Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves


  1. SpyBro

    SpyBro3 일 전

    1:49 "We are evolving just backwards"

  2. Sushi Shushu

    Sushi Shushu6 일 전

    Is it only me or I miss 2015 eteeweetee and gray

  3. your local non-profitable YouTuber

    your local non-profitable YouTuber6 일 전

    Them: oh my God we were so cringy Me: just got done watching the try to embarrass each other 🤣

  4. Charley Stevenson

    Charley Stevenson7 일 전

    I don’t know why this was so funny 19:40 - 20:05 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️❤️

  5. Vandergriff Vibes

    Vandergriff Vibes11 일 전

    *Decrease in improvement*

  6. karen jaime

    karen jaime20 일 전


  7. Paige Jansen

    Paige Jansen20 일 전


  8. Lola The Human

    Lola The Human21 일 전

    9:06 why does Ethan look 1/2 eboy

  9. Alannis Vallarino

    Alannis Vallarino21 일 전

    Sometimes I think that they make these video's cuz they did something really cringe on the insagram or snapchat and use the video as an excuse.

  10. Roxy Visagie

    Roxy Visagie21 일 전

    Ahhhh lol this is gold! You guys should definitely do more pranking videos for 2020- binge watch- esque AF!!!!

  11. Ever's beauty & fun

    Ever's beauty & fun22 일 전

    Tbh I really love the emoji one of E and kinda miss the color strikes

  12. Charlotte Bergstrom

    Charlotte Bergstrom22 일 전

    why do they know so many different types of fish?

  13. Daisy Bound

    Daisy Bound22 일 전

    Is no one gonna talk bout how the ad was about bras 😂😂

  14. Ailar Tz

    Ailar Tz23 일 전

    Why do I love and appreciate them so much!? 🥺👌🤣🙏🤍

  15. Care Bear

    Care Bear23 일 전

    Okay seeing Ethan’s hair like that is tripping me out.

  16. your local non-profitable YouTuber

    your local non-profitable YouTuber24 일 전

    2015 GANG!!!!!🤪🤪🤪☺️☺️☺️

  17. Amarie Cantu

    Amarie Cantu24 일 전

    Omg graysons laugh I can’t 😫 7:18

  18. Rodas Bimer

    Rodas Bimer25 일 전

    their face 18:46 is so funny

  19. Cookie Biscuts

    Cookie Biscuts25 일 전

    Plz collab with a K-POP group! (BTS)

  20. Jess Saunders

    Jess Saunders25 일 전

    they should recreate old photos now

  21. Mia Miller

    Mia Miller25 일 전

    You guys were never cringy

  22. LonelyGaymer

    LonelyGaymer26 일 전

    You guys were so cute then and now. You may cringe at all this and I do as well. But looking back I think you should be glad at how dorky, lovable, cute "boring" and just consistent you guys were. This is what started your guys' journey to where you guys are now.

  23. S Clark

    S Clark26 일 전

    But we love the old yous! I mean we like the new yous too so I mean it’s a win win for us

  24. Von Willoughby

    Von Willoughby26 일 전

    I remember th hair color thingie

  25. Robobros 21

    Robobros 2126 일 전

    Dolan twins: *are twins* Grayson: you used to look like a fish

  26. Angelina C

    Angelina C27 일 전

    Umm ur 19 and im 14 and its called Diss approving

  27. •white froxy•

    •white froxy•28 일 전

    At 21:26 listen to graysons laugh its so funny idk why 😥😂😂😂

  28. Tyara Oliver

    Tyara Oliver29 일 전

    1:55 ... They could have said downgrading

  29. Chloe Ramsey

    Chloe Ramsey29 일 전

    This video makes me so happy!! Love you guys, you never cease to make me smile!❤❤

  30. Bri

    Bri29 일 전

    Who thinks Ethan should bring back the colored streak!! 😫

  31. Maryam Naeem

    Maryam Naeem개월 전

    I kinda miss the old ethen and Grayson TBH😞

  32. Addisyn Johnson

    Addisyn Johnson개월 전

    In the future they’re grand kids are going to make a tiktok with an audio saying “hot grandpa checkkk” LMAO

  33. Maria Radovic

    Maria Radovic개월 전

    02:56 I was actually scared there was someone behind ethan

  34. Cupcake Lover

    Cupcake Lover개월 전

    My favorite pair socks 😂

  35. Nichole Levins

    Nichole Levins개월 전

    You guys have no idea how much I love you and ur like my fave people on earth. ur smiles were the ones that saved me... keep on doing your thing guys luv u

  36. Martine Glymph

    Martine Glymph개월 전

    i love this video it made me laugh so hard

  37. Danica Eggleston

    Danica Eggleston개월 전

    Grayson should have put his blond highlights in

  38. RidaaHTX

    RidaaHTX개월 전

    Been here since Grayson pranked Ethan and ducked taped him to the door

  39. •하

    •하개월 전

    Hahaha they are saying they were boring but I remember myself enjoying those videos at that time 😅😂 I love these two

  40. Jacinta Defreitas

    Jacinta Defreitas개월 전

    Not lying I am Australian and the way Ethan said barramundi made me cringe but I still love the Dolan twins Like is you agree

  41. Julbug C:

    Julbug C:개월 전

    they are so young omg

  42. Sapphire Demons

    Sapphire Demons개월 전

    To be honest I love the old hair with the red and the clothes either way now or back then r cool.

  43. Bailey’s World

    Bailey’s World개월 전

    Pause it at 17:01 Grayson looks like he hates Ethan so much

  44. Risso melany

    Risso melany개월 전


  45. Chantal Frozen

    Chantal Frozen개월 전

    I like this your voice and I love you so much

  46. Hannah Shafer

    Hannah Shafer개월 전

    Oh man I feel old

  47. alisha genevieve

    alisha genevieve개월 전

    comment if you find your country/city! australia britain canada denmark egypt france greece hungary iceland jamaica kansas london malaysia netherlands oman portugal qatar russia scotland thailand united states virginia washington xingtai yemen zimbabwe

  48. alisha genevieve

    alisha genevieve개월 전

    hello i’m back from 7 months in 2020! greetings from london ♡♡

  49. karrie grundy

    karrie grundy개월 전


  50. • Eijiro Kirishima •

    • Eijiro Kirishima •개월 전

    I did not click off because I love your channel. 😊

  51. Kynley Williams

    Kynley Williams개월 전

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Grayson: "that's a f*ckin anchove bro"

  52. Kaylani Dicks

    Kaylani Dicks개월 전

    I'm still shocked how there only 19 make the button blue if you agree they look 26😮😮😮😮

  53. GabbyGirl 345

    GabbyGirl 345개월 전

    Wait why in the first vid that they watched I got them mixed up. They looked the same?

  54. Min-Min미니

    Min-Min미니개월 전

    Who remembers the fanfic recreations AHHHHH😂😂😂

  55. Min-Min미니

    Min-Min미니개월 전

    I'm just gonna go watch some of there old vids because why frickin not

  56. jk. moon

    jk. moon개월 전

    12:22 look at Ethan’s face, you won’t regret it.

  57. Rita Rain

    Rita Rain개월 전

    When you get irritated with yourselfs 😂😂

  58. Kaybbq Crackhead

    Kaybbq Crackhead개월 전

    Does anyone remember the video where they made a fan mail castle in there basement and opened all of them, they also had to wear any clothing item that they open, and the other video that they asked there little cousins questions

  59. Potato Hope

    Potato Hope개월 전

    🟣⚪️ ⚪️🟣 🟣⚪️

  60. Justin Bieber Swag

    Justin Bieber Swag개월 전

    Omg, THEY ARE VSCO. ::::::::::::::::/