Trying CRAZY CLOTHING HACKS to see if they work


  1. Little Lia

    Little Lia29 일 전

    hiiiii friends we made it on trending!!

  2. Richard Afari

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  3. Richard Afari

    Richard Afari11 시간 전

    Infinite speed glitch

  4. Richard Afari

    Richard Afari11 시간 전

    Java the best way for me to do with 2nd place

  5. Rufino Sánchez

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  6. Alayzah Harvey

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  7. XxGacha SariahxX

    XxGacha SariahxX11 분 전

    You should try out vova

  8. Chloe Sylvester

    Chloe Sylvester6 시간 전

    Man i rather hve a real gucci shirt

  9. Mena Eduvie

    Mena Eduvie11 시간 전

    Lol I can't spell. Soz

  10. Mena Eduvie

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    Sox I mean lia

  11. Lia Hedgehogs

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    👑 🐸 👙👉🏻lol

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  13. Tika Thibault

    Tika Thibault일 전

    lmao when you said it was 4:25 in the morning, I checked my time and it was 4:21 oof

  14. Tutle God

    Tutle God일 전

    5:37 *Lia.exe has stopped working*

  15. ashlynn Thomas

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  16. Freak Studios

    Freak Studios일 전

    “Laptop breaks and falls on the floor.”

  17. Tiny Teeny

    Tiny Teeny일 전

    Answer me if there’s a point in her video

  18. fern

    fern일 전

    your the best

  19. Madeline Garcia 2

    Madeline Garcia 2일 전

    I like how she uses the oven as a mirror

  20. Lexi Katsoulis

    Lexi Katsoulis일 전

    No I would not

  21. Lexi Katsoulis

    Lexi Katsoulis일 전

    You did

  22. p I n k p a n t h e r

    p I n k p a n t h e r2 일 전

    Omg the March is soo good. Thank you for not putting your name all over it. 🙏🙏🙏 You are so awesome and so beautiful Lia! ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Maya Rincones

    Maya Rincones2 일 전

    A book

  24. Gamer_ girl Queen

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    I love u soo much i wish I was your family or friend 💞💞

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  26. Elle Phounsavath

    Elle Phounsavath2 일 전

    The tank top hack works. I swear, I just tried it. I’n Exited to try the hoodie one

  27. Angie Jones

    Angie Jones2 일 전

    tRoOm TrOoM

  28. Kim Weidel

    Kim Weidel2 일 전

    Sniper at 55 secs: We are gonna try to cut as strait as we possibaly can. Me: Oh god that is not straight! Lol ( love her tho)

  29. Karlee Bley

    Karlee Bley2 일 전

    Lia wore it better

  30. Lily Tadevosyan

    Lily Tadevosyan2 일 전

    This came out on my birthday 😂😂

  31. Layla Walker

    Layla Walker2 일 전

    All of them suck

  32. Gemma Burrowes

    Gemma Burrowes2 일 전

    Kia win

  33. Gemma Burrowes

    Gemma Burrowes2 일 전

    I mean Lia

  34. TxpgPlayzMCPE YT

    TxpgPlayzMCPE YT3 일 전

    She looked really cute in the first one

  35. EnanaYT Gamer

    EnanaYT Gamer3 일 전

    Why do she has 4!!! Ovens!?

  36. Ramiro Carlin

    Ramiro Carlin3 일 전

    I love your video 😱

  37. Grace Hromadka

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  38. hanna panna

    hanna panna3 일 전

    i dont mind a big shirt id be like eleven

  39. Binca linca

    Binca linca3 일 전

    I thought she deleted her main channel because when i saw this channel.

  40. Binca linca

    Binca linca3 일 전

    When i say this channel

  41. G.A.A Club -Gaming And Anime- Offical Club

    G.A.A Club -Gaming And Anime- Offical Club3 일 전

    10:17 I do this all the time lol

  42. Faith Van Beek

    Faith Van Beek3 일 전

    little lia won

  43. wolf chan

    wolf chan3 일 전

    Sniper is better in the first test

  44. Emma Gallagher

    Emma Gallagher3 일 전

    Sniperwolf looks better in the first one sorry Sausge

  45. Angela Higgins

    Angela Higgins3 일 전

    I'm 9 and I tried it with my mom's bra it worked lol

  46. Yayya Marie

    Yayya Marie3 일 전

    im always waching lia and in my bed under a big flufy blacet and laufing a lot

  47. Devonna Hall

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  48. Jazleen Garcia

    Jazleen Garcia4 일 전

    It's 2.01 am over here

  49. DistinctSkizzy -_-

    DistinctSkizzy -_-4 일 전

    Does anybody know that commercial that the man goes “cut yo hair hippy”

  50. Dana Alvarez

    Dana Alvarez4 일 전

    She did do troom troom how I asked!!!!! Thank you lia

  51. Leticia Platt

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  52. Jazmyn Rodriquez

    Jazmyn Rodriquez4 일 전

    Lia :cute Sausage : horrifying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Mindi Macaroni

    Mindi Macaroni4 일 전

    Is this a new snniper wolf channel

  54. TheRealNia Gang

    TheRealNia Gang4 일 전

    lit lia

  55. ANNA Cuatlacuatl

    ANNA Cuatlacuatl4 일 전

    Some just look so bad to me

  56. Krazy Kandi

    Krazy Kandi4 일 전

    I’ve only watched the first hack and I immediately thought “I only have one big shirt and there’s no way in hell I’m going to Jay Jay’s just to buy another Stranger Things shirt!”

  57. Imani Harmonica

    Imani Harmonica5 일 전

    It was inappropriate to have a girl in a bra for your boy fans

  58. Georgia Mitchell

    Georgia Mitchell5 일 전

    8:55 can take a spear hoodie and when u get cold then u can grab ur laptop and then wear the hoodie while ur studying. Easy peasy

  59. soler pony

    soler pony5 일 전

    When she said that it was 4:25 in the morning it was 4:46 in the afternoon here 😅😂

  60. Mckenna Mcann

    Mckenna Mcann5 일 전

    I love how she made a tang top into a skirt

  61. Couturehairbyshan

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  62. Aria P

    Aria P5 일 전

    She protecc She atacc But most importantly... She got those clothing haccs

  63. Lintondof

    Lintondof5 일 전

    I love big shirts though

  64. Lauren Pretty

    Lauren Pretty6 일 전

    Are snifer wolf??????

  65. Lauren Pretty

    Lauren Pretty19 시간 전

    @Holly Me ok thanks

  66. Holly Me

    Holly Me4 일 전

    Lauren Pretty yes she is sniper wolf

  67. Demons_or_ Angles

    Demons_or_ Angles6 일 전

    Can u link your wolf pack mirch pls I really wan the phone case it looks awesome

  68. AngelLand_ Plays

    AngelLand_ Plays6 일 전

    The thumb nail I can see what you need to do to make that idk..? Jacket?

  69. Karissa Hatter

    Karissa Hatter6 일 전

    Last one best

  70. erin polak

    erin polak6 일 전

    trom trom did the bra but hack and they r 4 kids wants a big butt

  71. Kayleigh Hubbard

    Kayleigh Hubbard6 일 전

    I use the hoody bag for school when i need to bring books to class but we cant bring our backpacks works like a charm

  72. Neven Hirmiz

    Neven Hirmiz7 일 전

    Me when im doin diy video O_______________________O WWWWWWWWWWWW

  73. TheSpecialtyOfAWolf HD

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    Little Lia ;-;

  74. Justina. Y

    Justina. Y7 일 전

    sausage wore it better

  75. Keira Mckinnon

    Keira Mckinnon7 일 전

    why is it when she said it was 4:25 in the morning i checked and it was ahaha

  76. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster7 일 전

    Is your name Lia? Cause mine is :3

  77. Justina. Y

    Justina. Y7 일 전

    her name is lia

  78. Carley Umbrell

    Carley Umbrell7 일 전

    I love you Lia

  79. Gabrielle Brown

    Gabrielle Brown7 일 전

    Please make some more trying clothes hacks notification on

  80. Zenique James

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  81. Kaylee Negrete

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    Me to coziB

  82. Sim Un

    Sim Un7 일 전

    It’s so bootiful

  83. Sim Un

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  84. Callum James

    Callum James7 일 전

    I swear ur Sssniperwolf!!

  85. Justina. Y

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  86. Princess Yasmin

    Princess Yasmin7 일 전

    When you were doing the bag and you turned to the side it looked like you have a broken arm 😷😷😷💔💪

  87. Xmilky WayX

    Xmilky WayX8 일 전

    Her laugh thooo 6:04

  88. Landyn luu

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    uhh hiiiiiiiiii

  89. Jaythan Ramirez

    Jaythan Ramirez8 일 전

    The sausage

  90. Zahria Wheeler

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    Its funny how sssniperwolf had on a different outfit each time she was in the kitchen lol😂😂