TWICE "What is Love?" Dance Video


  1. thejiwly .301

    thejiwly .30112 초 전


  2. Chasei Young

    Chasei Young12 분 전

    2 young twining🙃❤️

  3. Killane Zoldyck

    Killane Zoldyck시간 전

    Let's not dye our hair and not tell Jungyoon

  4. Kyle Bare

    Kyle Bare시간 전

    Nayeon & Jeongyeon Jihyo & Tzuyu Momo & Dahyun I am not shur if Sana Mina and Chaeyoumg are piars cause the three of them are white

  5. Jena Ponciano

    Jena Ponciano2 시간 전

    well sana is not my type

  6. dimomo kid

    dimomo kid2 시간 전

    It's been 6 months since release of this song, but only now I found out that Jihyo&Tzuyu, Nayeon&Jeongyeon, Dahyun&Momo have same tops

  7. Anderlys Belisario

    Anderlys Belisario10 시간 전

    Me encanta ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. 김송현

    김송현13 시간 전

    저만 한국인 이에요? 한국분들 손!!

  9. Mika

    Mika21 시간 전

    사나는 츄리닝 바지에 흰티만 입어도 이쁘네....ㅋㅋㅋ

  10. mask 0507

    mask 0507일 전

    Bagus danceny 😆

  11. me yu

    me yu일 전

    black pink踊ってからこれだとほんと楽w

  12. 이름변경

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  13. 이름변경

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  14. Billy Game

    Billy Game일 전

    1:11 left (idk the name becuz I'm not a K-Pop fans) she made the question mark TWICE! :V

  15. Dung Bui

    Dung Bui일 전

    22.837m 17:08

  16. Don-Z TV

    Don-Z TV일 전

    Guys, I wanna ask a questions. "Why i cant let my eyes off from naeyeon?"

  17. Tess Carlos

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  18. luis felipe jose agustin

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  19. Dung Bui

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    22.788m 17:31

  20. %예림

    %예림2 일 전

    1절이 어디까지죠?

  21. seulgi's bitch

    seulgi's bitch2 일 전

    let's all wear black pants and not tell chaeyoung

  22. Hobbi Hobbi

    Hobbi Hobbi2 일 전

    3:32 Chaeyoung fell to the floor 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. tommy rachmanto

    tommy rachmanto3 일 전

    Jangyeon my bias😍

  24. Kaman? Ya Allah

    Kaman? Ya Allah3 일 전

    ummm momo...ur shirt is inside out lmao

  25. Dung Bui

    Dung Bui3 일 전

    22.734m 16:00

  26. cloudshi

    cloudshi3 일 전

    Jihyo: lets all wear black and not tell chaeyoung

  27. Imaturez GT

    Imaturez GT3 일 전

    Let’s all color our hair with dark shades and nit tell Jeongyeon!

  28. blackpinklover r

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  29. Dung Bui

    Dung Bui4 일 전

    22.690m 17:26

  30. Adorabella

    Adorabella4 일 전

    Is anyone here after watching Lisa dance this after only looking at it once?

  31. MiaXx

    MiaXx4 일 전

    I love this dance practicr cuz my 2yeon ship is sailing ❤💜

  32. WaterMerinaMelons Par

    WaterMerinaMelons Par4 일 전

    Jihyo's purple hair and Jeongyeon's pink hair are really pretty

  33. Ka Grace

    Ka Grace4 일 전

    Tbh i feel like twice has the bets formation changes for like a group

  34. chichu

    chichu4 일 전

    I love the one with white and black on their shoes

  35. zeroeightzerofour

    zeroeightzerofour4 일 전

    Who's the visual of Twice?

  36. 12 Drawings

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  37. mobile legends twice

    mobile legends twice4 일 전

    Love you

  38. Little Bunny

    Little Bunny5 일 전

    Somehow all of Blackpinks choreography are all easy for me and twice’s choreography are somehow hard. I tried doing Chaeyoungs part but I got so tired easily lol

  39. 방탄소년단jung hoseok

    방탄소년단jung hoseok5 일 전

    Nayeon is so beautiful 😩

  40. 소연니Soyeonnie

    소연니Soyeonnie5 일 전

    Honestly, Chae is good at everything. Love you Chaaae!

  41. Rina zahirah

    Rina zahirah5 일 전

  42. mmm sss

    mmm sss6 일 전

    誰が誰か見分けがつかん( ´^` ) みんな同じ顔にみえる

  43. Jen Tran

    Jen Tran6 일 전

    I love how Tzu and Jih are wearing blue Nay and Jeong are wearing purple Mo and Dahyun are wearing black Chae and Sana are wearing white Then there's Mina wearing a checkered jacket 😂

  44. allyn kristine acuna

    allyn kristine acuna6 일 전

    dahyun big smile! ahhh my heart

  45. Euhrica Ranario

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  46. joshua mandantes

    joshua mandantes6 일 전

    you are so beautiful and you are my idol sana, mina, chaeyoung, nayeon, tzuyu, momo, dahyun, jihyo, jeongyeon,

  47. Danica TwiceyNatics

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  48. Baekhyun Park

    Baekhyun Park7 일 전

    What's the name of that girl wearing blue , the smaller one. and the one who's wearing violet with black hair ?

  49. nayeon is a cute bunny

    nayeon is a cute bunny7 일 전

    Here are the names of all the members:) 0:08- mina(1997, Japanese member but she was born in the USA,Texas)- lead dancer and vocalist. 0:16- nayeon(1995, oldest)- lead vocalist, face of the group. 0:27-jeongyeon(pink hair, 1996)- lead vocalist. 0:45- chaeyoung( 1999) main rapper and vocalist. 0:49- sana( 1996, Japanese member)- lead dancer and vocalist. 1:00- tzuyu(1999, the youngest and a Taiwanese member) visual and vocalist. 1:12- Jihyo(1997)- leader and main vocalist. 1:22- momo( 1996, Japanese member)- main dancer, sub vocalist and sub rapper. 1:42- dahyun( middle,1998)- lead rapper. Welcome to twiceland🍭

  50. nancy nagar

    nancy nagar7 일 전

    i love dhayun one in a million annyeonghaseyo twices'nimida

  51. Emery Gotonam

    Emery Gotonam7 일 전

    This is the first time I saw Momo NOT in a crop top

  52. lol darckfire2

    lol darckfire27 일 전

    I think my fav one is the one with shoes..

  53. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung7 일 전

    Let’s all dye our hair black and not tell Jeongyeon

  54. Arvin Diez

    Arvin Diez8 일 전

    Sana stole my heart and I will sue her.😤😬😡

  55. Arvin Diez

    Arvin Diez8 일 전

    I think Sana own this choreography not because she's my bias but I think she is the best dancing this choreography.

  56. Midnight Angela

    Midnight Angela8 일 전

    I love dahyun and chaeyoung’s outfit

  57. AnimePat

    AnimePat8 일 전

    💖 MINA 💖

  58. Josh

    Josh8 일 전

    Mina Is Cute

  59. Areeba Majid

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  60. Luis Mimbela

    Luis Mimbela8 일 전

    La mejor canción del mundo

  61. 윤찜

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  62. 吳易洋

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  63. Mandy Ong

    Mandy Ong9 일 전

    Let’s wear matching couple shirts and not tell Mina

  64. Mina Is a goddess

    Mina Is a goddess9 일 전


  65. lucero once

    lucero once9 일 전

    jjajjajja CHAYEONG 3:31 😄😄😄

  66. Mariela Mejía Castillo

    Mariela Mejía Castillo9 일 전

    So I was like “oh well, I will learn Dance The Night Away cuz is easy” ha u tot

  67. Atikah Fitriani

    Atikah Fitriani10 일 전

    Baju kotak-kotak siapa ya namanya?

  68. Jenduekie

    Jenduekie10 일 전

    Couple Shirts be like Mina be like: still single hahahhaha

  69. 김준형

    김준형10 일 전

    원조들이다!!!! 원조가 나타났어!!!!!!!!

  70. 勝見綾子

    勝見綾子10 일 전

    ももちゃん! Tシャツ逆だよ!

  71. Josh

    Josh10 일 전

    Lyrics Of English: Nayeon:Everday,through movies,books Or Dramas I feel what love is Um- I learn about love is Jeongyeon:My Heart keeps jumping and beating The flutters are making my heart swell Um- I'm so curious I might go crazy Ill Be Continued This Comment

  72. Dummy Account

    Dummy Account10 일 전

    Please vote Twice! Share it especially to Koreans who can read the info in the page!

  73. albaorgin

    albaorgin10 일 전

    If twice members are 10 Mina have couple too lo😅😅😅

  74. Miznotas

    Miznotas10 일 전

    Is there a “love” button?

  75. Hwang Lee

    Hwang Lee10 일 전

    #MomoUtted C.R.A.Z.Y.

  76. itsjustorpa

    itsjustorpa10 일 전

    lets all dye our hair dark and not tell jeongyeon and lets all have couple-matchy shirts and not tell mina.

  77. timahlahsapelagi

    timahlahsapelagi11 일 전

    Is it just me or i love it when twice wearing long pants? 😂😂

  78. sugar condemilicor

    sugar condemilicor11 일 전

    Love is timing!

  79. Ki Toman

    Ki Toman11 일 전

    You can have my heart DAHYUN, do whatever you want break it idk

  80. Nistia Alca Colos

    Nistia Alca Colos11 일 전

    Lo bailan muy rápido no se puede bailar

  81. Dung Bui

    Dung Bui11 일 전

    22.304m 6:41

  82. Jasmine Leal

    Jasmine Leal11 일 전

    Fortnite made a emote exactly like this dance

  83. Valentina Macagnan

    Valentina Macagnan11 일 전

    momo,sana and dahyun

  84. kpop lover

    kpop lover11 일 전

    It's just me or dahyun is tretaed like the lead dancer? I noticed that in a lot ot of songs in some parts where she dances alone with momo and who is singing. It's not a bad thing, i love dahyun, just something i noticed, bye

  85. kpop lover

    kpop lover11 일 전

    Like at minute 1:11

  86. Камила Махкамова

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  87. michi kool

    michi kool12 일 전

    maaan, how many hours do they practice per day? they look tired

  88. PINKの macaron?

    PINKの macaron?12 일 전


  89. manny

    manny12 일 전

    did anyone notice momo is wearing her shirt upside down

  90. Amy Vento

    Amy Vento12 일 전


  91. Krystal Min

    Krystal Min12 일 전

    Lol Chaeng at the end

  92. Bruna Passos

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  93. Henry Le

    Henry Le12 일 전

    they all looks the same. Cute and hot

  94. Ahmet Kara

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  95. Dung Bui

    Dung Bui13 일 전

    22.222m 17:37 A nice number😻😻

  96. 소리。・

    소리。・13 일 전


  97. Farhana Zarizee

    Farhana Zarizee13 일 전

    Twice 💔

  98. Alex Lobos Santiago

    Alex Lobos Santiago13 일 전

    I just discover that they are wearing couple outfits :0 Dahmo Michaeng (the shirt) 2yeon Jihyu or Tzuhyo idk lol And Sana... u now lol

  99. Ralph Delacruz

    Ralph Delacruz13 일 전

    chaeyoung is my bias and nayeon

  100. used to be fine, sorry

    used to be fine, sorry14 일 전

    i'm in love with Mina..

  101. 정국!Jeon

    정국!Jeon14 일 전

    I think that Momo's wearing her t-shirt upside down😂😂

  102. 한상현

    한상현14 일 전

    모모 넘모 믓찌네 증말

  103. BOMITEAMO :v

    BOMITEAMO :v14 일 전


  104. Danny Uribe

    Danny Uribe12 일 전

    por 2 haha