Trying CRAZY CLOTHING HACKS to see if they work


  1. Little Lia

    Little Lia4 개월 전

    hiiiii friends we made it on trending!!

  2. Honor Wooldridge

    Honor Wooldridge8 일 전

    Well done Lia you did great !!!!!😊😀

  3. Waseem Abbas

    Waseem Abbas8 일 전


  4. Emily Andres

    Emily Andres11 일 전

    Little Lia please tell me where u got ur tube tops from I love them and what’s dum for myself please respond

  5. Honor Wooldridge

    Honor Wooldridge11 일 전

    Sorry I am so later

  6. NightUnicorn15_productions l

    NightUnicorn15_productions l13 일 전


  7. Grace Drury

    Grace Drury시간 전

    Meh 😉

  8. Cynthia Salmons

    Cynthia Salmons일 전

    I guess those 5 minute craft girls have to go back to doing their squats

  9. Eli Georgieva

    Eli Georgieva일 전

    Can we see your real nails 🤔

  10. Jessica Reeves

    Jessica Reeves2 일 전

    I do

  11. Jessica Reeves

    Jessica Reeves2 일 전

    She did

  12. Jay The Horse Crazy Girl

    Jay The Horse Crazy Girl2 일 전

    Lia wore it better

  13. Imanie Mistivar

    Imanie Mistivar2 일 전

    Omg sssniperwolf I love you 😍

  14. Emily McKeough

    Emily McKeough2 일 전


  15. Lucas Taylor

    Lucas Taylor2 일 전

    Love u Lia

  16. Gacha Kittycat

    Gacha Kittycat3 일 전

    Me: wearing a huge shirt meh friends:omg what are u wearing?!!

  17. Ruca Rogers

    Ruca Rogers4 일 전

    Your out fit snipper

  18. Ruca Rogers

    Ruca Rogers4 일 전

    I subed

  19. Melzizherez 02

    Melzizherez 024 일 전

    “Obviously the sausage did”

  20. Traye Booker

    Traye Booker4 일 전

    Little lia

  21. Auto. SalvageUK

    Auto. SalvageUK4 일 전

    I love your videos yo yo it is sssneperwolf I love you

  22. Sunshine c

    Sunshine c5 일 전

    When your period goes thru your pants and all you have is a tank top

  23. Chris Guye Nigg

    Chris Guye Nigg5 일 전

    Ok yay

  24. amelia vincent

    amelia vincent5 일 전

    no gucci

  25. Ninaammoune Ammoune

    Ninaammoune Ammoune5 일 전


  26. charli anker

    charli anker6 일 전

    How will you be a cheap VSCO girl without that T-shirt?

  27. •Louise YT•

    •Louise YT•6 일 전

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Not even a single soul: Lia: **films a clothing hack video at 4 am**

  28. Lucas Taylor

    Lucas Taylor2 일 전

    @*LouiseYT* LOL

  29. Randi Jo

    Randi Jo6 일 전

    Sausage wore it better

  30. Olivia Lopez

    Olivia Lopez6 일 전

    Me: has tank top Me: has time Me: tries the hack

  31. Olivia Lopez

    Olivia Lopez6 일 전

    When she makes a joke and you laugh 5 mins later about the joke

  32. Jane auger

    Jane auger6 일 전

    for a second her ponytail kinda made her look like ariana grande

  33. Ernest Northrop

    Ernest Northrop6 일 전

    I would do the hack like it is out first then I taped it onto the shirt then I take some parchment paper then they are iron or flat iron whatever you have. Can heat a damn sticker and melt it on to the shirt and it will stick on and the tape is melted on

  34. Armando Kosova

    Armando Kosova6 일 전


  35. Mia McGuire

    Mia McGuire6 일 전

    little lia

  36. Eric Van Hoesen

    Eric Van Hoesen7 일 전

    Lia wore it better

  37. Reese DoCoteau

    Reese DoCoteau7 일 전

    omg i wanna try this! Omg i love sssniperwolf wish she would notice me:( Subcribe to me if you agree

  38. Unicorn Poop

    Unicorn Poop7 일 전

    Do you have blue or brown eyes

  39. Barakah Jasim

    Barakah Jasim7 일 전

    You are so cute

  40. Nermin Agramy

    Nermin Agramy7 일 전


  41. Terrah Stone

    Terrah Stone8 일 전


  42. Merilyn Huertas

    Merilyn Huertas8 일 전

    Just put paper toilet On you butt to make a big would that work?

  43. Anonymous Teen girl

    Anonymous Teen girl8 일 전

    Surely I can't be the only one who thought the sound foam things were post it notes...

  44. Olivia Rothgeb

    Olivia Rothgeb8 일 전

    You win

  45. Olivia Rothgeb

    Olivia Rothgeb8 일 전

    Little Lia

  46. leah me

    leah me8 일 전