just like star wars did for ep 7

  3. Jo Kah

    Jo Kah14 시간 전

    Haha Adam is hilarious

  4. Rhode Island

    Rhode Island14 시간 전


  5. Jack Southworth

    Jack Southworth14 시간 전

    OT fans: “Kylo’s nowhere near as cool as Vader” Sequel fans: “Ok boomer”

  6. FishingWithPj

    FishingWithPj14 시간 전

    And you’ll die like him to ok boomer got me 😂

  7. Internet Man

    Internet Man14 시간 전

    Am I the only one who is bothered by the storm trooper costumes being wrong?

  8. Chance Simons

    Chance Simons14 시간 전

    The entire sequel trilogy is worth it because it gave us this series.

  9. NovaDestry

    NovaDestry14 시간 전

    the first order cant even afford blasters, they settled for MP40s

  10. Ladybug

    Ladybug14 시간 전

    "He agressed me!!", lol. This was hilarious.

  11. UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE

    UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE14 시간 전


  12. Tiana L.

    Tiana L.14 시간 전

    Was it really five years ago?

  13. Jacqueline Wernett

    Jacqueline Wernett14 시간 전

    I am Randy

  14. legitty

    legitty14 시간 전

    Ok, but aren’t we gonna acknowledge the fact they used Imperial Troopers instead of First Order Troopers... 🤦‍♂️

  15. Tucker Prestridge

    Tucker Prestridge14 시간 전

    I find comfort knowing this is the last we will ever see of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. What a beautiful end.

  16. Brandon Hallam

    Brandon Hallam14 시간 전

    If they made the next star wars movie: Kylo Undercover boss, it would probably have a greater box office showing

  17. A. C.

    A. C.14 시간 전

    "oh my god. are you okay."

  18. Sam Donovan

    Sam Donovan14 시간 전

    “He aggressed me, he AGGRESSED me”

  19. eli64dd

    eli64dd14 시간 전

    The first one was better

  20. Բιяєflу

    Բιяєflу14 시간 전

    _Oh yeah, i think you're looking for-_ *_Deez Nuts!_*

  21. Ava Hood

    Ava Hood14 시간 전


  22. Mike Deshiel

    Mike Deshiel14 시간 전

    "Supreme commander, shall we deploy the Tie-Bombers on the resistance base?!" Kylo: "Ok Bomber"

  23. Snottydicknose 1

    Snottydicknose 114 시간 전

    Garbage skit and movie

  24. Manny Garcia

    Manny Garcia14 시간 전

    Funny how there using empire gear

  25. Daniel Townsend

    Daniel Townsend14 시간 전

    “i’m so happy right now” *doesn’t look happy at all*

  26. Shloopa

    Shloopa14 시간 전

    Snl is worse than the prequals

  27. Caleb Livingston

    Caleb Livingston14 시간 전


  28. Nelson Hawkins

    Nelson Hawkins14 시간 전

    "I made 4 new friends and only killed one of them." 🤣

  29. Kyle

    Kyle14 시간 전

    Han Solo: You have the strength. Kylo Ren: Okay, boomer

  30. Hemogoblin

    Hemogoblin14 시간 전

    I'm 100% here for bearded Kylo

  31. StevenGamesHD

    StevenGamesHD14 시간 전

    *Shows imperial stormtroopers instead of first order stormtroopers* Star Wars Fans: *tHaT's WRoNg*

  32. Dpol85

    Dpol8514 시간 전

    Killed the first woman tie fighter before her first mission. He should be impeached as supreme ruler call the senate together

  33. Mubashir Mahi

    Mubashir Mahi14 시간 전

    Wow! This is not beating the half dead horse.

  34. Josh Alexander

    Josh Alexander14 시간 전

    Old guy from tfa: “The first order rose from the dark side, you did not” Kylo: “Ok boomer”

  35. Valentine Moments

    Valentine Moments14 시간 전

    This is better than the movie

  36. Tropic Sciurus

    Tropic Sciurus14 시간 전

    The only good thing from the sequel trilogy.

  37. Lia Power

    Lia Power14 시간 전

    He aggressed me!!!

  38. Benjamin Fink

    Benjamin Fink14 시간 전

    I miss Matt :(

  39. Ethan Tremblay

    Ethan Tremblay14 시간 전

    SNL sucks! And, it’s as relevant as a fart in a windstorm!

  40. ryan peace

    ryan peace14 시간 전

    I thought that was parker from gold rush in the thumbnail

  41. Ganiscol

    Ganiscol14 시간 전

    "An intern with anger management issues and Sith powers" - "Can it get any worse!?" He thought, just before his windpipe was crushed by an invisible force

  42. Anne Fizzell

    Anne Fizzell14 시간 전

    palps: “As I once fell, so falls the last Skywalker!!” ben: ok, boomer

  43. Lost Chaos

    Lost Chaos14 시간 전

    Who Cares.... I do I DO!

  44. dingusrevolver

    dingusrevolver14 시간 전

    Did that stormtrooper have an MP40?

  45. PolarPhantom

    PolarPhantom14 시간 전

    Gotta love how they didn't bother to cover up his scar. Cause we all love the scar.

  46. theDC4L

    theDC4L14 시간 전

    Can we get less Asian guy. He must be the new Leslie Jones

  47. Onion Man

    Onion Man14 시간 전

    Those arent even the right stormtroopers. Oops my white male rage is coming out oops.

  48. Uriel Torrez

    Uriel Torrez14 시간 전

    "Kylo Ren is a Punk BITCH" -First Order Stormtrooper

  49. slickrick13130

    slickrick1313014 시간 전

    More Alec Baldwin Trump impressions please SNL

  50. Mr BrownMann

    Mr BrownMann14 시간 전


  51. L K

    L K14 시간 전

    Should've given him facial hair in the movie, a Darth title, and no death....

  52. skinny jason

    skinny jason14 시간 전

    hes still hot

  53. zCro lMagnoNl

    zCro lMagnoNl14 시간 전

    Haven't watched star wars since ep3 and I think this is hilarious. Well put together skit

  54. Alpha0727

    Alpha072714 시간 전

    Well, he also got a promotion to Supreme Leader in that time. So, there was that.

  55. Ev M

    Ev M14 시간 전

    Never thought I'd hear kylo say ok boomer

  56. Drake H

    Drake H14 시간 전

    The little try smile at the end killed me

  57. BattleRap V IndustryClowns 2020

    BattleRap V IndustryClowns 202014 시간 전

    Never stop making these ahaha

  58. Matthew Garcia

    Matthew Garcia14 시간 전

    ok boomer

  59. Clinto

    Clinto14 시간 전

    this is immediately not funny because adam driver said ok boomer

  60. my name

    my name14 시간 전

    No matter how many of those we get, we'll never reach the same level of character depth as with superior officer Zack.