Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look


  1. mike weston

    mike weston일 전

    Has this excuse for a president ever heard the phrase 'no smoke without fire' ? I mean a 'perfect' call is a lot different from a 'frightening' call - right ?

  2. Duck Duck Andeby

    Duck Duck Andeby14 일 전

    The American President, Said to be the most powerful man on earth 🌎! He who says about himself, that he has a good brain, he knows words, the best words. THIS is all different things Trump Donald is bragging about himself. The genius, of a President, Trump Donald said: “ BUT LISTEN TO THIS ...THERE IS NO PRO QUO” We know, as he knows he said this wrong. But In case someone don’t know what he actually was trying to say. He tried to say: “BUT LISTEN TO THIS... THERE IS NO QUID PRO QUO. “ But try to get Trump Donald to admit he said something wrong He was trying to use the popular quote. “Quid pro Quo” that’s an Latin term. Means “something for something” How it’s used in English today, is “to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other “a favor for a favor” Phrases with similar meanings include: “Give and take”, “Tit for Tat”, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” and “ one hand washes the other “ this wrong. But

  3. Starly Graim

    Starly Graim15 일 전


  4. Google User

    Google User17 일 전

    But isn't that illegal? Demanding the media search for a Government protected witness and divuldge his or her name? Why is this nonsense even being allowed? Witness intimidation..? Risking harm? Threats? WTF, am I mistaken?

  5. Clayton Morris

    Clayton Morris19 일 전

    Someone fucking shoot this fucking idiot

  6. novatemari

    novatemari19 일 전

    Calling out the whistleblower for retaliation is against the Federal Whistleblower Protection Act. Another impeachable offense

  7. Volkan Hunter

    Volkan Hunter21 일 전

    Is there any judge that can order a but plug to be inserted in Trumps pie-hole with a remote control, in this way when ever the SOB lies someone can can press a button and give him an electrical shock.

  8. James Short

    James Short21 일 전

    TRUMP 2020

  9. Rickinsf

    Rickinsf22 일 전

    Seth needs a new map of Ukraine...that one still has Crimea attached.

  10. Adam Edward

    Adam Edward24 일 전

    Trump is a criminal want to be dictator terrorist

  11. Avrysatos

    Avrysatos24 일 전

    There was no quid pro quo. when the other party cant refuse its called extortion.

  12. Larry Finney

    Larry Finney24 일 전

    People, we now know who the whistle blower is !!!.....It's Randy Paullllll. !!!!!!! Er, Rand !!!!

  13. Richie Tattersall

    Richie Tattersall25 일 전

    He doesn't think, he reacts, they are not the same think

  14. Patrick Butterly

    Patrick Butterly25 일 전

    Lay off the dudes spelling ... really lads the video seems to run like: heinous crime presented hilariously ... heinous crime presented hilariously... heinous crime presented hilariously... oooohh lad cant spell look at that typo! lol look at his silly walk.... heinous crime presented hilariously... heinous crime presented hilariously... etc

  15. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent25 일 전

    Forget the weed killer-he definitely would be using a metal detector to find lost charge.

  16. Richard Schaniel

    Richard Schaniel25 일 전

    he has lied all through his illness and he thinks he is above the law I really cannot understand why people like trump and my answer is impeach his ass and pence to

  17. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent25 일 전

    Richard Schaniel Pence [too]

  18. David Brandenburg

    David Brandenburg25 일 전

    if he doesn't watch then he can say its all false

  19. David Brandenburg

    David Brandenburg25 일 전

    theres a reason he can't see the whistle blower, they are protected by federal law for just this reason. so that fucking idiots like trump and his fucking family can't brow beat their accusers!. if there is a god in heaven then trump and his whole fucking family, will take a flight on a defective Boeing 737 MAX!.

  20. iCookie1

    iCookie126 일 전

    His identity is protected to avoid Trump-supporters killing him. The Trump Religion is the most extremist and violent there is. Just look at the FBI stats on the amount of rightwing terrorist attacks. They are shooting up mosques and sending pipebombs to people. While complaining about the "violent left". Funny.

  21. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent25 일 전

    iCookie1 [amount=number]

  22. Geoff Collins

    Geoff Collins26 일 전

    Trump wants to find out who the whistle blower is so he can have him knocked. Guys like that cant stand losing. If he loses the presidency because of some 'nobody' it'll eat at him the rest of his life.

  23. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent25 일 전

    Geoff Collins Oh, yes please, yes yes yes, yes oh yes oh please please please!!!

  24. Grandus11

    Grandus1126 일 전

    This is all here say and hearing something from sally who told bill that related it to ted is just bs.

  25. Swapan Sarkar

    Swapan Sarkar26 일 전


  26. strongbad666

    strongbad66626 일 전

    "It was a perfect phone call." Translation: "It was the perfect crime and I've never been held liable for any of my previous crimes in my life so why should I be held responsible now?" Wait, I thought Republicans were the party of "personal responsibility"? So why is their leader so irresponsible?

  27. Stephen Jenkins

    Stephen Jenkins26 일 전

    Hey Seth. How many underage girls do you approve of being sexually assaulted? Your no news stories on abcnews cover-up makes you complicit!!!

  28. omegapointil

    omegapointil26 일 전

    Myers, Maddow and MSNBC throw the covers off just how dishonest and ignorant republicans actually air every night. Did you get your couple hundred buck tax break to keep quiet? How is it possible for this many people to be so fundamentally dishonest and believe Trump is anything but illiterate?

  29. trunk monkey

    trunk monkey26 일 전

    Trump just wants to know who it is so he can have them offed like he did with Epstein!

  30. 羅德夫

    羅德夫26 일 전

    All prejudgements about Americans become the truth because Trump is the symbol of a typical average affluent American.

  31. Senzo Ncube

    Senzo Ncube26 일 전

    LINDSEY GRAHAM is GARBAGE! He has always been GARBAGE! And will always be GARBAGE!

  32. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith26 일 전

    Seth, I am ready to think he is not there!

  33. Chris Burkert

    Chris Burkert27 일 전

    How is it at this point not obvious to even every MAGAnut that Trump is a very ill person with no personal integrity whatsoever??

  34. Chaotic Entropy

    Chaotic Entropy27 일 전

    Utterly and completely disgusting individuals, watching all of these life long constitution hugging Republicans choosing to take a piss all over it.

  35. Miguel Maldonado

    Miguel Maldonado27 일 전

    I am the whistleblower he is the whistleblower she is the whistleblower I am Spartacus!

  36. hissinggoose

    hissinggoose27 일 전

    Seth fanboys do realize impeachment ends in the senate and that the senate is republican, right?

  37. Carmen Mencar

    Carmen Mencar27 일 전

    Big question is. What would they do to him/her if some asshat releases their name. Will they REALLY disappear?

  38. W Whyte

    W Whyte28 일 전

    The whistle blower is now irrelevant after all the depositions from the professional diplomats.

  39. bob green

    bob green28 일 전

    Ok, it is I !!😀💯

  40. Shane Strickland Burgess

    Shane Strickland Burgess28 일 전

    donald dump has got to be the dumbest person that has ever walked on this earth, next to the people who voted for it. you idiots.

  41. Hotdog22958

    Hotdog2295828 일 전

    Rand Paul is a little Schnit!

  42. Hotdog22958

    Hotdog2295828 일 전

    Roaches run when the lights are turned on. Whistleblower turned the lights on and now roaches (republicans) are knowing what's coming next, a can of raid called IMPEACHMENT!!

  43. chancyvonsnuffals

    chancyvonsnuffals28 일 전

    so he got away with it in 2016 so he thinks the best idea is to try it again.