[TWICE - FANCY] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190425 EP.616


  1. Dany Martinez

    Dany Martinez6 시간 전

    Okay so, I'm new to Twice and I'd really appreciate if someone can tell me who is who by their outfits, thank you


    CHOU TZUYU시간 전

    Watch TWICE unhelpful guide videos, TWICE elegant Private life videos, TWICE on lost time etc. Follow all of their social accounts. Listen to all of their songs, I mean to not miss b side songs in the album. Don't skip the songs in between otherwise you'll miss falsettos, bridge parts, use headphones. Welcome to the family 😘


    CHOU TZUYU시간 전

    0:47 Na-yeon 0:56 Mina 1:03 jeong-yeon 1:10 momo 1:18 Sana 1:24 Tzuyu 1:39 ji-hyo 2:01 da-hyun 2:09 chae-young

  4. Jihyo

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  5. LEE nuel

    LEE nuel18 시간 전

    Times when ot9 is still here Aw i miss minari😢😢😭😞

  6. Ram875

    Ram875일 전

    This one should've been SOTY. :/

  7. ゆり・

    ゆり・일 전

    I just now realized chaeyoung’s outfit is supposed to be a bunch of 🤟🏻symbols



    Sumasayaw pala si Angel Locsin

  9. thatkxmputerboy

    thatkxmputerboy2 일 전


  10. #1 Chou

    #1 Chou2 일 전

    take my hands

  11. S Fort

    S Fort2 일 전

    2:24 sounds good and clean

  12. Liyana Kim

    Liyana Kim2 일 전

    *Twice: Let's wear short dresses and don't tell chaeyoung and jeongyeon*

  13. Hyun Jin

    Hyun Jin2 일 전

    You mean don't tell to NoJam bros?

  14. 愛Pattagarri-Chan

    愛Pattagarri-Chan3 일 전

    When the camera wont stop moving and I cant see all of then

  15. Selly Ahmed

    Selly Ahmed3 일 전

    What's the girl's name in the neon outfit?

  16. Aiaulym Kadyr

    Aiaulym Kadyr3 일 전


  17. Marvin Majan

    Marvin Majan3 일 전


  18. 武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止

    武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止4 일 전


  19. Roos Vd Doel

    Roos Vd Doel4 일 전

    This really was chaeyoung's era

  20. Danu Elang Kayumanis

    Danu Elang Kayumanis4 일 전

    4:09 ❤❤❤❤

  21. Anushree Deshpande

    Anushree Deshpande4 일 전

    Fans here are ❤️

  22. Hyun Baek

    Hyun Baek4 일 전

    💟 Nayeon & Tzuyu & Momo & Mina 💝 Sana & Chaeyoung & Jihyo & Dahyun

  23. Jeongingoals

    Jeongingoals일 전

    what about jeongyeon?

  24. Evan Bastian

    Evan Bastian4 일 전

    minariiiii 😭😭😭

  25. Sandhya Jalan

    Sandhya Jalan5 일 전

    They are giving good songs from months to months...and another is blackpink... not giving satisfied come back even in one year

  26. Libby pen

    Libby pen5 일 전

    I love all od them i dont really like sanna but yeah i still love them all



    QUEENS 👑



    FANCY 🤘

  29. gabreila

    gabreila5 일 전

    3:10 THE SCREAMS

  30. 大好き食べ物 が

    大好き食べ物 が5 일 전

    Why people are saying that Mina copied Lisa's ponytail

  31. gigu

    gigu6 일 전

    los varones gritando dios quiero acariciarlos con cuchillos

  32. Harsh bhardwaj

    Harsh bhardwaj6 일 전

    Hey i am new here can i know who is in red in the beginning

  33. Harsh bhardwaj

    Harsh bhardwaj2 일 전

    @TAE TAE thnku co aRMy

  34. TAE TAE

    TAE TAE2 일 전

    You mean at 0:49 ? She's Nayeon, lead vocalist, center, face of the group, lyricist, can also rap. Watch twice unhelpful guide videos to know more, twice elegant private life videos too

  35. ももりん

    ももりん7 일 전


  36. Tantri suzy

    Tantri suzy8 일 전

    Mina i miss u

  37. Jikook and Vmin Together

    Jikook and Vmin Together8 일 전

    Why do I mostly hear fanboys😂😂😂😂😂😂❤

  38. TAE TAE

    TAE TAE2 일 전

    Of course TWICE have many fanboys, may be that's why we have less views, i mean many fanboys doesn't like to stream 😭. But it's okay being fangirl i will do 😅

  39. Yuri Teles

    Yuri Teles8 일 전

    I love this song, but why they're so serious?


    #GACHA LIFE8 일 전

    BTS=Many Girl fans Twice=Many boys Fans Hi,I'm BLACPINK and BTS Fans. Wow,Twice is Cool :)

  41. ARMYTAN2013 #OT7

    ARMYTAN2013 #OT78 일 전

    Why just boys scream?


    CHOU TZUYU시간 전

    @ARMYTAN2013 #OT7 hey you are miss understanding him dude. Just like how you commented "why just boys scream" he said it's same as how girls scream to boy groups. He nowhere said BTS have only girl fans. Just like BTS, TWICE also have fans from all ages and gender but while hearing you'll mostly hear fanboy screams to TWICE and fangirl screams to BTS

  43. ARMYTAN2013 #OT7

    ARMYTAN2013 #OT72 일 전

    @Hyun Jin ah really don't want to deal with you ~. You talk meaningless.Let's not talk anymore, please.

  44. Hyun Jin

    Hyun Jin2 일 전

    @ARMYTAN2013 #OT7 OMG no you are misunderstanding... I didn't say 'only' fangirls, I just said mostly. I mean by hearing fanchats to any boy group or most girl groups you can hear girls, just like how you said you only heard fanboys. Even TWICE have fans from every age and gender, but sad part is, kpopies and whole kpop world always say our fanboys are perverts or say we stan TWICE just because of visuals. Ignoring some of toxic fans from your fandom only you ARMYs are the one mostly that didn't hated us or girls

  45. ARMYTAN2013 #OT7

    ARMYTAN2013 #OT78 일 전

    @Hyun Jin BTS fans are not just girls. Our family has every age and gender, you can be sure. You should investigate because you're ignorant

  46. Ihavenoideawhattonamethis

    Ihavenoideawhattonamethis8 일 전

    Most of their fans sound like boys but bts,stray kids,MONSTA X,TXT etc fans sound like girls.I wonder why😂😂💜💜no hate

  47. Ihavenoideawhattonamethis

    Ihavenoideawhattonamethis6 일 전

    @Hyun Jin Aww it's okay.Your an army that's all that matters💖💖

  48. Hyun Jin

    Hyun Jin8 일 전

    @Ihavenoideawhattonamethis oh it's ok. Actually many other fandoms call us perverts even just for stanning... Thanks for respecting us at least 😅❤

  49. Ihavenoideawhattonamethis

    Ihavenoideawhattonamethis8 일 전

    Okay?That's literally what I just said..

  50. Hyun Jin

    Hyun Jin8 일 전

    Actually TWICE have more fanboys... Comparing to any BGs or GGs or may be any other artists in the world...

  51. Patteera Hongvisitkul

    Patteera Hongvisitkul9 일 전

    Why are there only guy fans

  52. Hyun Jin

    Hyun Jin8 일 전

    Ummm it's not like that. I mean you can hear fangirls to any gg Or bg but TWICE have more fanboys 😅

  53. bangTAE boys

    bangTAE boys9 일 전

    i only stan boy groups (as of now) and i've never seen a performance from a girl group, it's funny how i can only hear male voices 😂 and now that i think about it, in the boy groups i've listened to, i hear high pitched voices

  54. Hyun Jin

    Hyun Jin8 일 전

    Actually TWICE is different... I mean you can compare to other GGs too but TWICE fanboys ratio is more in general 😅

  55. Gaveshna Buddhoo

    Gaveshna Buddhoo9 일 전

    And people say that Twice lip sync

  56. Nadia Ayu

    Nadia Ayu9 일 전

    That fanboy's voice 😅

  57. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華8 일 전


  58. Emtie Taño

    Emtie Taño10 일 전

    I miss MINA very much!i hope i can see her again on stage.. Please Mina be Strong.. Kaya mu yan.

  59. was up

    was up11 일 전

    Were just really lack of impact,votings ,album sale and promotion. This song is very perfect but it dint give attention 🙃. Anyways still Congrats to our girls! they've won all the female group awards as it should be

  60. CHAENG

    CHAENG11 일 전


  61. Douae annasri

    Douae annasri11 일 전

    Fancy deserves soty dammit

  62. I'm so pure

    I'm so pure11 일 전

    Their hair dance better than you Ok im just kidding

  63. The vlog of Jades

    The vlog of Jades12 일 전

    dahyun giving us billie eilish look

  64. た.と

    た.と12 일 전


  65. Husky L0V3R

    Husky L0V3R12 일 전


  66. Karen Murillo

    Karen Murillo12 일 전

    Los gritos de los hombres,parece que estuvieran en un estadio de fútbol🤣,amo a twice.💖✌

  67. sweetener.

    sweetener.13 일 전

    chaeyoung slayed short hair omg

  68. Bunny Kookie

    Bunny Kookie13 일 전

    why all i can hear is their fanboys chanting their names??? so cute.. not a twice fan but i just love them..

  69. Hyun Jin

    Hyun Jin8 일 전

    OMG thank you so much. Yes TWICE have many fanboys in general and it's rare to see a positive comment from any other fandom regarding this, I mean all others call us perverts for just stanning our girls 😭.

  70. Jeongyeon Twice

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  71. Jeongyeon Twice

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  72. Jeongyeon Twice

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  73. Jeongyeon Twice

    Jeongyeon Twice13 일 전

    FANCY 🤘

  74. Jeongyeon Twice

    Jeongyeon Twice13 일 전

    TWICE ❤️

  75. Jeongyeon Twice

    Jeongyeon Twice13 일 전


  76. Adanzer

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  77. oofitsme Xx

    oofitsme Xx14 일 전

    Wow these girls are amazing!!! I love them so much !!!

  78. deta padmayoni

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  79. Ethereal_Ji

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  80. Choi Yeji

    Choi Yeji10 일 전

    But they didn't won...