Tyler, the Creator - IGOR ALBUM REVIEW


  1. Plottoberry

    Plottoberry22 시간 전

    I listened to it yesterday. Loved it. New Magic Wand is a banger, damn. And yes - when I heard ''you're so motherf*cking daaangerouus'' I thought - is that Kanye? :P

  2. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross일 전



    THE BEST3 일 전

    Damn so deceived in you knowing that you didn’t give this album a 10 because of runnin out of time. It’s one of my favorites period

  4. SuperDvck

    SuperDvck4 일 전

    you give this shit a 9 and wolf a 6??

  5. Steve Reyes

    Steve Reyes5 일 전

    I Still come back every day to see and try to remember the experience of listening to the album for the first time

  6. Eduardo Lopez

    Eduardo Lopez6 일 전

    Goblin: 4/10 Wolf: 6/10 Cherry Bomb: 3/10 Flower Boy: 8/10 IGOR: 9/10 Next project is gonna be either a 2, a 5 or a 10

  7. Konador Auchindoun

    Konador Auchindoun6 일 전

    tyler looks like he bout 2 fly away

  8. Patd 7862

    Patd 78627 일 전

    What did you think about the song boyfriend tho

  9. bnet

    bnet8 일 전

    Tyler's Igor is like one of David Bowies characters

  10. Jordan Benjamin

    Jordan Benjamin9 일 전

    You spoke on the features...doesn't Kanye feature on puppet and new magic wand? And he really goes in on them too

  11. Toyin Godson

    Toyin Godson9 일 전

    Review was okay except that part in 5:49 where you said, and I quote "it would cure the corona virus if the Chinese opened their eyes wider"...I didn't feel that

  12. pietro delgado

    pietro delgado6 일 전

    Melon sociopath

  13. Marco

    Marco9 일 전

    This is album is honestly a 10

  14. Geezy Fil

    Geezy Fil11 일 전

    Pls review is this it

  15. Skillz Boi

    Skillz Boi11 일 전

    9? That album was trash

  16. Joshua Fontenot

    Joshua Fontenot11 일 전

    Am I the only one who thinks the beat of “I think” sounds like “love lockdown”

  17. Tomas Brice

    Tomas Brice11 일 전

    I still don’t really get the appeal/genius of this album? only heard it a few times but gonna continue listening

  18. Evander Griim

    Evander Griim12 일 전

    Ok so house of balloons gets a 3 and this dogshit gets a 9 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. Strawberry •

    Strawberry •12 일 전


  20. - boobooman4 -

    - boobooman4 -12 일 전

    I love the humor is your vids and comment section.

  21. Hex3

    Hex313 일 전


  22. TBS Blitzen

    TBS Blitzen13 일 전

    Damm Lester when’s the next mission?

  23. Jack Edwards

    Jack Edwards13 일 전

    this should be a 10

  24. Mario García

    Mario García14 일 전

    This comment section is the best thing that ever happened to me.

  25. Callum Anon

    Callum Anon14 일 전

    "that is the most kayne line that was never written by kayne" i feel like this is a challenge and i want to find more kayne lines that werent written by kayne

  26. Josh Bouman

    Josh Bouman3 일 전

    I nominate "I was lookin at the 'gram and I don't even like likes" For most Kanye, Kanye bar.

  27. Steve leapold

    Steve leapold15 일 전

    I think him exposing he musical interest on this album is just another part of him being emotional open, but at the same time if you have the melons knowledge it has to be distracting

  28. ryanxamp

    ryanxamp15 일 전

    'i think' sounds like kanye cause it sounds exactly like 'stronger' lol

  29. mark madsen

    mark madsen15 일 전

    I thought the same thing when I heard him rapping on here reminded me completely of quasimoto

  30. Brown

    Brown16 일 전

    The weird thing about Igor is it’s best reviewed by critics but it’s not anyone’s favorite album of his

  31. Young In

    Young In17 일 전

    Igor wasn’t that good

  32. bruh moment

    bruh moment12 일 전

    @Ol' Whippersnapper fair

  33. Ol' Whippersnapper

    Ol' Whippersnapper12 일 전

    @bruh moment saying I don't care isn't heated lmao

  34. bruh moment

    bruh moment12 일 전

    @Ol' Whippersnapper damn, bro just said his opinion. No need to get heated

  35. Young In

    Young In15 일 전

    shemaycry Okay. Why did you enjoy the album?

  36. Ol' Whippersnapper

    Ol' Whippersnapper15 일 전

    Lemme rewind back to when I cared about your opinion.

  37. Q

    Q18 일 전

    Still in rotation. Has aged as one of my favorite albums ever honestly. Such a vibe, so much meaning in so little words. The music tells the story.

  38. Saudade

    Saudade18 일 전

    You're so good at what you do my man, keep up the good work!

  39. urmomlol

    urmomlol18 일 전

    what pisses me off is that there must have been a good while where anthony thought of giving this a 10...why no???

  40. MaxxVII

    MaxxVII19 일 전

    Grammy Award winning Igor

  41. Jake

    Jake19 일 전

    HIS LEAST FAVORITE TRACK WAS RUNNING OUT OF TIME?!? If that’s the worst track then this album should be a 10 because that track is amazing

  42. Nicholas Buccelli

    Nicholas Buccelli19 일 전

    You didnt have to call tyler a fahgot jeeze fantano

  43. Adrian Sullivan

    Adrian Sullivan19 일 전

    Yayy I agree!

  44. Brendon Rivers

    Brendon Rivers20 일 전

    I thought the thumbnail was lester

  45. weird flex

    weird flex20 일 전


  46. Blinq is not Original

    Blinq is not Original20 일 전

    Anyone here after the grammy's?

  47. ChannelMan434

    ChannelMan43420 일 전

    This was easily AOTY in terms of mainstream popular stuff

  48. Team SMSD

    Team SMSD20 일 전

    A positive fantano makes my heart warm.

  49. TheySeeMeTrollin TheyCantWin

    TheySeeMeTrollin TheyCantWin21 일 전

    IGOR is notches above TPAB.

  50. Ol' Whippersnapper

    Ol' Whippersnapper15 일 전


  51. inafridge

    inafridge21 일 전

    The reason why I THINK sounds like Kanye is because its literally Stronger like the same chords and similar rhythm and melody

  52. malek shut up!

    malek shut up!21 일 전

    Tyler's next album will get a 10, you'll see

  53. Ol' Whippersnapper

    Ol' Whippersnapper15 일 전


  54. Pulp fiction Nightmares

    Pulp fiction Nightmares22 일 전

    Pretty nice review but next time can you not say n*gga before referring to Tyler overall dope :D

  55. inder jeet

    inder jeet22 일 전

    I can't understand what tyler says ..i always have to open lyrics...so it's not fun for me...sucks...i wanted to enjoy it... english isn't my first language..

  56. Marcus

    Marcus22 일 전

    Wasnt nice for you to deny a 10 because "he refused to text back"

  57. Mythrodak

    Mythrodak23 일 전

    Okay this "digesting the vinyl record and casing" thing you've ben doing is getting old

  58. Duncan Graham

    Duncan Graham25 일 전

    So glad he got a grammy now

  59. Matthew Sanchez

    Matthew Sanchez25 일 전

    So now that it got rap album of the year how about that bump to a 10?

  60. Xygeus Morrowind

    Xygeus Morrowind25 일 전

    My boy Tyler got the fucking Grammy yaallllllllllllll

  61. Jon G

    Jon G25 일 전

    How’s here when IGOR won a Grammy

  62. dkrid23

    dkrid2325 일 전

    GRAMMY BABY Insta: @kocdim

  63. mrfishbone60

    mrfishbone6025 일 전

    Fantano I have never liked Tyler and have ignored every release, flow just annoyed me. But this damn Earfquake Grammy performance just hit me like DAMN!! If the rest of the album is like this I cant wait to check it out. What yall think of the album?

  64. Scully tZ

    Scully tZ24 일 전

    It's a beautiful expression of love and further show the feeling side of Tyler. You should listen to this or Flower Boy, even Wolf if you like more hip hop style but with this kind of production with synths

  65. Rylie Ponto

    Rylie Ponto29 일 전


  66. Jacob A.D.

    Jacob A.D.개월 전

    Sorry melon, can't pay attn - Igor is staring deeply into my soul.

  67. Melissa Sanchez

    Melissa Sanchez개월 전

    nobody: him: the flavor is immaculate us: yes indeed

  68. Meemz And Moar

    Meemz And Moar개월 전

    This is the best comment section I’ve ever seen

  69. Bhagat Subedi

    Bhagat Subedi개월 전

    Anthony I liked the review but I was a bit surprised when u dismissed the whole album because Tyler was in a interracial relationship

  70. Matt Schumacher

    Matt Schumacher개월 전

    I like IGOR a lot but I really hope Tyler doesn’t completely abandon his rapping. Yeah his more rap-heavy albums aren’t his best but his unique flow and delivery are severely missed in today’s hip hop. I hope he puts out a mixtape with tracks similar to OKRA and Potato Salad.