Trying Weird Cereal Flavors w/ LaurDIY!


  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino29 일 전

    OMG which one was your favorite cereal that you would want to try? 😂❤️

  2. Icy 8888

    Icy 88882 일 전

    Sour patch kids cereal. Yassssss Queeeeeen!!!!!!!!

  3. xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx

    xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx4 일 전

    You need some melk

  4. xX_GachaHood_Xx }*-*{

    xX_GachaHood_Xx }*-*{4 일 전

    Rosanna Pansino chicken and waffles

  5. Fan Melinda

    Fan Melinda9 일 전

    All of them!

  6. Nila Santiago

    Nila Santiago10 일 전

    I wish I could meet you #########1111111111 fffffffaaaaaannnnnnn I love your videos my sister says your videos are getting dumb but there amazing if only I could meet you I love 💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️your vvvvviiiiiiiddddddiiiiiiiioooooosssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When is the next time you go on tour in Texas leagues city 👋

  7. Skeletonhoodie Plays

    Skeletonhoodie Plays시간 전

    I really wanna try the sour patch kids but its not available here in the Philippines

  8. Marco Chan

    Marco Chan16 시간 전

    Sour doesn't match with milk. That's why people don't drink orange juice after cereal unless u wanna go to the washroom

  9. Teresa Kelly

    Teresa Kelly일 전

    to the 538 people who disliked this.. EXCUSE ME HUNNY BOO BOO? You good? Why would you dislike something involving food, maybe I'm just a foodie/fattie.

  10. Natalia Deliu

    Natalia Deliu2 일 전

    @vat19 has just cereal marshmallow bags of cereal Lauren

  11. Pari Jain

    Pari Jain2 일 전

    Sour patch cereal

  12. PikaSheep

    PikaSheep2 일 전

    I was LITERALLY eating the Sour Patch cereal for the first time when this video came out. No joke, I’m dead serious. What kind of crazy coincidence is that?!

  13. Dhiya Sundar

    Dhiya Sundar2 일 전

    I don’t know why but watching this makes memiss laurex

  14. Axolotls Animated

    Axolotls Animated3 일 전

    “Oh its so weird...but I like it..?” Lol my gf talking about me.

  15. Taylor Finley

    Taylor Finley3 일 전

    hi Rosanna

  16. Taylor Finley

    Taylor Finley3 일 전


  17. Odalys Night

    Odalys Night3 일 전

    Sour patch kids

  18. xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx

    xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx4 일 전

    You need some melk

  19. Aidan Ha

    Aidan Ha4 일 전

    Sniffs box, Oooohhh ThAtS iT!

  20. Briana Ferguson

    Briana Ferguson5 일 전

    You guys should try mixing the 'Poop Like A Champion' and 'Sour Patch Kids' together. It with take down the sourness of the sour patch kids but spice up the cardboard cereal.

  21. Doodles-and-Dragons

    Doodles-and-Dragons5 일 전

    Combine the Sour Patch Kids cereal with the Poop Like a Champion cereal and you’ve got a concoction!!

  22. Doodles-and-Dragons

    Doodles-and-Dragons5 일 전

    “That looks like something you feed a horse or something!”

  23. C H A L E T T E

    C H A L E T T E6 일 전


  24. Mashok Luk

    Mashok Luk8 일 전

    7:15 is the most terrifying bit.

  25. Sarah Brodeur

    Sarah Brodeur8 일 전

    Who else thought the penny wise cereal was gonna be spicy??🥵😂

  26. Olivia Boyd

    Olivia Boyd8 일 전

    Booty o's are just Ripoff lucky charms

  27. SSJ_ U1TR4

    SSJ_ U1TR48 일 전


  28. Gacha Life Katie

    Gacha Life Katie9 일 전

    Rosanna I have a question does you and husky watch WWE

  29. Mary Braswell 32

    Mary Braswell 329 일 전

    The Booty-O's from Wwe i got the box that they threw at the show But it had pancakes



    Mary Braswell 32 I have the box too

  31. Brigham Holm

    Brigham Holm9 일 전

    Hey the Pennywise cereal is the same brand as the normal cereal in rovideo with Justine

  32. Eyanna Bitar

    Eyanna Bitar10 일 전

    I had it and I did not like it but I did not have the gummysssss 😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith10 일 전

    i tried them and i hate them. but i love both of you guys. also rosanna should do a collab with rachel ballinger

  34. Jen Landis

    Jen Landis11 일 전

    2 things I noticed 1 I think Rosanna wore the same outfit when she was on nailed it. Also show off your shoes girl

  35. greenglass2

    greenglass212 일 전

    captain ruddernuts

  36. Reiley Orr

    Reiley Orr12 일 전

    10:57- did Ro just hit the Wow?! 😱🤯😂

  37. Linda Adams

    Linda Adams13 일 전

    I dont think sour patches should be in milk 😭😂😨

  38. Temi Talkz

    Temi Talkz13 일 전

    Oof I normally do milk first is there something wrong with me 😂

  39. XxNcollyerxX 101

    XxNcollyerxX 10113 일 전

    She's getting milk with a e oh and ughhh a I and poop like a champion is the best XD

  40. Ada Venket

    Ada Venket14 일 전

    Rosana nice shirt 🌈👍💞

  41. Ada Venket

    Ada Venket14 일 전

    Rosana nice shirt 👍💞

  42. Chey Riki-hamana

    Chey Riki-hamana14 일 전

    Sour patch kids

  43. Sadia Michelle Cabrera

    Sadia Michelle Cabrera14 일 전

    Ro that is the new day from wwe hello

  44. Lacey The best

    Lacey The best14 일 전

    U guys are bas

  45. Analysse Estrada

    Analysse Estrada15 일 전

    I saw laur at Costco in but I was scared to say hi

  46. ETN Ronnie

    ETN Ronnie16 일 전

    Rosanna : *Dies* Also Rosanna : *told the genie to revive her this last time*

  47. Grace Brownson

    Grace Brownson16 일 전

    Lauren: *has same bowl entire video* Ro: *switches bowls each cereal*

  48. Hollster Xx

    Hollster Xx16 일 전

    Is chicken and waffles a thing?!?!?!?!?! (I’m not American btw)

  49. Jaime Olson

    Jaime Olson16 일 전

    Starburst it’s sour patch kids

  50. Divija Poddar

    Divija Poddar16 일 전

    Yay.....2 of my favourites youtubers are making their video together.......YAY....🦄♥️🤩😍

  51. Alice Phillips

    Alice Phillips17 일 전

    9.58 Lauren: BootyOs are killing me Gravestone: Death by BootyOs

  52. bLossom bAe

    bLossom bAe17 일 전

    Lauren : I would rather eat the goat food than this Also Lauren : (shovelling the penniwise cereal)

  53. Gamer Boy274

    Gamer Boy27417 일 전

    10:38 the dog is as big as the little cinnamon roll lol

  54. monsta bebe

    monsta bebe17 일 전

    Sourpatch kids

  55. Skye Hunt

    Skye Hunt17 일 전

    Your guys hair looks the same

  56. Mysticlover Fairy

    Mysticlover Fairy17 일 전

    The cereal looks like the type of cereal you see in tv or movies where they don’t want do product placement.

  57. Alyssa Rasmussen

    Alyssa Rasmussen17 일 전

    As soon as I started this video o ran downstairs a got a huge bowl of cereal

  58. Laura Williams

    Laura Williams17 일 전

    I cant find the sour patch kids cereal with the bag of candy with it. How did you find that??

  59. Milly Simpson

    Milly Simpson18 일 전

    I 👏want 👏 the 👏sour patch kids cer al cause of the CANDY!!

  60. tik tok queen

    tik tok queen18 일 전

    Ive they think sour patch kids are sour they shouled try toxic waste or war heads sour oatch kids are not sour!

  61. Kaashviya Bansal

    Kaashviya Bansal18 일 전

    Did anyone else see at 7:53 that Lauren poured the milk BEFORE THE CEREAL! Lol no shade but still...

  62. Tabbycat meow

    Tabbycat meow18 일 전

    Omg Lauren and ro are hair twins

  63. NoobTube

    NoobTube18 일 전

    I tried the chicken and waffles, mine was good! Maybe Ro's was off.

  64. Madison Jones

    Madison Jones18 일 전

    Hi my mane is Madison and I like the Sour patch kids cereal

  65. Agent 2

    Agent 218 일 전

    Can't wait for IT 2!!!!!!

  66. Cam_22

    Cam_2218 일 전

    is no one seriously gunna talk about how ro should have gotten a tactical shovel to eat the sour patch kids cereal... yeah ok just me