True Facts : Ant Mutualism


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    2 ants 1 aphid !!

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    The plot of "A Bug's Life" is now very ironic to me after watching this video.

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    your videos cheer me up. wow. thank you.

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    Haha love this video!:)

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    God dammit david

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    This sounds like two girls one cup😂😂😂.

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    "Long march"? I knew that ants were Communists.

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    David is the "special" ant.

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    2 Ants 1 honey dewr.

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    This video makes me itchy.

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    That’s how the Mafia works

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    the two ant are like kissing

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    Learn = 0% Enjoyed= 100%

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    Dammit david

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    What's wrong with David? :D I'm concerned for him.

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    Throwing poop at each other is still funny

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    Copyrighting Fungus Chambers rn

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    leafy leafy whos an asshole? leafy of course

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    I can't imagine what possessed me to think I could sit down to eat and watch this at the same time?!

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    They are too picky ants, if it were fire ants theyre just feed on everything that can be eaten

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    How would one go about typing how he says honey dew

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    I'm back! What the Farmers Mother! 🤣🤣🤣

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    Ants Canada needs too see this

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    4:10 WTAFFFFF 😂

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    I read the title as ant mutilation

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    "Is this the shit we are meant to eat?" "No david!!"

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    I love your voice

  30. o my gwiod is that KIMAYA HOYTE

    o my gwiod is that KIMAYA HOYTE28 일 전

    In Trinidad they are called bachack

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    Rumors say david is still carrying 💩

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    Eat poop and puke it to ur friends mouth👍🤘👌

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    Oh david🤣😂😂

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    Ants are the tiniest, yet biggest perverts and weirdos of the animal kingdom.

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    Hodey hile

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    What is this nonsensery? 🤣😂 its actually accurate tho...

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    3:46 And that's what you call an Aphid Concentration Camp

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    I have bad feeling about David :(

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    "In summary the ants eat aphid poop and puke it into their friends mouth." Sounds like my dogs

  41. Golden StringShot

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    I actually want an ant brain. Ants are beyond intelligent. Your brain and body has to be powerful to eat a that kind of source.

  42. Naii E

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    In my country we call these mfs bachac and when they bite you all your here is "aw shit stueps"

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    Humpty dumpty carrying dump 😝 This channel is Awesome You are best.

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    Honey derw

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    david thats fucking poop

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    Every video had “how they do”

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    I love how some ants are actually cutting while other ants just take dead leaves from the ground.

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    I’m gonna stop eating ants now 0_0

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    David gets a F

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    That was the funniest Biolog curse's I ever seen ! Good job Dude, greetings from Europe !

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    David, you had *one* job...

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    My page of peculiar plants 😎 carnivorous plants,succulents and many more

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    David come back David that’s poop

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    Life is about finding a taker for what you are giving. Man even in a non sexual way, this is probably the best meaning of life I have ever heard. Thank you Zefrank, you are awesome in so many ways.

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    Bobbit worm goes where it damn pleases!

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    Watch the dragonfly video if you want to see David the Ant forget entirely how to push.

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    OMG I just found this channel, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE LOL

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    1:25 are we just going to ignore that eating some plants zombiefy the ant, make it climb high, hold tight and be a pot for a seed to grow out of its neck... What.

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    David's carrying fertiliser, not poop.

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    Wait...... Honey deeeeeuuuuurrrr???


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    True facts about the honeybee please!

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    Legend has it David is still bringing back poop

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    I hate leafy leafy lose an ass hole! I never win!

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    "Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without." - It nailed.




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    Poor David

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    Okay, I take exception to the remark that human secretions are "nothing to write home about." Because Victor Hugo DID write home about it - he wrote an enormous essay on the economic value of human secretions as a fertilizer, estimating that the sewer system of Paris wasted 25 million francs worth of perfectly good plant fertilizer a year.

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    Leafy, Leafy ....who's an assh*le *Ha! Dying!*

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    How do you play leafy leafy who’s an asshole?

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    A snippet of nipple?

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    What The Farmer's Mother?

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    Great, can’t wait to listen to Fungus Chambers. Are you sure that’s a good name for a band?

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