Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer


  1. Carlinho Martienes

    Carlinho Martienes시간 전

    Are fucking serious? Is this happening Pixar?

  2. celasvictoria360

    celasvictoria360시간 전

    The plot seems similar to the second movie.

  3. MiKeX

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  4. Ultimate Crooked Handed Squriggly Time Clock Fan

    Ultimate Crooked Handed Squriggly Time Clock Fan시간 전

    I think Bo Peep is a villain in this movie... anyone else?

  5. Will Cartoons

    Will Cartoons시간 전

    Suddenly, I want to go eat at KFC right now!

  6. Blade Ballet Productions

    Blade Ballet Productions시간 전

    I don't know about this...

  7. Neger John

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  8. Jonz Polley

    Jonz Polley시간 전

    Who asked for this? I’ll still watch it though

  9. Kristian

    Kristian시간 전

    when the fork said "why am i alive" i really felt that

  10. Treychik

    Treychik시간 전

    This, folks, is how childhoods are being ruined...1 and 2 were something special for kids. 3 was okay and served as a conclusion of a story...nope! NEED MORE MONEY!!!

  11. Chess Gangsta

    Chess Gangsta시간 전

    Türkler +1

  12. Clade :v

    Clade :v시간 전


  13. Homie caT

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  14. Claire Wiley

    Claire Wiley시간 전

    I don’t think there should’ve been a fourth one

  15. Deez Nuts

    Deez Nuts시간 전

    They brought bo back

  16. RoyalOutcast

    RoyalOutcast시간 전

    This is a franchise❤️ I’m 22 btw

  17. Kayla Miller

    Kayla Miller시간 전

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see this movie.

  18. Taylor’s Show

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  19. Loquelodeon

    Loquelodeon시간 전

    wew lad

  20. Cristopher Lopez R

    Cristopher Lopez R시간 전

    tu cosmopolis tenia razon

  21. Bilal Malik

    Bilal Malik시간 전

  22. Video Buff

    Video Buff시간 전

    They had to do it!!! I now understand vegans man! U milk too much u end up with blood! Part 3 was a near perfect ending... Y do they have to overdo it?!?!?!

  23. Just Another LA Beebo Tea

    Just Another LA Beebo Tea시간 전

    I: am sobbing

  24. Lucas24709

    Lucas24709시간 전

    Bonnie made friends with benefits with her friend girl. Like if u understand. Hint\/ Hint: her friend is Spanish

  25. Josh_ #23

    Josh_ #23시간 전

    Bopeep is the villain??? Question mark

  26. Miles

    Miles시간 전

    I feel like this trailer showed too much

  27. Christopher

    Christopher시간 전

    Is this an affair with bo peep

  28. Manuel

    Manuel시간 전

    Ok but wheres john wick?

  29. Skankhunt 42

    Skankhunt 42시간 전

    This is so stupid they literally created the toy (the spork) in 5 minutes and then decided to make him get lost and look for him in another 5 minutes

  30. dom0764

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  31. M Wood

    M Wood시간 전

    that evil looking toy looks like the vetriloquist puppet from the twilight zone

  32. 3KingsOfEgypt

    3KingsOfEgypt시간 전

    that cool

  33. Alex Sx

    Alex Sx시간 전

    Yo soy el comentario español que buscas:v

  34. MJR Schneider

    MJR Schneider시간 전

    Toy Story 1: Self-realisation Toy Story 2: Awareness of Death Toy Story 3: Acceptance of Death Toy Story 4: Existential Terror

  35. MrCamiloX 2890

    MrCamiloX 2890시간 전

    So anything with eyes and mouth is alive

  36. Toxic Prime

    Toxic Prime시간 전

    I’m so glad they didn’t listen to PETA

  37. Bilal Malik

    Bilal Malik시간 전

  38. thegreenergrass

    thegreenergrass시간 전

    When even the trailer gives you chills.

  39. Neo Blade

    Neo Blade시간 전

    Woody: "Bo!" Me: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  40. Maria Elis

    Maria Elis시간 전

    O god now I am crying

  41. Nick Mangat

    Nick Mangat시간 전

    This looks promising.

  42. Oliver Ford

    Oliver Ford시간 전

    Ok, seems happy enough... but I still feel it’s gonna have a very dark ending and possibly plot

  43. Miles

    Miles시간 전

    No one: Forky: *Why am I alive*

  44. Bunny lover

    Bunny lover시간 전

    Wait let me get this straight: So Woodie's running to resuce a fork, getting chased by JTMD's weird and creepy cousins and ending up at a fun park... Disney what are you doin to me

  45. Veer Pal

    Veer Pal시간 전

    Dope to see Bo Peep back looks like she’ll have a big role this time which is dope

  46. Fiona Fitzpatrick

    Fiona Fitzpatrick시간 전

    Forky: Who an I? Woody: SPOILER ALERT A character that probably will save the toys from lotso's friends that ne made on the truck in toy story 3 and lotso comes back to haunt them forever

  47. erikawendy

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  48. daddy

    daddy시간 전

    #1 trending boysss

  49. anthos332

    anthos332시간 전

    Not at all thrilled that they decided to make a fourth film, the series properly ended with the 3rd movie, but I am pretty interested to learn about what makes a toy come to life. Definitely gonna watch this for the lore

  50. Ceacilia-Tarifil

    Ceacilia-Tarifil시간 전

    Ok. This literally makes. No sense. Why is Bo peep Laura croft and why is woody still not able to handle having one home.

  51. Michael The Super Saiyan

    Michael The Super Saiyan시간 전


  52. marango14

    marango14시간 전

    Regardless of what’s going to happen, I already know I’m going to get out of that theater crying

  53. lalo burgos

    lalo burgos시간 전

    Uffff ya la quiero ver

  54. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee시간 전

    i have to admit that the story line sounds like it was on a budget script lol

  55. Tommy Wiseau

    Tommy Wiseau시간 전

    Can't believe that I'm going to have to choose between watching Toy story 4 or Child's play on June 21st 😤

  56. RonJon

    RonJon시간 전

    1:59 Oh my gosh!!! The new Andy model looks so slick!!!

  57. TheDanteEX

    TheDanteEX시간 전

    Wait shouldn't Bonnie be like 13 by now? It's not a big deal but I always liked that Toy Story moved on the same timeline as our world since Bonnie was aging up in the shorts as well.

  58. Ásgeir Ásgeirsson

    Ásgeir Ásgeirsson시간 전

    Who asked for this?




  60. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.시간 전

    Why does Andy look like that dummy from Goosebumps

  61. Adrian Saldana

    Adrian Saldana시간 전

    for people bitching that this will ruin Toy Story for y’all, then just don’t watch it! It’s THAT simple.

  62. Jakob Bayne

    Jakob Bayne시간 전

    wheres Andy's mother's toy

  63. Mohibur Rahman

    Mohibur Rahman시간 전

    Been waiting years for this

  64. dänēbru̇k TM Media

    dänēbru̇k TM Media시간 전

    Awesome :)

  65. Matty Wellington

    Matty Wellington시간 전

    I'm not sure what you are up to, but whatever you're gonna do next, don't watch this

  66. Tynesha Claiborne

    Tynesha Claiborne시간 전

    Please tell me this movie isn't about a fork

  67. Raulito Mares

    Raulito Mares시간 전

    Better than Endgame

  68. Lulu Fraij

    Lulu Fraij시간 전

    More exited to watch lion king tbh

  69. Matthew Hahn

    Matthew Hahn시간 전

    I can’t wait about see it

  70. hello goodbye

    hello goodbye시간 전

    "Why am I alive?" Lolololol #ME 0:39

  71. Khizar Khan

    Khizar Khan시간 전

    Toy Story Fans Like here👇👇👇

  72. CGK

    CGK시간 전

    Such an unnecessary sequel but it looks alright

  73. Go beyond Me!!!

    Go beyond Me!!!시간 전

    Any buzz light year fans here

  74. Claire John

    Claire John시간 전

    Close your eyes and imagine 1:16 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  75. WeezinDaJuice 711

    WeezinDaJuice 711시간 전

    So she can just make life...? Wth

  76. El Uno

    El Uno시간 전

    So what you’re telling me is, I know the whole plot to the movie now?

  77. AngiexReality

    AngiexReality시간 전

    “why am i alive” same bruh,..same

  78. Juan14k

    Juan14k시간 전

    1:44 ese chamaca tiene grasa a la vrg

  79. Javier Reta

    Javier Reta시간 전

    Toy story 3 would’ve been the perfect ending for toy story but I guess not...

  80. PainKiller

    PainKiller시간 전

    1:59 Se me entró una basurita en el ojo :,v 2:10 Alguien está picando cebollas xd

  81. Shiromi Torayoshi

    Shiromi Torayoshi시간 전

    Jun 2019?

  82. Marv86Marv

    Marv86Marv시간 전

    The feels. The fucking feels. To infinity, and beyond! There's a snake in my boot!

  83. Чувак Простаков

    Чувак Простаков시간 전

    Не знал, что у Николая Соболева есть камео в истории игрушек

  84. Sady Is Here

    Sady Is Here시간 전

    Rated R: Some dolls.....are personal

  85. Hailey Gacha

    Hailey Gacha시간 전

    *_Tears of pain_*

  86. Minion Buster

    Minion Buster시간 전

    Wth wow 1.8 million views in 1 hour we're all kids again

  87. ddrusa

    ddrusa시간 전

    I can already tell what will happen with this story line. It's nice to see a newer trailer than the last one, with this trailer shows more detail

  88. Frank Hernandez

    Frank Hernandez시간 전

    this trailer seams rushed in by disney, idk, I am uninterested

  89. Otávio Mendes Santos

    Otávio Mendes Santos시간 전

    Legal... Mas os personagens vão morrer??

  90. veera nagendra

    veera nagendra시간 전

    I dont know eng that much....but loved the prev adult its nice to have toy story now......

  91. Typical British Cripple

    Typical British Cripple시간 전

    Pixar execs: how can we make a toy for the least possible outlay? Pixar cleaners: shall we throw out these sporks? Nobody has used them in 20 years.

  92. TeddyB3AR

    TeddyB3AR시간 전

    Idk why it reminds me of stand by me

  93. sorry i don't feel the same

    sorry i don't feel the same시간 전

    they all should die.

  94. cool boy 666 venom kid

    cool boy 666 venom kid시간 전

    Slappy is in there

  95. Pascal Tsakiris

    Pascal Tsakiris시간 전

    You, the guy who watches the comments, want a cake 🎂?

  96. rockerdax

    rockerdax시간 전

    Too much “FORKY!” In this trailer. Hope they edit that down for the film.

  97. TheDedogeo

    TheDedogeo시간 전

    Ok. I have so many questions regarding the sentience of a toy. Which is weird, because this is Toy Story

  98. Nathália Zauro

    Nathália Zauro시간 전


  99. joshuel david

    joshuel david시간 전

    Yeah. Make us cry again