Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer


  1. Lord Of The Guys

    Lord Of The Guys9 분 전

    The laws of this universe are absurd

  2. Account Accountt

    Account Accountt10 분 전

    A fork ???? Bruhh they ain't even trying no more

  3. Pretty Normal Media

    Pretty Normal Media10 분 전

    Every clip shown is a plot beat recycled from a previous Toy Story movie. I love the franchise and am interested in the new one, but what is really new here?

  4. Christian Duarte

    Christian Duarte10 분 전

    Toy story fue la primer película que mire con mi primer pareja... Nunca lo olvidaré, al igual que a mi pareja que en paz descanse.

  5. Litify

    Litify10 분 전

    Number 1 in trending dammm⚡

  6. Billy Batson

    Billy Batson10 분 전

    Doesn't look interesting

  7. RieberGems

    RieberGems10 분 전

    The Independent Memories Movie (2019) From Warner Bros. Pictures and Frederator Studios

  8. Minh Khang Luong Nguyen

    Minh Khang Luong Nguyen10 분 전

    That explains so much about haunted dolls

  9. Byson's Life

    Byson's Life10 분 전


  10. ItsurgirlEvelyn

    ItsurgirlEvelyn10 분 전

    To be honest, I thought this would be bad bc movies these days are just bad.Butttt, this movie looks so good

  11. m a

    m a10 분 전

    Netflix and Disney competing on who’s higher on trending

  12. sina-Jauregui Estrabao

    sina-Jauregui Estrabao10 분 전

    Al fin se cumplió mi sueño, eh esperado esto al fin puedo morir en paz ❤️😹ntc 1:59 me confundí parecia a Shawn Mendes 😹,y la muñeca=muñecota me recordó a Lotso de Toy storie 3 XD..... Salu2 desde México 🇲🇽

  13. Julian Joosten

    Julian Joosten11 분 전

    Please let this not be another Finding Dory or Incredibles 2.

  14. Bacon man Plays

    Bacon man Plays11 분 전

    9 years for this.🤯

  15. His Majesty King Timothy Leyba

    His Majesty King Timothy Leyba11 분 전

    This made me laugh ^_^

  16. Daniel Moreno

    Daniel Moreno11 분 전

    For Some Reason I wanted to Cry When I Saw this Trailer...

  17. Mexi Cut

    Mexi Cut11 분 전

    Not going to lie it looks bad

  18. Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel Perez11 분 전

    They may as well put fidget spinners in toy story 🤔

  19. Fort Nite

    Fort Nite11 분 전

    Seems stupid it's about a fork

  20. Starco 2312

    Starco 231212 분 전

    I love when the trailer spoils half the plot

  21. Síofra Collins

    Síofra Collins12 분 전

  22. doug conway Inc

    doug conway Inc12 분 전


  23. Burned Raven Tales

    Burned Raven Tales12 분 전

    I am dreading watching this film, the trailer already got me emotional

  24. PauPaw !

    PauPaw !13 분 전

    Wendi and Busai ?? Where he

  25. Random Ryan

    Random Ryan13 분 전

    0:57 Slappy has really moved down in the world

  26. Don't Subscribe. I Don't Need Subscribers.

    Don't Subscribe. I Don't Need Subscribers.13 분 전

    I swear Bonnie should be like 14 now. 💀

  27. samm s

    samm s13 분 전

    the animation quality is crisp and mint!

  28. Music Lyrics

    Music Lyrics13 분 전

    Who Else is watching and reading the comments ?? Signify here

  29. VaultDweller111

    VaultDweller11113 분 전

    They really made a whole movie based around a spork



    Only OG's will remember Toy Story 1

  31. ꧁ⓔⓝⓐⓒⓡⓣ꧂

    ꧁ⓔⓝⓐⓒⓡⓣ꧂13 분 전

    Nobody: Pixar: Toy Story 4

  32. Lines

    Lines14 분 전

    That rendition of God Only Knows sounds so good though I can't believe no-one's mentioned it yet.

  33. Miggs and Kids

    Miggs and Kids14 분 전

    I have a feeling Bo Peep is the villain...

  34. sgtmcindian

    sgtmcindian14 분 전

    When you cant think of anything original anymore so you cash in on peoples nostalgia

  35. Alex Brown

    Alex Brown14 분 전

    If you make me feel something from a spork....

  36. RileyWantsARiot

    RileyWantsARiot14 분 전

    Ok but andy looks fucking disgusting

  37. ableite

    ableite14 분 전

    Seriously? Seems a very bad repeated story..

  38. Uru19861

    Uru1986114 분 전

    Bo the new villain?

  39. K!TT

    K!TT14 분 전


  40. Eesan108

    Eesan10815 분 전

    Well that’s one way to spoil the entire movie

  41. Kathe's Cloud

    Kathe's Cloud15 분 전

    Cambiaron completamente a un personaje...

  42. Lisa

    Lisa15 분 전

    Which of our childhood movies is next?

  43. Jax Axel

    Jax Axel15 분 전

    ¡pɐq ʇɐɥʇ uǝɥʇ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝuoɥd ǝɹ,noʎ pǝddᴉlɟ noʎ ɟᴉ ʇnq ¡uᴉɐɹq pooƃ puɐ sǝʎǝ pooƃ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ uǝɥʇ 'sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟᴉ

  44. Smooth Criminal

    Smooth Criminal15 분 전

    I'm still recovering from Toy Story 3😢😢

  45. Miguel Salas

    Miguel Salas16 분 전

    Can't wait

  46. Jonah Jarman

    Jonah Jarman16 분 전

    20k dislikes? I’m just wondering- it’s a kids movie right?

  47. Jack

    Jack16 분 전

    Leaked ending: Mr Potato Head says the n-word

  48. KuiperIOn

    KuiperIOn16 분 전

    Toy story: Endgame


    DESTROYER6416 분 전

    According to the cannon woody should be 68 years old

  50. Ad the lad

    Ad the lad16 분 전

    When you realise its bassically toy story 2

  51. Migel Vazkez

    Migel Vazkez16 분 전

    Straight to Redbox?

  52. Watch MrCuba

    Watch MrCuba16 분 전

    0:58 Incoming nightmares for children

  53. Cee Etcc

    Cee Etcc17 분 전

    This is a bit much...

  54. HorseCrazyViking

    HorseCrazyViking17 분 전

    Oh look another Disney movie being released in 2019 and they're all sequels. Is there competition among Disney, Disney Channel, and Pixar?

  55. Can we get to 100,000 subs with no videos?

    Can we get to 100,000 subs with no videos?17 분 전

    1:11 Why is there a reference to sausage party 😂

  56. rata77emomg soypito

    rata77emomg soypito17 분 전

    Alv no hablo ingles...

  57. unknown

    unknown17 분 전

    Sorry. But it looks awful.

  58. OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No

    OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No17 분 전

    Woah, that was dark

  59. Gabe Perez

    Gabe Perez17 분 전

    The old toy story: Saving each other The new toy story: saving each other *plot twist lets make it demonic*

  60. Sam Fox

    Sam Fox17 분 전

    Anyone notice the most liked comments rarely relate to the actual video

  61. Hannah S

    Hannah S17 분 전

    I really hope Bo doesn’t become the villain.

  62. Marce-Kun

    Marce-Kun18 분 전

    I’m not crying you are 😔

  63. jose lynch

    jose lynch18 분 전


  64. Yonacon 465

    Yonacon 46518 분 전



    DIANA DELCID18 분 전


  66. HulkVahkiin

    HulkVahkiin18 분 전

    Damn....the trailers are getting deep.

  67. UrielEduardoo

    UrielEduardoo18 분 전


  68. georgeahi

    georgeahi18 분 전

    Toy Story 2 2

  69. SP siva

    SP siva18 분 전

    "I was made to help this child" from woody reimind me of Andy last scenes.

  70. Fred Rogers

    Fred Rogers18 분 전

    My childhood has been restored…although it's not best to add Bo I'm after she's been gone after 2 movies

  71. morzansreddragon

    morzansreddragon19 분 전

    At first I wasn't convinced, but now I want this film to exceed my expectations.

  72. Mary Ghazi

    Mary Ghazi19 분 전

    "why am i alive?" me too

  73. Yellow Eyed Negan

    Yellow Eyed Negan19 분 전

    They re-cast Andy!!

  74. f a t i m a ‘

    f a t i m a ‘19 분 전

    Forky: im trash Woody: Forky shut yo mouth and let’s get back home


    PEDRIN RIVER19 분 전

    algo anda mal

  76. Bon Bon

    Bon Bon19 분 전

    Might as well just make the next one a horror movie Pixar.

  77. Kevon Barrows

    Kevon Barrows19 분 전

    I cant wait for this movie who else agrees press like

  78. Elliott Beverley

    Elliott Beverley19 분 전

    Way to ruin the perfect ending to Toy Story 3 :/

  79. Benjamin Leray

    Benjamin Leray19 분 전

    Should’ve ended at 3. But in 4, it should at least have been Andy’s kids with Woody

  80. ii Luna ii

    ii Luna ii19 분 전

    Nobody: Woody: **gets seperated from the toys**

  81. Justice Rover

    Justice Rover19 분 전

    you guys mind spreading my go fund me to the world and get people to donate please this will save the galaxy

  82. Hi My Name Is Kai

    Hi My Name Is Kai19 분 전

    OKAY PARENTS WITH LITTLE 5 YEAR OLDS WHO DONT KNOW NOTHIN ABOUT THESE MOVIES!!! This is our CHILDHOOD! Don’t bring yo screamin cryin children into the movie theaters while us teens/young adults are watching this amazing movie!! I’m only half kidding... don’t hate me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Masterduced

    Masterduced19 분 전

    gotta be honest guys this looks real bad

  84. TTVCharming Faun118

    TTVCharming Faun11819 분 전

    Can’t wait toy story has been my child favorite and been waiting ever since

  85. Jax Axel

    Jax Axel20 분 전

    Sleepy? Absolutely Stoned? Probably Hotel? trivago

  86. Lady Polanco

    Lady Polanco20 분 전

    So noone going to talk about how we waited this long for another Toy Story movie; but it's about a damn spork named forky👎👎👎🤯🤯😫

  87. Gabe Perez

    Gabe Perez20 분 전

    I really thought they would have created something better than a spork...

  88. kocedance

    kocedance20 분 전

    I was 7 when Toy Story 1 came out. Now I’m 31...

  89. EwiZz

    EwiZz20 분 전

    Sah quel plaisir

  90. Augustus Garlitos

    Augustus Garlitos20 분 전

    Forky has the same question as me “Why am I alive?”

  91. Lauren G

    Lauren G21 분 전

    Where are the tissues 😭😭😭 I'm not crying I'm just putting on my contacts

  92. Mr Sprinkles

    Mr Sprinkles21 분 전

    The creators said that this is gonna be really sad... Does woody stay with Bo?

  93. Super Dawg Gaming

    Super Dawg Gaming21 분 전

    How many movies does toy story need?

  94. Carlos Lamadrid

    Carlos Lamadrid21 분 전

    This is awesome.

  95. pyro 6464

    pyro 646421 분 전

    You already know that there will be some tear jerker scene where Woody has to leave Bo Peep

  96. Dewycat AJ

    Dewycat AJ21 분 전

    :D click read more congrats your going to have very good luck! like to activate!

  97. Hi My Name Is Kai

    Hi My Name Is Kai22 분 전

    “We have to make sure nothing bad happens to him” . . . . “Woody... we have a problem” 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  98. Mista Jones

    Mista Jones22 분 전

    I'm just here to like Jablinski's comment.

  99. uValdo Caraveo

    uValdo Caraveo22 분 전

    Im sure it will be good. I love all Toy Story's even if the plots/storylines have gotten silly. And that doesn't sound like the original Bonnie. this one sound shady.

  100. guilherme B

    guilherme B22 분 전

    1:59 is this Andy?