TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Funny Fails Video 2019 - How Did The Kid Get Stuck? | Life Awesome


  1. Life Awesome

    Life Awesome개월 전

    What is the funniest part do you think? Me? - 1:24 😂

  2. Lanzkie Purisima

    Lanzkie Purisima22 일 전

    Nothing because it's borded

  3. Eana Venette

    Eana Venette개월 전

    @Tagaram David Martin u look ugly and ur a spoiled brat

  4. Eana Venette

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  5. Maggie Roberts

    Maggie Roberts개월 전

    Love u I always laugh at these vids lol

  6. raman hamza

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  7. chloe chen

    chloe chen23 시간 전

    1:30 was the best

  8. Muhaimin Hakim

    Muhaimin Hakim2 일 전

    Some parent of these clip are so stupid..when kid get hurt he just keep filming and laughing..dont feel funny..

  9. Rizal daniel gaming

    Rizal daniel gaming2 일 전

    Thats right bro.

  10. Ngọc Ngọc

    Ngọc Ngọc6 일 전

    Xuất bản 2 thg 8, 2019

  11. Lloyd Woodward

    Lloyd Woodward6 일 전

    3 girls singing little one cracks her head lol

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  15. -MOONYUIL-빚

    -MOONYUIL-빚9 일 전

    I feel bad for laughing at kids getting hurt.....😔 BUT I CANT HELP IT!!😆😆😂😂😂😄

  16. Ashleigh Griffin

    Ashleigh Griffin10 일 전

    I like when they say do u think it's a boy or a girl and then the little girl starts crying because it's a boy

  17. Jason Williams

    Jason Williams13 일 전

    i loved the 334 part when the kid comes out of the box and hits his head on the table and screams

  18. monika tyagi

    monika tyagi14 일 전

    Very funny 😊 😊 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  19. MajorDumbass

    MajorDumbass14 일 전

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Roblox Characters Dying: 0:27

  20. Wedi dani

    Wedi dani19 일 전

    I was walking dead

  21. Seven Stop

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  22. Darshely vacu

    Darshely vacu23 일 전

    4:13 mi favorito 😂😂😂

  23. white fox 0956

    white fox 095626 일 전

    4:12 had me dying 😂

  24. XxKawaii_ PotatoxX

    XxKawaii_ PotatoxX27 일 전

    4:44. The kid is freaking possessed.

  25. Bartukovich

    Bartukovich28 일 전

    What the hell is wrong with you people!? Kids getting hurt and all of you laugh!? WTF is wrong with 21st fucking century people.

  26. cookie girl no one of your business

    cookie girl no one of your business29 일 전

    0:59 baby: hurts his head. dad/mum: continues the video. me: WHAT THE HELL PARENT IS THAT?!

  27. G Zharla

    G Zharla29 일 전

    the funniest part is the first one

  28. Samir Pradhan

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  31. 阿笨

    阿笨개월 전

    4:45 if it was me, i would have punch the kid back

  32. Mega Gamer 1000

    Mega Gamer 1000개월 전

    why dose everyone get hit in the head???????

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  34. ElMataKiller Cool

    ElMataKiller Cool개월 전

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation...😂😂

  35. carat love

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  36. carat love

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  37. Marcello Gonzalez

    Marcello Gonzalez개월 전

    Great video. I have seen so many of these that I am immune now. I just want to laugh! Please make me laugh!

  38. iisunny_sunset 5

    iisunny_sunset 5개월 전

    omg The little boy’s pants slipped 🤣

  39. Jimmy De Guzman

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  40. Connoe

    Connoe개월 전

    i laughed haha very funy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Karren Boaloy

    Karren Boaloy개월 전

    This is how many times i laughed😂😂 | | V

  42. MatrixXD

    MatrixXD개월 전

    I was ripping myself off of laughter in class today, then two more of the bois started laughing, but the rest of the class AND the Geography teacher didn't know what the heck we were laughing at 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Anna - I love S*X : * TAP ON MY PHOTO

    Anna - I love S*X : * TAP ON MY PHOTO개월 전

    how good ;)

  44. Echo Anuran

    Echo Anuran개월 전

    I enjoyed watchind this video. Thanks for sharing. Please visit my channel for random funny videos too of pets,people etc...cheers and God bless.



    very funny,subscribe dude

  46. Alazouf Alharbi

    Alazouf Alharbi개월 전

    4:44 Am I the only one bursting tears right now? LMAO

  47. Hannes 2 Prinsloo

    Hannes 2 Prinsloo22 일 전

    I love you 😁😁😁😁

  48. Zucious

    Zucious개월 전

    Not funny Didn't laugh.

  49. Wally World

    Wally World개월 전

    Why she laugh on that baby she hurt that woman is rude

  50. BTS A.R.M.Y

    BTS A.R.M.Y개월 전

    I didn't laugh 😑

  51. Zucious

    Zucious개월 전

    Not funny.....

  52. cathy gaylon

    cathy gaylon개월 전

    hahaha it's funny

  53. JAG Gaming

    JAG Gaming개월 전

    2:10 you WAS walking

  54. Ranjeet Shrestha

    Ranjeet Shrestha개월 전

    All the things were painful.. This isn't funny

  55. BTS A.R.M.Y

    BTS A.R.M.Y개월 전

    I agree

  56. TIKTOK RM Nisperos

    TIKTOK RM Nisperos개월 전

    So funny🤣🤣

  57. FUNNY W. PH

    FUNNY W. PH개월 전

    What the hahaha so funny those kids 😂🙏 Tour to my house for f you want thanks and hit the subcribe 😍 ⬇️

  58. gordon rorke

    gordon rorke개월 전

    More like try not to cry

  59. Rhicha Raman

    Rhicha Raman개월 전

    What is funny in this.. people r laughing on how children get injured. bullshitt

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    Scam Witness - Avoid Scams To Earn Online개월 전

    Seeing kids get hurt and cry well that i snot funny.

  61. BTS A.R.M.Y

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  62. Engrid Alleyne

    Engrid Alleyne개월 전

    I don't know

  63. Burke J Minns

    Burke J Minns개월 전

    Kids are awesome

  64. monika tyagi

    monika tyagi개월 전

    Very nice 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

  65. Krishanpal ujjwal Krishanpal ujjwal

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  66. LeGacha Løgic :P

    LeGacha Løgic :P개월 전

    3:55 😂😂😂 i was laughing so hard

  67. cookie girl no one of your business

    cookie girl no one of your business29 일 전

    the poor girl was red.

  68. Neha Singh

    Neha Singh개월 전

    English to reply de do 😧😭🙃🙃☹️☹️😟

  69. Teripang Channel

    Teripang Channel개월 전

    Yes me too

  70. Cassylia S Rangslang

    Cassylia S Rangslang개월 전

    It is a verry funny video nice!

  71. isla barnes

    isla barnes개월 전

    You looser

  72. Nthabeni Zulu

    Nthabeni Zulu개월 전

    0:28 and 4:45 killed me the plane's wings snapped off and her head had a really hard hit

  73. Lo ki

    Lo ki개월 전

    also 3:19 movie scene

  74. Lo ki

    Lo ki개월 전

    2:37 movie scene