[TWICE - Feel Special] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190926 EP.636



    KIM YOGEUM시간 전

    We are always protect u mina


    KIM YOGEUM시간 전

    Twice always together

  3. Kylie Butler

    Kylie Butler3 시간 전

    They are so gorgeous it’s insane

  4. Nixie Villacorta

    Nixie Villacorta8 시간 전

    Hiw I miss Mina😭

  5. Liza Noe

    Liza Noe12 시간 전

    Lets all wear crop tops and dont tell sana and jeonyeon

  6. Joealim Alqaeda

    Joealim Alqaeda17 시간 전

    Nayeon: Center, Lead Vocal Jeongyeon: Vocalist Momo: Main Dancer, Sub Vocal, Sub Rapper Sana: Vocalist Jihyo: Leader, Main Vocal, Lead Dancer Mina: Vocalist Dahyun: Main Rapper Chaeyoung: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocal Tzuyu: Maknae, Vocalist, Visual

  7. ImCristobal

    ImCristobal18 시간 전

    Mina 💕😭

  8. Kevin Zhao

    Kevin Zhao19 시간 전

    the intro is so cute, it's their m/v pairings

  9. Nara luiza Lisboa dos santos

    Nara luiza Lisboa dos santos21 시간 전

    1.Nayeon❤💖💗 2.Sana🧡 3.Dahyun💛 4.Jihyo💚 5.Chaeyoug💙 6.Jeongyeon💜 7.Mina❤ 8.Tzuyu💕 9.Momo💔 I Love You TWICE ❤

  10. Destiny Lopez Casillas

    Destiny Lopez Casillas일 전

    Twice help me when I think of my baby nephew that past away 😭😭😭😭😭

  11. eylül

    eylül일 전

    4:18 jeongyeon unnie so scary

  12. Suhaila Yunus

    Suhaila Yunus일 전

    Get better mina

  13. Joealim Alqaeda

    Joealim Alqaeda일 전

    Yup. Momo is the main dancer But my God Jihyo is in GOD MODE

  14. eleven On

    eleven On22 시간 전

    really Jihyo dances perfectly just like Momo

  15. Lu Falcon

    Lu Falcon일 전

    Tzuyu, momo sana and nayeon preety. Dahuyn is good rapper

  16. tae tae

    tae tae일 전

    4:38 if u kinda look closely it’s like 1) chaeyoung Sana and Momo making ‘M’ with their hands 2)Nayeon making ‘I’ 3)Jihyo and Jeongyeon making ‘N’ 4) Tzuyu and Dahyun making ‘A’ Like this- |\/| | |\| /\ THIS SHOWS THAT THEY REALLY MISS MINA.IM CRYING😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Suami Idaman

    Suami Idaman일 전

    i love you mina

  18. プーさん

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  19. fatima idoukrim

    fatima idoukrim일 전

    i will never undrstand why kpop focus on dancing than vocals

  20. syafiqah pika

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  21. CookieRookie Official

    CookieRookie Official2 일 전

    *OMG SANA is so CUTE*

  22. Vhirana Ayu

    Vhirana Ayu2 일 전

    Fan Boy !!!!!

  23. Aeppy Chanz

    Aeppy Chanz2 일 전


  24. T - HWANG

    T - HWANG2 일 전

    why did they fucking let Jeonyeon wore that??? it's fucking ugly for her 💁 this is so fucking unfair.

  25. Fae Saceda

    Fae Saceda2 일 전

    i really miss dahyun 😥 why did twice steal elsa and made her rap to replace dahyun

  26. prisxilaaa gurl

    prisxilaaa gurl2 일 전

    Wtf is Jeongyeon's outfit

  27. Maria Edna

    Maria Edna2 일 전

    Twice lindas amo todas

  28. L- Hope

    L- Hope3 일 전

    NaJeongMo SaJiMi DaChaeTzu

  29. Pink and Proud

    Pink and Proud3 일 전

    “twice, always together” yes, always together, even if not physically. get better Mina 💜

  30. Annisa Aisa

    Annisa Aisa3 일 전

    Where is mina?

  31. Kang Minhee

    Kang Minhee3 일 전

    why do twice's song are suitable for soty? :(( my queensss

  32. julytwenyone

    julytwenyone3 일 전

    wow pure gays sing twice song

  33. A normal person living

    A normal person living3 일 전

    Where is Mina?

  34. Tá tranquilo, tá tudo TOP

    Tá tranquilo, tá tudo TOP3 일 전

    Why is it they are no longer excited, before they were all smiling or excited these days they are no longer me as I am very fan of them I want to feel what the music brings. Only in the end were they happy.Why will it be 🤔🤔

  35. 장미Rose

    장미Rose4 일 전

    The first comeback so far i have watched -to hear the fanchants from the boys.😁😁😁

  36. yooo. tajah

    yooo. tajah4 일 전

    OMG Who is the girl in the purple sequence dress??




  38. Elizabeth Tucker

    Elizabeth Tucker4 일 전

    even though ive watched this video over 100 times- im still shook at the begining where they hold hands- and where dahyun does the drop in her rap-

  39. Erin H.

    Erin H.4 일 전

    Poor Jeongyeon always gets ugly outfits ☹️

  40. Hossam Hmam

    Hossam Hmam4 일 전

    Where is Mina she going where

  41. Twice x Once

    Twice x Once4 일 전

    ѕαnα'ѕ hαír íѕ lσσk líkє thє cσlσr σf thєír líghtѕtích hєhєhhєhєhє