TRUTH OR DARE (2018) Ending Explained


  1. Kulak Remover

    Kulak Remover13 시간 전

    So why don't they just always chose Truth? The worst that can happen is them saying some shit, does not seems like all that big of a deal.



    You know u can give yourself a like

  3. thelight cube

    thelight cube2 일 전

    Ronnie had a *teenie weenie*

  4. Jeremy Strain

    Jeremy Strain2 일 전

    As bad as 4 writers for a movie sounds it’s still nowhere as bad as 5 or 6 writers for a song. 💁🏻‍♂️

  5. Ema Silva

    Ema Silva4 일 전

    I hated this movie so much

  6. I'm a POTATO

    I'm a POTATO4 일 전

    The poor demon just wanted someone to play his favorite game. It's not his fault humans can die😂😂😂😂😂

  7. o o

    o o4 일 전

    they could've went to North Korea and go up to a random person and say "truth or dare" problem solved

  8. Ba Vo

    Ba Vo6 일 전

    God this movie was shite.

  9. Just some guy with half a Mustache

    Just some guy with half a Mustache7 일 전

    What's next Hide And Go Seek

  10. Koala Bear Army

    Koala Bear Army8 일 전

    Guys there was a movie that came out in 2017 called the same thing and is the same time that Is honestly pretty good and 1000 times better than this dog crap it’s on Netflix I recommend checking it out

  11. ddanial07

    ddanial078 일 전

    3:17 Me and the bois getting out of school after pulling the fire alarm

  12. Sorcerous Eon

    Sorcerous Eon9 일 전

    So if they didnt live-broad their ToD, they are the last batch to call out the shiat demon. Then no one can pass it on. Its selfish but meh, Ill do it if it happens. Just keep it to myself for the greater good.

  13. okay hello

    okay hello9 일 전

    Why tf do these people choose dare?

  14. Joye Swinderman

    Joye Swinderman9 일 전

    That's the smile I make when I find 5$ and know that I'm gonna spend it on alcohol

  15. PaHBu Newin

    PaHBu Newin12 일 전

    If u just keep picking truth you can't die

  16. Luka Heath

    Luka Heath12 일 전

    this was hardly an ending explained, ur pretty much just saying what happened throughout the whole movie :/

  17. Brooke M

    Brooke M13 일 전

    I have the same shirt

  18. John Trustworthy

    John Trustworthy13 일 전

    Moral of the story: [REDACTED]

  19. Local Dingus

    Local Dingus14 일 전

    I’m pretty sure only yourself or your legal guardian can sign or unsign you up for things so the very beginning is dumb.

  20. Rukiasenpai

    Rukiasenpai15 일 전

    I have never seen the movie but wouldnt be a lot safer to just pick truth?

  21. Rukiasenpai

    Rukiasenpai15 일 전

    Cuz honeslty to easily solve this truth or dare problem is to tell the truth Honeslty what's so bad about telling the truth I get that sometimes people prefer hearing lies than the truth but in this case u have to be as honest as u can be to survive in the game

  22. Simon Hansen

    Simon Hansen16 일 전

    in the end, Tyler should have just picked truth to buy carter time but picked dare cause movie logic

  23. Warren Ward

    Warren Ward21 일 전

    How do you play truth or dare with just one person? what if olivia instead decided to kill herself? is the demon free?



    me: i have came back from the day haunting of that face *me with thumnail: okay i am not scared *12 half seconds: OH HELL NO 0:26

  25. xXCocoaXx xXCacaoXx

    xXCocoaXx xXCacaoXx21 일 전

    hahaha this movie sucks

  26. Fennix 56

    Fennix 5621 일 전


  27. Bts and Red velvet

    Bts and Red velvet22 일 전

    What i think is they are gonna take all the survivors and make a movie about them playing truth or dare again

  28. theAbeElement

    theAbeElement24 일 전

    the movie was more entertaining than this video

  29. Fosi Fozounmayeh

    Fosi Fozounmayeh24 일 전

    FoundFlix: “TRUTH OR DARE ENDING EXSPLAINED” Also FoundFlix: *wares shining shirt*

  30. RobloxGorl

    RobloxGorl24 일 전

    I watched the movie, i hate thriller movies like that so i got nightmares

  31. RRageMode

    RRageMode25 일 전

    Why tf didn’t they all just keep choosing truth

  32. ジジョー・マンマ

    ジジョー・マンマ25 일 전

    The smile is Jank af

  33. Ugly SCP Tato

    Ugly SCP Tato25 일 전

    If the move is made by Blum house you know it’s gonna be fucking tariffing

  34. jim jackson

    jim jackson27 일 전

    From now on “Cheating Hobag” is now my favourite term.

  35. TheSuspiciousOrange

    TheSuspiciousOrange28 일 전

    Why not choose truth every time? Then the demon gets the tea it wants and no one gets hurt. Tadaaa

  36. Darius Klause

    Darius Klause29 일 전

    Ending is so stupid.he could have just choice Truth and stall .THAT GAME WAS ABOUT TO END IN A FEW MINUTES .

  37. AliveForWar

    AliveForWar29 일 전

    A lot of people are saying that Olivia could've dared Kallix (the demon) to end the game. This couldn't of happened because as you remember, Kallix chose Truth, not Dare.

  38. Karina Middlebrooks

    Karina Middlebrooks29 일 전

    The new movie iiiiiiis Hang man!!!!

  39. Michael Green

    Michael Green29 일 전

    Why not just don’t say truth or dare just ignore it

  40. Donald Lutu

    Donald Lutu개월 전

    Why not someone take one for the boys and dare the other players to quit the game...🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  41. Chad Thundercock

    Chad Thundercock개월 전

    First plothole; you can walk into a HfH and volunteer that day. There's no "sign up list" source: someone who actually volunteers.

  42. Kool Aid

    Kool Aid개월 전

    Truth Or Dare?

  43. Isaac Smith

    Isaac Smith개월 전

    Why didnt they cur that one guys tongue out and put it in the jar it never said u couldn’t

  44. Rory Joosten

    Rory Joosten개월 전


  45. specialisinginseaveyy

    specialisinginseaveyy개월 전

    why is 13 unlucky. does that mean im unlucky?

  46. Bloodmoon Monsters

    Bloodmoon Monsters개월 전

    Just choose truth, all the time.

  47. Bloodmoon Monsters

    Bloodmoon Monsters개월 전

    abshxe oh, well still it doesn’t effect me that much. But I see your point, lol I wouldn’t even be there anyway

  48. abshxe

    abshxe개월 전

    Bloodmoon Monsters If the players choose truth two times in a row then the next person is forced to choose dare

  49. Kelly Adrienne

    Kelly Adrienne개월 전

    How about and ending explained on Truth or Dare 2017 which I personally think is better than this one

  50. xAutumn Leafx

    xAutumn Leafx개월 전


  51. Blair Boy31

    Blair Boy31개월 전

    Demon:truth or dare Me:rock paper scissors Demon:I choose shoot u Me:fuck ive been out played,flanked but most obviously bamboosaled

  52. Ilkka Rautio

    Ilkka Rautio개월 전

    Woah, forced honesty makes things work just as good as forced loyalty, not very well. 🤔 Theres no lesson to be learned, obey or die i guess. 😴😡

  53. Jay Wanton

    Jay Wanton개월 전

    The ending was stupid n terrible Olivia pick dare then Lucas picked dare and was dared to kill oliva or the other girl all he had to do was pick truth carter was cutting his touge I was pissed it didn’t make sense

  54. Camryn Murawski

    Camryn Murawski개월 전

    7:52 wouldn't it be easier to just hire a hitman or kill him yourself? Instead of going through all the summoning a demon crap?

  55. Camryn Murawski

    Camryn Murawski개월 전

    The other movie of the same name I found on KOreporter while looking for this movie is AWESOME and AMAZING and I highly recommend you find and watch it

  56. Sophie Bell

    Sophie Bell개월 전

    Anyone else notice that he called Lucas Tyler when Tyler is his real name 🤔

  57. Julian's World

    Julian's World개월 전

    If it dares I'm triple dog take out the trash dare back

  58. Julian's World

    Julian's World개월 전

    I think she did it to cut her tounge out and it ends

  59. Isaac Delcid

    Isaac Delcid개월 전

    I mean we have ready or not? (hide and seek) and truth or dare WHAT HORROR MOVIE IS NEXT???

  60. Ems Her

    Ems Her개월 전

    6:08 is a mood

  61. Tankkizzle

    Tankkizzle개월 전

    High school is so much tougher now adays

  62. Mortisis necroborn

    Mortisis necroborn개월 전


  63. YBNyoungboyz 103

    YBNyoungboyz 103개월 전

    This movie is stupid as fuck

  64. beeadoll

    beeadoll개월 전

    Funniest part of your commentary is when you said “the chick face turned twisted” idk why but I cackled for 10 minutes with that comment. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣