Trying TOP SIBLING PRANKS! Trick Your Sisters and Brothers Funny DIY Pranks by 123 GO!


  1. Scott Navarro

    Scott Navarro3 시간 전

    you need clear tape

  2. Julio Valdez

    Julio Valdez3 시간 전

    Your friend kind a looks like a ghost what is blue eyes and green hair

  3. It’s Me Tai

    It’s Me Tai4 시간 전

    10:25 me when i forget to study for a test

  4. christy power

    christy power4 시간 전

    BBQ chips

  5. Enrique Cervantes

    Enrique Cervantes5 시간 전

    Sour o

  6. Amber Sullivan

    Amber Sullivan5 시간 전

    My favourite Pringles flavour is sour cream and onion 🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰

  7. Aaleyah Meverden

    Aaleyah Meverden7 시간 전


  8. Cool__Kid 3023

    Cool__Kid 30237 시간 전

    ranch yum

  9. Elia Dominguez

    Elia Dominguez7 시간 전

    Chris is cute is he single

  10. mower days

    mower days8 시간 전


  11. Sumtotal ANZ

    Sumtotal ANZ9 시간 전

    Hahahahahahahaha robby is funny if you think that Robby is funny like this video

  12. Amber Greenhow

    Amber Greenhow9 시간 전

    My favorite flavor of chips are sour cream and onin

  13. Stacie Bunch

    Stacie Bunch9 시간 전

    cheese per

  14. Jason Hollenbaugh

    Jason Hollenbaugh10 시간 전

    Robbins friend is cute

  15. Amanda White

    Amanda White11 시간 전

    You should do a prank put gummy bears all over his head And else put water on your on his head put a shoebox and

  16. Kurtis Preston

    Kurtis Preston11 시간 전


  17. The gaming Chicken

    The gaming Chicken13 시간 전

    Fav Pring flav sour cream and chives

  18. Sienna Andrade

    Sienna Andrade17 시간 전

    Sour cream

  19. Lilo Villa

    Lilo Villa19 시간 전

    Sour cream

  20. Nightshadow

    Nightshadow21 시간 전

    6:00 was actually funny

  21. Maylee Nala

    Maylee Nala일 전


  22. Ariel Ramirez

    Ariel Ramirez일 전

    Cheddar cheese

  23. Madeline Green

    Madeline Green일 전

    3:18 cut off the access Me: 😲 please use proper words

  24. Rafael Naraine

    Rafael Naraine일 전


  25. Rafael Naraine

    Rafael Naraine일 전

    2:20 bandage BAZZOKO

  26. madmax bros

    madmax bros일 전

    Robby i have that remote

  27. Ty_Guy

    Ty_Guy일 전

    Idk why I'm asking but who likes BBQ Pringles

  28. Vered Shaw

    Vered Shaw일 전

    My favorite is original

  29. Otto Jansson

    Otto Jansson일 전

    Original is my favorite

  30. UnicornGalaxy Girl

    UnicornGalaxy Girl일 전

    I like the same Pringles flavor as you Robby

  31. Kami Thom

    Kami Thom일 전


  32. Caitlin Keith

    Caitlin Keith일 전

    will chris marry me hes hot

  33. Zach Collingsworth

    Zach Collingsworth일 전

    Sour cream chips

  34. sacha66

    sacha66일 전

    I like ur friends eyes they are cool

  35. Tanny Uddin

    Tanny Uddin일 전

    this sucks happened to me once

  36. Ian Post

    Ian Post일 전


  37. fortnite boss

    fortnite boss일 전

    my favorite flavour is sour cream to

  38. Momoman123

    Momoman123일 전

    He did really good for this vid

  39. Edgar Helena Lopez Härnström

    Edgar Helena Lopez Härnström일 전

    in 8:04 i also love sour cream

  40. GRK Clan

    GRK Clan일 전

    If it was a tooney I would broke the table to get me some chips