Ultimate Energy Drink Taste Test


  1. Stephanie Charriere

    Stephanie Charriere4 시간 전

    Oh I thought you were gonna tell me which is the best one

  2. Mossirg Semaj

    Mossirg Semaj13 시간 전

    Remake the unicorn rap

  3. Nick Slouka

    Nick Slouka일 전

    Lets be real NOS tastes like the smell of piss.

  4. Branden Lucero

    Branden Lucero일 전

    Rhett sounded like Solid Snake at the end.

  5. Smart Shark

    Smart Shark2 일 전


  6. mr. nightmare of Darkness

    mr. nightmare of Darkness2 일 전

    My opinion I think of monster is the best energy drink

  7. angad dhody

    angad dhody3 일 전

    You guys are amazing.. Sending you love all the way from INDIA..

  8. Cherry CHERRY

    Cherry CHERRY6 일 전

    My top energy drinks r 1 spiked 2 full throttle of ones i have tried

  9. WarDrone EditZ

    WarDrone EditZ7 일 전

    Green monster is the best one

  10. Sebastian Reyes

    Sebastian Reyes8 일 전

    Zero cal monster red/purple is the best

  11. Coyote Armory

    Coyote Armory9 일 전

    2019 anyone

  12. BenNateCraft

    BenNateCraft10 일 전

    Nice shirts

  13. Dory Da Fish

    Dory Da Fish14 일 전

    Me: **sees Bob Ross shirts** Me: **gasp** Me: *where do get?*

  14. Def Yoongi

    Def Yoongi18 일 전


  15. Vortex_ Oxyg3n

    Vortex_ Oxyg3n20 일 전


  16. XxMasterScaryxX

    XxMasterScaryxX20 일 전


  17. Kristupas Voras

    Kristupas Voras22 일 전

    Rhett your shirt 00:00

  18. Chase PotterSTW

    Chase PotterSTW23 일 전

    Monster is the best

  19. Lumbago

    Lumbago24 일 전

    Was I the only person who noticed they had the same t-shirt note: I only just started the video and could have possibly said that in the video

  20. Autumn Knickerbarker

    Autumn Knickerbarker27 일 전

    You know when they have matching shirts somethings up

  21. DAGGER4D

    DAGGER4D28 일 전

    This is not healthy

  22. DAGGER4D

    DAGGER4D28 일 전

    When Rhett is clean shaven he looks like Bob from Bob's burgers

  23. madison machen

    madison machen29 일 전

    3 years later... I can’t look at Rhett with a short beard

  24. FirmBooty

    FirmBooty28 일 전

    madison machen I think he looks a lot better

  25. 7Ghos

    7Ghos개월 전

    Lacking Red Eye energy drink, the only one worth drinking

  26. tawney perez

    tawney perez개월 전

    Some of the energy drinks can make you fail a drug test

  27. Ca Riin

    Ca Riin26 일 전

    what drugs will show up positive on a test?

  28. Jordan Dripp

    Jordan Dripp개월 전

    The guy in the ad stepped on a lego

  29. Jacob Henderson

    Jacob Henderson개월 전

    I have that same shirt

  30. Ben Burns

    Ben Burns개월 전

    They both wore bob ross shirts. surprise.exe has not been activated

  31. Dalton Craddock

    Dalton Craddock개월 전

    Place the taste

  32. Andrej Nikolov

    Andrej Nikolov개월 전

    Amp is easily the best.

  33. muhammad rinshin

    muhammad rinshin개월 전

    At first i thougt it was saddam hussein on their shirt.

  34. YamiGenesis

    YamiGenesis개월 전

    I had Hi ball once. Never again

  35. Joseph

    Joseph개월 전

    Bob Ross

  36. Banana chip 34

    Banana chip 34개월 전

    When I saw they’re hats how do I say it....float? I thought that was how big they’re heads were 🤣

  37. Banana chip 34

    Banana chip 34개월 전

    I’m gonna like my own comment 👀

  38. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin Farias개월 전

    Nos and Rockstars are so nasty.

  39. Feetiscool

    Feetiscool개월 전


  40. BL00DY M355

    BL00DY M355개월 전

    Full Throttle>any of these

  41. A Person

    A Person개월 전

    Bob Ross T-shirts.... You amaze me.

  42. Hawk

    Hawk개월 전

    Kick start is my favorite!

  43. Princessjosie101

    Princessjosie101개월 전

    Hawk wait are you even talking about Mountain Dew Kickstart

  44. Princessjosie101

    Princessjosie101개월 전

    Hawk no it’s not Mountain Dew kickstart doesn’t have enough caffeine or supplements to be an energy drink

  45. Hawk

    Hawk개월 전

    Princessjosie101 yes it is

  46. Princessjosie101

    Princessjosie101개월 전

    Hawk but kickstart isn’t an energy drink though

  47. Isaac 3567

    Isaac 3567개월 전

    Ive drank 5/7 of these and it bothers me that they couldnt get more than 1 right, they all have a very distinct flavour

  48. SadBoi Penguin

    SadBoi Penguin20 일 전

    They probably haven't tried all of them

  49. Toxic Prime

    Toxic Prime개월 전

    9:12 That’s what she said

  50. Ryugo7 7

    Ryugo7 7개월 전

    Red Bull works the best but Rockstar tastes the best.

  51. Goku

    Goku3 일 전

    ElliThe Legend true

  52. ElliThe Legend

    ElliThe Legend개월 전

    Nope monster is the best!

  53. yamileth jimenez

    yamileth jimenez개월 전


  54. Jakob Carver

    Jakob Carver2 개월 전

    Rhett had zero right at first not 1

  55. Zyklon B

    Zyklon B개월 전

    He had the first one right

  56. Alex Lloyd

    Alex Lloyd2 개월 전

    As a car guy it hurt when link pronounced it “Nose”

  57. Olivier

    Olivier2 개월 전

    You assholes forgot rip it

  58. Norce Power

    Norce Power2 개월 전

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed...but it can be drunk from a can. - Link

  59. Ella Palmer

    Ella Palmer2 개월 전

    Rhett looks so different without his beard

  60. Gary Smith

    Gary Smith2 개월 전

    It’s not energy it’s matter

  61. Onah46

    Onah462 개월 전

    when you walk into work and your co worker is wherein the same bob ross shirt

  62. Maddi AverageCanadian

    Maddi AverageCanadian2 개월 전

    Onah46 **wearing. lol

  63. NightShade The Wolf

    NightShade The Wolf2 개월 전

    This has to be the only one where the punishment is actually desirable/ good

  64. Heeeres Jakey

    Heeeres Jakey2 개월 전

    But if the delicious taste of spider energy drink was involved it would've destroyed all competition! #Awkwardsponsorpost

  65. Lee's Reviews

    Lee's Reviews2 개월 전

    Where’s Rhett’s chin? He’s half the man lol

  66. pratt's play games

    pratt's play games2 개월 전

    2019 anyone

  67. Jeremiah Valeska

    Jeremiah Valeska2 개월 전

    I maybe nearly 3 years late but nice shirts guys

  68. Madisyn Lenay

    Madisyn Lenay2 개월 전

    Man monsters the shit. Only the green tho, but I’m probably bias. I’ve been drinking them since I was young young

  69. Gibson Spidle

    Gibson Spidle2 개월 전

    This may be the goat gmm video

  70. Kara Price

    Kara Price2 개월 전

    The only brand that doesnt make me gag is full throttle... .citrusy and yummy

  71. alex cuevas

    alex cuevas2 개월 전

    They should do a alcohol one

  72. Grim Jack

    Grim Jack2 개월 전

    They did! It wasn't an episode dedicated to it but I believe it was the knock off taste testing episode which beer appeared in.

  73. carmon lyons

    carmon lyons2 개월 전

    I drink so much energy drinks and this is crazy to know they thought monster was redbull

  74. Fay Noel

    Fay Noel2 개월 전

    Did anybody else notice that they were wearing Bob Ross t-shirts?

  75. Raging Gamerz

    Raging Gamerz2 개월 전

    I am going to put NOS in my car

  76. DarkDonutt

    DarkDonutt개월 전

    +Cameron Dolieslager ik

  77. Cameron Dolieslager

    Cameron Dolieslager2 개월 전

    Raging Gamerz the NOS you put in your car is actually made by the same company as the energy drink lol

  78. Sirs _

    Sirs _2 개월 전

    Nos was, and still is, by far the best.

  79. Noah Heckaman

    Noah Heckaman2 개월 전

    Dear God Rhett, please, please, do not shave, ever again.

  80. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith2 개월 전

    Should blind test all the bang energy drinks

  81. Alex Judkins

    Alex Judkins2 개월 전

    As a cook, i drink a LOT of these daily.

  82. Ruby Dacherry

    Ruby Dacherry2 개월 전

    I disliked the video because you didn’t have bang

  83. Jonathan Lumbreras

    Jonathan Lumbreras3 개월 전


  84. Phoebe H.

    Phoebe H.3 개월 전

    I can't stop looking at "Rhett"

  85. 惡魔狼DemonWolf

    惡魔狼DemonWolf3 개월 전

    You should try nitro nrg it a powerful energy drink.

  86. christopher ridge

    christopher ridge3 개월 전

    Rhett??? Beard??? Whaaaaaaa???

  87. CannabisMaximus02

    CannabisMaximus023 개월 전

    Drink redline

  88. Madison Foster

    Madison Foster3 개월 전

    #Bring the beard back campaign

  89. Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones3 개월 전

    Rhett look like a baby without da breard

  90. Rokos

    Rokos3 개월 전

    rhett looks so much younger, Link doesnt age

  91. guerilla360gamr

    guerilla360gamr3 개월 전


  92. Rick Yerena

    Rick Yerena개월 전

    The best!!

  93. Pomeranian Boss

    Pomeranian Boss3 개월 전

    Rhett looks like someone sliced his chin off, i was so distracted by the bob ross merch

  94. Neockwon

    Neockwon3 개월 전

    Rhetts face looks so.......... small

  95. Demonolator

    Demonolator3 개월 전

    Monster is bae

  96. Samuel Brown

    Samuel Brown3 개월 전

    Why is link so bad at this

  97. hentai ronin

    hentai ronin3 개월 전

    Rhett looks 2 young

  98. Sheridan Busse

    Sheridan Busse3 개월 전

    This series always makes me thirsty af 😂

  99. Master of Disguise

    Master of Disguise3 개월 전

    Why can’t there be a link to those shirts on mythical.store?

  100. Virginia Navarro

    Virginia Navarro3 개월 전

    Are you guys really gay

  101. angel milton

    angel milton3 개월 전

    Virginia Navarro they’re both married to women

  102. Sheridan Busse

    Sheridan Busse3 개월 전

    Virginia Navarro why do you think that

  103. commonhate 420

    commonhate 4203 개월 전

    Energy can not be created or destoryed but you can drink it from a can????😂🤣😂🤣

  104. apatternedhorizon

    apatternedhorizon3 개월 전

    Blue full throttle was the best tasting other than monster

  105. unoing-unoing king

    unoing-unoing king3 개월 전

    I mean stars create energy

  106. Gubner8000

    Gubner80003 개월 전


  107. Anime Freak2025

    Anime Freak20253 개월 전


  108. Joe Johnstone

    Joe Johnstone3 개월 전

    It can only be transformed from one form to another

  109. Arman Raoufi

    Arman Raoufi3 개월 전


  110. Alexandria Baker

    Alexandria Baker3 개월 전

    lol, i actually eat energy stuff before bed to help me wake up a few hours later easier


    BRO SAVAGE3 개월 전

    Link mixed up monster and rock stare and nos and hi ball and Red Bull and amp

  112. Brit Ann

    Brit Ann3 개월 전

    I think i have some weird genetic disposition that makes caffiene ineffective for me... Just straight up Does Nothing. I've drunken 2 or more cans of red bull while sorta tired to try and stay up to study ... Many times. Never helped. I try coffee in the morning to wake me up... doesn't help. I fall asleep after caffiene routinely. It also makes it so I've never been addicted to coffee. Used to drink every morning when my mom made it just cause and now that I'm not at home I rarely think about it.

  113. madestmadhatter

    madestmadhatter3 개월 전

    ... I think you guys need to taste some sweet tarts, because I drink an unhealthy amount of energy drinks and none of them taste like sweet tarts, ecspeacilly not red bull which is super bitter.

  114. madestmadhatter

    madestmadhatter3 개월 전

    +DP91 it was the first... Well at least the first to properly advertise.

  115. DP91

    DP913 개월 전

    Yeah Red Bull is nasty bitter garbage, I don't get why people love it so much.

  116. Sheridan Busse

    Sheridan Busse3 개월 전

    Same! I hate the taste 😂

  117. Michael big mike Hernandez

    Michael big mike Hernandez3 개월 전

    Wow this was pretty soyboy

  118. Saber Cyan

    Saber Cyan3 개월 전

    but i need to drink three

  119. Jacob Delk

    Jacob Delk3 개월 전

    Give them a Rip-It.. If you know then you know

  120. Kaytie

    Kaytie3 개월 전

    Not really proud lmao, but I think I'd do great at this because I drink then quite often. Monster,Rockstar,Relentless are all disgustingly sweet where as RedBull isn't. After drinking a few sips of Monster you feel stuffy and sick, but redbull does not give that affect. Thought they'd at least make out redbull but then again, we all taste different and they don't ruin their bodies like me lmao.

  121. Chanel Oberlin

    Chanel Oberlin3 개월 전

    Rhett looks different