Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food


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  2. Savage. fernandaa

    Savage. fernandaa14 일 전

    REACT I wanna be part of the team 😭😭💗

  3. sabira alam

    sabira alam14 일 전

    REACT recipes? 😅😭😭💖 plz upload the recipes soo hungry right now 😭

  4. Nia perry

    Nia perry24 일 전

    Do cooking mama!

  5. Joantan Madrigal

    Joantan Madrigal25 일 전

    Nice vid

  6. Random Commenter

    Random Commenter시간 전

    Jim looks like he could be Tom's dad.

  7. Carlos TM

    Carlos TM시간 전

    No steamed hams?

  8. Funnehcake Gurl!

    Funnehcake Gurl!5 시간 전

    I want to try the rib wich! 😟

  9. Lol UWotM8?

    Lol UWotM8?6 시간 전

    Where's Edd secret sauce

  10. Caleb Schmidt

    Caleb Schmidt10 시간 전

    You should try these foods: Parks and Rec - Turkey leg inside of a hamburger The office- Kevin’s Famous Chili Month old Chinese food- Brooklyn Nine Nine Meat Tornado- Parks and Rec

  11. g hj

    g hj10 시간 전

    There should be a try to eat challenge where theres disgusting food and they have to eat it

  12. Eve's Gacha Wonderland

    Eve's Gacha Wonderland12 시간 전

    I honestly would not give 5 oofs about the punishment and just eat everything

  13. TatlTails39

    TatlTails3912 시간 전

    ngl I was waiting for Steamed Hams

  14. Kids Fun and Learn

    Kids Fun and Learn18 시간 전


  15. Adele Bowman

    Adele Bowman21 시간 전

    I love Ary in these vids. She always eats everything like "idgaf about the punishment" yes girl! 😂

  16. Alicia Metters

    Alicia Metters22 시간 전

    Ari, you are cool Girl!💯👍🏾

  17. Jack Wright

    Jack Wright22 시간 전

    I’d just eat it all then grab the food at the end and run XD

  18. DukeJcode - Destiny and Overwatch

    DukeJcode - Destiny and Overwatch일 전

    Where’s Flander’s hot coco from the Simpsons movie

  19. XoLulbaby Xo

    XoLulbaby Xo일 전

    Why the hell do they keep losing 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ like wtf cmonnnn do better and be stronger. You should make them eat the whole punishment if they lose.

  20. Yes i am Ugly

    Yes i am Ugly일 전

    60% that watched this video win because they only watch them eating

  21. Caio Reis

    Caio Reis일 전

    Officer Jim ! From “Nailed It “ !

  22. nick diaz

    nick diaz일 전

    Yes he came I was shocked

  23. Tracy Ward

    Tracy Ward일 전

    She said she would go down for a donut

  24. XoLulbaby Xo

    XoLulbaby Xo일 전

    Tracy Ward right like wtf

  25. Lyestte Mohr

    Lyestte Mohr일 전

    Welp i would've won none of that looked good

  26. sicko mode

    sicko mode일 전

    That Rib-wich looks so good

  27. C u B e

    C u B e일 전

    Jim's very strong

  28. Auryel Perkins

    Auryel Perkins일 전

    I’m eight years old

  29. Auryel Perkins

    Auryel Perkins일 전

    My dream is to be on your show

  30. Poramo5

    Poramo5일 전

    Auryel Perkins Keep dreaming my friend we all want to be.

  31. Kimberly Keney

    Kimberly Keney2 일 전

    You should try not to eat chicken nuggets and the punishment is 10 slugs and you have to eat them all

  32. Enzo Benz

    Enzo Benz2 일 전

    Can I join your channel

  33. Francesca Sosa Reyes

    Francesca Sosa Reyes2 일 전

    8:15 me when I eat to much

  34. Francesca Sosa Reyes

    Francesca Sosa Reyes15 시간 전

    LOL why am I keep missing 8:16

  35. Francesca Sosa Reyes

    Francesca Sosa Reyes15 시간 전

    Lol I meant 8:26

  36. FBI

    FBI일 전

    Francesca Sosa Reyes lose spelling abilities

  37. aeh20s

    aeh20s3 일 전

    None of them said “Mmm, forbidden doughnut.” And it made me sad.

  38. Ally Balaz

    Ally Balaz3 일 전

    I would really like to see a try not to eat challenge based on Black Butler. They have a lot of good looking desserts and foods

  39. MunaEarthly Sounds

    MunaEarthly Sounds3 일 전

    Nature Sounds

  40. FeaR

    FeaR4 일 전

    Love tori

  41. Vince Cabais

    Vince Cabais4 일 전

    6:17 The simpsons predicted despicable me 2

  42. Lydia Saich

    Lydia Saich2 일 전

    Oh the nacho hat?

  43. wheelie k

    wheelie k2 일 전

    +Pencilcake999 KOreporter never noticed

  44. Pencilcake999 YouTube

    Pencilcake999 YouTube2 일 전

    wheelie k in despicable me 2 there was a nacho hat.

  45. wheelie k

    wheelie k3 일 전


  46. Rolando Ibanez

    Rolando Ibanez4 일 전

    Here's a idea give them the soup from naruto

  47. TheRedGameboy

    TheRedGameboy4 일 전

    No liquid smoke. That doesn't count!!

  48. TheRedGameboy

    TheRedGameboy4 일 전

    I find your lack of Gummi de Milo disturbing.

  49. Miranda Romo

    Miranda Romo4 일 전

    What is the moon waffles?

  50. Ethan Radcliffe

    Ethan Radcliffe4 일 전

    That donut is form dunkin I’ve had it before

  51. c a r o l i n e

    c a r o l i n e4 일 전

    the winning dish should’ve been that hot chocolate from the simpsons movie. irresistible looking to me as a kid.

  52. Who Cares

    Who Cares3 일 전

    I know right lol

  53. Mr memes

    Mr memes4 일 전

    this video makes me hungry

  54. Jason John

    Jason John4 일 전

    I would love that donut....🍩

  55. Geovanni Castillo

    Geovanni Castillo4 일 전

    If only Ian from smosh was here 3:10 pink frosted sprinkled donut.🤤

  56. Double o9e

    Double o9e4 일 전

    omg food battle

  57. Creepyparty

    Creepyparty4 일 전

    The food looked gross lol

  58. bones

    bones5 일 전

    The GIANT donuts from Universal are sooooo good 😍

  59. Lulya Tewelde

    Lulya Tewelde5 일 전

    react to Queen Naija

  60. quupertti

    quupertti5 일 전

    Jonathan is 🤮

  61. quupertti

    quupertti4 일 전

    +iiiArixyn And how tf I should've known that? But that explains why he is somewhere else.

  62. iiiArixyn

    iiiArixyn4 일 전

    quupertti bruh my dad got a divorce with my mum so he doesn't live with me

  63. Josue Fraga

    Josue Fraga5 일 전

    Nacho hat made me cry

  64. Shadow101

    Shadow1015 일 전

    You should include Flander’s hot chocolate, from the Simpson’s movie. It looked so good....

  65. Lara Hawraz

    Lara Hawraz5 일 전

    Ary reminds me so much of Emeraude toubia

  66. Adriana Liz González

    Adriana Liz González5 일 전

    Do the Pokémon food!!

  67. Creepyparty

    Creepyparty4 일 전

    Hell ya

  68. FoxDemonMaster

    FoxDemonMaster6 일 전

    I've been watching this show for years and I can honestly say that I would win most of these challenges with the exception of the food Wars episode that is the only one that I know would break me

  69. Bri ii

    Bri ii6 일 전

    what if someone was allergic to fish tho ? 💀

  70. Brandon Edwards

    Brandon Edwards4 일 전

    They probably know their allergies.

  71. Orelly

    Orelly6 일 전

    Where is the hot cocoa?

  72. Bammmyouuu

    Bammmyouuu6 일 전

    And I like food XD

  73. Jhelyka Barbecho

    Jhelyka Barbecho6 일 전

    They should have done the hot chocolate in the Simpsons movie if I was in this I would have lost if it was the hot chocolate😂

  74. Gil Lexus

    Gil Lexus6 일 전

    honestly just last the challenge. not that hard. then when you win demand to have everything brought back out.

  75. Josue Banegas

    Josue Banegas6 일 전

    Who else gets the last meal at school

  76. david baek

    david baek7 일 전

    or try naurto

  77. david baek

    david baek7 일 전

    try korean food

  78. no name

    no name7 일 전

    the guys are always strong in these challenges

  79. Funko Pop King

    Funko Pop King5 일 전

    I know most of the time the girls eat anything they bring

  80. Timothy Rivers

    Timothy Rivers7 일 전

    It’s fashion food I get it fashion food and fast food

  81. kpop lover all kpop idols loves me!!

    kpop lover all kpop idols loves me!!7 일 전

    Try not to eat Gordon Ramsay best dishes

  82. chris n.

    chris n.7 일 전

    kpop lover all kpop idols loves me!! but like the reward cannot possibly be better

  83. Czarina Montano

    Czarina Montano8 일 전

    Try not to eat steven universe edition

  84. Shadow MHA

    Shadow MHA7 일 전


  85. Nina Cervera González

    Nina Cervera González7 일 전


  86. Tara :D

    Tara :D8 일 전


  87. Helena The Lil Gacha

    Helena The Lil Gacha8 일 전

    Just go to universal studios and get a Simpson donut XD

  88. Ismaris Dones

    Ismaris Dones8 일 전

    You can just go to Universal Studios and buy a Simpson donut 😂😂😂😂

  89. Unmatched

    Unmatched8 일 전

    Try Not To Eat is now FBE's best KOreporter franchise (in my opinion). It's really fun to watch them all struggle not to eat the food, and the reward/punishment at the end is amusing (and I can imagine victorious and delicious for the winners)

  90. Minx Minx

    Minx Minx5 일 전

    I agree!

  91. dm xkore

    dm xkore8 일 전

    I would not eat the waffle are donut no milk no eat

  92. Nogo Productions

    Nogo Productions8 일 전

    am i the only one who couldn't watch the simpsons

  93. Jocelyne Carranza

    Jocelyne Carranza8 일 전

    2:35 “Omg, me” So relatable 😂😂

  94. first name

    first name8 일 전

    fairly odd parents food!!!

  95. Michelle Canete

    Michelle Canete8 일 전

    Bobs Burgers

  96. Dhika Nugrooz

    Dhika Nugrooz8 일 전

  97. DJDURL

    DJDURL8 일 전

    I knew she was going to say it was her aesthetic.

  98. DJDURL

    DJDURL8 일 전

    Never heard someone say they weren’t a fan of nachos. Wow.

  99. SharpnessXVSlayer

    SharpnessXVSlayer8 일 전

    I could win easily.

  100. rebeka salgado

    rebeka salgado9 일 전

    i think the winning dish or food had to be the milkshake that bart has in the movie, the one with cream and a wafer

  101. Israr Ahmed

    Israr Ahmed9 일 전

    That was hot chocolate not a milkshake

  102. Monie Basey

    Monie Basey10 일 전

    Jim is on Nailed it

  103. R Pasternak

    R Pasternak10 일 전

    Please do try not to eat old Disney channel like how you did with Nickelodeon. But please do old style disney like the Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana era.

  104. k p

    k p10 일 전

    No.... Please grow up and act your age

  105. Paulina Medina-Gutierrez

    Paulina Medina-Gutierrez10 일 전


  106. its livv

    its livv10 일 전

    Y’all should do a cooking mama try not to eat challenge

  107. victoria marie

    victoria marie10 일 전

    "professional chef"??? that donut was from dunkin donuts...

  108. Plysdyret1

    Plysdyret110 일 전

    I don't think the spaghetti-thing looks good.

  109. Robert Oliver

    Robert Oliver10 일 전

    I got a better idea. How about a battle of the sexes? A try not 2 eat challenge from beyblade shows. 4 rounds of food, they have empty an stomach and the losers have 2 eat, Aio's messed up pasta.

  110. Master Gamer

    Master Gamer11 일 전

    I think the Professional chef is Gordom ramsay

  111. forever depressed

    forever depressed11 일 전

    Try not to eat simpsons?

  112. Simmeon Dillon

    Simmeon Dillon11 일 전

    Cops love doughnuts

  113. Soranlly Ramirez

    Soranlly Ramirez12 일 전

    deez nuts

  114. Jr Nunez

    Jr Nunez12 일 전

    Idea!! 💡 first one to finish a nasty 🤢 dish will win and make it food from cartoons,movies etc!!!

  115. Noodle _

    Noodle _12 일 전

    I HAVE AN IDEA!!! Let’s do a try to eat challenge. You guys have to bring the most disgusting foods in tv shows/movies/ etc. They must take a big bite and swallow it. Whoever swallows the most amount of food gets a delicious surprise at the end.

  116. Rawaa

    Rawaa12 일 전

    do food from gumball and darwin!!!

  117. aleesia

    aleesia12 일 전

    okay but alberto is lowkey fine-

  118. Scrubbed up defaults Man

    Scrubbed up defaults Man12 일 전

    aleesia what?

  119. BowDown ToKing

    BowDown ToKing12 일 전

    Nobody: Sergio: tr noth to eat sthimpsons foods

  120. moon plays

    moon plays13 일 전

    I want to join this show

  121. Norith Kang

    Norith Kang13 일 전

    Should of made crusty the clown burger... the clogger

  122. Alexa Moonlight

    Alexa Moonlight13 일 전

    *More videos from Shows/CARTOON food*

  123. Adapt1872

    Adapt187213 일 전

    I really want to know how to make the spaghetti in bar form

  124. I love JENLISA

    I love JENLISA13 일 전

    5:17 Exactly

  125. Ally McDaniel

    Ally McDaniel14 일 전

    You can buy the donuts at universal and it’s so good they are huge and look so much better than the ones in the video

  126. Ally McDaniel

    Ally McDaniel13 일 전

    Carnivorous Turtle yeah at the one in Florida I’m not sure about the California one I haven’t been to that one

  127. Carnivorous Turtle

    Carnivorous Turtle14 일 전

    omg really?

  128. Ally McDaniel

    Ally McDaniel14 일 전

    You can get the rib witch at universal to I didn’t try it though

  129. michelle x

    michelle x14 일 전

    2:57 u and I both know that’s from Dunkin Donuts

  130. NS JP LIFE

    NS JP LIFE14 일 전


  131. Katie Chuyangheu

    Katie Chuyangheu14 일 전

    SpongeBob Food! ❤️

  132. River Anthony Zamora Solis

    River Anthony Zamora Solis14 일 전

    Katie Chuyangheu yeah in part two

  133. Hector Osorto

    Hector Osorto15 일 전

    not really liking Ary....she's eh