Ultimate Energy Drink Taste Test


  1. Alex Judkins

    Alex Judkins13 시간 전

    As a cook, i drink a LOT of these daily.

  2. Ruby Dacherry

    Ruby Dacherry일 전

    I disliked the video because you didn’t have bang

  3. Jonathan Lumbreras

    Jonathan Lumbreras2 일 전


  4. Phoebe H.

    Phoebe H.4 일 전

    I can't stop looking at "Rhett"

  5. 惡魔狼DemonWolf

    惡魔狼DemonWolf7 일 전

    You should try nitro nrg it a powerful energy drink.

  6. christopher ridge

    christopher ridge8 일 전

    Rhett??? Beard??? Whaaaaaaa???

  7. CannabisMaximus02

    CannabisMaximus028 일 전

    Drink redline

  8. Madison Foster

    Madison Foster10 일 전

    #Bring the beard back campaign

  9. Sarah Stafford

    Sarah Stafford13 일 전

    Rhett look like a baby without da breard

  10. Roko

    Roko13 일 전

    rhett looks so much younger, Link doesnt age

  11. guerilla360gamr

    guerilla360gamr14 일 전


  12. Pomeranian Boss

    Pomeranian Boss15 일 전

    Rhett looks like someone sliced his chin off, i was so distracted by the bob ross merch

  13. Neockwon

    Neockwon15 일 전

    Rhetts face looks so.......... small

  14. Demonologist

    Demonologist16 일 전

    Monster is bae

  15. Samuel Brown

    Samuel Brown18 일 전

    Why is link so bad at this

  16. hentai ronin

    hentai ronin19 일 전

    Rhett looks 2 young

  17. Sheridan Busse

    Sheridan Busse19 일 전

    This series always makes me thirsty af 😂

  18. Master of Disguise

    Master of Disguise20 일 전

    Why can’t there be a link to those shirts on mythical.store?

  19. Virginia Navarro

    Virginia Navarro20 일 전

    Are you guys really gay

  20. angel milton

    angel milton7 일 전

    Virginia Navarro they’re both married to women

  21. Sheridan Busse

    Sheridan Busse19 일 전

    Virginia Navarro why do you think that

  22. commonhate 420

    commonhate 42021 일 전

    Energy can not be created or destoryed but you can drink it from a can????😂🤣😂🤣

  23. apatternedhorizon

    apatternedhorizon22 일 전

    Blue full throttle was the best tasting other than monster

  24. unoing-unoing king

    unoing-unoing king22 일 전

    I mean stars create energy

  25. Gubner8000

    Gubner800023 일 전


  26. Anime Freak2025

    Anime Freak202523 일 전


  27. Joe Johnstone

    Joe Johnstone23 일 전

    It can only be transformed from one form to another

  28. Arman Raoufi

    Arman Raoufi24 일 전


  29. Alexandria Baker

    Alexandria Baker27 일 전

    lol, i actually eat energy stuff before bed to help me wake up a few hours later easier


    BRO SAVAGE27 일 전

    Link mixed up monster and rock stare and nos and hi ball and Red Bull and amp

  31. shirley rae

    shirley rae27 일 전

    I think i have some weird genetic disposition that makes caffiene ineffective for me... Just straight up Does Nothing. I've drunken 2 or more cans of red bull while sorta tired to try and stay up to study ... Many times. Never helped. I try coffee in the morning to wake me up... doesn't help. I fall asleep after caffiene routinely. It also makes it so I've never been addicted to coffee. Used to drink every morning when my mom made it just cause and now that I'm not at home I rarely think about it.

  32. madestmadhatter

    madestmadhatter27 일 전

    ... I think you guys need to taste some sweet tarts, because I drink an unhealthy amount of energy drinks and none of them taste like sweet tarts, ecspeacilly not red bull which is super bitter.

  33. madestmadhatter

    madestmadhatter16 일 전

    +JS19 it was the first... Well at least the first to properly advertise.

  34. JS19

    JS1916 일 전

    Yeah Red Bull is nasty bitter garbage, I don't get why people love it so much.

  35. Sheridan Busse

    Sheridan Busse19 일 전

    Same! I hate the taste 😂

  36. Michael Hernandez

    Michael Hernandez28 일 전

    Wow this was pretty soyboy

  37. Saber Cyan

    Saber Cyan29 일 전

    but i need to drink three

  38. Jacob Delk

    Jacob Delk개월 전

    Give them a Rip-It.. If you know then you know

  39. Kaytie

    Kaytie개월 전

    Not really proud lmao, but I think I'd do great at this because I drink then quite often. Monster,Rockstar,Relentless are all disgustingly sweet where as RedBull isn't. After drinking a few sips of Monster you feel stuffy and sick, but redbull does not give that affect. Thought they'd at least make out redbull but then again, we all taste different and they don't ruin their bodies like me lmao.

  40. Chanel Oberlin

    Chanel Oberlin개월 전

    Rhett looks different

  41. Graham Gaither

    Graham Gaither개월 전

    happy little trees

  42. Kyle Ardelean

    Kyle Ardelean개월 전

    Lol, Hi Ball is my favorite

  43. Trenton Smiley

    Trenton Smiley개월 전

    Why does Rhett not have a chin said with love you guys rock

  44. Logan MacGyver

    Logan MacGyver개월 전

    energy can be destroyed just set a battery on fire lmao

  45. Memeulous

    Memeulous개월 전

    Deer and monkey hmm..... Donkey yeah. Wait a second

  46. Carter Savage

    Carter Savage개월 전

    Oh yeah yeah

  47. SixRaven Eight

    SixRaven Eight개월 전

    I love trim beard Rhett here, he's so adorable, I love seeing his face. I don't get the no chin thing though, I see plenty. I think that full bottom lip of his is throwing people off. ♥♥♥

  48. angel milton

    angel milton7 일 전

    SixRaven Eight seeing how small his chin is, is a bit jarring lol but I think he’s still attractive.

  49. Matt Alexander

    Matt Alexander개월 전

    Link, did you just imply that there are only 2 genders? If so..., Thanks, man. These millennials need to know the truth. Enough is enough.

  50. Joshei Poo

    Joshei Poo19 시간 전

    Hahahah politics brings out the worst in people

  51. Rain Cloud

    Rain Cloud개월 전

    +Matt Alexander and society doesn't care about yours lol. Deal with it, or try and change it. Otherwise I'll stay to my view point.

  52. Matt Alexander

    Matt Alexander개월 전

    Cashmere Cloud it does affect me when you expect me to call a man a woman and a woman a man and expect me to ignore basic biology to let a grown MAN use the bathroom next to my daughter. Sorry. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  53. Green Sheep

    Green Sheep개월 전

    "Don't drink a lot of energy drinks" I do that anyway. Too late to tell me thay now.

  54. Yamin Aqeeli

    Yamin Aqeeli개월 전

    Its so funny when they are confident on a answer that turns out to be wrong

  55. Doublechinloard 19

    Doublechinloard 19개월 전

    News flash there is more than two genders.

  56. Whos Crazy

    Whos Crazy개월 전

    Your wrong it’s mass that cant be created or destroyed

  57. Sione Fetalaiga

    Sione Fetalaiga개월 전

    why rhetts face look tiny lol

  58. Rygar Gaming

    Rygar Gaming개월 전

    rockstar is by far the best tasting one

  59. Damantion Hamblin

    Damantion Hamblin개월 전


  60. the gaming goose

    the gaming goose개월 전

    Enegry can not be created....alright bob ross

  61. joshua gilpin

    joshua gilpin개월 전

    Rhett looks like kid rock with that hat on

  62. Mason Shaffer

    Mason Shaffer개월 전

    0:48 Get some bad grades and convince your parents you have ADD even though you probably don’t and take large doses of adderal that is near the recreational dose and way to much to treat your ADHD that may or may not exist.

  63. darkwolf14avatar

    darkwolf14avatar개월 전

    Rockstar or monster

  64. Kaytie

    Kaytie개월 전

    darkwolf14avatar neither, red bull

  65. Matthew Mcdonald

    Matthew Mcdonald개월 전

    Nos is my favorite energy drink

  66. Dylan Gielen

    Dylan Gielen개월 전

    Is it just me or is Rhett’s head look tiny Mainly his jaw Edit: I found out it’s his beard

  67. James Mullen

    James Mullen개월 전

    Lght blu mØnster! Hands dwn best!!!

  68. O_o

    O_o개월 전

    Bob Ross

  69. Sander Hardeland

    Sander Hardeland개월 전

    Whait no burn?

  70. Matsu

    Matsu11 일 전

    i think it's only in norway etch

  71. this aint it cheif

    this aint it cheif개월 전

    I only drink monster tbh

  72. Mellow Zap

    Mellow Zap개월 전

    Those shirts tho

  73. IllegalPancakes Or Leo

    IllegalPancakes Or Leo개월 전

    Rhett looks so different.

  74. Devil Suchomimus

    Devil Suchomimus개월 전

    NIce bOb roSs sHirTs

  75. Nep

    Nep개월 전

    Monster,red bull,Nos, spike, Rockstar, AMP, hi ball

  76. Jacob Higgins

    Jacob Higgins개월 전

    Rhett has no chin ffs

  77. Evan Prior

    Evan Prior개월 전

    I couldn't decide wether to make a comment about the bob ross shirts, or ask who else is enjoying an energy drink while watching this.

  78. erika salo

    erika salo개월 전

    Such babies😱😂

  79. Kaity Reslink

    Kaity Reslink개월 전

    Every poorer is named Alex

  80. Tyler Holbrook

    Tyler Holbrook개월 전

    The irony of hi ball

  81. Hockey Express

    Hockey Express개월 전

    1: Nos 2: Amp 3:Red bull 4: Monster 5: Rockstar And i never tasted others

  82. Wyatt Highfill

    Wyatt Highfill개월 전

    Red Bull tastes completely different to me

  83. Kaytie

    Kaytie개월 전

    Wyatt Highfill same I've been looking for someone commenting this. I am really questioning how they didn't taste the difference.

  84. bootstare

    bootstare개월 전

    Rockstar and Amp are two of my energy drinks, 3 of the other ones I never even tried before.

  85. Raven Studios

    Raven Studios개월 전

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if their accuracy had increased as they went on?

  86. cONNOR MUISe

    cONNOR MUISe개월 전

    "Don't listen to use. We drank our own pee." That should be their slogan.

  87. Alyssa Ellison

    Alyssa Ellison개월 전

    D O N T S H A V E Y O U R B E A R D R H E T T

  88. TheyAreTakingTheHobbitsToIsengard

    TheyAreTakingTheHobbitsToIsengard개월 전

    "Drinking multiple energy drinks in one day is not reccomended" *thinks about the 2 java monsters I had yesterday*...Well, oops 🤷‍♀️😅

  89. Kaytie

    Kaytie개월 전

    TheyAreTakingTheHobbitsToIsengard hah 2 Ametur

  90. Kristine Burke

    Kristine Burke개월 전

    Rhett looks super skinny in this video

  91. Kristine Burke

    Kristine Burke개월 전

    I can tell which drink is which. I have an energy drink addiction

  92. Louise Pagels

    Louise Pagels개월 전

    Rhett looks 10 years younger......

  93. bury swoosh

    bury swoosh개월 전

    i feel like they were stoned on this one lol

  94. Harkness78

    Harkness78개월 전

    My order would be: 1. Red Bull 2. Nos 3. Amp 4. Rockstar 5. Monster 6. Hi Ball Never had Spike

  95. Rachael Haley

    Rachael Haley개월 전

    As a nursing student who’s pulled more all nighters then I care to admit, I probably would be excellent at guessing these lol

  96. Mel Tinney

    Mel Tinney개월 전

    Team redbull all the way

  97. Ephyra

    Ephyra개월 전

    **** Sneak Energy ****

  98. Ephyra

    Ephyra개월 전

    Forget Monster & Red Bull. There's a new formula in town and better. For you Gamers out there ......this is it. Far cheaper, leaving more money in your pocket for the equivalent amount: Look/Google Sneak Energy. Sneak is da best. You're gonna need a 700ml shaker/protein bottle from somewhere. One blast from this stuff around 12.00-1.00PM lunchtime is maximum recommended. Forget coffee, forget Starbucks, forget relentless, forget everything you know about caffeine and energy drinks. Drink this s##t. Loads and loads of people switching to this.

  99. Macarthur Canali

    Macarthur Canali2 개월 전

    Also the opening line of this is hilarious

  100. Macarthur Canali

    Macarthur Canali2 개월 전

    Do you read all your comments?

  101. Light Infinite

    Light Infinite2 개월 전

    Rhett has a small head back then now offense

  102. Sabrina Menges

    Sabrina Menges2 개월 전

    Anyone watching in 2k18?? I got scared of Rhett’s baby face no beard.

  103. lwa2009

    lwa20092 개월 전

    Omg great ducking t-shirts dudes

  104. Silver Abbott

    Silver Abbott2 개월 전

    Rhett has an upper lip??

  105. Session

    Session2 개월 전

    always hide that weak chin

  106. Voiceman

    Voiceman2 개월 전


  107. Supremo Emo Reacts and more

    Supremo Emo Reacts and more2 개월 전

    Hopefully that red bull didnt contai. The rare species of tapeworm

  108. Voiceman

    Voiceman2 개월 전

    What double Bob Ross shirts I didn't even notice that last time!!

  109. Ryder Jae

    Ryder Jae2 개월 전

    Who’s that guy sitting next to Link?

  110. Jared white

    Jared white2 개월 전

    No bawls?

  111. Coopsterp7 awesome

    Coopsterp7 awesome2 개월 전

    There shirts 😂😂

  112. Hoseok's Spilled Tae

    Hoseok's Spilled Tae2 개월 전

    My friend owns the shirts their wearing and wears it to school on dress down days.

  113. Breeze Dorling

    Breeze Dorling2 개월 전

    I drink monster and it tastes like cherry chapstick