TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Funny Fails Video 2019 - That Kid Falls Into A Hole


  1. Life Of Cats

    Life Of Cats2 개월 전

    Hi Life Awesome and Fans, wanna see something cute? 👍🏽 Check out our video about cats:

  2. Leigh Magdamit

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  3. Robert Conrad Flores

    Robert Conrad Flores개월 전

    I ❤ Cats & Dogs

  4. Sofia Andrade

    Sofia Andrade개월 전

    Life Of Cats y don’t smile and 😂 because they are not funny but y love it xd

  5. Tom Oliver

    Tom Oliver개월 전

    Sand Brothas ,

  6. Sand Brothas

    Sand Brothas개월 전

    Life Of Cats Can everyone in the comment section go watch my last public interview it’s hilarious!!!

  7. Angalena Beard

    Angalena Beard일 전

    Life hurts😭

  8. cryxtoons

    cryxtoons9 일 전

    I give this a 1,000 to a 1,000 it gud

  9. 3KD Family Vlog

    3KD Family Vlog12 일 전

    Love it...

  10. Jose Argueta

    Jose Argueta13 일 전

    We only did laugh once

  11. Jaylen Sm

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  12. LilLocket Gaming

    LilLocket Gaming21 일 전

    I don't know about anyone else but, I only tapped on this video because the thumbnail looked funny.



    This is the funnyes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. yegna tech

    yegna tech25 일 전

    3:06 I can't stop laughing

  15. januka newar

    januka newar25 일 전

    Who are waiting for the thumbnail Like here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻✌

  16. Sabrina Roberts

    Sabrina Roberts25 일 전

    the first one got me so good "so much more on ch---"

  17. paris cell

    paris cell27 일 전

    i dot funni heheheheh heheehe😤😤😤😤😤

  18. Oliver Condino

    Oliver Condino28 일 전

    Its not funny

  19. old Bonnie

    old Bonnie개월 전

    Now da risa

  20. kirel minecraft and fortnite

    kirel minecraft and fortnite개월 전

    Bruh why u go run the birds ate going to beat u up

  21. Millie_Wolf Gacha

    Millie_Wolf Gacha개월 전

    Umm I don’t laugh and is not really funny at all

  22. Maryam Saleem

    Maryam Saleem개월 전

    Ya it feels really bad

  23. mister b

    mister b개월 전

    When life gives you lemons, you fail forever and make people laugh



    I have a hoverboard

  25. Bloody Red Riding Hood

    Bloody Red Riding Hood개월 전

    0:47 -> this is me in Tower of Hell every single level of it xD

  26. Ruth Bouwer

    Ruth Bouwer개월 전

    2:30 that’s just irresponsible as a parent

  27. christian ruiz

    christian ruiz개월 전

    It was all white kids

  28. melanie gentle

    melanie gentle개월 전

    The glittes on chanelet so much more on chane- *falls on the floor*

  29. melanie gentle

    melanie gentle개월 전

    We're gullites on chanelet so much more on chan--

  30. Deicy Reyes

    Deicy Reyes개월 전

    I was laughing super hard it was so funny

  31. CaliforniaElevators 21

    CaliforniaElevators 21개월 전

    The kid on the pogo stick kept trying to use a pogo stick the right way but he failed

  32. Tiffany Bobo

    Tiffany Bobo개월 전

    This is so funny but I wonder if those kids are OK

  33. Gavin Froling

    Gavin Froling개월 전

    Awesome Awesome Awesome!

  34. Carla Richardson

    Carla Richardson개월 전

    Why 1:23 and 1:50 the same thing you are NOOBS lol noob get noob

  35. Chris Sessions

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  36. Galaxyk cz

    Galaxyk cz개월 전

    Yay I got A++ at school 0:00

  37. Galaxyk cz

    Galaxyk cz개월 전

    Yay I got A++

  38. Galaxyk cz

    Galaxyk cz개월 전

    Drifting in 3:01

  39. Galaxyk cz

    Galaxyk cz개월 전

    Drifting in 31

  40. mightyflash0 Roblox

    mightyflash0 Roblox개월 전

    3:06 I tried to do this with water and i almost spit out my water on my mouth

  41. SJ's World Prank

    SJ's World Prank개월 전

    not funny @ all!!!! no LOL

  42. Park Jimin

    Park Jimin개월 전

    3:06 The baby must hurt that is not funny 😭😭😭😭

  43. Destiny Brown

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  44. FaZe_Catfish_

    FaZe_Catfish_개월 전

    When jontron got hit by a brick

  45. Crazy Fun

    Crazy Fun개월 전

    👍 Very cool videos. Maybe someday I will have as many comments 😊😊😊

  46. Mark Vincent Dadulla

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  47. kncs. tv

    kncs. tv개월 전

    OMG be careful baby boy your so cute 👦

  48. ActiveJay D

    ActiveJay D개월 전

    3:07 is messed up cause you can tell he did it on purpose

  49. ActiveJay D

    ActiveJay D개월 전

    Damn I lost it at 2:30

  50. Paty Jesus Paz e vida

    Paty Jesus Paz e vida개월 전

    Vocês não podem ir no cinema não pode rir criança não pode tem que fazer carinho não erre que aprender a cuidar dos seus filhos 🤬🤬😛

  51. Prank yadin

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  52. ThePotatoeSniffer

    ThePotatoeSniffer개월 전

    Nothing was funny

  53. Sudenaz Krabbe

    Sudenaz Krabbe개월 전

    nice funny

  54. Sravyajettyjtsravya Jtsravya

    Sravyajettyjtsravya Jtsravya개월 전

    ho my god

  55. Red basco

    Red basco개월 전

    the picture of the movie make me cry

  56. Sofiya Camorro

    Sofiya Camorro개월 전

    😂 haha

  57. Yuan Sansano

    Yuan Sansano개월 전

    Funny videos are running out!!!!!!!

  58. Army but Buddy

    Army but Buddy개월 전

    Do you really think that people getting hurt is funny? Look, some of them even crying. Like, what the freak? 😐😑

  59. Fluky

    Fluky29 일 전

    I get hurt and I laugh at my own stupidity 😂 so seeing others isn't different

  60. giorgos var

    giorgos var개월 전

    agree mate,until it happens to you...

  61. Jasmin Vlog

    Jasmin Vlog개월 전

    small youtuber done qatxhing hug and hug back po

  62. NappleApple GT

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  63. GachaTwins

    GachaTwins개월 전

    3:14 I cracked up and replayed it like a million times

  64. Wille Arvidsson

    Wille Arvidsson개월 전

    Ni va inte bra

  65. Don’t call me a bot

    Don’t call me a bot개월 전

    Glitties on chalets much more on chale- *falls* waaaaaaahhhhhh mama!!!!

  66. it's so easy as 123

    it's so easy as 123개월 전

    2:39 let me just hes ok!

  67. Mhaouch amyne

    Mhaouch amyne개월 전

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh funny video keep making more

  68. HAN motion here

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