TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea


  1. sarah Kang

    sarah Kang3 일 전

    OMG...DUK bokgi 떡볶이 Emphasis on DUK (rice cake)

  2. navydave324

    navydave3246 일 전

    can't believe you made it poop...LMDAO

  3. Leonard Coe

    Leonard Coe6 일 전

    Spent a year there on 90 food ever ..bulgogi is the best and that OB day i will return

  4. Lord Jade

    Lord Jade7 일 전

    taste so good but smell so bad 😂

  5. mmm aaa

    mmm aaa8 일 전

    So here is where jimin ssi and jungkook are from.. Army where you at?❤

  6. waitwhat ?

    waitwhat ?9 일 전

    I had alot of respect for Korean food, until I saw that nasty blob that literally shits on your plate.....

  7. Ashcat69 TB

    Ashcat69 TB10 일 전

    I came here because of the title "Busan" it reminds me of Jungkook who's with me?

  8. Abbeynelli Sanchez

    Abbeynelli Sanchez14 일 전

    I keep watching these vids when I'm hungry and rn I have no food at home😂😂

  9. Little Dotti

    Little Dotti16 일 전

    Hi hi, hey, can you do a video from Almazans kitchen. Be great if you could. Hes another youtuber.

  10. Lou Sensei

    Lou Sensei17 일 전

    Omg those bacon rolls 😭

  11. Abby Celeste

    Abby Celeste18 일 전

    I think it's very tasty I hope someday I can go to Korea and eat all of that kind of food

  12. Rafa A

    Rafa A24 일 전

    7:20 That's Durian for me

  13. 파파괴파파괴

    파파괴파파괴28 일 전

    Hey Mike were you in slippers at that moment? In the video, one of the aunties worried of someone wore slippers in wintertime.

  14. rossele cruz

    rossele cruz29 일 전

    Lord, I pray you bless me enough money to travel to korea and try every food I see, amen. 🙏

  15. Diksha Rai

    Diksha Rai개월 전

    In my country small bowl of Tteokbokki cost $5

  16. Hector Diaz

    Hector Diaz개월 전

    Kimbap = usa sushi

  17. Seung Son

    Seung Son개월 전

    The auntie bent over in 12:17 ish is kinda rude

  18. Sunshine lolipopz

    Sunshine lolipopz개월 전

    he should definitely collaborate with Miss Mina

  19. M D

    M D개월 전

    What's tasty in Busan? Like if you get the reference 😅

  20. meee mee

    meee mee개월 전

    اخخخخ نفسي فيييه😭😭😭😭😹😹💙💙🥀..

  21. Camille Bancod

    Camille Bancod개월 전

    So yummy, but expensivvvveee

  22. Tam Nguyen

    Tam Nguyen개월 전

    You make the food look soooooo good 😍😋😋

  23. shin james

    shin james개월 전

    u had some mistake of it, its u should have tried milmyon, pork soup and codfish soup. espeically pork soup is very famous in busan, but i havent seen that kind of thing so u commited a mistake from mis information.

  24. sharon the slytherin

    sharon the slytherin개월 전

    corndogs and maple syrup>>>

  25. J Sung

    J Sung개월 전

    You ate all the good stuff!

  26. Matthew Farrelly

    Matthew Farrelly개월 전

    Mike's the type of guy to dip his pizza in ice-cream and call it epic

  27. Taeliciouse

    Taeliciouse개월 전

    I thought he said *lEts gO yEeT*

  28. Nour Yani

    Nour Yani개월 전

    Are he's going everywhere just for eat.... 😢 I wana go with him... 😆 and then am going looking for JIMIN AND JUNGKOOKIE HOME in BUSAN... 😆 hehehe....😉 are here some ARMY... Please tell me where they's house... 😄😘❤💜

  29. Sergio Carrillo

    Sergio Carrillo개월 전

    Nice video again bro keep it it’s well to me it’s enjoyable

  30. wut mohn

    wut mohn개월 전

    At 5:18 it sounds like a pilot 👨‍✈️

  31. shivangi pandey

    shivangi pandey개월 전

    I love koreaa Soo muchhh love form india

  32. マタジュニエル

    マタジュニエル2 개월 전

    Your seeds is not that good it’s like your eating a pile of small rocks. What makes differences seeds and small pieces of rocks. Exotic food not my favorite snack.

  33. RB123

    RB1232 개월 전

    I love you Mikey but I’m not eating piggy poo shoot... rice cake for days. But no thanks on the innards 🤣

  34. Edward Schmidt

    Edward Schmidt2 개월 전

    That octopus in some of the first shot looks so good!!! I wanna Cook and yum teokbokki!!

  35. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey2 개월 전

    Beautiful foods very nice he go round the World for foods very healthy foods he love his foods thank you for sharing your beautiful food enjoy your holiday and enjoy your your foods thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods thanks

  36. XQIU

    XQIU2 개월 전

    The train to Busan reference, I love it

  37. nicol sharma

    nicol sharma2 개월 전

    Please come to India in new delhi and I hope there are food is so delicious... I hope you really like it

  38. 김지 한

    김지 한2 개월 전

    this is one of the reason why I want to go to korea...But my question is could I survive their knowing only to speak english??

  39. killer bee

    killer bee2 개월 전

    Did he say yeet at 1:40

  40. Aina Zailan

    Aina Zailan2 개월 전

    Mike's voice hahha

  41. dracokaiser

    dracokaiser2 개월 전

    Ooh!! Bibim dangmeung!!!!

  42. dracokaiser

    dracokaiser2 개월 전

    Never been a fan of gopchang

  43. shin james

    shin james2 개월 전

    this is kind of realy good thign that u know more about korea, still hving some idea that u need to change ur clips to different genre, it will be recommendable, what about going to international company and their management, even i dontknow what u think of it, but changing some genre and hving ur clips with foods is also good,

  44. hershey3327

    hershey33272 개월 전

    16:05 wtf

  45. BTS Army

    BTS Army2 개월 전

    Any bts army out there??

  46. Esther Song

    Esther Song2 개월 전

    I'm going to Korea in a week, and I am salivating watching you eat!! Can't wait!!

  47. Suvi Nahar

    Suvi Nahar2 개월 전

    using 2 toothpicks as chopsticks lol...if i go to korea im taking my own pair of chopsticks !!!!! i wanna go so bad !

  48. Kathleen Ladanga

    Kathleen Ladanga2 개월 전

    I don't know why but I love it when Mike says " See yah later! "

  49. Graciela Beltran

    Graciela Beltran2 개월 전

    Hispanics be eating pork skin like with chile it be so bomb but I really wanna try this one

  50. Josh Slabberts

    Josh Slabberts2 개월 전

    I wanna go to Korea to try out the food. It looks really tasty

  51. Ymmi Trash

    Ymmi Trash2 개월 전

    I would just go to Korea for the food 😭😭

  52. Minna Piña

    Minna Piña3 개월 전


  53. Aud rey

    Aud rey3 개월 전

    It’s 3am and I’m actually starving now

  54. Taba Budis

    Taba Budis3 개월 전

    I'm ur fan

  55. Taba Budis

    Taba Budis3 개월 전

    And I'm sooooooooooooooooo hungry

  56. Taba Budis

    Taba Budis3 개월 전

    Strictly ur eating foods that r very tasty

  57. Aryan Tawte

    Aryan Tawte3 개월 전

    In India it costs almost half a dollar 😂😂

  58. Michelle Terrell

    Michelle Terrell3 개월 전

    You're so awesome

  59. sA95rtro

    sA95rtro3 개월 전

    Where is this place? Currently in busan but cant find it

  60. Lachlan Melville

    Lachlan Melville3 개월 전

    Im Australian and a regular Korean visitor and I love their food but i hate they put sugar on a lot of versions of Western foods like corn dogs sausages on a stick the bread also is overly sweet...