TWICE "What is Love?" Dance Video


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    hahahahahha super faster!!!??


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    BTS fake love Twice yes or yes Twice what is love BTS. Anpaman

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    Tzuyu dan dahyun twice😘😍😚😙😗😍😍

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    I miss dark haired Dahyunnn TT

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    En el segundo 3:16 ¿cómo se llama ella? La de pantalón jeans celeste

  11. Jhvaughn Vincent

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    after 7 months I just saw the ending pose was in the formation of a question mark, gj me

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    Cool 🤘

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    Idol 💜

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    Idol 💜

  15. Samnang Samnang

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    Idol 💜

  16. Kiddo Sans

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    3:32 what happened Ouch?? Or the girl behind the blue jacket girl laughed so hard she fell

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    Didnt realize that i was only watching chaeyoung the whole video 😂❤️

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    Kaya babi gepet🖕

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    Hahahahaha😂😂wa ko kasabot girls.......

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    Tzuyu- one who is wearing blue shirt white shoes Jihyo-one who is wearing blu sweater but black shoes Jeonyeon-pink hair and violet sweater Momo-has black hairANDshort hair and black shirt white shoes too Sana-white shirt and blackANDwhite pants short hair Chaeyoung white shirt too but longer hair and blue pants Mina-one with black and white shirt one with white nike shoe Nayeon-violet sweater too but long hair and plain white shoe Dahyun-all black one with long hair and black hair and shoes Im born in 2010 im 8

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    크 칼군무 트와이스는 열심히하는 멤버들만 있는거같아서 보기좋음ㅎ

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    Love you

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    Que lindas pelo amor de deus

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    Nayeonnnnnnnn Momooooooooo Tzuyuuuuuuu

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    weeeeee hattteeeee TWICE and ONCEEE because ONCE (other ONCE) are shipping TWICE to BTS. Duhhhhh but I'm a ONCE😄 hahahahahahahahaha and a BLINK and an ARMY and an IKONIC hahahahahahaha but we don't ship BTS to BLACKPINK and BTS to TWICE.....

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    Myou mina💖💖

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    amo elaaaaas

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    mds q msc viciante....

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    트와이스 누나들 다들 너무 이뻐요

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    Sana and Cheayoung= white shirt Jeongyeon and Nayeon= Purple jumper Tzuyu and Jihyo= Blue jumper Momo and Dahyun= Black shirt Mina= Forever alone

  45. Lea Ahn

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    How is Dubu always smiling?

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  47. Alice Jones

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    Is Momo's t shirt inside out? I think I can see the tag

  48. Hwang Tuan

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    Forever JYPE!

  49. TheLyrabella

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    It looks like Momo’s T-shirt is back to front; you can see the label! Haha!

  50. Нурай Сарканова

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    What is love? - Владислав 😂

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    ナヨン&ジョンヨン ダヒョン&モモも若干おそろい ツウィ&ジヒョの服装が...おそろいーーー‼可愛い❤ 靴はジョンヨン、ダヒョン、ジヒョがおそろい‼ ダンスも上手‼

  52. 코민트초

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    트와이스언니들 저희학교에서 키즈솔로몬에참가했는데 방송댄스부하고 저하고What is love를 췄어요! 언니들 앞으로도힘내세요!

  53. peachii subliminals

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    JiTzu in blue hoodies💙 MiChaengNa in white shirts☁️ DaMo in black shirts🖤 2Yeon in purple hoodies💜

  54. ceel channel

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    When all your friends are getting into a relationship and getting married. Don't worry you are not alone.... There's Mina. ㅋㅋㅋ

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  57. Ellie Champion is Awsome E.C.A

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    I need to study with this song evryday but fail i want to be Dahyun

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    Momo, stawp!! 💘

  59. Meme queen Limario

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    idk why but chaeyoung looked stunning in this with long hair and a oversized shir with a flannel tied around her waist 💕☁️✨

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  64. Jisoo Kim Ph

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    My Idol On TWICE 1st Tzuyu 2nd Sana 3rd Momo 4th Dahyun

  65. Jisoo Kim Ph

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    Tzuyu is The Best

  66. Sakine Tamura

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    0:47wut ive been here for

  67. Ho Seok's Hope

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    *Chaeyoung at **3:31** though*

  68. brisa g

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    who’s the one w the blue sweatshirt & white shoes ?

  69. Jisoo Kim Ph

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    She is Chou Tzuyu

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    en iyi twice sarkısı

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    Minariiii!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    I don't know what is their names

  75. Jisoo Kim Ph

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    Tzuyu Mina Momo Sana Dahyun Nayeon Jeongyeon Chaeyoung Jihyo

  76. Blink Forever

    Blink Forever9 일 전

    I'm not a fan of twice but I think I'm inlove with these girls. Their dancing skill is not a joke💯i

  77. Pablito Jr. Mares

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    Everyone with their black bottoms then theres Chaeyoung

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  81. Mina.Okasaki

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    Guys.. can someone tell me the name of the girl in black with short hair? I’m new here and she looks cute :3

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  83. Danar Christanto

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    Momo & Dahyun 🤤😍

  84. ac12ca

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    Is Momo wearing her shirt inside out ? I can see the tag on the left side 😂

  85. Puppies for Life!

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    I really want to try to dance at this song ☹️☹️ but I don’t think I can even danceee

  86. kyle

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    Lets all wear black pants and not tell Chaeyoung

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  90. Jeon Jungkooks bestfriend

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    Some kpop similar songs: Twice:What is love? BTS:Fake love BLACKPINK:forever young BTS:young forever BIGBANG:Haru haru K.A.R.D:hola hola BLACKPINK:Playing with fire BTS:Fire BLACKPINK:STAY BTS:Save me BLACKPINK: DDU DU DDU DU BTS:Ddaeng

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  92. Alessia Celentano

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    Hey! I've just did a dance cover on that song, please check it out and give me your feedbacks, I'd really appreciate them😊

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  94. Septi Duwi

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    Its just look like Mina : I will have a t shirt couple with chaeyoung hehe Sana : but.. i already with her Chae : umm.. Mina : Okay... *wear her shirt* Chae : no problem. I will wear shirt too.. Sana : but.. you already promise me.. TT Mina : its okay. Just tie it on your hips

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    WHAT IS LOVE? love is a mistake

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    Alguém começou a rir no final AKAKAKAKAK

  100. Lalisa Manoban

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    Momo dahyun Sana Tzuyu Nayeon

  101. I am an Orbit

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    When twice gets old and have babies it must be nice to have 8 titas!!

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    모모랑 다현이 커플티♥♥♥

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    나연이랑 정연이 커플티♥♥♥

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    쯔위랑 지효 커플티♥♥♥