Turning My Boyfriend Into A Bratz Doll


  1. Caroline Gilmore

    Caroline Gilmore시간 전

    I laughed so fucking hard Oh my lord.....

  2. Elisa H

    Elisa H14 시간 전

    If you're ever sad... just watch this video

  3. Chelsea Preo

    Chelsea Preo16 시간 전

    You don’t understand how much I laughed out loud with this video

  4. Keira Byrom

    Keira Byrom일 전

    6:07 getting bird vibes from the side

  5. Claire Summers

    Claire Summers일 전

    The end results reminds me of White Chicks XD

  6. jak

    jak일 전

    4:15 me being soft while also asserting myself

  7. Lauren Reiland

    Lauren Reiland2 일 전

    🌑 🌑 👄

  8. Frida Friday

    Frida Friday3 일 전

    9:31 Julian deadass looks like a Saints Row 3 Character and I LIVE

  9. Cole Hac

    Cole Hac3 일 전

    11:20 *i feel so beautiful* 👁👄👁

  10. Proper Poetics

    Proper Poetics4 일 전

    Jenna, a disposable mascara spoolie or more preferred an eyebrow comb will help you get those eyebrow hairs fLAT next time you need it. ILU hope this helps! Glue, brush, glue, powder, repeat

  11. ash faime

    ash faime6 일 전

    but why is the illusion good though??? it’s scary as hell but G O O D

  12. Aaron Salisbury

    Aaron Salisbury6 일 전

    Julien looks like the White Chicks

  13. Cheyanne Headley

    Cheyanne Headley6 일 전

    When I knew it was Chloe before she said it I knew I was young 😭

  14. Miel Pva

    Miel Pva6 일 전

    why he look like tana mongoose tho

  15. Anna Peters

    Anna Peters7 일 전

    I Love it when she does That Voice

  16. Day B

    Day B7 일 전

    Thank you for making me laugh so hard at Julian in the shower!!! 🛀🤪

  17. Virginia Peterson

    Virginia Peterson8 일 전

    Lmfao so fucking bad

  18. Brittani Ford

    Brittani Ford8 일 전

    Everyone in the world needs to watch this. I cannot breathe. Julien being a bratz is a mood I strive to be all my life!

  19. Ditzy

    Ditzy8 일 전

    10:40 meundies :p

  20. DGJ Edits

    DGJ Edits8 일 전

    Julien: *exists* Jenna: "why'd you stop breathing?"

  21. Jellibeen The KittinKat

    Jellibeen The KittinKat9 일 전

    When I saw the thumbnail, I generally thought that Julian was a girl, but then I read the title. Lmao

  22. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach9 일 전

    14:15 I’m gonna die HAHAHAH

  23. Am I ok? Absolutely not

    Am I ok? Absolutely not9 일 전

    "Its just so chunky......" Junk in the trunk and chunk in the front

  24. Liliana Silva

    Liliana Silva9 일 전

    DJenna, you MUST paint Joulienz face and yours like a black metal singer. PLEASE, MAKE MY DREAM COME TRVE. MAKE him trve ival & grim. Theeennn you could compose a song, trolling with that. You can get inspiration in Cradle of filth... Marduk... 😂😎 a kiss from Portugal.

  25. girl staahp

    girl staahp10 일 전

    But why can I see the illusion so good 😂😂💀

  26. I am unbelievably stupid but,

    I am unbelievably stupid but,10 일 전

    Tip for gluing down eyebrows use the big purple disappearing one bc the normal one absolutely does not work and for the final layer it helps even if it’s disgusting to lick the glue stick and make that final layer really slick then power and cover them

  27. Kiera O connor

    Kiera O connor11 일 전

    I love how dramatic cermit looks all the time

  28. Trin Ficklin

    Trin Ficklin12 일 전

    The look on his face when the makeup is water proof

  29. Briana Carrasco

    Briana Carrasco12 일 전

    10.53 the Great Value version of Trixxie Mattel’s De-Dragin’ video look

  30. Silver Striding

    Silver Striding13 일 전

    You did the eyes so gooooood!!!

  31. Andrea Wallace

    Andrea Wallace13 일 전

    This is truly the best video EVER!! I legit have been crying laughing the entire time! 🤣😂

  32. Mika Ackerman

    Mika Ackerman13 일 전

    I'm choking on my own spit from laughing so hard 😂

  33. Bec Patsenker

    Bec Patsenker13 일 전

    Julien in heavy makeup = marbles in heavy costumes

  34. Veronika Granado

    Veronika Granado14 일 전

    Please do a video of Julien getting his eyebrows threaded 😭😭😭😭

  35. Samantha Peterson

    Samantha Peterson15 일 전

    You should shave Julien's legs (like as a tutorial) love ya 💜

  36. xoxo S.

    xoxo S.15 일 전

    I come back here from time to time, just to laugh a little.

  37. K T

    K T15 일 전

    i swear i peed laughing. lmfao so creepy

  38. Jillian McGauley

    Jillian McGauley16 일 전

    Cristine Jenna 🤝 Wanting to be a part of The beauty community

  39. ShaiTheGuy

    ShaiTheGuy16 일 전

    He looks like (1) the actual bratz doll and (2) tana mongeau

  40. grace's camera roll

    grace's camera roll17 일 전

    12:10 i fucking CRIED

  41. aNOMymous

    aNOMymous17 일 전

    the end had me SCREAMING

  42. Mylotic Mylzaa

    Mylotic Mylzaa18 일 전

    me: mom can i get a bratz doll mom: no we have bratz doll at home *bratz doll at home:*

  43. Danielle Gonzales

    Danielle Gonzales20 일 전

    When you blur your vision, lol it worked

  44. Addison Johnson

    Addison Johnson20 일 전


  45. Sarah Kennedy

    Sarah Kennedy20 일 전

    jenna should 1000% turn julien into trixie mattel

  46. Katie Buchman

    Katie Buchman20 일 전

    5:56 that's what she said.

  47. Evy Angel

    Evy Angel22 일 전

    Julien as a Bratz and Ryland as a Bratz should have had a shopping spree

  48. ButteredBeast

    ButteredBeast22 일 전

    “Once I’m all done up, can I go with my Bratz friends to my Bratzmitzvah?” Is Julien even real?

  49. Sabrina Poggensee

    Sabrina Poggensee22 일 전

    He lookss like on of the black guys in 'White Chicks' when they were the girls xD

  50. Deanna Di Salvo

    Deanna Di Salvo23 일 전

    It’s Wednesday doing Julie’s makeup! Happy Halloween y’all!

  51. Xonica Tiana

    Xonica Tiana23 일 전

    Did it just get cold in here?? Cuz im a brrrrrraAtZ. Honestly super underrated

  52. Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy

    Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy23 일 전

    10:40 Ur welcome

  53. Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy

    Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy23 일 전

    Anyone else think it looks kinda like when Shane did it

  54. CricketTV

    CricketTV24 일 전

    I love how he came in punching the air saying I’m a bratz lol 😂

  55. Jo-Ann Wells

    Jo-Ann Wells24 일 전

    Omg I'm dying 🤯😂

  56. cassidy jaye

    cassidy jaye24 일 전

    his eyes are black like the devils eyes

  57. Lydia Birgitte Westlye

    Lydia Birgitte Westlye25 일 전

    The last second of pure panic sends me

  58. Casey Shelton

    Casey Shelton25 일 전

    Jenna, Please for the love of god be my friend. I will do all the shenanigans with you. I will let you SHAVE MY EYEBROWS OFF. Did that get your attention? Okay, good, lol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. hisey7

    hisey725 일 전

    I’m watching this at the airport laughing so loud and people are terrified

  60. Charlize Delgado

    Charlize Delgado26 일 전

    ‘ get that glitter...gtg...that’s what i always say...people always think i’m leaving tho ‘ LET ME TELL YOU I CANNOT BREATHE !!!😭😂💀