Turning My Boyfriend Into A Bratz Doll


  1. Kay York

    Kay York8 시간 전

    6:55 is the funniest sh*t ever

  2. Becky Garland

    Becky Garland14 시간 전

    Bro I can’t not laugh when they laugh lmfaooo their laughs are contagious and I love it

  3. rain mayday

    rain mayday20 시간 전

    givin me mad “white chicks” vibes when he comes in dressed/w wig

  4. Bella sasse

    Bella sasse일 전

    Can we just take a second to appreciate waltz of the flowers playing the entire time?

  5. Celine the Bean

    Celine the Bean일 전

    when you overline your lips and forget the shading

  6. Balnazzari

    Balnazzari2 일 전

    jenna you have to put powder on the glue before you add the foundation on the brows

  7. Ash Schweinlin

    Ash Schweinlin2 일 전

    noooo why does he look like tana mojo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. IM Trying

    IM Trying2 일 전

    Thank you so much for portraying my sleep paralysis demon so perfectly.

  9. Sara Rahtz

    Sara Rahtz2 일 전

    This is still my absolute fave of theirs. I come back just to laugh. Jenna lucked out having Julien to do this with bc he is just comic gold 😂😂😂

  10. Emma Mitchem

    Emma Mitchem2 일 전

    why does julien look like rebel wilson

  11. Diane Magnolia

    Diane Magnolia2 일 전


  12. Diane Magnolia

    Diane Magnolia2 일 전

    you shut your eyes when you look at me

  13. Abby Lange

    Abby Lange3 일 전

    Whenever I am in a depressive state, I will watch this video. THANK YOU FOR THIS MASTERPIECE

  14. Jane Prendergast

    Jane Prendergast3 일 전

    in all fairness if you look at julien without letting yourself register that its him, you can see 'chloe' so well

  15. Katie Gunther

    Katie Gunther3 일 전

    The true reveal: Julien can only breathe through his mouth, and his nose is just for decoration

  16. Korea20

    Korea204 일 전

    He looks like those thieves from the powerpuff girls that dressed up as the powerpuff girls 😂

  17. Erin Nicole

    Erin Nicole4 일 전

    When I have a bad day, I watch this video. It's one of the funniest things that has ever, or will ever, exist.

  18. Ashley Rodriguez

    Ashley Rodriguez4 일 전

    This is cursed

  19. Sophia Calhoun

    Sophia Calhoun4 일 전

    Stop making me laugh it hurts my back

  20. Dan E boi

    Dan E boi5 일 전

    Anyone else notice the meundies plug on julens crotch when he kicks???

  21. Chloe Wells

    Chloe Wells6 일 전

    Deceptively Hairy Ass Eyebrows, band name called it

  22. dehydratedcactus

    dehydratedcactus6 일 전

    how to not have toxic masculinity

  23. cindy-tron

    cindy-tron7 일 전

    14:46 ..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. cindy-tron

    cindy-tron7 일 전

    I'm fucking CRYYYYYING omfg!!! Can't. breaaaathe. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 heaven hellllp meee! Oh Julian, you are the MAN!

  25. E Zovelli

    E Zovelli7 일 전

    ahaha im high as shit the bratz is lil mackayla

  26. leilani

    leilani7 일 전

    For the first time ever I don't I completely disagree with someone disliking a Jenna video. Like I get it...

  27. Emo Minecraft Parodies

    Emo Minecraft Parodies8 일 전

    if you squint it looks like a bad animation

  28. Leslie Torres

    Leslie Torres8 일 전

    I could not stop laughing throughout this video omg

  29. Katt Smith

    Katt Smith8 일 전

    I've seen this before but I almost spit my tea tonight when he said "Did you make an appointment here?" Such Karen energy wtf

  30. Malia Mose

    Malia Mose8 일 전

    Why does Kermit always look angry

  31. Celine Guldhammer

    Celine Guldhammer8 일 전

    Why did the movie "White Chicks" suddenly appear in my head?😂😂

  32. Natalya Lobanova

    Natalya Lobanova8 일 전

    powerful lola from big mouth energy

  33. VictoriaScott The Classicist

    VictoriaScott The Classicist8 일 전

    Julien looks diseased 🤣😂🤣😂

  34. Natalia Mitura

    Natalia Mitura9 일 전

    I had that exact Chloe Bratz doll as a child!

  35. sarah h

    sarah h9 일 전

    hi mom this is an old video and i kno u will never see this comment but um im a highschooler and im online schooled but im crippled every week by the amount of assignments (32 assignments thi week) thati have to do constnaly. i just wanted to let you know that your videos are the only sunshine in my life and they help me get out of bed and put a smile on my face. thank u for being the biggest positive in my life and thank you for never being ashamed of chaning and growing, ur an inspiration to me and so many people/ im really happy that u upload. thank u so so oso so os ososo much i love you so much.

  36. Baron the Great Pyrenees

    Baron the Great Pyrenees9 일 전

    That fuckin reveal, holy shit, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee myself. I started wheezing

  37. Lily Netter

    Lily Netter9 일 전

    chunky and cracked is me everyday

  38. Michelle

    Michelle9 일 전

    I did the waltz of the flowers as a ballet dance and I was stressed throughout this whole video bc it was the background music

  39. Stephen Brunk

    Stephen Brunk9 일 전

    Came expecting a good laugh. Left with nightmare fuel...and laughs. 10/10

  40. Lil Nikcie

    Lil Nikcie9 일 전

    11:19 when my sleep paralysis demon gets into my makeup drawer

  41. Alexis Matheny

    Alexis Matheny10 일 전

    I don’t remember the last time I actually laughed so damn hard at a KOreporter video 😭😂

  42. Katherine Pikula

    Katherine Pikula10 일 전

    julien: what do we do now ... julien: be a BRHAT jenna: *wheezes*

  43. whatzup331

    whatzup33110 일 전

    Im crying in laughter 🤣🤣

  44. Jada Wood

    Jada Wood10 일 전

    When I tell you, I laughed so hard I had to use my inhaler 😂😂

  45. He Be a Knee

    He Be a Knee10 일 전

    "I don't kiss my mom because i don't care about her because I'm a BRATZ"

  46. Abi Hayward

    Abi Hayward10 일 전

    Julien laughing at 7:10 will give me nightmares for the rest of my life

  47. ___

    ___11 일 전


  48. jessica kane

    jessica kane11 일 전


  49. Vitória Moni

    Vitória Moni11 일 전

    *watching a jenna video* me: ☺️ *Kermit appears* me: 🥰

  50. FlameCatPrincess

    FlameCatPrincess11 일 전

    *no one laughs at your joke* ....laugh at your own joke!!!!!! 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

  51. Monet Rogers

    Monet Rogers12 일 전

    okay, but does the final product not look like iggy azalea!!!!??!!!

  52. Julie Merlo

    Julie Merlo12 일 전


  53. Hannah Gibbs

    Hannah Gibbs12 일 전

    This video alway 100000% turns my mood around. Thanks for making me smile and stuff ☺️

  54. mep

    mep12 일 전

    This reminds me of that Powerpuff girls episodes where some guys dress as them kkkk

  55. Дарья Фомина

    Дарья Фомина12 일 전

    The creation of CHLOE

  56. Pro Hero Eiji

    Pro Hero Eiji13 일 전

    some say the makeup is still on him to this day...but alas, we will never know.

  57. Taylor Weatherford

    Taylor Weatherford13 일 전

    Can you please just make a video where you trim and wax Julians brows? That’ll help for future make-up endeavors AND it would be awesome and hilarious to watch :) as a cosmetologist, I would be very entertained as I always am during all of Jenna’s Ratchet Salon makeovers 👩🏻‍🦳 ... that’s me entertained.

  58. Tess V

    Tess V13 일 전

    I think this was even funnier the second time I watched it lol Im literally crying 😂🤣

  59. Catriona McCann

    Catriona McCann13 일 전

    "But it's not like I really played with Barbies either, I was a more of a Imma go outside and put some worms in my pocket kinda kid." And I live by this.