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twenty one pilots: Levitate [Official Video]


  1. GrisStar

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  2. C A K E

    C A K E시간 전

    2:01 ZOOM

  3. Martyna Durlik

    Martyna Durlik시간 전

    What is this guy with beard saying?

  4. Annabel Tydd

    Annabel Tydd시간 전

    What if TØP did a cover of one of Cavetown’s songs? I bet that would make him so damn happy

  5. Aisha Lall

    Aisha Lall시간 전

    I guess the next video is about that the Bishop dragged him back to dema and he's again trapped in there. And Josh is learning boxing now, so he'll use it to fight the bishops. Lol.

  6. ZachGamingTV// SonicLover3445

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  7. Juan Caro

    Juan Caro2 시간 전

    chorus verse chorus verse

  8. elina m

    elina m2 시간 전

    can't wait to see you guys - you have no idea how much we've missed you

  9. Blurry James

    Blurry James2 시간 전

    ty always gets dragged by some strange guy

  10. tyler joseph in a crop top

    tyler joseph in a crop top2 시간 전

    The vultures name is clifford!!! And i love him!!!

  11. randøm2468

    randøm24682 시간 전

    The 10k people who accidentally disliked this had their phones upside down

  12. Laurent C

    Laurent C2 시간 전

    Reminds me "Massive Attack feat. Mos Def - I Against I"

  13. F.E vlogs

    F.E vlogs2 시간 전

    Welcome to trench

  14. Ghost of a man

    Ghost of a man3 시간 전

    Man, the song ain’t bad and I love twenty one pilots, but this song is just missing the emotion. I get the words, but a straight flow isn’t the best way to deliver the message in my opinion. The pauses are what makes songs true; the speed is what makes the song flow. I personally got mixed emotions on this. Maybe there will be an acoustic version and this is purely for the radio.



    This song is perfect in all sense

  16. RAVEN

    RAVEN3 시간 전

    im going going back to back to cali clali

  17. Jaded Nonpareil

    Jaded Nonpareil3 시간 전

    A curse from you will just leave me now (eagle voice)

  18. adlwin reich

    adlwin reich3 시간 전

    this is a hundred times better than the first two that came out !

  19. Jazzy PL

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  20. Hammer Gut

    Hammer Gut3 시간 전

    Best Rapper alive

  21. LilmessThang

    LilmessThang3 시간 전

    Everyone said this song had fast rapping. So I waited. Never heard it. This was actually just bad in general. Definitely so not here for this.

  22. Flightless ._. Gøner

    Flightless ._. Gøner3 시간 전

    It's not that bad..

  23. Lachy Dow

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    JØY WØØDEN4 시간 전

    Lear to levitate?! More like learn to RAP BOII

  25. Raymond Sampson

    Raymond Sampson4 시간 전

    This is my favorite band and the first band I ever loved as much as twenty one pilots

  26. Dead Inside

    Dead Inside4 시간 전

    Congrats to tyler on getting a new radio for his car 👌👌

  27. Carter Hadley

    Carter Hadley4 시간 전

    The perfect band 'lore' doesn't exi-

  28. Kyla Cardinal

    Kyla Cardinal5 시간 전

    2:02 *ZOOM*

  29. Lauren D.

    Lauren D.5 시간 전

    I was wondering what happened to them but I’m happy they are back and I love this song just like all of his others 😄

  30. Lauren D.

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  31. hero

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  32. Kate LPS

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  33. Spooderific

    Spooderific6 시간 전

    Why does someone have a red beanie?

  34. Diana Reyes

    Diana Reyes6 시간 전

    I feel like this is like narnia And why did the bishops or whatever get him again or something I’m not following

  35. white ginger beer

    white ginger beer6 시간 전

    Why is there a 21 pilots song in the p!atd playlist?!??!?! I'm disliking this to trigger 21 pilots fans cause I'm triggered now

  36. Life Jacked

    Life Jacked6 시간 전

    Damn dude

  37. twenty øne duns

    twenty øne duns6 시간 전

    *slaps roof of tyler* this bad bo can hold so many hidden messages

  38. Peachy _VW

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  39. elyy

    elyy6 시간 전

    los amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  40. toon._. otaku

    toon._. otaku6 시간 전

    Wait, no, Tyler not the hair!!

  41. Secter Plays

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  42. Angelina roleplays

    Angelina roleplays6 시간 전

    🆒 vid

  43. Anika Compoginis

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  44. Boneco De Neve

    Boneco De Neve6 시간 전

    Anika Compoginis no kk

  45. Boneco De Neve

    Boneco De Neve6 시간 전

    Anika Compoginis Love

  46. Boneco De Neve

    Boneco De Neve6 시간 전

    Anika Compoginis no '-'

  47. Anika Compoginis

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  48. leslie blurry

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  49. ElWea

    ElWea7 시간 전

    this music is platinum

  50. Jessie Stines

    Jessie Stines7 시간 전

    The lyrics are just astonishing.

  51. zblurryy

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  52. gabe morris

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  53. Logan Witherspoon

    Logan Witherspoon7 시간 전

    Don’t trust this song one bit...

  54. Ali Mac675

    Ali Mac6757 시간 전

    Car radio: **Shaves head** Levitate:**Banditos Shaves head**

  55. Skeleton Clique

    Skeleton Clique7 시간 전

    I can't believe they're playing in Portland! We wouldn't be able to afford it, but still that's so cool! Their music has helped me through a lot, and the fact that they'll be close is comforting. Wait, Is that creepy? 🤣

  56. Waffle Vejeyori

    Waffle Vejeyori8 시간 전

    :'v No me está gustando estas canciones

  57. MoonlightDemon 318

    MoonlightDemon 3188 시간 전

    Am I the only one that thinks that after hearing this and jumpsuit that there's a chance that the songs could be a continuous story from start to finish since the end of jumpsuit and the beginning of levitate fit together perfectly? Seeing that jumpsuit is first on the track list and levitate is right after makes me think that each song might lead into the next all the way until leave the city

  58. Jasmine Mitchell

    Jasmine Mitchell8 시간 전

    Love it

  59. Buckle 97

    Buckle 978 시간 전

    God I always get chills listening to your music. You guys are the greatest artist there are. I strive to write as well as you

  60. Varda Kazmi

    Varda Kazmi8 시간 전

    2:23 Me when my mom takes me to buy shoes.

  61. SuperMatthew 75

    SuperMatthew 758 시간 전

    So Tyler has landed in the DEMA rebellion right

  62. bob dylan

    bob dylan8 시간 전

    remember quick scoping in mw2 in high school to twenty one pilots jesus christ

  63. Molls’ Vlog

    Molls’ Vlog8 시간 전

    I can rap this now

  64. Lanie Allsop

    Lanie Allsop9 시간 전

    What is this?? I definitely like there other songs, I'm kinda disappointed😒😔😕

  65. Happy Channel Crazy Cool Guy

    Happy Channel Crazy Cool Guy9 시간 전

    I finally learned haw to rap this song

  66. mr.doggytime

    mr.doggytime9 시간 전

    2:12 welcome to trench

  67. Zelda

    Zelda9 시간 전

    NEW THEORY FORM MEH: what if how many peices of tape your the banditos jackets are like how many times they escaped dema

  68. daria soko

    daria soko10 시간 전

    This one is my fave because he just raps the whole song

  69. k a t a t t a c k

    k a t a t t a c k10 시간 전

    When he says "Learn to levitate with just a little help" and point to his head ...

  70. R4ndom Comment xD

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  71. R4ndom Comment xD

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  72. dave8172

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  73. k a t a t t a c k

    k a t a t t a c k10 시간 전

    This is the best one so far

  74. Enchanted myst

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  75. Lauren Pinkie Pie

    Lauren Pinkie Pie10 시간 전

    I so happy right now XD

  76. was thok

    was thok10 시간 전

    what have you done no this is not the way

  77. Tokyo

    Tokyo11 시간 전

    who the hack needs 3 ppl to shave 1 head

  78. Døbby!The PhanElf

    Døbby!The PhanElf11 시간 전

    1:34 fist bump

  79. ToxiCc ツ

    ToxiCc ツ11 시간 전

    Poor in views

  80. Elderwhal The amazing

    Elderwhal The amazing11 시간 전

    Josh dun is the greatest drummer of all time like if u agree

  81. Marri Crismus

    Marri Crismus11 시간 전

    i love how everyone in the background is just going off at the end

  82. Elderwhal The amazing

    Elderwhal The amazing11 시간 전

    It was kinda creepy but who doesn’t like some good horror🤣

  83. Marri Crismus

    Marri Crismus11 시간 전

    i just realized his wedding ring is yellow in this

  84. Marlon Mendoza Muñoz

    Marlon Mendoza Muñoz11 시간 전

    Oh, I know how to levitate up off my feet.

  85. Valentino Amato

    Valentino Amato11 시간 전


  86. sikkazzfool89

    sikkazzfool8911 시간 전

    Jumpsuit + Nico and the Niners + Levitate = The Intro... The rest of the album = The Outro Holy fucking shit...Finally, some new music and they've just only released three new singles so far, and this is what they're giving us???? If this is only a taste, then I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album will sound like!!! ||-//

  87. Rez Dute has Chant ee underwear

    Rez Dute has Chant ee underwear11 시간 전

    I clicked on this and up next Was Car Radio

  88. thicclolisVEVO

    thicclolisVEVO12 시간 전

    Wait... They make good music now?

  89. The Delusionist And His Demons

    The Delusionist And His Demons12 시간 전

    These lyrics getting more and more meta

  90. Deadsy Padilla

    Deadsy Padilla12 시간 전

    It was autoplay, blocked so I can stop laughing. Faggoats

  91. RainbowKin the Fawx

    RainbowKin the Fawx12 시간 전

    1:13 He's bald like deh vulture now xD He is a vulture that feeds on pain lmao

  92. satcha vela cardenas

    satcha vela cardenas12 시간 전

    its a good song

  93. bmth twenty

    bmth twenty12 시간 전

    Escuche esta cancion 927262 de veces al igual que NATN y Jumpsuit y no me canso, que talento josh y tyler

  94. Green Bean

    Green Bean12 시간 전

    AAA I want a new songggg

  95. OrcinusOrca1995

    OrcinusOrca199513 시간 전

    TOP has yet to release a song I don't love..and I don't think they ever will || - //

  96. Margaux B

    Margaux B13 시간 전


  97. petrutz_ smile

    petrutz_ smile13 시간 전

    New song Read more

  98. Idk man

    Idk man13 시간 전

    whatever theory came out of this someone needs to tell me

  99. TimmiXD

    TimmiXD13 시간 전

    bruh why not many views here :j

  100. Nevaeh_YEEE

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  101. Надежда Маркина

    Надежда Маркина13 시간 전

    ||-// one love

  102. Lucy-fer

    Lucy-fer14 시간 전

    This is so fast tyler rap car radio 2

  103. gucci gang

    gucci gang14 시간 전

    i didn't expect such bass from bois ll-//

  104. Elise Jedlicka

    Elise Jedlicka14 시간 전

    So here I am looking at tyler joseph's face, rapping the lyrics perfectly, and wishing I was a Bandito

  105. Grim The Fox

    Grim The Fox14 시간 전

    I ONLY KNEW HOW RAP THE BEGINNING AND END AAAAA (I literally trained myself the lyrics) wAiT. wAS tHaT blurryface draggingTyler away??!!!!! 😱😱🤔🤔😳😳