Ultimate Energy Drink Taste Test


  1. SAMURAI116

    SAMURAI116일 전

    Where is da mtn dew

  2. TheCringyMeerkat 2017

    TheCringyMeerkat 20172 일 전

    I like how they stated, “Don’t drink multiple energy drinks in a short period of time!” But their punishment is to drink a bunch of mixed energy drinks.

  3. Shawn Palumbo

    Shawn Palumbo2 일 전

    I could hands down got all these right..

  4. Marlange Piard

    Marlange Piard3 일 전

    I would win this so fast

  5. HNS SNH

    HNS SNH3 일 전

    Every energy drink tastes like damn rat poison

  6. Thomas Thornton

    Thomas Thornton4 일 전

    Pomegranate is very citrus Rhett

  7. Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonald4 일 전

    I wonder if they'll ever figure out that after they guess a wrong answer the crew puts the one they just guessed next.

  8. Fisnik Xheladini

    Fisnik Xheladini4 일 전

    Nice!I got a red bull add

  9. Chazer

    Chazer4 일 전

    Make a Will it Smoothie

  10. Saint Bepis

    Saint Bepis5 일 전

    What are the chances of them agreeing, flip-flopping, and missing the correct energy drinks (NOS, and hi-ball)

  11. Caleb Galvin Outdoors

    Caleb Galvin Outdoors5 일 전

    Rhett has a really week chin he looks like a beast with the beard normally

  12. Unga Bunga

    Unga Bunga4 일 전

    Caleb Galvin Outdoors fr doe

  13. Nick Nelson

    Nick Nelson5 일 전

    Red Bull orange is the best 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Jono Plays

    Jono Plays6 일 전

    You guys are funny

  15. mrt ddn046

    mrt ddn0469 일 전


  16. Devin Roberts

    Devin Roberts9 일 전

    Disappointing they didn't try Cocaine The Energy drink.

  17. Will Parkes

    Will Parkes9 일 전

    I watched this while drinking a big can of mountain dew.

  18. Hemmos Queen

    Hemmos Queen9 일 전

    Monster=rock/punk bands water

  19. Parker Dietrich

    Parker Dietrich10 일 전


  20. Saara Huttunen

    Saara Huttunen10 일 전

    Monster energy drink - educating males and females together

  21. FADE Vibercib

    FADE Vibercib11 일 전

    I have the shirt that they r wearing

  22. Noob To Pro

    Noob To Pro12 일 전

    *IM BATMAN!* 13:19

  23. Rust Exon

    Rust Exon12 일 전

    Literally the entire video: *mmmmmm hmmmmm ewmmmmm uuuhhhhh*

  24. Caryl Ackley

    Caryl Ackley13 일 전

    Currently on break at work getting my GMM fix

  25. james ferris

    james ferris13 일 전

    Omg, put down the energy drinks!

  26. Noah Carsch

    Noah Carsch13 일 전

    Rhett looks pretty weird with only stubble

  27. Lance

    Lance14 일 전

    That was hard to watch. NOS literally says citrus on the top of the can

  28. Carrot The Unicorn

    Carrot The Unicorn14 일 전

    2:12 dont drink a lot of energy drinks in one day? say that to nigahiga

  29. Jason Cuddy

    Jason Cuddy14 일 전

    god it is so unnauteral

  30. Sky Playz

    Sky Playz15 일 전

    They forgot full throttle :((

  31. Devin_Myers_Gaming 123

    Devin_Myers_Gaming 12315 일 전

    But we make energy drinks so we can make energy... Might want to rethink that intro

  32. CoS_zipfire 20

    CoS_zipfire 2016 일 전

    Every day of my life usually goes pretty wrong, and you guys are one of the only things that make it better Love u guys and your positivity

  33. Devon

    Devon16 일 전

    Nos is the best for effects

  34. Big Boi Memes

    Big Boi Memes16 일 전


  35. Tan110688

    Tan11068816 일 전

    wasn't sure in buddy system whether that flashback was actually rhett until i saw this

  36. Archer Plays

    Archer Plays17 일 전

    I have seen that lake its definitely in New Hampshire not saying exactly where

  37. Leah Rolph

    Leah Rolph17 일 전

    I was wearing that shirt while watching this😂😂

  38. Nick Lucero

    Nick Lucero17 일 전

    Why does link look like squints from the sandlot he looks like a little kids trying an angry drink for the first time smh

  39. Daniel Hinkle

    Daniel Hinkle17 일 전

    I love your bob ross shirts

  40. Cuddle

    Cuddle17 일 전

    I like how alex kissed the monster its my fav drink

  41. Sonia Heranadez

    Sonia Heranadez18 일 전

    I'm so sensitive to caffeine

  42. RinaMiyavi

    RinaMiyavi18 일 전

    Looking at the drinks link had spike right and Rhett had none right so I'm confused how he had 1 right???

  43. I B

    I B18 일 전

    Unfortunately this is one test I could ace.

  44. Whisky Horse

    Whisky Horse20 일 전

    monster is the worst and it tastes like paint

  45. Trapsnatch_ 88

    Trapsnatch_ 8820 일 전

    Anyone else noticed that every energy drink seems to be green or orangey red?

  46. Nandee Fuery

    Nandee Fuery20 일 전

    As someone in nursing, I could easily name every single one of these.

  47. Pugsly The Puppy

    Pugsly The Puppy22 일 전

    Energy link

  48. jordan cook

    jordan cook23 일 전

    Rhett saw the amp can on screen after it was poured so he alrdy knew he was right

  49. blubby

    blubby26 일 전

    Where’s v do you guys not have it in America

  50. StylishGrape

    StylishGrape27 일 전

    Energy drinks where I live are banned, you need Id to buy them.

  51. SidtheKid

    SidtheKid27 일 전

    really hate that I have to watch another video just to see the punishment of this one, it's like buying a game, just to have them tell you the ending is on the next game

  52. Gurkirtan Singh

    Gurkirtan Singh27 일 전

    Does lucozade count?

  53. Lasha Kharbedia

    Lasha Kharbedia28 일 전


  54. Nathan Higgins

    Nathan Higgins개월 전

    I love venom energy drink

  55. Lannana Izumi

    Lannana Izumi개월 전

    I'm a geek, but I've got a motorcycle....uhhhhh lol

  56. Markus Ikast

    Markus Ikast개월 전

    Rhett now looks like a daniel

  57. BlueDino27

    BlueDino27개월 전

    I am watching from 2032 and Rhett and Link are 65 and are making videos about which squagle squit is the best to consume

  58. Haley Jacobs

    Haley Jacobs개월 전

    I can’t pick I love you both!

  59. Alex Stewarts metal Alliance

    Alex Stewarts metal Alliance개월 전

    Monster is for metalheads! Wow! I'm a metalhead and I love monster

  60. Droutlooted 1

    Droutlooted 1개월 전


  61. Isaac Fosnow

    Isaac Fosnow개월 전

    Love your vids

  62. Ian C

    Ian C개월 전

    I only came here for Rhetts beard, I can't watch this.

  63. malachis xbox

    malachis xbox개월 전

    Wheres bang

  64. Graham Gaming

    Graham Gaming개월 전

    I could guess those so easy

  65. Jovanny Martinez

    Jovanny Martinez개월 전

    I know exactly how all those energy drinks taste like!! I have a problem lol

  66. Moth

    Moth개월 전

    I have only had about 2 energy drinks In my entire life

  67. Moth

    Moth개월 전

    Drunk from a can

  68. Kyle Monchamp

    Kyle Monchamp개월 전

    I love those shirts

  69. Magpie105

    Magpie105개월 전

    Why does Rhett look like my uncle Craig when his beard gets short?

  70. gabe Evans

    gabe Evans개월 전

    I have that shirt rip bob ross please do a shout out to me

  71. KofteG61

    KofteG61개월 전

    The best energy drink is Burn.

  72. Molly Yates

    Molly Yates개월 전


  73. Prosperity Gruesome

    Prosperity Gruesome개월 전

    Rhett looks so different without the beard

  74. Red Raph

    Red Raph개월 전

    Rhett looks so smol with that beard

  75. Owen Potter

    Owen Potter개월 전


  76. Giana Rosebelt

    Giana Rosebelt개월 전

    Most of the energy drinks I know were the ones Link showed us

  77. Giana Rosebelt

    Giana Rosebelt개월 전

    Bob Ross shirt

  78. six figures i was only four

    six figures i was only four개월 전

    i have the picture on their shirts on my backpack

  79. Chloe The dog

    Chloe The dog개월 전

    Where did you get those shirts and where can I find some...

  80. Awesomefox

    Awesomefox개월 전

    As someone who stays up all night regularly and drinks atleast 1 energy drink every day I would guess all of these easily

  81. Natalie Itliong Fechter

    Natalie Itliong Fechter개월 전

    Do they clean out the line between drinks because it can skew the taste if they don't 🤔

  82. violentPrince

    violentPrince개월 전

    is...rhett ok?

  83. Wylje

    Wylje개월 전

    Rhett looks like normal spongebob

  84. RED m&m 4 smash

    RED m&m 4 smash개월 전

    I'm sad they didn't include venom cause venoms flavors make u feel like god

  85. Szabii

    Szabii개월 전

    I Love the Bob Ross T-shirts

  86. The Greatest Scatatorshinist

    The Greatest Scatatorshinist개월 전

    I have a Bob Ross t-shirt!

  87. TrolledYouSilly

    TrolledYouSilly개월 전

    Why does Rhett look so weird without a big beard? XD

  88. Sofia Marukelli

    Sofia Marukelli개월 전

    I wasn’t really paying attention to the video and then I looked up and literally jumped Rhett looks so different without the beard

  89. Long Live Animals

    Long Live Animals개월 전

    I love bob ross he is my favroite painter so calm and relaxing wacthing him paint a shame that he died.

  90. Smock Do

    Smock Do개월 전

    Rhett looks like a glorified Leafy is Here

  91. Eggu

    Eggu개월 전

    love the shirts lol

  92. A G

    A G개월 전

    I like the Bob Ross T-shirts

  93. Grant Rissley

    Grant Rissley개월 전

    watch how wired we get lol

  94. Tampaterry54

    Tampaterry54개월 전

    NOS is the only one of those besides amp (Which just tastes like way sweeter mountain dew) that doesn't taste like total poison, red bull and monster taste exactly the same to me but rockstar tastes much more like straight up chemicals than any of them.

  95. Warrior Nation

    Warrior Nation개월 전

    Heh my video is better

  96. MyStreetracer

    MyStreetracer개월 전

    Y'all forgot rip it

  97. chazzzy420

    chazzzy420개월 전

    I could do this

  98. TheGamingAllo

    TheGamingAllo개월 전

    1:53 AT AT inbound

  99. Zuzanna Hitchcock

    Zuzanna Hitchcock개월 전

    i was like rhett looks different. so i can to the comments to realize he shaved ;0

  100. David Gamer

    David Gamer개월 전

    You need serbian classes because Guarana is in Serbia

  101. Luis Flores

    Luis Flores개월 전

    Hi ball is by far the worst tasting energy drink