Trump Supporters Chant “Send Her Back” About Ilhan Omar | The Daily Show




    Ah...all the libtards in the comments...enjoy islam, bitches. Then you'll tell me how the fuck is compatible with lgbt rights and gender equality...but you libtards don't usually waste your time with things like Logic or Reality...

  2. Lance Smith

    Lance Smith23 시간 전

    Send her back!

  3. pakes namibia

    pakes namibia일 전

    But though who really voted trump

  4. Chris Martinez

    Chris Martinez일 전

    Didn't boo Presley because they probably thought she was white.

  5. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson2 일 전

    Send all four of those harpies back. One of them, the one that cries all the time, Talib, is just friggin insane.

  6. Pink Flamingo

    Pink Flamingo3 일 전

    I live in greenville nc, that was there it was so embarresing. And i promise you that we are not all like that

  7. Carson Murakami

    Carson Murakami3 일 전

    hate creates more hate one side must show love before the other concedes

  8. Ana Scheu

    Ana Scheu3 일 전

    Why use the sexist expression "Grow some balls"? I'd say grow some pussy!

  9. Hair Care Specialist

    Hair Care Specialist3 일 전

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  10. randomnobody playthrough

    randomnobody playthrough3 일 전

    Trumptards didn't boo Ayana Presley because her name sounds (White) American.

  11. World Chronicles

    World Chronicles4 일 전

    Send her back and send Trevor with them. Then toss the Clintons in prison where they belong. Like who knows that many people who committed suicide?

  12. Wrath Aka Revenger

    Wrath Aka Revenger4 일 전

    It’s funny how people say whites aren’t from America. But we made trades and they were dying from diseases anyway when they already were on America.

  13. Azaryah Raphael

    Azaryah Raphael5 일 전

    Donald Johann Drumpf should go back to Germany.

  14. rich attom

    rich attom5 일 전

    there are lot of Americans that are pure American you have to be 3nd generation to be pure American that is 3 generations born on this soil white , black , Latin, asian etc....just so we all know what a pure American is and lets not bring the Indians into this because they crossed over from Asia a long time ago and took the land form the

  15. Leon Villegas

    Leon Villegas5 일 전

    What Don should've said to his illiterate base, was, all that look like me, in this nation that is not ours from when our ancerstors came in boats infested with infectious rodents from Europe, bringing with them the gift given to them by God in the form of a pest, so they could live longer, from being such a good people, the BUBONIC PLAGUE of all things. Then, let's go back to Europe. You, the people that look like Donald brought diseases and infested the pristine american continent with again, the BLACK PLAGUE. This disease remains in your bodies in about 68% trace, give and take, in your DNAs. Look it up, google it. It is documented it. Look for the documentary and buy it from either HISTORY CHANNEL OR DISCOVERY.

  16. Mashilo Dipela

    Mashilo Dipela5 일 전

    Lol everyone crossed the line before he could stop them....

  17. Paul Maag

    Paul Maag5 일 전

  18. caroline yartey

    caroline yartey6 일 전

    Pitiful, confused, Nincompooracist idiots! Hard to imagine this is America. Putin is having a time of his life watching America destroy itself.

  19. shortylickens69

    shortylickens696 일 전

    "WOMEN FOR TRUMP" as their fuhrer actively attacks women all over America.

  20. Dev Env

    Dev Env6 일 전

    i support trump and i also disavow the send her back comment. once you're a US citizen, you're one of us, even if you're a complete anti-american retard like ilhan omar, we're stuck with her stupid ass now, we just have to try and turn her into a american whose loyalty is to america not other countries

  21. Nevuah Gallery

    Nevuah Gallery6 일 전

    Remember in the movie, when it was discovered that he had rabies, they shot Old Yeller!

  22. Diana Collazo

    Diana Collazo6 일 전

    If only the natives were able to say it to Columbus when he arrived

  23. mstrusosweet

    mstrusosweet6 일 전

    Omg his speech sounds like a WWF wrestler speech. And on Saturday night I'm going lay the smack down on your candy As* if you smellllllllll!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Marta Martinez

    Marta Martinez6 일 전

    Bearded Ted🤔😱😭🤮🤮 cruise

  25. Marta Martinez

    Marta Martinez6 일 전

    😂😅😂🤣😂 They thought he meant Elvis Presley😅😂🤣🤣

  26. Eseer

    Eseer6 일 전

    "They have nothing good to say" Proceeds to talk shit

  27. Sonam Gyaltso

    Sonam Gyaltso6 일 전

    Muslim will control US soon, if Muslim come to US. Already something is starting.

  28. Denis Polic

    Denis Polic7 일 전

    I´m pretty sure that Trump is only holding a mirror to a society who didn´t like what they see inside "in the land of the free and the brave". And he speeks out loud that what the most of them think, otherwise he would not be elected and sit in the White House. And all the jokes would not help to get him out. And you can make a tousand of shows like this to tell the people that he´s corrupt, and racist, and no matter what, it wouldn´t change a thing, cous, you are do not fight the man, you are figthing against religion, religion of white supremacy, and he is it´s prophet. I feel sorry for all the good people in America, cos i´m pretty sure that the martirium would go for four more years and America would face the second civil war "we against them".

  29. mritachi15

    mritachi157 일 전

    send her back to Somalia where she was born !!!!

  30. Sp Hayward

    Sp Hayward7 일 전

    Shut up, even you, send you back to South Africa

  31. Maktub

    Maktub7 일 전

    Trevor, you are the BEST!!!!!

  32. Josephine Adjanohoun

    Josephine Adjanohoun7 일 전

    So, ya know when Trump has press conferences, Why is there are no people of color? Also: Trump, please stop. Get a life.

  33. Ronnie Hopkins

    Ronnie Hopkins7 일 전

    Trump supporters open up your eyes trump don't give 2 fucks about you trump is a lil girl people was shot and killed and all the dum ass bitch trump do is talk about him self this bitch lie so much and his bitch ass kids are just like his dum sorry ass

  34. Monga

    Monga7 일 전

    What lier is this kind of lier. Is this the true reflection of America.

  35. Jia Wei

    Jia Wei7 일 전


  36. urrealdad76

    urrealdad767 일 전

    If he would have said Wesley Snipes when he was naming them I would have shit myself

  37. Eddie T

    Eddie T7 일 전

    Those retards were booing based upon the xenophobic reactions to the relatively "foreign" or "Muslim sounding" names, and they didn't know how to react to the name Presley, as in Elvis...

  38. Jaylen Owens

    Jaylen Owens7 일 전

    These racist mother fucker are soft as shit you lend on a Crowd that saying send her back but when confront you got excuses fucking pussys

  39. Judith Rhice

    Judith Rhice7 일 전

    Alexandria O-Crazy Cortrez.

  40. I_Am_Shadow CA

    I_Am_Shadow CA7 일 전

    So trump supporters wanna say they aren’t racist?... that’s fucking hilarious, trump is LITERALLY mid sentence about a form of prejudice... while his followers chant a prejudice remark. “He *send her back* has *send her back* a history *send her back* of anti Semitic *send her back*”

  41. Adiel AfriQan Music

    Adiel AfriQan Music7 일 전

    The Usain Bolt part😂😂😂😂

  42. Brooke McElhaney

    Brooke McElhaney7 일 전

    It's so gross hearing him speak at length...he has the same word choice and timing as my estranged dad. Like the similarities are STAGGERINGGG

  43. Rahul Patel

    Rahul Patel7 일 전

    "If people don't like America they should leave" I'm sorry, what was your campaign about again?

  44. Serial Thrilla

    Serial Thrilla7 일 전

    Trevor, you are killing it, man! Ahahaha!

  45. Felicia Hawkins

    Felicia Hawkins7 일 전

    Stupid a$$es probably thought Ayanna Pressly was one of Elvis' relatives


    PHOENIX X8 일 전

    Notice the guy with the baseball hat was like .." I'm not saying that shit as he looked around "

  47. Chris Geller

    Chris Geller9 일 전

    If somebody's name took 15 minutes to pronounce they'd have no right to ask people to pronounce their full name. Get the fuck out of here. You're not gonna waste my life and torture me with your long and hard to pronounce god damned name.

  48. Ben Phronesis

    Ben Phronesis10 일 전

    Omar hate USA. send her back ... She has a refregee mindset. Omar speaking (insult) against Israelis. Jews backbone of USA. 😂 Omar

  49. OxiCream

    OxiCream10 일 전

    Have your fun now, when he gets elected you won’t be laughing anymore!

  50. mrkillop18

    mrkillop1810 일 전

    I know you secretly like trump trever Noah

  51. mrkillop18

    mrkillop1810 일 전

    Trump 2020

  52. Damdu Dak

    Damdu Dak10 일 전

    Maybe they know something? Like she was released from psycho ward couple years ago? Then their chanting makes even more sense.

  53. Damdu Dak

    Damdu Dak10 일 전

    It's not about racism. It is not about how she look like.. it is about what's in her empty head. She doesn't support American values. She is from totally different culture and she is trying to spread her culture and her values.

  54. american1476

    american147611 일 전

    This guy is funny always thought so he is very classy unlike the culture vultures Kimmell and Colbert everything you said is true and im still voting for Trump and as u can tell they arent drones for him bc they dont know who Pressley so they wont boo her but we love what he does he is like our family he talks like us hes not pc and he had good anti china policies

  55. nijaad88

    nijaad8811 일 전

    The Usain Bolt part killed me bro 😬

  56. shucky ducky

    shucky ducky11 일 전

    America is fucking stupid

  57. Starboy 1902

    Starboy 190211 일 전

    Americans, can you all do the right thing on this upcoming election?

  58. BobbyKing

    BobbyKing11 일 전

    yep dw man democrates are going to win.

  59. Mr Me

    Mr Me11 일 전

    The people screaming Nazi the loudest are the Nazis. There has always been this teenage angst view to this America can't wait to get here so I can say I hate it here. And it also seems to be the most hated best place to work out your ideas to change it to match other places you won't live.

  60. Thelacan

    Thelacan11 일 전

    Oh shut up. There were people marching with nazi flags. They ARE nazis.

  61. christopter burgos

    christopter burgos11 일 전


  62. Florence Bekoe

    Florence Bekoe12 일 전

    Trump should send Melania and her parents back, and Ivanka's mother back to where they came from. Case closed.

  63. Seetiyan

    Seetiyan13 일 전

    That fool crowd probably don't know ANY of the congresswomen. But the first three names sounded more "foreign."

  64. WindyCitySuspects

    WindyCitySuspects5 일 전

    @TheSlozzy you are an idiot lol, The comment has a higher IQ than you 😂

  65. TheSlozzy

    TheSlozzy7 일 전

    Thats incredibly racist of you

  66. adoranymphlupin

    adoranymphlupin14 일 전

    Wouldn't that be great if it just turned out that those MAGA hats actually had some kind of mind-control or brainwashing device all along? Like I mean...that'd still be terrible and reprehensible, but at least it might restore in me a modicum of faith that all people have even a shred of goodness in them.... 😖

  67. marcus love

    marcus love14 일 전

    Seriously.. justin beiber had it worst..get over it

  68. mike sampson

    mike sampson14 일 전

    Can't wait to help elect Trump again. That bitch hates America and really does need to go somewhere. Hell preferably.

  69. mike sampson

    mike sampson11 일 전

    @BobbyKing you are a total fkng moron.

  70. BobbyKing

    BobbyKing11 일 전

    She doesn't hate America. She is trying to fix america for dumb ass like you. Also Trump ain't winning becuase Joe Biden will win.

  71. Michelle D

    Michelle D14 일 전

    He said he started sparkly quickly after that.....ummm no... He was enjoying it

  72. Wednesday Riding

    Wednesday Riding14 일 전

    Trump and those chanters are idiots. Omar is not Anti - Semitic , she wants to see AIPAC not have a hold on the US , AIPAC controls US foreign policy to the extent that we go to war for Israel and destroy lives for that psychopath Netanyahu.

  73. Dewald Coetzer

    Dewald Coetzer14 일 전

    What a retard Trevor is, send him back!

  74. Brian Root

    Brian Root15 일 전

    OH, the lemmings who are buying the scrript. Omar only got elected because Obama flooded her district with 400,000 Somalis. She does not represent US you silly humans,she is a criminal and a plant to destroy from the inside out yet look at all the comments by the deceived. CDLUELESS LEMMINGS!!!



    No matter how much this piece of shit makes fun of trump, he still is president, go fuck yourself in the ass with Hilary’s dick

  76. Kitty Ling

    Kitty Ling15 일 전

    Proof that sheepeople are real. Wonder why we have people wanting to kill people of color.

  77. TheTruthIsRacist

    TheTruthIsRacist16 일 전

    Send both Racists Trevor and Omar back. Don't need or want their hate here.

  78. Benjamin Mendez

    Benjamin Mendez16 일 전


  79. Random name

    Random name16 일 전

    I agree, send her ass back.

  80. BobbyKing

    BobbyKing7 일 전

    @Random name Nah we don't want you and your other KKK members in this country.

  81. Random name

    Random name7 일 전

    @BobbyKing I am back lol

  82. BobbyKing

    BobbyKing11 일 전

    I agree we send your ass back.

  83. ESE DOPE

    ESE DOPE16 일 전

    It breaks my heart to see our nation like this...

  84. BobbyKing

    BobbyKing11 일 전

    Lol yes Everyone hate America now cause of Trump.

  85. Betty Jean Itoka

    Betty Jean Itoka16 일 전


  86. Tony Lohi

    Tony Lohi17 일 전

    I had to see this on Trevor Noah because the 1st time I saw it on KOreporter the comment section and even top commenter was in favor of this disgusting racist hate rally.

  87. BobbyKing

    BobbyKing11 일 전

    Ikr what has happened to people. It almost as if they want to start KKK agian.

  88. MeteorMan

    MeteorMan17 일 전

    Ilhan Omar hates white people and Jews. She has made numerous comments to that effect since she has been in Congress. Yet the Democrats refuse to condemn her remarks. The mainstream Democrat controlled media refuse to report on it as well. She is also in the country illegally because she lied about her identity on her immigration paperwork. She also ilegally married her brother in order to commit tax fraud and allow him to gain entry into America. Again, no mention of this by the mainstream Democrat controlled news outlets.

  89. Mermaid Flying

    Mermaid Flying17 일 전

    This is a prime example that defines his followers! To say they’re Uneducated is inaccurate. His followers are the epitome of stupidity and are an example of what is infinitely insulting to the very notion of intelligence!!

  90. mike leeward

    mike leeward18 일 전

    This mf talking bout anti-Semitism. Did he forget about the Nazi Charlottesville tiki-torch march

  91. Random name

    Random name16 일 전

    Wow, you're an idiot.