1. Mikays !

    Mikays !4 시간 전

    if only james was actually part of the game, he wouldn't have laughed at all

  2. Mikays !

    Mikays !4 시간 전

    15:48 come watch funhaus, almost all their videos are always on the verge of getting demonetized lol

  3. My Girl My Whiskey & Me

    My Girl My Whiskey & Me5 시간 전

    bro banish misfortune!!!!! okay okay,,,,

  4. Claire Philpott

    Claire Philpott일 전

    Achievement hunter is better

  5. Siddharth Prabhu

    Siddharth Prabhu일 전

    Elyse+Tommy+Shayne+Damien can take down Gus lol.

  6. Marcus Facio

    Marcus Facio일 전

    What was the song he couldn't sing at 5:30

  7. SiLenT366

    SiLenT3663 일 전

    Talk about "hold my beer." Smosh you got destroyed.

  8. Spark Danielson

    Spark Danielson3 일 전

    9:03 kfc: Kentucky fried children

  9. Jacopo Barberis

    Jacopo Barberis3 일 전

    Elyse was brutal in this, she did not spare anyone

  10. zachie wood

    zachie wood5 일 전

    HOLY SHIT that intro made me SCREAM

  11. Cypherus

    Cypherus5 일 전

    The Indiana Jones bit and the challenger disaster bits were by far the best.

  12. ghoulunathics

    ghoulunathics7 일 전

    i think i have to agree with practically the whole universe that Elyse is so perfect for this show. maybe in some alternate reality she stars in Smosh Pit?

  13. The Hopper

    The Hopper7 일 전

    It's ironic that after the challenger disaster joke a astronaut ad came out yikes.

  14. Mowmauf

    Mowmauf7 일 전

    i think the song that adam sang was family reunion by blink-182

  15. Husky Boi

    Husky Boi8 일 전

    10:38 there actually already is a home alone 4 it came out in 2002 it was not that good

  16. First Last

    First Last8 일 전

    Honestly these videos help me through so much going on in my life. thank you guys so much

  17. RamseyLEL

    RamseyLEL10 일 전

    I still think about Elyse's Cheecho bit all the time

  18. Willow TV

    Willow TV10 일 전

    13:54 Ian had to laugh so the left wing KOreporter gods dont destroy this channel

  19. Ya Boi Tyronne

    Ya Boi Tyronne10 일 전

    my favorite member: mm

  20. Eric Shaw

    Eric Shaw11 일 전

    Elyse: yeah i swallowed it. Was i not supposed to? Me: 👀👀👀

  21. Max Hyde

    Max Hyde11 일 전

    Elyse just saw a chicken hat and space suit and immediately knew what to do

  22. dweem2009able

    dweem2009able12 일 전

    Hot milf

  23. vFlamme

    vFlamme12 일 전

    can u get David Lopez in there PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  24. Gibson Overweg

    Gibson Overweg12 일 전

    Isn’t shayn from Goldberg’s

  25. MooshroomGaming

    MooshroomGaming14 일 전

    Smosh is chaotic lawful, while Funhaus is chaotic evil

  26. Shawn Younkin

    Shawn Younkin14 일 전

    This is the best episode

  27. Ziegg

    Ziegg14 일 전

    Keep coming back to this video just for the Elyse bits. She's qween

  28. Darkknight329

    Darkknight32916 일 전

    I interrupted class because you guys

  29. Heather Ker

    Heather Ker16 일 전

    Shane: alright, get ‘em. My favorite moment

  30. Jordan Wallace

    Jordan Wallace16 일 전


  31. Thought.Matrix

    Thought.Matrix17 일 전

    Adjust the white balance or turn the saturation up or something

  32. Aaron Harris

    Aaron Harris17 일 전

    13:58 Shayne: "I knew I had to go dark humor with you" Elyse: *you dare challenge me*

  33. Anonymous Critique

    Anonymous Critique19 일 전

    Has Olivia been there the whole time?

  34. SuperChristopher2004

    SuperChristopher200420 일 전

    10:36 Does anyone want to tell Ian that there was a home alone 4

  35. PC Master Race

    PC Master Race20 일 전

    Adam’s Indiana Jones character was hilarious

  36. Alec Perry

    Alec Perry24 일 전

    Elyse In James space camp suit?

  37. Danielle Whitlock

    Danielle Whitlock25 일 전

    You can’t kill children in vanilla Skyrim, ya noob.


    DEMONETIZE26 일 전

    14:15 help, I didn't get it

  39. Hexa FreeZe

    Hexa FreeZe26 일 전

    Funhaus is in a completely different league comedy wise compared to these smosh schmucks

  40. The gaming Canadian

    The gaming Canadian27 일 전

    Courtney is an easy laugh.

  41. Brad Boaldin

    Brad Boaldin27 일 전

    I think I’m in love with Courtney

  42. LadyWolf 33

    LadyWolf 3327 일 전

    And with that Skyrim orphan comment, Courtney Miller made my day and she is now and already was one of favorites. Her and Shayne and really the whole Smosh crew is great.

  43. Mariah Martinez

    Mariah Martinez28 일 전

    I miss Keith

  44. Aaron Cotton

    Aaron Cotton29 일 전

    Spit out my gamer girl bath water Rueban or face..Azeroth 😂

  45. EmeraldBeast

    EmeraldBeast개월 전

    16:12 gOd!?

  46. Lewis Murphy

    Lewis Murphy개월 전

    Shane: I knew I had to go dark Elyse: oh really? Watch and learn child

  47. powercookie m2

    powercookie m2개월 전

    One line I bet would get every one would be "is it a bird? A plane? What ever it is its heading straight to the world trade center"

  48. Sophia Mahramas

    Sophia Mahramas개월 전

    i was asked for my bath water once in a group chat with my other female friend and like 12 other boys and they were like give us ur bath water (they were joking, they weren’t being serious)

  49. Nayan B

    Nayan B개월 전

    Ian and Courtney are somehow basically father and daughter on every level

  50. p c

    p c개월 전

    i feel like everyone in california are liberals.

  51. Racheal Groce

    Racheal Groce개월 전

    Yall should have Achievement Hunter on!

  52. AffableAussie

    AffableAussie개월 전

    Has anyone else seen that woodturning ad? Because I just saw it and I don't know if I can continue with life

  53. Monideepa Ghoshal

    Monideepa Ghoshal개월 전

    When we getting Achievement Hunter??

  54. It’s Me

    It’s Me개월 전

    10:51 me realizing there is a test today I have prepared for

  55. Candy Gacha

    Candy Gacha개월 전

    Courtney: I’ve killed a few orphans in Skyrim. Me: *ETERNAL HAPPINESS* :D

  56. VEGETA

    VEGETA개월 전

    I cracked when they showed the DEMONETIZED tag...

  57. Nathan Castile

    Nathan Castile개월 전

    They should bring together all of the guests and have an hour long mega episode

  58. thesimsloverish

    thesimsloverish개월 전

    Producer: "NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC!" Also Producer: "cue The Sims 2 Build Mode Music at 13:58!"

  59. Xzacter Gaming

    Xzacter Gaming개월 전

    Hi i have depressin

  60. GacMan47

    GacMan47개월 전

    Why was Courtney always on dates? I'm here for Funhaus. It was fun seeing the cast literally beat up the Smosh cast.