TRUTH OR DARE (2018) Ending Explained


  1. jonathan houston

    jonathan houston21 시간 전

    saved me 12.99 thanks

  2. Lexi Leichtle

    Lexi Leichtle22 시간 전

    Could carter have just cut off like a little sliver of his tongue? Ya know? Like a just the tip of it?

  3. Zeturic

    Zeturic22 시간 전

    When you mentioned that the nun (or whatever) had cut out her tongue, that made sense to me for a completely separate reason. If you can't talk, you can't answer whether you want to do Truth or Dare, which would permanently put the game on hold.

  4. Raven The Death Goddess

    Raven The Death Goddess2 일 전

    8:04 She's beautiful

  5. Devin Weeda

    Devin Weeda5 일 전

    Olivia I would save thousands of ppl Olivia: imma ruin humainty

  6. Devin Weeda

    Devin Weeda5 일 전

    Bruhh that ending tho lol

  7. Ibuki Mioda!

    Ibuki Mioda!6 일 전

    Demon: Truth or dare Me: Or Demon: *throws an ore*

  8. Anya Vlad

    Anya Vlad6 일 전

    Love the shirt 👌🤩

  9. vlady580

    vlady5807 일 전

    Co worker asked me how the movie ended because he fell asleep watching so I showed him the FoundFlix KOreporter channel! How I just helped push to the 1.5 subscriber mark!!!

  10. Bad ghaca 5346

    Bad ghaca 53468 일 전

    Demon: Truth or Dare Me: *picks Truth everytime* I have nothing to lose

  11. Cyber Spinosaur

    Cyber Spinosaur10 일 전

    The sequel to this takes place over Fortnight and Minecraft

  12. Joshua Ford

    Joshua Ford11 일 전

    Those fucking faces are cringey as shit

  13. Princess Rayne

    Princess Rayne12 일 전

    No one Not a soul Not a single soul Demon: HeRE’s thE MOthEr-fucKiNg TeA

  14. Shai Cnaan

    Shai Cnaan14 일 전

    I am pretty sure the ending was a reference to the moral dilema that olivia was asked at the beggining of the game, which was if she preffered to have her and her friends dead so the rest of the world will live safely or, she and her friends survive. The ending just answered that exect question with her trying to save herself and her friend by choosing the selfish way to the game and the moral dilema

  15. Ninja Assassin

    Ninja Assassin14 일 전

    okay so people can exorcise other powerful demons which can literally make u do spooky shit like fly in the air and stuff but not a simple truth or dare bitch demon.

  16. Dulce Ochoa

    Dulce Ochoa17 일 전

    Or if they weren't so scared of dying they could have just posted a video or told the police what's happening while in control and then kill themselves so that the game will end and since the police know about that spot they can build something over it or hide that place so no one else can die and if someone doesn't listen and plays the game then it's their own fault for being ridiculously stupid

  17. Andrew Pleva

    Andrew Pleva18 일 전

    Why tf would anyone ever choose dare? Let’s see, get everyone pissed at you or be forced to murder or commit suicide? Hmmmmm, so tough.

  18. Maria queen09

    Maria queen0920 일 전

    3:44 when you get an email from school saying it's canceled for the day

  19. Corey Class

    Corey Class20 일 전

    Man I could just FEEL your lack of enthusiasm for this movie through your voice. Haven't seen the movie but based on this video, it must blow. Lol

  20. Adamanthus Zeraxis

    Adamanthus Zeraxis21 일 전

    Accurate review though. Because seriously? A Demon, a creature of lies, want to teach you honesty? 😂 I found the movie tasteless.

  21. Roberto Engels

    Roberto Engels21 일 전

    I remember watching the movie. It was really, really bad. And I remember watching the ending, with my brothers at my sides. Then... I started laughing. Like a lot. It was fucking retarded and I love it.

  22. mattyoblobber

    mattyoblobber22 일 전

    what a shit film, christ

  23. The GA

    The GA24 일 전

    It's just filthy frank

  24. Miyuru Eranda

    Miyuru Eranda24 일 전

    That's not a demon. it's just the PHOTOSHOP LIQUIFY option gone wrong.

  25. Ghostcat ,

    Ghostcat ,26 일 전

    So basically a whole movie of people picking dare (the worst choice) b/c telling people you're a cheating hoe is to much.

  26. Ya Boio

    Ya Boio27 일 전

    How could she have opened the game to the whole world though, don’t they play in the pattern that the original players started in? So how would everyone else be added in if they weren’t in the original loop? Am I missing something or did these movie writers write different parts of the movie without consulting each other?????

  27. David Reynold

    David Reynold29 일 전

    8:05 it gotta be a man

  28. Veronica Greene

    Veronica Greene개월 전

    Truth or Dare was a crazy ass movie...

  29. Recon

    Recon개월 전

    When this first came out I was scared to watch KOreporter for the rest of the year and when I came back I had over a hundred notis lmao

  30. KitsuneKuddles

    KitsuneKuddles개월 전

    You should do the other Truth or Dare

  31. Køkïçhì Ömã

    Køkïçhì Ömã개월 전

    Anybody here after the trailer for a hide and seek horror movie

  32. Keon Batson

    Keon Batson개월 전

    Demon: If you do the dare you'll most likely die, but if you don't do the dare, you also die

  33. Nawaf Sorya

    Nawaf Sorya개월 전

    Snap filter: hold my beers

  34. Jamie Shindler

    Jamie Shindler개월 전

    Um, I think you missed the mark at the end there, FoundFlix. Olivia isn't being selfish at all, she explains exactly why she's doing it to Markie before she opens the livestream. "I'm choosing you." Even with all the horrifying ugly secrets revealed through the movie, the bond between the two of them is so strong Olivia is willing to put the entire world in danger if it means keeping Markie alive. They foreshadow it a fair bit, not to mention showing us the flip side right before with Markie choosing dare. She's terrified, doesn't know what Olivia's planning, and has seen firsthand that refusing results in death ... but her faith in her best friend was still enough that she trusted Olivia. And since Calux himself didn't seem to know such an option was possible, it also serves as an interesting sequel hook if nothing else. What do you say to the person who decided you were more important than the rest of the world? What do you do once you've MADE that kind of decision?

  35. putsome basilonit

    putsome basilonit개월 전

    I dare you all to repent through Jesus

  36. Kyrie Snyder

    Kyrie Snyder개월 전

    Can we get a funko pop collection video? Even just the 8 i see are some of my absolute favorites.

  37. Always Watching

    Always Watching개월 전

    Excellent explanation on your part, but as for whoever created a "demon possessing truth or dare" is the fucking stupidest idea I've ever heard of. Fucking dumb fucking piece of shit motherfuckers!!!! Why the fuck isn't there ANY other force in the world other than this cock sucking dickbag of a demon who deserves to be buttfucked into oblivion? Where the fuck is the opposing force? Fucking motherfucking must be nice to be an omnipotent being able to fuck with people without consequences. Haven't seen such bullshit since fucking Final Destination. What's the fucking point of trying to survive in worlds like those? Fucking shit eating motherfucking cock biting assholes fuck shit damn!!!! Fuck!!!!

  38. Michael Hackett

    Michael Hackett8 일 전


  39. Xiao-Long Rathje Zhao

    Xiao-Long Rathje Zhao개월 전

    well hope that hide and seek is better (ready or not)

  40. Alex Ruas

    Alex Ruas개월 전

    I fucking hate teen movies

  41. La Belle

    La Belle개월 전

    4 writers and it wasn't even original. Truth or Dare 2017.

  42. Twinkle Doubt

    Twinkle Doubt개월 전

    Am I the only one who sees that the demon cheated on it's own game? Olivia chose dare, but the demon forced her to say a truth, and of what I read, that's cheating, making this movie WAY longer than what it's supposed to be.

  43. Plagueful

    Plagueful개월 전

    Literally just pick truth. Bam! Game beatin

  44. Glitched_

    Glitched_개월 전

    Truth is... the game was rigged from the start *Fallout new Vegas theme*

  45. Axel Alucard

    Axel Alucard개월 전

    Type anything in Google you will survive any horror movie.

  46. Sentimental Gentleman

    Sentimental Gentleman개월 전

    Next = Would you rather

  47. Magnus Bane

    Magnus Bane개월 전

    Next up.... *Ding* *Dong* *Ditch*

  48. N.K.

    N.K.개월 전

    . . V

  49. Nick Cox

    Nick Cox개월 전

    That seemed terrible...

  50. Hope Carr

    Hope Carr개월 전

    I don't usually watch your videos unless I've seen the film, but I watched the 2017 Truth Or Dare which I've heard several people say is the better of the two. So I figured what the hell, I'll go ahead & watch this! "CG William Defoes" 😆

  51. Patrick Forget

    Patrick Forget개월 전

    Can I thought it was a good movie I guess not every movie can be a blockbuster you know if they'd even give horror movies one tenth of what they give these so-called Oscar winners which are dogs with fleas chick flicks at the best it would be one of the most awesomest horror movies around let me take a guess you didn't like saw either because they didn't come out with all the chick flick money see you're supposed to be objective and you're not so shut up be objective and do your f****** job keep your two cents out of it that the people make up their own damn mind cuz we already we don't care what you thought

  52. The Flash

    The Flash개월 전

    Demon: truth or dare Me: truth Demon: nah bruh pick dare Me: wtf what’s the point then 😂

  53. Lemuel Yatali

    Lemuel Yatali개월 전

    My only question: why. What do the demons accomplish from killing people. What do they accomplish by turning a friendly game demonic. Okay so let's say everyone does not abide to the rules and therefore dies. Then what

  54. Lemuel Yatali

    Lemuel Yatali개월 전

    My only question: why. What do the demons accomplish from killing people. What do they accomplish by turning a friendly game demonic. Okay so let's say everyone does not abide to the rules and therefore dies. Then what

  55. $krrt Cobain

    $krrt Cobain개월 전

    what about the 2017 SyFy movie Truth or Dare

  56. Arctic Law

    Arctic Law개월 전

    You got the whole story messed up Ronnie dies first

  57. Rajkumar Robertson

    Rajkumar Robertson개월 전

    Fuck you for the creepy nun!!! !!

  58. jade Davis

    jade Davis개월 전

    Thank you blumehouse for making this game deadly

  59. Brainslime DB

    Brainslime DB개월 전

    Just choose truth other then you letting out lies you wont hurt yourself

  60. BlackSH0veldeath

    BlackSH0veldeath개월 전

    Lol. Are the photos he keeps posting when they are possessed really from the film, or just comedic photo shops, ? Cause they look ridiculous. Yet hilarious. It reminds me of the Jack Nicholson Joker 😂

  61. Zoul Storm

    Zoul Storm개월 전

    That smile is me when Donald trump is in jail