True Facts : Ant Mutualism


  1. wepp31

    wepp313 시간 전

    I know I’m not the only one that say that ant walking with a blunt at 1:07 lmao

  2. Julie Curtin

    Julie Curtin8 시간 전

    Any of you farmers' mothers want to play a game of leafy leafy who's an asshole??!

  3. Joshua Khane Fondevilla

    Joshua Khane Fondevilla23 시간 전

    This reminds me of ant bully



    And until this day, David is still carrying poop into the chamber

  5. warriorwolfprincess

    warriorwolfprincess일 전

    He’s like a proud ant father/teacher until David comes along

  6. Angry Panda

    Angry Panda일 전

    David come back, That's Poop 😑

  7. guy degregg

    guy degregg일 전

    You have got to be Fungal kidding me my

  8. guy degregg

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  9. Dan Campbell

    Dan Campbell일 전

    David is a girl

  10. Leonardo Gasca

    Leonardo Gasca일 전

    David stop.

  11. Steven

    Steven2 일 전

    You have got to be one stiff and miserable fuck to dislike this.

  12. Steven

    Steven2 일 전

    Omg a half shirt and a fanny pack. Lets do this fuck it.

  13. The EastCoast

    The EastCoast2 일 전

    The belly button burger had me dead

  14. Dangodai Mangoes

    Dangodai Mangoes2 일 전

    David the Ant is in the special thanks! His contribution was noticed!

  15. Sergii

    Sergii2 일 전

    David out here not conforming and sticking it to the man lol

  16. Brian Gough

    Brian Gough3 일 전

    why is David always carrying poop!?

  17. Golden Gear

    Golden Gear3 일 전

    Tappy Tappy, back to sleep.

  18. Dorf Googlesteen

    Dorf Googlesteen3 일 전

    Aphids = tree ticks oh my God I can't stop laughing you are a funny son of a bitch that's how the zefrank do

  19. Kari

    Kari3 일 전

    Ant Cows. That's what I call my mom's sister.

  20. randy brandon

    randy brandon3 일 전

    you're funny

  21. Anita Foster

    Anita Foster3 일 전

    Just had to start with one obsessive compulsive ant cutting leaves and decorating his ant pad. What’s-that white stuff? I don’t know but the kids LOVE it!

  22. Miska Kopperoinen

    Miska Kopperoinen2 일 전

    I have the feeling that you might have misidentified the sex of that ant. Drones (Male ants, but extends also to bees, yellowjackets, hornets, wasps and bumblebees)) don't really work, they swarm with the princesses and die off shortly after. Soldiers and workers are all infertile females.

  23. YT A random bird

    YT A random bird4 일 전

    David no, that is poop, no no....David no!! Bad ant !! Bad ant!!

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  25. The Turtlelord

    The Turtlelord4 일 전

    Are leaf cutter ants, ants that cut leaves?

  26. fuck you youtube

    fuck you youtube4 일 전

    Also this was mad interesting that ants actually do a sort of farming.

  27. fuck you youtube

    fuck you youtube4 일 전

    The Hamburger fannybag part had me in tears

  28. Enny Gima

    Enny Gima4 일 전

    new Fungus Chamber album coming out next month!

  29. solar leaf

    solar leaf5 일 전

    Facts about honey pot ants

  30. Nix Noct

    Nix Noct5 일 전

    😂 😂 Very educational, where our ancestors were throwing poop at one another and find it funny, present day it's still funny and disgusting

  31. C.V Visuals

    C.V Visuals5 일 전

    "Perhaps a snippet of nipple"

  32. IgnatianMystic

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  33. Bogs Buni

    Bogs Buni5 일 전

    Two ants one aphid

  34. Soviet Doge

    Soviet Doge6 일 전

    *2 Ants and 1 aphyhd*

  35. Crispy Creme

    Crispy Creme7 일 전

    Leafy leafy who's an asshole

  36. F1 airsoft costom gunworks

    F1 airsoft costom gunworks9 일 전

    Fuck you david!

  37. Haaa Chu

    Haaa Chu14 일 전

    Ants are filthy frank weabooos

  38. chauncygardner123

    chauncygardner12314 일 전

    His voice is a pleasing mixture of Orson Wells and Morgan Freeman. I love it!

  39. Tyler Allen

    Tyler Allen14 일 전

    Please don't leave for another three years

  40. Reginald Ebol

    Reginald Ebol16 일 전

    farmer's mother wtf HAHAHAHAHAHA

  41. miraj tawa

    miraj tawa17 일 전

    god dame it David! , what is with you and poop.

  42. Devine Organ

    Devine Organ17 일 전

    How many quels away from the reality of a situation are we if we can secrete hamburgers from our belly buttons and wore fanny packs full of napkins for our friends?

  43. Steve Matson

    Steve Matson17 일 전

    Nature - You need to stop.

  44. Caroline The Gacha tuber

    Caroline The Gacha tuber17 일 전

    Lol learning stuff with ze frank is better than learning in school.

  45. vukotavuk

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    Look at this. 🐜😲

  46. Leaves

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    David is trying his best

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    So informative

  48. LaGuerre19

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    I would gladly secrete a tiny little hamburger out of my bellybutton for you to eat -- I could wear a half-shirt!

  49. scoutpuffin

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    david is trying his best

  50. Krisnadi Krisnadi

    Krisnadi Krisnadi25 일 전

    0:53 i thought he was going to say the F word lol

  51. vixengypsy

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    Special Thanks: David the Ant!

  52. Christine Colley

    Christine Colley26 일 전

    Ant Cows band name

  53. Christine Colley

    Christine Colley26 일 전

    Fungus Chamber band name

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  55. Taco Tuesday

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    David is a mood.

  56. Nishant Chinnam

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    Please don't disappear again! Truly funny!!!

  57. Pokemaster 51

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    True facts about the carpenter ant: all workers are girls you daft dimbo

  58. Erik Woodruff

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  59. t j v

    t j v26 일 전

    David's just trying his best stop being mean guys 😂

  60. Ducky Man

    Ducky Man26 일 전

    "Or some foreskin" What's with the antisemitism?

  61. Bryce McKenzie

    Bryce McKenzie27 일 전

    David! What are you Doing?!

  62. Bryce McKenzie

    Bryce McKenzie27 일 전

    Sharing like an Ant Do is weird, but that's what the Ant Do

  63. Alex Boricua

    Alex Boricua27 일 전

    Now I want to watch the movie a Bug’s life .😆

  64. Laura Locke

    Laura Locke27 일 전

    Love the way you say ‘do’ and ‘baby’. Makes me smile

  65. monimoni0147

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    David needs to get his shit together ... Wait.

  66. Ravenna Black

    Ravenna Black28 일 전

    All ant workers are female....

  67. Thor Jokerson

    Thor Jokerson28 일 전

    Worker ants are all female so I think David doesn't realize you are calling to her.

  68. Caryl N

    Caryl N28 일 전

    I'm so glad you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. BreakTheSilence

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    David. Go home. You're drunk.

  70. funkrok2010

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    I loved playing leafy leafy who's an asshole as a kid

  71. Malachi Penalver

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    That's some good honey derw

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  73. Snax Pendragon

    Snax Pendragon개월 전

    Ants eat aphid shit, well I learned something new today.

  74. Salty Cashew

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    Leafy leafy whose an asshole

  75. Mr. Smile

    Mr. Smile개월 전

    Perverted David Attenborough !

  76. Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke개월 전

    Good job David....while your friends spanking asses for small pieces a just dragged a piece a bear shit out the woods for dinner cause it’s bigger

  77. ben bundidsilp

    ben bundidsilp개월 전

    4:10 ant makeout

  78. Drake Hutchinson

    Drake Hutchinson개월 전

    Get to your hidey holes children!

  79. Drake Hutchinson

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    Hidey hole!

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    make more

  82. R E D

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    0:40 sounds like harvest from JoJo

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    Finally a group of ass eaters I can relate to

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    Antscanada has joined the chat*

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    Immediantly thought about David Dobrik

  87. Joseph Stalin

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    Next they'll tell us they found a species of ant that rides around on the backs of bumblebees.

  88. 张铁牛

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    farmer in a nutshell.

  89. Steel Man

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    @Zefrank Where's my Bellybutton hamburger? Still waiting

  90. Lucky Lubis

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    What the fffarmer do

  91. Andrew Humphrey

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    Two Ants, One Aphid

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    David come back that's poop LOL XD

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    “David comeback that’s poop” lol

  94. Strike_force _bw

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    I like how you say honey dew its funny!

  95. hayhay509

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    David is trying O K A Y?

  96. Adam Martin

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    I liked your video so much that I watched a crappy ad for you. You're welcome.

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    _Oh kinky_

  98. Zacharry Lubang

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    *come back david Its poop*

  99. F1 airsoft costom gunworks

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    I was hoping for ant mutilation though

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    🤣 David... 🤣

  102. FlexViper

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    David is that one ant who got a plan that no one knows. The poop might be useful