Ultimate MRE Taste Test


  1. Noah Perkins

    Noah Perkins7 개월 전

    As a vegetarian in the army, only having like 4 options out of 24 on two boxes - Chad always does take the vegetarian taco pasta



    Great comment. I was and I bet allot of folks were wondering that. I sat and thought about it and came to the same conclusion. Is their a skirmish over veggie stuff. Yea. Thanks. P.S. I also did figure that this is not a 24 man operation and if it is the appropriate measures for meals would be optimal for survival.

  3. Dreamer Star

    Dreamer Star19 일 전

    Thank you for your service Noah! :D

  4. NikeLeBronxX

    NikeLeBronxX21 일 전


  5. wht02lightning

    wht02lightning24 일 전

    Not combat arms I’m guessing..........

  6. DaB34st //TV\\

    DaB34st //TV\\28 일 전

    no, you have all the options, you just don't like the food chain or the circle of life.

  7. PedoPie-TerribleContent

    PedoPie-TerribleContent52 분 전

    these don’t even look half bad

  8. Jude Ingram

    Jude Ingram2 시간 전

    My Rectum Exploded

  9. Ren Suzuka

    Ren Suzuka12 시간 전

    Grottin is a French word that means that there's cheese added on top

  10. Do Little

    Do Little12 시간 전

    usually, the vegetarian stuff was a last-ditch option. chicken tetrazzini was my favorite.

  11. Dawson Finn

    Dawson Finn21 시간 전

    Hot chow in an hour...2/7 rah

  12. Blake Lynch

    Blake Lynch일 전

    The metallic taste is from the actual pouch itself

  13. Blake Lynch

    Blake Lynch일 전

    I personally enjoy MREs really good in my opinion

  14. Brandon Halstead

    Brandon Halstead일 전

    In the marine corps we do this thing called. "Drinking an mre" I'm not going to even describe what we do to "drink an mre"

  15. Santorie Corbin

    Santorie Corbin일 전

    It's been the longest time since I've eaten an mre and just when they state the names of them I feel queasy

  16. Matt Larson

    Matt Larson일 전

    Sure, beef taco is good and all, untill you get issued it 5 time in a row 😅

  17. James Weldon

    James Weldon2 일 전

    My rectum enflamed

  18. ItsCoyote

    ItsCoyote3 일 전

    I'm joining the Army only for MRE.

  19. jesus rico

    jesus rico3 일 전

    mre tacos are so gross

  20. Isabella Perez

    Isabella Perez4 일 전

    My birthday was November 8 and I wanted to see u guys so bad .

  21. DunePanda

    DunePanda4 일 전

    Rotten o'grotten?! Missed joke opportunity!

  22. Bramblestar Gaming

    Bramblestar Gaming4 일 전

    I've never understood why people don't like them, I love MREs

  23. bongothaplant

    bongothaplant4 일 전

    Pretty sure the heaters produce hydrogen and that's why it stinks

  24. Electrify

    Electrify4 일 전

    Steve1989 Entered The Chat

  25. Alex M

    Alex M4 일 전

    A lot of troops usually don’t get to warm it up while in combat so u should do it while cold

  26. Logan Thompson

    Logan Thompson4 일 전

    Also, lay them flat. Forget instructions if you want it hot.

  27. Logan Thompson

    Logan Thompson4 일 전

    Chicken burrito bowl, hands down top 5 menu items. Maybe number 1

  28. Kenneth Miller

    Kenneth Miller4 일 전

    And to think... you two are trying the IMPROVED MREs.

  29. Jack Maehoffer

    Jack Maehoffer5 일 전

    I ate most of these cold. Dont always have the time to heat it. My favorite is the Pork Maple Sausage, the beef and spaghetti, and the chicken with noodles that you so happily rejected...



    I bet someone already posted this but these things get hot enough to cause burns. I did it my self. They steam up and crackle so eat when its at its last breath kinda and be careful..

  31. NES 83’

    NES 83’5 일 전

    These guys are hilarious and deserve every ounce of their fame.

  32. Rome Russell

    Rome Russell5 일 전

    You should try 30 year old MRE's

  33. Leonzo Trevino

    Leonzo Trevino5 일 전

    Only the ogs miss the old intro

  34. Alpin Art

    Alpin Art5 일 전

    au gratin means it just has bread crumbs on

  35. Chad Prindle

    Chad Prindle5 일 전

    My step dad,Chad, is in the army and ISN'T a vegetarian

  36. Kenneth

    Kenneth5 일 전

    We used to refer to Potatoes Au Gratin as Potatoes All Rotten. Threw it to some dogs in the field once, they sniffed it and ran away.

  37. Slightly Respected

    Slightly Respected5 일 전

    Gotta get that chili Mac!!

  38. Marcus Viscarra

    Marcus Viscarra5 일 전

    The Pizza, chili, and meatballs with marinara sauce are the best ones I have ever had.

  39. Omar Pineda

    Omar Pineda6 일 전

    Best mre is definitely chicken chunks

  40. BMan2Cool4U

    BMan2Cool4U6 일 전

    I can't be the only one to spend 5 mins trying to understand Y.U.M. lol.

  41. jacob harrison

    jacob harrison6 일 전

    I dont mind me a MRE. Hooah

  42. Fire Bomb

    Fire Bomb6 일 전

    What about meals rejected by Ethiopians

  43. Vladimir Krïeg

    Vladimir Krïeg6 일 전

    That food are just to fill stomachs only not to be actually made to taste good.

  44. TheAbsOluteZ3rO

    TheAbsOluteZ3rO6 일 전

    Didn’t even have the best ones! Ratatouille, chicken pesto pasta, and Asian style beef strips.

  45. 5th Element Entertainment

    5th Element Entertainment6 일 전

    I remember fighting for the omelette just to get peanut m&ms

  46. X.KurØ_Chi.X

    X.KurØ_Chi.X7 일 전

    I saw what looks like the Chicken mre taco and i was like CLICK

  47. Colby Lamothe

    Colby Lamothe7 일 전

    I have still yet to find a MRE reviewer better than Steve1989

  48. james mccracken

    james mccracken6 일 전

    And I don't think you will. His channel is awesome........nice

  49. Alex Helie

    Alex Helie7 일 전

    No chili Mac? Shameful.

  50. Steven Randall

    Steven Randall7 일 전

    I was once given a jalapeno beef patty MRE and I would order some just to eat if it wasn't more expensive than real food, I thought it was pretty good. But that's the only MRE I've ever had

  51. q Haven

    q Haven7 일 전

    Dude the chili Mac and cheese MRE’s are freaking bomb🔥🔥🔥

  52. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf2 일 전

    Bomb like my anus after eating an MRE

  53. Matthew Timothy

    Matthew Timothy8 일 전

    One of my faves was the teriyaki. Least favorite was the vegetarian omelette.

  54. Julia

    Julia8 일 전

    13:07 *YEET*

  55. Mia The Dork

    Mia The Dork8 일 전

    Once my dad sent me to school with an MRE for lunch. It was pasta and lemon lime juice. It was a pretty bad lunch because I didn’t get to eat anything, my friends wanted to make it and put the lemon aid powder into the spaghetti.

  56. ou yeah oh yeah idk what this is but oh yeah

    ou yeah oh yeah idk what this is but oh yeah8 일 전

    I like The MRE food idk about you guys but i like them all ,doe there unhealthy to a point..

  57. RichTheWolfGaming

    RichTheWolfGaming8 일 전

    0/10 made no mention of "Rock Or Something"

  58. raider5231

    raider52318 일 전


  59. Boxotron

    Boxotron8 일 전

    Before I watch, from prior experience, beef stew is number 1.

  60. Boxotron

    Boxotron8 일 전

    K. You guys must have new mre's, I've never seen any of those XD. Seriously though. The beef stew was best.

  61. BadgerHermit

    BadgerHermit8 일 전

    But, where is the Chili Mac?!

  62. TheDonkeyFLOPPER

    TheDonkeyFLOPPER9 일 전

    Just got in to GMM and scrolled the comments on this video hoping Steve was here

  63. Eric Kennedy

    Eric Kennedy9 일 전

    Gratin is a widespread culinary technique in which an ingredient is topped with a browned crust, often using breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg or butter. Gratin originated in French cuisine and is usually prepared in a shallow dish of some kind.

  64. Jerry Rose

    Jerry Rose9 일 전

    Chilimac is where it's at

  65. Gregory Lopez

    Gregory Lopez9 일 전

    How can you do a ranking and not include cheese spread and chili mac.

  66. Rebekka Poss

    Rebekka Poss10 일 전


  67. Eric Busch

    Eric Busch10 일 전

    Wait... Since when have tacos been a thing??

  68. Amber Calandra

    Amber Calandra10 일 전

    My favorite is the veggie crumbles in taco sauce 😭 Meatballs in marinara is the best though!

  69. justchris716

    justchris71611 일 전

    lol 😊

  70. Joshua E. Legal

    Joshua E. Legal11 일 전

    Meals Rejected by Ethiopians

  71. ヒロヒロ

    ヒロヒロ11 일 전

    Do a japanese bento box from family mart/lawson/711


    CHROME LAMBO11 일 전

    I’m currently a member of the army. I had to eat these almost every day during basic (last summer). Some are better than others and there are some that taste like complete trash. My 2 personal favorites are the one that has a Cherry Blueberry Cobbler and the one that has a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie (I don’t remember the name of those 2)

  73. Ttucks

    Ttucks11 일 전

    Chili mac nough said.

  74. Yamil Nazer

    Yamil Nazer12 일 전

    Low key doomsday 🤣🤣

  75. Twilightwolf

    Twilightwolf12 일 전

    13:06 YEET

  76. Madison Fisk

    Madison Fisk12 일 전

    Rhett and Link are MRE most random entertainers

  77. Mushroom Stamp

    Mushroom Stamp12 일 전

    Missed the spinach and artichoke

  78. Cookiesrfood

    Cookiesrfood12 일 전

    The ranking for these MRE's is pretty accurate lol beef taco and Chilli are some of the best ones you can get

  79. lance melder

    lance melder12 일 전

    Roll the bag into a bowl and mix everything into it.

  80. Dieppe Raid Documentary

    Dieppe Raid Documentary13 일 전

    Do they even know the definition of defile

  81. Lafeel Abriel

    Lafeel Abriel13 일 전

    You forgot "Meals Rejected (by) Etheopeans." :D

  82. Abyxis

    Abyxis13 일 전

    How did I miss this one.

  83. Liam McCann

    Liam McCann13 일 전

    Brisket entree has always been my least favorite. It doesn’t even have any good snacks in it.

  84. Skootchybacon Hairy

    Skootchybacon Hairy13 일 전

    y e s

  85. The Baba Yaga

    The Baba Yaga13 일 전

    13:01 oh boy I wouldn't do that if I were you

  86. David Folsom

    David Folsom13 일 전

    fyi a ton of the soldiers do have plates and such available. Many carry a small mess kit for this very reason.


    TY VISION13 일 전

    I didn't know something could taste metallic

  88. LuckyDuck

    LuckyDuck13 일 전

    I literally had the chicken and noodles for lunch and it doesn’t taste as bad as it smells(it smells like cat food)

  89. melody parra

    melody parra14 일 전

    Squeezey beans and squeezey rice mhmmm🤢👍

  90. Zach Myers

    Zach Myers14 일 전

    Where is the snacks and cheese. You need to warm up the cheese and put it on your food. Some of the deserts are amazing

  91. Kirk Nicholson

    Kirk Nicholson16 일 전

    Meals ( not so ) ready to eat

  92. Kirk Nicholson

    Kirk Nicholson16 일 전

    Eat those for a week and see what happens

  93. Adam Frankovich

    Adam Frankovich16 일 전

    Fun fact: if your a civ and never have eaten these it says a rock or something which I found quite funny the first time I read it

  94. Mark Battle

    Mark Battle16 일 전

    Hands down the best thing in any MRE is the jalapeño cheese spread!

  95. 5th Element Entertainment

    5th Element Entertainment6 일 전

    With bread

  96. XlJKR-_DMNZz-

    XlJKR-_DMNZz-10 일 전

    Agree to the Jalapeño cheese spread, an italian bread sticks with jalapeño cheese, or in the taco beef 👌🏻


    CHROME LAMBO11 일 전

    Mark Battle nah, it’s the cherry blueberry cobbler

  98. lcpl4liferod23

    lcpl4liferod2317 일 전

    The bbq vegetarian burgers the best. The vegetarian MREs also usually came with the best desserts.

  99. james whateley

    james whateley17 일 전

    Should try the British army rations 😂

  100. Kennith Anderson

    Kennith Anderson17 일 전

    Try eating nothing but M.R.E.s for two weeks straight. You will be so backed up.

  101. Arrow

    Arrow18 일 전

    they typically taste like metal because they have them loaded with vitamins and minerals. Just fyi

  102. Pandamatoins

    Pandamatoins18 일 전

    The way he said Connecticut Sounded like CUNTTUCATE

  103. Wandering Marine Veteran

    Wandering Marine Veteran18 일 전

    Interesting MRE reviews. I love reviewing them still.

  104. issac marks

    issac marks18 일 전

    i honestly think rhetts reaction to the taco was the best thing ive seen in my life

  105. gaston moreno

    gaston moreno19 일 전

    Cooking with napalm hahahahahaha

  106. Austin Hacker

    Austin Hacker19 일 전

    Nobody heats it

  107. Braedyn Hernberg

    Braedyn Hernberg19 일 전

    I loooovvveeee MREsssss!!!!!🤤🤤

  108. TheLateMrBones

    TheLateMrBones21 일 전

    Just give them Lunchables

  109. Lizzie's lit fishing

    Lizzie's lit fishing22 일 전

    12:47 smoke!!!!!

  110. Leon Chronister

    Leon Chronister23 일 전

    My sergeant always tells us to not smell a MRE and just eat it

  111. Cpt Kent James

    Cpt Kent James23 일 전

    should have had them cold.

  112. Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi

    Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi23 일 전

    Low quality chicken noodle soup tastes like the smell of formaldehyde to me. Reminds me of dissecting pigs in 10th grade. 😫

  113. Potentialy Purple

    Potentialy Purple24 일 전

    “Meal ready to eat more like meal that makes me weak in the knees” (edup)