Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly


  1. Koofy San

    Koofy San36 분 전

    God when you jumped across the ground like a gorilla it kills me every time I watch this video

  2. Mr. Mugger

    Mr. Mugger4 시간 전

    this is where michael got his addiction to tazing people

  3. Moefy Espinoza

    Moefy Espinoza6 시간 전

    Old McDonalds employee here it isn’t us being lazy cleaning the ice cream machine just takes a while

  4. Twiznitch

    Twiznitch7 시간 전

    Figured I'd go ahead and answer your shake machine question. My fiance is a manager at mcdonalds and has worked there for 6 years. Sometimes it's actually broken and they're waiting on someone that either corporate or the higher ups in the franchise contract to fix it. Most of the time however it's being cleaned because someone didn't do their job, or someone started the cleaning process without ending it. It takes a while for it to be functional again after cleaning due to it not being the right temperature yet. They assume you don't have an hour or so to wait for it, so they default to it's broken. It saves them having to explain what I just explained over and over. So if the mcdonalds near you always has a functional ice cream machine it's either that they're really good cleaning it at opportune times, or it's not cleaned very often and those things get absolutely gross. So next time you hear it's down; do so knowing a manager is probably just as upset about it as you are.

  5. Fuzion Blast

    Fuzion Blast9 시간 전

    Move him to the basement thats what I do duh 😂😂


    DJ CARLOS10 시간 전

    I'm just realized lucas the spider😆😆😆

  7. Farty Person

    Farty Person11 시간 전

    wow this is what he for

  8. Trey Jackson

    Trey Jackson11 시간 전

    You do everything with a sense of innocence!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Trey Jackson

    Trey Jackson11 시간 전

    so fucking cute 5:51

  10. COKA

    COKA16 시간 전

    8:13 Taping his glasses! xD

  11. Old Navy

    Old Navy일 전

    also it’s not electric carpet the medical term is actually defeetbrilator

  12. Chicken Daddy

    Chicken Daddy일 전

    Just remember Michael has more subs than you

  13. Adam Quinn

    Adam Quinn일 전

    I’ll take some trash!

  14. Vgamer311

    Vgamer311일 전

    1:40 That is EXACTLY how I imagine michael gets around the house.

  15. SANJAY Ghatisingh

    SANJAY Ghatisingh일 전

    My dude is playin minecraft...nice.

  16. Jesuschees

    Jesuschees일 전

    Camera man john is howtobasic

  17. Galactic Flam

    Galactic Flam일 전

    I like how you can see the shaking form of Michael while he plays Minecraft, just giggling

  18. Blackheart Wolf

    Blackheart Wolf2 일 전

    1:37 the greatest.

  19. DaDragon

    DaDragon2 일 전

    Title hurts my brain.. “Roomate” without a m


    UBERPIES2 일 전

    Lazy employees? Really? Lazy employees is an asinine postulation. Don’t insult an entire facet of private employment, please. I say please as a courtesy; greedy franchise owners gyp and hustle innocent and ignorant laborers. If you’re so concerned with someone manning the ice cream machine, do it yourself. Just say you know how and they will literally let you. You would be contributing to a short handed workforce with the best of intentions!!! Labor shortages and their consequences aside, any inventor can see a demand for a satisfactory helping hand. Invent a better ice cream machine. Contribute to a global company doing global good. It’s our pleasure, we deserve it. McDonald’s Restaurants will give you the time if you believe in yourself. * * * * * * as a mug

  21. Ares Peverell

    Ares Peverell2 일 전

    I swear I've seen Micheal do a video just like this...

  22. mr.walrus gaming

    mr.walrus gaming2 일 전

    you should have said the electric fence was for a horse

  23. Brief Lean

    Brief Lean2 일 전

    8:22 he says “I’ve left my room today” Look at his desk lol

  24. Gavin Gerbershagen

    Gavin Gerbershagen2 일 전

    goodbye roommate michael :(

  25. meteo

    meteo3 일 전

    Michael is the clickbait

  26. meteo

    meteo3 일 전 michael here

  27. Joost

    Joost3 일 전

    1940: nuclear ficicist make a nuclear bomb 2019: William ossman makes a schortcutting carpet fore his ROOMMATE

  28. ness ;;;

    ness ;;;3 일 전

    less than 6 months later michael had enough of getting tazed and moved out to taze other ppl lol

  29. Old Navy

    Old Navy3 일 전

    2:03 caretaker is doing the sasquatch found photo

  30. Daniel Filkin

    Daniel Filkin3 일 전

    Before Michael joined OfflineTV

  31. UnSempliceTriangolo

    UnSempliceTriangolo3 일 전

    And now Michael left you for OfflineTV

  32. ClassifiedAmphibian

    ClassifiedAmphibian4 일 전

    He was clearly gaming, you should have asked at a better time

  33. agustin conde

    agustin conde4 일 전

    5:30 lucaaaas!!!

  34. Mega ManMario

    Mega ManMario5 일 전

    I would like this trash plox

  35. Kat Chaffin

    Kat Chaffin5 일 전

    make a robot bunny that hops around and poops

  36. Doggo like Beanz

    Doggo like Beanz5 일 전

    give him respect he playin minecraft

  37. Mackiedogs Ftw

    Mackiedogs Ftw5 일 전

    I got *ANGRY* when i saw a bone of a dead man In the *LIVING ROOM*

  38. bosna janje

    bosna janje5 일 전

    you should take the stronger one

  39. Jo Lilly

    Jo Lilly5 일 전

    They are the perfect match for each other

  40. Jack Minecraft

    Jack Minecraft5 일 전

    Make a hard sweet gun to shoot people with and kill everyone in existance