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Troye Sivan - Animal (Official Audio)


  1. swas llv

    swas llv시간 전


  2. Gabriel Schirmer

    Gabriel Schirmer시간 전

    i lov this bicha

  3. victoria

    victoria시간 전

    the ending gives me frank ocean vibes. nice.

  4. Aporajita Bangali

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  5. orbe muffin

    orbe muffin2 시간 전

    is that my problem or wut I feel not so comfortable when I heard the bgm at the very beginning with earphone I feel like bee sound but still love *Torye* a lot this song is _nice_ .

  6. Morgan Wadleigh

    Morgan Wadleigh2 시간 전

    Who else is here because of ariana grande and troye sivan's dance to this

  7. Emma Jacobs

    Emma Jacobs3 시간 전

    This is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!💙😭😭😭😭

  8. Emma Jacobs

    Emma Jacobs3 시간 전

    Troye and Billie Eilish should make a song together 💕🎤

  9. Nidhi Ghai

    Nidhi Ghai3 시간 전

    टरोय सेवान

  10. Ana Carolina

    Ana Carolina3 시간 전

    i love you

  11. Keido Kindness

    Keido Kindness3 시간 전

    I love troye sivan and everything he creates 💖😭 I'm an aspiring musician and would love for you to listen to my cover of this song ✨❤️ thankyou so much

  12. louli Rose

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  13. Alessandra Montecarlos

    Alessandra Montecarlos4 시간 전

    This is relaxing

  14. Анастасія Понисько

    Анастасія Понисько5 시간 전

    Honey for my ears.👍 Hi from Ukraine 🇺🇦

  15. Summer O

    Summer O5 시간 전

    this song makes me yearn for something i can't explain


    LYVLENE6 시간 전

    fucking in love

  17. hot bread

    hot bread7 시간 전

    *crying* this is amazing

  18. cherrryio msp

    cherrryio msp7 시간 전

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Phoebe Dowling

    Phoebe Dowling7 시간 전

    I hate to be this person, but it sounds like he took a bit tooooo much inspo from Lorde's Melodrama album.

  20. natalcia

    natalcia9 시간 전


  21. omar omar

    omar omar9 시간 전

    Is that heaven?

  22. Orange Annoying

    Orange Annoying10 시간 전

    I love troye

  23. hmmm nah

    hmmm nah10 시간 전

    got some chariots of fire vibes

  24. Royal Stress

    Royal Stress11 시간 전

    I want Selena Gomez and Troye to make a song. NOW.

  25. Harper Playz

    Harper Playz12 시간 전

    why i am so late this is amazing!

  26. Chris Oflyng

    Chris Oflyng13 시간 전


  27. Mr_Unknown _

    Mr_Unknown _14 시간 전

    If this isn't on the season 3 or 4 track of 13 reason why I'm gonna die

  28. Jimena Palma

    Jimena Palma14 시간 전

    1:23 Jacob Bixenman laughs 😍😭

  29. Rosi Jimenez

    Rosi Jimenez14 시간 전

    Your voice is so angelic and beautiful I can fall asleep 😍😍😍💓 this is definitely one of my favorites

  30. Sam

    Sam14 시간 전


  31. S K R T E R I C A

    S K R T E R I C A15 시간 전

    I love this sooooo much.

  32. Missael MendezPasten

    Missael MendezPasten15 시간 전

    nicest :)

  33. Killing Stalking

    Killing Stalking16 시간 전


  34. Dolores :v Pacman

    Dolores :v Pacman16 시간 전

    Te amo

  35. Luna Mistic

    Luna Mistic17 시간 전

    I am in love with him.

  36. excuse me what?

    excuse me what?17 시간 전

    This is art

  37. Aaron Salsamendi

    Aaron Salsamendi18 시간 전

    Troye, casate conmigo

  38. Park Jimin

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  39. jasmim ambrósio

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  40. Joseph Mojica

    Joseph Mojica20 시간 전

    I told you something safe Something I've never said before And I, I, I can't keep my hands off you While you lie in the wake Covered all in the night before I'm high, high, high, no one's got me quite like you I want you all to myself Don't leave none for nobody else I am an animal with you No angels could beckon me back And it's hotter than hell where I'm at I am an animal with you An ode to the boy I love Boy, I'll die to care for you You're mine, mine, mine, tell me who do I owe that to? And as the days fly by We'll be more than getting through, yeah And in time, time, time, we'll build a home for two I want you all to myself Don't leave none for nobody else I am an animal with you No angels could beckon me back And it's hotter than hell where I'm at I am an animal with you All is right in the meadow When I'm lying next to my fellow Baby, that's you Baby, that's Baby, that's you One way trip like an arrow All laid out like a tarot Baby, that's you Baby, that's Baby, that's you, you-you I want you all to myself Don't leave none for nobody else I am an animal with you No angels could beckon me back And it's hotter than hell where I'm at I am an animal with you

  41. TheEnma √

    TheEnma √20 시간 전

    los invito a ver mi coverVIDEO, de troye sivan #animal (SUB ESPAÑOL) :비디오-zb6bKUpIhg4.html

  42. Williams Mariano

    Williams Mariano20 시간 전

    This is so good, damn.

  43. #Anna Johnson

    #Anna Johnson21 시간 전

    20 second in adds to playlist

  44. Sami Ramirez

    Sami Ramirez21 시간 전

    Like si lo estas en el 2029 :v

  45. Salman Zafar

    Salman Zafar22 시간 전


  46. Syrokk

    Syrokk22 시간 전

    Troye Sivan I like your Songs !!!! :)

  47. bloow

    bloow22 시간 전

    2:41 love it

  48. Christelle Farre

    Christelle Farre23 시간 전

    I really love thats song

  49. ur pimp

    ur pimp23 시간 전

    This past week like this is all I’ve listened to

  50. Thatlittle zumi

    Thatlittle zumi23 시간 전

    Omigoosh this is FLAWLESS thnks heaven for sending this angel to earth and his songs 💜💜💜💜💜

  51. i was panicking at my exam

    i was panicking at my exam23 시간 전

    1.Annihilation✔ 2.Sinister✔ 3.Sinister 2 ✔ 4.The perks of being an wallpaper ✔ 5.Truth or Dare✔ 6.mean girls ✔ 7.The Princess Diaries ✔ 8.10 Things I hate about you ✔ 9.jennifer's body✔ 10.Bring it on✔ 12.lucy✔ 13.The Circle ✔ 14.a quite place ✔ 15.the Princess Diaries 2 16.Varsity Blue 17.Call me by ur name 18.infinity War 19.american pie ✔ 20.american pie 2 ✔ 21.american Wedding ✔ 22.american Reunion✔ 23.american pie: band Camp✔ 24.american pie: naked miles✔ 25.american pie: beta House 26.american pie: the Book of Love 27.searching 28.Lizzie 29.Mary Queen of scots 30.spud✔ 31.spud 2 32.spud 3 34.boy erased

  52. The Afterparty

    The Afterparty일 전

    "no angels could beckon me back" oh shit the Heaven reference im gone

  53. Jose Barona

    Jose Barona일 전

    it's just wow love it

  54. BlueShot

    BlueShot일 전

    This song needs to be heard by so many more people!! So underrated in order to views.. really looking forward for Bloom, it’s gonna be awesome!! 😍😍😍

  55. Emma Jacobs

    Emma Jacobs일 전

    We need a music video please!

  56. Alex Sandoval

    Alex Sandoval일 전

    Goood song; I love you Troye

  57. To Trelokanalo

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  58. Anshia

    Anshia일 전

    I-I-I- I've got a migraine And my pain will range from up, down and sideways...



    wow this is gold

  60. Lina

    Lina일 전


  61. Samira G

    Samira G일 전

    An angel voice♡

  62. helloimsam

    helloimsam일 전

    Anyone else getting TRXYE vibes?

  63. Shenelva Shanice

    Shenelva Shanice일 전

    loveeeeee this sooong

  64. Iin Risam

    Iin Risam일 전

    I like the soaring style in this song but then the beat drops into more chills vibe. so sensual, seductive.

  65. Tania Aliza

    Tania Aliza일 전

    @troye im an animal with you🔥

  66. Dimples

    Dimples일 전

    VIDEO!!!!! XOXO

  67. Vlogger Barna

    Vlogger Barna일 전

    This gives me motivation

  68. s o f t a n d n e a t

    s o f t a n d n e a t일 전

    this is so beautiful

  69. TheEnma √

    TheEnma √일 전

    los invito a ver mi coverVIDEO, de troye sivan #animal (SUB ESPAÑOL) :비디오-zb6bKUpIhg4.html

  70. scottyf53

    scottyf53일 전

    This is so gonna be my wedding song.....just gotta meet Mr right first lol

  71. Hannah W

    Hannah W일 전

    such mad goosebumps listening to this holy heck



    All I can say is damnnnnnn😍🔥

  73. Graciela Duran

    Graciela Duran일 전

    Me gustaaa❤

  74. Tobias Brieva

    Tobias Brieva일 전

    not a fan of troye's normal stuff, but this is bloody good

  75. Natalia Buszke

    Natalia Buszke일 전

    OMG! This song is so beautiful 💓 i'm impressed😯💓

  76. zahra mamizadeh

    zahra mamizadeh일 전

    #troyelover 💟❤ love his album.

  77. Barbora Skaburske

    Barbora Skaburske일 전

    reminds me so much of stranger things...

  78. Matthew Campbell

    Matthew Campbell일 전

    1.25 speed

  79. Mr idgaf

    Mr idgaf일 전

    This sounds crazy but I think troye and zayn should collab??

  80. Naaz Videos&blogs

    Naaz Videos&blogs일 전

    Heaven in Sivan's sound♥️

  81. Panda Ratuloly

    Panda Ratuloly일 전

    Thank you Troye, I love this song and i always love ANIMALS #SaveAnimals

  82. Sawyer S

    Sawyer S일 전

    One day I’ll look back on this song and remember how I was feeling at this exact time years from now 🖤

  83. Anisha Chauhan

    Anisha Chauhan일 전

    I love his voice ❤He is best 💜

  84. Darkendblue

    Darkendblue일 전

    Stranger things sounds 🤔

  85. Sunflower Queen

    Sunflower Queen일 전

    I don't have words to describe how beautiful and relatable this song is

  86. Effy Zhang

    Effy Zhang일 전

    At the first time, I thought I didn’t open the volume

  87. S Mac

    S Mac일 전

    Frank Ocean vibeesss bruh

  88. Pha Neary Sereilekna

    Pha Neary Sereilekna일 전

    This is so cute. Troye never disappoints❤

  89. Chun li

    Chun li일 전

    Pha Neary Sereilekna true

  90. Dela Bostick

    Dela Bostick일 전

    I couldn't love this song more, i'm so fckn proud of you troye

  91. avaanya pandya

    avaanya pandya일 전


  92. Scoobertdrew

    Scoobertdrew일 전

    This makes me feel like I'm listening to the Blue Neighborhood album all fucking over again and I wanna CRY

  93. TheGamingChemist 242

    TheGamingChemist 242일 전


  94. SkyDoes Youtube

    SkyDoes Youtube일 전

    Eh its ok

  95. Maria

    Maria일 전

    *I can't keep my hands off you* 😍 This is so good, loving this! ❤

  96. Jasmine D

    Jasmine D일 전

    *there isn't a single album I don't love, his songs are so meaningful 💞*

  97. Lovatics Devonne

    Lovatics Devonne일 전


  98. litty mang

    litty mang일 전

    Yo this is ass lmao

  99. Вероника Бурда

    Вероника Бурда일 전

    Он чудо!!!! Thank you for everything Troye 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽💘

  100. Nikita Stanbury

    Nikita Stanbury일 전

    The perfect late night/early morning song! So entrancing! This is going to be the best album yet!! Can't wait!

  101. Pusheenneko 育芋嵐

    Pusheenneko 育芋嵐일 전