TYING IPHONE TO BALLOONS PRANK!! **this shouldn't have happened**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug5 개월 전

    subscribe or I’ll tie your real phone to balloons and release it

  2. scotty fetherlin

    scotty fetherlin8 시간 전

    @Pablo Cevero me!?!

  3. Nicolas Silvas

    Nicolas Silvas2 일 전

    I have tablet ;]

  4. Pablo Cevero

    Pablo Cevero2 일 전

    You your the best KOreporterr ever

  5. scotty fetherlin

    scotty fetherlin3 일 전

    I don't have a phone😑😑😑

  6. Eric Vasquez

    Eric Vasquez10 일 전

    FaZe Rug lol

  7. Areli Velazco

    Areli Velazco11 시간 전

    16:45 Brian: that was the scariest reaction I've gotten from a prank Mama rug: am I a joke to you?

  8. Anthony Salzone

    Anthony Salzone2 일 전

    This video was uploaded on my birthday

  9. Esmeralda Alvarado Gonzalez

    Esmeralda Alvarado Gonzalez2 일 전

    I dont know how I would feel if you tie my iPhone to balloons because i have a Samsung 🤣😂

  10. lord domynico

    lord domynico3 일 전

    If I saw my phone flying away... I'd call the cops

  11. scotty fetherlin

    scotty fetherlin3 일 전

    How expensive is it??

  12. Danah Al-qadran

    Danah Al-qadran3 일 전

    Make this blue or you would have a 90 years bad luck

  13. F3logical

    F3logical3 일 전

    If my phone flies away.i would be like no more faze rug


    PJ SLASHER3 일 전

    imagine if he strapped the wrong phone the one that fly was the real one. that would be hard to explain hahahahaha

  15. jelena kayy

    jelena kayy4 일 전

    i wonder where those balloons landed.. alaska

  16. Axl Dayrit

    Axl Dayrit4 일 전

    8:01 he said the truth

  17. Adham Toema

    Adham Toema8 일 전

    Hi faze rug can you make last to stop talking Arabic wins I don't know wins what?? Thank you faze rug

  18. Jean Paul Rigalt Castro

    Jean Paul Rigalt Castro9 일 전

    Pause the video in second 8:35 and look at Brian’s arm... that’s photoshop

  19. feras mohd

    feras mohd10 일 전

    but is bluetooth that strong?

  20. morebc

    morebc12 일 전

    Btw normal balloons can not go to space

  21. Alkaash Soomro

    Alkaash Soomro12 일 전


  22. Alkaash Soomro

    Alkaash Soomro12 일 전

    lol I can not type sorry

  23. krrish kumar

    krrish kumar12 일 전

    yeah rug why do u play with kalens phone

  24. Christy Arkieh

    Christy Arkieh13 일 전

    who was confused at the start then just started laughing

  25. Rylan

    Rylan14 일 전

    Jokes on you I only have a landline

  26. Victor Hernandez

    Victor Hernandez14 일 전

    Who u think he hit when he missed a bunch of shots

  27. j0e.dxddyj j

    j0e.dxddyj j14 일 전

    Who is watching this again cuz rug has no more new vids so just watching the old ones cuz ur bored and watching it kn 2020

  28. Hamza Hamidi

    Hamza Hamidi15 일 전

    bro faze rug has worms in his stomach he eats fast food everday and i eat fresh food and im fat

  29. Mohplayez _

    Mohplayez _15 일 전

    I will pass away

  30. Beronica Garcia

    Beronica Garcia15 일 전

    Faze rug Faze ru Faze r Faze Faz Fa F

  31. Tanner Sweeney

    Tanner Sweeney15 일 전

    Rug:Millionaire mrbeast:Billionaire Me:one dollaraire

  32. Dames Damer

    Dames Damer15 일 전

    Well you all know she’s at them money

  33. Adrian Cholico

    Adrian Cholico16 일 전

    Like pls 👇🏼

  34. TSG Lindoec

    TSG Lindoec17 일 전

    Who is watching this on new year’s

  35. McSquirmy

    McSquirmy17 일 전

    bro if my phone flys up in the air i would not care because i’m stuck here with a iphone 6s

  36. Jason Trejo

    Jason Trejo17 일 전

    Rug you should do a prank on your parents that someone kidnapped your or you went missing 😂

  37. Soham Deshpande

    Soham Deshpande17 일 전


  38. Jeovanna Cisneros

    Jeovanna Cisneros18 일 전

    I would scratch you whit my nails 👿👿👿

  39. Mrelitebot_005

    Mrelitebot_00518 일 전

    i wouldn't care because i have an Samsung. like if you have a Samsung

  40. Viviana Guerrero

    Viviana Guerrero19 일 전

    Vsco girl: BrO wHaT aBoUt ThE eNvIoRmEnT


    TITANIC SIA19 일 전

    Who think that kalen stiil love him more than that biitch molly

  42. AlifTries

    AlifTries20 일 전

    the faze car license plate is 2Z6-4W5 3:29

  43. Nevaeh canedo

    Nevaeh canedo20 일 전

    Yo is all I heard in the beginning

  44. Tevita Kauvaka

    Tevita Kauvaka20 일 전

    Faze up am i right

  45. j õ y f ú l c õ õ k í e

    j õ y f ú l c õ õ k í e20 일 전

    *Plot twist he put the wrong phone on the balloon*

  46. Ashok Ashwin

    Ashok Ashwin20 일 전

    U should marry her

  47. SoCi0p4tH DuCk0

    SoCi0p4tH DuCk020 일 전

    Why does nobody press the like button 😡 The Views are Millions but the like don't reach 100k

  48. Lexii Peels

    Lexii Peels22 일 전

    lol I just noticed the video time is 17:38 fettywap has entered the chat

  49. Pedro Morales gonzales

    Pedro Morales gonzales23 일 전

    He said he'll her the ballons on cámara

  50. Sunair Abid

    Sunair Abid23 일 전

    If my iPhone was attached to the balloons I would CRY!!

  51. bestoffriend forever

    bestoffriend forever24 일 전

    Freak out

  52. Minecraft Mythicstar

    Minecraft Mythicstar24 일 전

    How do it by launching their phones and buying em new ones

  53. Minecraft Mythicstar

    Minecraft Mythicstar24 일 전

    O god his aim

  54. Ashley Melendez

    Ashley Melendez25 일 전

    3:29 why did he show his license plate????? Now someone is gonna track him down and get to his home. lol jk

  55. Efrain Cruz

    Efrain Cruz25 일 전

    I know junior new it was a prank

  56. Barney’s Homeboy

    Barney’s Homeboy25 일 전

    V I C T I M 3 P R A N K E D

  57. Jeff Boi

    Jeff Boi25 일 전

    Imagine where that is right now!

  58. Yahir Rodriguez

    Yahir Rodriguez26 일 전

    Do you still like katlen

  59. Sanpreet Kaur

    Sanpreet Kaur27 일 전

    you always end the pranks so early! just when it gets funny 😔

  60. vm and v u

    vm and v u27 일 전

    I gave you your 97 k like

  61. Shinichi Kudo

    Shinichi Kudo28 일 전

    Rug said that " not only she trust me in the relation" i think they were dating

  62. Ahmed Uqail

    Ahmed Uqail개월 전

    rug i love you

  63. PurpleRégineGamer -Roblox

    PurpleRégineGamer -Roblox개월 전

    i aint no gonna do this prank to my friends or they gonna kill me for sure

  64. Evan Lauirn

    Evan Lauirn개월 전

    Some people don’t have apple cause there poor I have one tho 👍🏻👍🏻

  65. Hosanna And Alexis Channel

    Hosanna And Alexis Channel개월 전

    Omg that so funny

  66. David purvis

    David purvis개월 전

    I’ll kill you if you did that to my phone (JK)