Trying Weird Cereal Flavors w/ LaurDIY!


  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino6 개월 전

    OMG which one was your favorite cereal that you would want to try? 😂❤️

  2. Payal Thakur

    Payal Thakur7 일 전

    Sour patch

  3. Kaia Hernandez

    Kaia Hernandez10 일 전

    Sour patch

  4. Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories

    Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories10 일 전

    I’d wanna get the chicken waffle one but I live in the UK

  5. 23jorgerod

    23jorgerod11 일 전

    Rosanna Pansino I love you 😘

  6. Grace's crazy life

    Grace's crazy life12 일 전

    Sour patch kids

  7. jennette MacVicar

    jennette MacVicar15 시간 전

    So when you're eating right now and Chicken and Waffles one

  8. Minion Lover

    Minion Lover19 시간 전

    They do so have chicken waffles in Canada I think I would now I live their

  9. Emily Jayne

    Emily Jayne일 전

    Poop like a champion?

  10. Emily Jayne

    Emily Jayne일 전

    Love you tho xxx

  11. Payal Thakur

    Payal Thakur7 일 전

    Sour patch

  12. 5229葉奕晴

    5229葉奕晴7 일 전

    You could eat poop like a champion with the sour patch kids, so it wont be so sour😄

  13. Cherri•Suki

    Cherri•Suki7 일 전

    OMG u posted this on my bday!!! 0o0 (lel very late)

  14. Taylor Neal

    Taylor Neal7 일 전

    Chicken and waffle is the only one I tried before

  15. Anesha Nair

    Anesha Nair7 일 전

    I would love to try the chicken and waffle and the sour patch cereal ❤️

  16. Jacob Howarth

    Jacob Howarth8 일 전

    Do a makeup tutorial

  17. Madura Rajakaruna

    Madura Rajakaruna8 일 전

    there was another vid by Laurdiy on decorating cake like on the exact same day !!

  18. Lauren Rodger

    Lauren Rodger8 일 전

    It’s so funny watching Americans thinking sour patch kids are sour 😂like they would d8e having a Black Death a toxic waste even 😂

  19. Lisa The Boss

    Lisa The Boss8 일 전

    Why do people hate on rosanna? she is the sweetest person ever!!

  20. Keyla Gamer123

    Keyla Gamer1238 일 전

    You are in if you pooped today You are out if you don’t pee in school

  21. Vienna Mrs Compeau

    Vienna Mrs Compeau8 일 전

    Did you guys know that there is such thing as sour patches kid yogurt tubes they are really good I would definitely recommend!!!

  22. Icantcount1235

    Icantcount12359 일 전

    The Sour Patch Kid cereal isn't good at all...

  23. shadow girl Kaylee

    shadow girl Kaylee10 일 전

    Hi rosanna, have you ever been on the show Nailed it I just watched and I know you are a great cook and I think I saw you on there😁

  24. Peter Ong

    Peter Ong11 일 전

    Booty'O because the new day is on it! (They are tag team champions on wwe.)

  25. infern00 -0ver

    infern00 -0ver12 일 전

    KOreporter subtitles hotpokket



    OMG the bootyO's are from (WWE The New Day

  27. yanni tran

    yanni tran13 일 전

    I lagged when you sqid hey boys we're eating poop like a champion but it lagged in between poop and like so it was hey boys we're eating poop

  28. Ari 1157

    Ari 115713 일 전

    Loved it! Loved when they looked at each other when they tried the dry sour patch cereal!😂

  29. Rutzaida Olavarria

    Rutzaida Olavarria13 일 전

    When I was watching this an add popped up that was for Twinkie cereal

  30. Iris Jantz

    Iris Jantz13 일 전

    I would imagine the Pennywise cereal to be kinda spicy like hot Cheetos 😂

  31. Ally Jordan

    Ally Jordan13 일 전

    It said don’t eat dry cereal and I am literally eating dry cereal right now and I just got choked no joke

  32. tinaphillips1

    tinaphillips114 일 전

    If they are big arnt they adults

  33. Lioli Tirado

    Lioli Tirado14 일 전

    Sour patch kids

  34. Emma Smith

    Emma Smith15 일 전

    I wanna try sour patch

  35. Brielle Chavez

    Brielle Chavez15 일 전

    I tried booty o’s

  36. Đông Bạch Thị

    Đông Bạch Thị16 일 전

    Told the lady of DIY that go to the vat19 website and buy crunch mallows which is cereal made of freaking marshmallows

  37. Zoey Kelley

    Zoey Kelley16 일 전


  38. Mollyanne s

    Mollyanne s16 일 전

    Sour patch kids are like the least sour sour sweet that I have ever had. But to be fair I have literally had these little boiled sweets that were covered in malic acid and had it in the centre too and It didn't even phase me 🤷‍♀️🤔



    I would want sour patch kid cereal 🥣 but sour milk ewwww

  40. miley walmsley

    miley walmsley17 일 전

    Sourpach kids are not sour

  41. Vivian Rauktys

    Vivian Rauktys17 일 전

    You should maybe try pine cone soda! It's actually really good! I think it's Russian

  42. Lydia Lyrical

    Lydia Lyrical18 일 전

    I love New Day!!!

  43. Đông Bạch Thị

    Đông Bạch Thị18 일 전


  44. Đông Bạch Thị

    Đông Bạch Thị18 일 전


  45. beatrice davenport

    beatrice davenport18 일 전

    Look up vat 19 lauren. You want those marshmallows cereal. Vat 19 gotch u

  46. Jessica Zwolman

    Jessica Zwolman18 일 전

    I have had the sour patch kids cereal so I am picking that

  47. Michael Pressman

    Michael Pressman19 일 전

    Get the baby shark cereal next time

  48. Saran Kaur

    Saran Kaur19 일 전

    Ro doesn’t seem to age

  49. Cookie 123

    Cookie 12320 일 전

    I Ro and Lauren I love both your channels SOOOOOOOOO much and I would like you to answer my question My question is where did you get sour patch kids cereal?

  50. b a k e r d o z e n

    b a k e r d o z e n20 일 전

    L a y r d I y h i

  51. Hazel Weber

    Hazel Weber21 일 전

    I tried the sour patch kid cereal. It (in my opinion) was horrible. When pressed to see why she bought it, my mom said, "it was 50 cents". There is a reason why they are so cheap

  52. Melissa Lindsey

    Melissa Lindsey21 일 전

    I feel like Ro ate a whole cake before shooting this video, because it was like she was on a sugar high! 😂

  53. KitKat Korner

    KitKat Korner22 일 전

    I’m sorry but when Rosanna smelled the chicken and waffle cereal it was like she was smelling crack

  54. Amy Keller

    Amy Keller23 일 전

    “What cereal do you want?” “Poop like a champ” 😂😂😂😂

  55. Dana DQ

    Dana DQ23 일 전

    Bootyo’s for life new day rocks like this if you a wwe fan

  56. Julie Bean

    Julie Bean24 일 전

    Ro do you like soggy cereal Laur No I like cronchy

  57. Julie Bean

    Julie Bean24 일 전


  58. Jenny Reid

    Jenny Reid24 일 전

    Sour patch toads cant go wrong with sour patch kids

  59. Scarlett Bornhorst

    Scarlett Bornhorst26 일 전

    I like soggy cereal. DONT AT ME

  60. Grace Webster

    Grace Webster29 일 전

    Low key they look really similar like their hair , eyes, noses, lips and voices kinda.

  61. Julie Nguyen

    Julie Nguyen개월 전

    Did Ro just hit the woah while getting the sour patch kids?!

  62. Ella M Locke

    Ella M Locke개월 전

    Did she just say chicken and waffles isn't a thing in canada because I live in Canada and I have it every month

  63. Ella M Locke

    Ella M Locke개월 전

    Lauren: "if I could eat just the marshmallows I'd be in" Vat 19: "should we tell her?"

  64. ateapoptartraw

    ateapoptartraw개월 전


  65. BananaTube

    BananaTube개월 전

    i wanted that pennywise cereal

  66. Descendants Fan

    Descendants Fan개월 전

    No there is a difference between as in sour milk and sour candy. You think sour milk is bad but sour patch isn't. Sorry if I'm ruining a joke.