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Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake


  1. Steeven Daninthe

    Steeven Daninthe시간 전

    Lourd depuis paris 🔥🔥🇫🇷🇬🇵

  2. TriipleX

    TriipleX시간 전

    Yah them editors better be getting paid good💀

  3. Evan Philipps

    Evan Philipps시간 전

    Drake so expensive for videos they had to replace Swae w a model

  4. Ames Ave

    Ames Ave시간 전

    This reminds me of acid

  5. Little Femi

    Little Femi시간 전

    Can i get like for being here before 100k

  6. Hashmat Bonori

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  7. Tim Ray 1TV

    Tim Ray 1TV시간 전

    Why every song drake is always in trending?

  8. Alisha Bell

    Alisha Bell시간 전

    Visually stimulating!!!!!

  9. JaydenB Animations

    JaydenB Animations시간 전

    Editor: Yo Travis what effe- Travis: Yes

  10. Bryan Franquiz

    Bryan Franquiz시간 전

    who im excited wtf amazingggggggg

  11. Rafael Jimenez

    Rafael Jimenez시간 전

    Editing better than the song prove me wrong



    i loveeee this song

  13. menino sonhador

    menino sonhador시간 전

    Sucesso 🔥👏👏👏❤🎶

  14. EK2

    EK2시간 전

    *99.999% of you won't read this but* 🧡✌🏻

  15. Jacque Swanson

    Jacque Swanson시간 전

    The editor that did these edits is just amazing 🔥🔥

  16. Have Not (Official Channel)

    Have Not (Official Channel)시간 전

    Travis keep saying the C word and I'll show up to your mother's house boy

  17. D3ON D3ON

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  19. Enxhi Caushaj

    Enxhi Caushaj시간 전

    This is the most simple editing I’ve ever seen. The editors were like damn which color hue should I use for this scene right here. And Travis was shocked at the amazing editing. Lmfao

  20. Patrick John M. Manuel

    Patrick John M. Manuel시간 전

    Back in highschool Nvm im still in highscool :v

  21. sana khan

    sana khan시간 전

    Gave Me Goosebumps.

  22. Kentrell Harris

    Kentrell Harris시간 전

    Video of the year this mf dope🔥

  23. Get Trolled

    Get Trolled시간 전

    Travis Scott’s producer: How many beats do you want? Travis Scott: Yes.

  24. Aiden Kropf

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  25. alex barcelona

    alex barcelona시간 전

    69 learn how to make a vídeo

  26. 1999

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  27. Bruno Santos

    Bruno Santos시간 전

    Tá aulas cria

  28. Raiders ForLife

    Raiders ForLife시간 전

    Big props to the editors on that one! 🔥🔥🔥👍🏽

  29. Malcolm McNab

    Malcolm McNab시간 전

    One time for travis for having some of the dopest visuals for 2018 with this album 🔥

  30. EchoTech

    EchoTech시간 전

    didn’t know doctor strange was a video editor

  31. Ghetto polar bear

    Ghetto polar bear시간 전

    Who’s here before this vid blows up

  32. Madison Falco

    Madison Falco시간 전

    He look like Coolio in this video lmao

  33. Ghetto polar bear

    Ghetto polar bear시간 전

    Music vid is weird as fuck but this shit still gon get like 200 million views

  34. Ta Sedex ?

    Ta Sedex ?시간 전

    É Drake é sucesso.

  35. Danny Skywalker

    Danny Skywalker시간 전

    *Drake goes back to all the people in God's plan* guys I'm going to need all that money back...

  36. Anthony Weiss

    Anthony Weiss시간 전

    Half a xan?

  37. 行く!日村が

    行く!日村が시간 전


  38. TriipleX

    TriipleX시간 전

    This is amazing!!!

  39. Joshua King

    Joshua King시간 전

    Best music video of 2018.

  40. Robinson Fuentes

    Robinson Fuentes시간 전

    They have to do a genius framework video on this

  41. 100k subs no vids

    100k subs no vids시간 전

    Admit it. We all thought the video would be way diffrent.

  42. Frank Hernandez

    Frank Hernandez시간 전

    When you find random loot in Fortnite and that one team mate tries to steal everything 1:16

  43. I Eat Ass

    I Eat Ass시간 전

    This nigga's on a horse

  44. yeferson ortega

    yeferson ortega시간 전

    #1 EN TENDENCIAS EN VÍDEOS en Venezuela 🔥🔥

  45. randallicious729

    randallicious729시간 전

    off the hook

  46. sana khan

    sana khan시간 전

    Before I went on trending I was like Travis Scott video is gonna be trending

  47. I Eat Ass

    I Eat Ass시간 전

    Black people don't ride horses

  48. nba highlights

    nba highlights시간 전

    Editor: witch effects do you want? Travis & drake: yes

  49. Slayer Becky

    Slayer Becky시간 전

    Video of the year!!!! Grammy!!!!!!!

  50. Rexy1000

    Rexy1000시간 전

    3:12 you was in a wheelchair in highschool😀

  51. Cancer Meme Account

    Cancer Meme Account시간 전

    Yep, just as confusing as I expected

  52. IGotAFree YouTubeRedTrial

    IGotAFree YouTubeRedTrial시간 전

    The editor did his thang on this one

  53. Egg roll Army

    Egg roll Army시간 전


  54. Sakeena Wade Ali Khan

    Sakeena Wade Ali Khan시간 전

    Travis is a Genius ! I dare yall to watch this high lol im TRIPPING

  55. tedac091

    tedac091시간 전

    Video and song of the year!

  56. Agent Xtra

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  57. Aktual

    Aktual시간 전

    2:50 makes everything that was wrong in my life feel ok now. 😎

  58. spongebob ryan

    spongebob ryan시간 전

    at first i was like why’d it take so long to release the video, but after watching the video effects i’m like that’s fine

  59. BlindSniper 2op

    BlindSniper 2op시간 전

    I'm going to like my own comment since no one else will.

  60. Matt M

    Matt M시간 전

    All those lights and they didn't even get a moth costume. smh

  61. Mohammed Sajjad

    Mohammed Sajjad시간 전

    this music video is so memeable lmao

  62. mommy

    mommy시간 전

    S O M E O N E S A I D

  63. Dankmemer69 69

    Dankmemer69 69시간 전

    Bruh I love thia song

  64. Kaliyah Manning

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  65. YourClouttt

    YourClouttt시간 전

    OmGahwjwkursnwjwuwmwnwoiwuwjehebeieoejejwjenenehueie... I'm sorry I just nutted

  66. QUIL

    QUIL시간 전

    Puta QUIL pariu meno.... Tu é muito sinistro!

  67. Lil Broomstick

    Lil Broomstick시간 전

    The edits is better than the actual song.

  68. smokeandstudy

    smokeandstudy시간 전

    I can already see about 5 memes out of this video

  69. Clout Clout

    Clout Clout시간 전

    Producer: what special effect you want Travis: you seen butterfly effect Producer: yeah Travis: do that but on crack

  70. Lysias Official

    Lysias Official시간 전

    1 Billion Views has entered the chat

  71. Rexy1000

    Rexy1000시간 전

    Who's here before 10 million

  72. Enzo Araya

    Enzo Araya시간 전

    Despues de escucharlo revivio hasta mi abuela y se puso a bailar en la tumba

  73. Walter Binns

    Walter Binns시간 전

    Ayooooo!!! Music video is HELLA DOPE YO! Astro and Dave Meyers you did that bro

  74. Sigi B

    Sigi B시간 전

    Drake killed this video, don't know about travis, his parts seemed forced and awkward. Still 🔥 tho

  75. Chasing and Achieving

    Chasing and Achieving시간 전

    Who else skipped to drizzy verse lol

  76. Evan Adams

    Evan Adams시간 전

    Travis music vids never disappoint

  77. jlucio1992

    jlucio1992시간 전

    Dope as fuckkkk. Boutta drop some acid to this shit. Visuals stoopid lit.

  78. johnathan barnes

    johnathan barnes시간 전

    Crazy visuals. Kinda reminds me of the old Luda videos

  79. Blake Unrein

    Blake Unrein시간 전

    I would like Take Care 2 drake

  80. John.Flick.c4

    John.Flick.c4시간 전

    RIDE THE DAMN BIKE CJ LOL looks like gta san andreas in tje beginning

  81. sportsguy

    sportsguy시간 전

    Better than humble music video. Like if u agree

  82. Young Orange

    Young Orange시간 전

    Travis keeps comin with the 🔥🔥🔥

  83. orange spaceship

    orange spaceship시간 전

    Young Orange fire

  84. lil clout

    lil clout시간 전

    Young Orange i love ur songs

  85. Happy Man

    Happy Man시간 전

    Young Orange🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Doc Holiday718

    Doc Holiday718시간 전

    Drizzy went apeshit on this track 🔥

  87. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy시간 전

    Where’s swae

  88. Flex God

    Flex God시간 전

    TBH this video was 5min long but it really felt like a 10 min video lol

  89. Enzo Araya

    Enzo Araya시간 전

    Hijoooossss de la weeeoooonaaaa!!!!!

  90. Young Orange

    Young Orange시간 전

    Who else here before 4M

  91. Jack On

    Jack On시간 전

    Young Orange 🙏🏻🔥🔥🔥

  92. lil clout

    lil clout시간 전

    Young Orange dope

  93. Happy Man

    Happy Man시간 전

    Young Orange 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. Joe No

    Joe No시간 전

    Young Orange 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. YeaBoyAdrian Lol

    YeaBoyAdrian Lol시간 전

    He be looking like the Blade at 1:56

  96. wtf is this

    wtf is this시간 전

    Am I high or is it jus the effects

  97. adam ghandour

    adam ghandour시간 전

    where’s swae lee?

  98. Young Orange

    Young Orange시간 전

    #1 on trending

  99. orange spaceship

    orange spaceship시간 전

    Young Orange dope

  100. Jack On

    Jack On시간 전

    Young Orange 🔥🔥🔥

  101. lil clout

    lil clout시간 전

    Young Orange 🔥🔥🔥

  102. Happy Man

    Happy Man시간 전

    Young Orange 🔥🔥

  103. Joe No

    Joe No시간 전

    Young Orange i love it 🔥🔥🔥

  104. lilsebii

    lilsebii시간 전

    🚨NEW SONG!!! GIMME A LISTEN!! I'm jus trynna move out my momma crib!!! FWM!! lmk what U think!!!!🚨

  105. chris armstrong

    chris armstrong시간 전

    here before 1milli

  106. A.Frank Blunt

    A.Frank Blunt시간 전

    Ugly ass bullfrog lookin nigga. Next on the kardashian witch cult project

  107. Yeeteth

    Yeeteth시간 전

    A$ap Rocky did the screwy, chopped editing better with “A$ap Forever”

  108. Modded Moon

    Modded Moon시간 전

    The director and editors slapped every effect onto this video. 10/10 would recommend doing it again

  109. Esteban Zenzano

    Esteban Zenzano시간 전

    like si te vale vrg mi comentario 👇

  110. Nexiile

    Nexiile시간 전

    Does anyone ever know wtf is going on in any of Scott's music videos

  111. Willem Dafriend

    Willem Dafriend시간 전

    Fuckin hate drake

  112. Jacoby Lacy

    Jacoby Lacy시간 전

    killa in this bitcH