Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer


  1. Perry146 DV

    Perry146 DV시간 전

    Voy a llorar

  2. GamOholic spartan

    GamOholic spartan시간 전

    That's "Good only knows" I remember that from BioShock infinite

  3. AFreakingCookie

    AFreakingCookie시간 전

    Sporky is in a mood...?

  4. Leo Dillon

    Leo Dillon시간 전

    Cant wait to watch

  5. Rafe Hardin

    Rafe Hardin시간 전

    I can’t wait!!!😆

  6. Cloubet

    Cloubet시간 전

    It is a little like the 2, only with that with some chills * wink *, Betty that I remember Lara Tomb Raider but with a pink cane, an existentialist toy (bone the spoon) and more polygons and detail. nah, it is getting better as it goes, at least it has no references to Fortnite lel.

  7. _ Fag _

    _ Fag _시간 전

    I bet your going to see a lot of teens going to watch this movie because I am as well.

  8. Nassim Rahmane

    Nassim Rahmane시간 전

    Cant waiiit

  9. Conor Boyd

    Conor Boyd시간 전

    Why does Bo’s voice sound so different?

  10. JaSoN wU

    JaSoN wU시간 전

    Did I just watch the whole movie

  11. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha시간 전

    Esta cosa es real hijo!!!

  12. USApunk USApunk

    USApunk USApunk시간 전

    So instead of paying for the rights of a preexisting toy Pixar creates a Spoon Toy? Now available in your kitchen section for the holidays. Terrible.

  13. Same Ol' G

    Same Ol' G시간 전

    Ay on my birthday too



    *i got a snake in my boot*

  15. The Prime Reason

    The Prime Reason시간 전

    Sporky is suicidal

  16. Gabrielle Hanson

    Gabrielle Hanson시간 전

    Better than Incredibles 2

  17. Keven Forever

    Keven Forever시간 전


  18. natalyorsomeone else

    natalyorsomeone else시간 전

    *S A V E F O R K Y*

  19. Brandon Zhao

    Brandon Zhao시간 전

    just glad this isn’t a live action version of the original

  20. OG Lurker

    OG Lurker시간 전

    Ya'll at Pixar just gonna up and smash my heart again? Cool. I'm down.

  21. Love-Eil JAH

    Love-Eil JAH시간 전

    So a retared spork made all of this happen 10/10 I can't wait to see this movie 😍

  22. Tull

    Tull시간 전

    How dope would it be if Bonnie was wearing AirPods



    I've been waiting since they announced it, at last it's here, I'm so HAPPY :)

  24. Protoman

    Protoman시간 전

    looks great but did y'all really have to make another sequel. toy story 3 already has the perfect ending

  25. SSJaye

    SSJaye시간 전

    Toy Story is creepy to me as an adult now. I loved it as a kid, but now as an adult, I don't know.

  26. C Ewe

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  27. Uzi Drizzlez

    Uzi Drizzlez시간 전


  28. RandomPerson

    RandomPerson시간 전

    All because of a spork.

  29. Juanpablo Pinto

    Juanpablo Pinto시간 전

    Hablo español jsjsjsj

  30. Zita Hernandez

    Zita Hernandez시간 전

    Is that slappy from goosebumps 1:01

  31. Deathreapr

    Deathreapr시간 전

    Looks like buzz has been playing apex a bunch. Got his sliding down to a T!

  32. LEACH 96

    LEACH 96시간 전

    I hope bo doesn’t turn bad in this

  33. Louis Connors

    Louis Connors시간 전

    im 17 years old and i want to see this am i!

  34. DeMario Love

    DeMario Love시간 전

    Oh my God can't wait to see it 🤣😂🤣😂

  35. cara aleatório

    cara aleatório시간 전


  36. NatzKulz

    NatzKulz시간 전

    0:03 I paused it right there and i thought she was saying "oh shi.."

  37. PortalPass05 _

    PortalPass05 _시간 전

    Toy Story: Endgame

  38. Sid Meka

    Sid Meka시간 전

    Can it top toy story 3 tho?

  39. TantoFaz

    TantoFaz시간 전

    Algum brasileiro???

  40. mega sonic hunter Ramirez

    mega sonic hunter Ramirez시간 전

    I like this movie idea

  41. Pewdiepie Is A Nazi So Subscribe To T-Series

    Pewdiepie Is A Nazi So Subscribe To T-Series시간 전

    1:37 Oh Look, It’s Tin-Toy!

  42. natalyorsomeone else

    natalyorsomeone else시간 전



    LA DIABLA시간 전


  44. Vadaski

    Vadaski시간 전

    ........... *WHY* .............. this has just ruined the entire toy story trilogy for me

  45. Carlos Eduardo Vieira Lemos

    Carlos Eduardo Vieira Lemos시간 전

    Damn Pixar, here comes the feels flood. Steel yourselves.

  46. Bts Bigbang got 7

    Bts Bigbang got 7시간 전

    I want to watch this.

  47. Deoajdac E

    Deoajdac E시간 전

    The other Toy Story movies were about teamwork, grit, friendship, and love. This one is about Saving a suicidal fork. Every day we stray further from God.......

  48. Aless Alcaraz

    Aless Alcaraz시간 전

    Omg!! This is going to be amazing!!😭😭💓

  49. Little Bonney147

    Little Bonney147시간 전

    Don’t think it’ll be the same with them not being Andy’s toys anymore😪😢

  50. Asianeyes007

    Asianeyes007시간 전

    Ande's cameo will probably be the climax of emotions during the movie just like in the 3rd

  51. King of Youtube

    King of Youtube시간 전

    *So basically, its Woody's mid-life crisis... pretty cool* 😂

  52. Sir Joseph

    Sir Joseph시간 전

    what happens when there's a sporky doll? they sell it for $20 even though you can make it at home for $6, or something like that. LOL

  53. Sal. D

    Sal. D시간 전

    I’m just wondering how it’s going to end...

  54. Killa Watt

    Killa Watt시간 전

    A spork? So it's UK friendly.

  55. Arhinda Pryce

    Arhinda Pryce시간 전

    Andy what have they done to you

  56. Filler Lyn

    Filler Lyn시간 전

    Toy Story 1 : Toy jealous over a new toy Toy Story 2 : Toy was actually one of a rare toy Toy Story 3 : What would happen to a toy when kid grow up Toy Story 4 : Toy that made from secondhand material can also alive

  57. Carlos Andrés

    Carlos Andrés시간 전

    Puros gringos aqui Vine a Marcar la diferencia :v

  58. B - Star

    B - Star시간 전

    Please Pixar for the love of god... Don’t make my precious Bo be a plot-twist villain... Or I will march to headquarters and cry and fight until this TOY STORY IS CHANGEd

  59. Weird Ender

    Weird Ender시간 전

    OMG! Nostalgia level at level 100

  60. Leo VX

    Leo VX시간 전

    This screams fanfiction to me. Toy Story should have ended on 3.

  61. ZenobiaQueen

    ZenobiaQueen시간 전

    Toy Story 1-3: Friendship and Teamwork Toy Story 4: S A V E S U I C I D A L F O R K

  62. GamOholic spartan

    GamOholic spartan시간 전

    #1 trending

  63. JR Tv

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  64. Maria Silva

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  65. sonic the spongehog

    sonic the spongehog시간 전

    1:59 andy? or andy's son?

  66. Mauricio Gustavo

    Mauricio Gustavo시간 전

    Q filmaço



    Am i the only one that felt like i watched the entire movie in 2 minutes...?

  68. Luis Emilio

    Luis Emilio시간 전

    1:36 Tin Toy!!

  69. mega sonic hunter Ramirez

    mega sonic hunter Ramirez시간 전

    Hi forkye

  70. Felipe santos

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  71. PePe Hwan

    PePe Hwan시간 전

    마지막노래아시는분 ㅠㅠ

  72. Jamie Long

    Jamie Long시간 전

    Obviously everyone at Pixar has way too much free time on your hands

  73. Nabzarella Dare

    Nabzarella Dare시간 전

    So, Woody gets separated from his kid/friends in the process of saving another toy/s, meets some new quirky friends, entertains the idea of leaving it all behind for a new life after being coerced by someone else, meanwhile his friends are trying to find him to bring him home again - and his kid misses him....WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT FORMULA BEFORE?? How many more times is Woody going to not learn the lesson he learned in both Toy Story 2 and 3? $10 says Bo Peep will get adopted by Bonny in the end after learning the value of being a toy hat Woody will conveniently forget halfway through the film.

  74. Dreidynn Alysse

    Dreidynn Alysse시간 전

    i’m crying oh my god

  75. xX_FaZe360noscopethelegend27supremenoobslayer_Xx ll

    xX_FaZe360noscopethelegend27supremenoobslayer_Xx ll시간 전

    Hol Up, GooseBumps doll?

  76. Rollie Halstead

    Rollie Halstead시간 전

    Happily Never After Trailer 20th Century Fox

  77. Lindsay Schiebel

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  78. Saucy Jona

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  79. Fabio B.

    Fabio B.시간 전

    Seems to be an unnecesary sequel whitout an story-telling purpose, where the ausence of creativity and box office expectations intersect. Let the new generation of child audience have new characters and stories, please!. You had ended greatly with Toy Story 3!

  80. Junior Faria

    Junior Faria시간 전

    Eu vivi para ver esse filme, kkkk

  81. Caleb Kerney

    Caleb Kerney시간 전

    Dream works : we make the best kids movies Disney: hold my beer

  82. *Cory in the closet*

    *Cory in the closet*시간 전

    I am so hyped to be disappointed!

  83. grizzly adams

    grizzly adams시간 전

    "Sometimes change can be good"? Bo peep better not turn evil in this one.

  84. cool dude

    cool dude시간 전

    Bo: some toys move on... Woody: but not us...

  85. Gabriel Vaz

    Gabriel Vaz시간 전


  86. Rollie Halstead

    Rollie Halstead시간 전

    Hoodwinked Trailer 20th Century Fox

  87. M.

    M.시간 전

    2:02 Ahh buzz still a savage I see.

  88. Zach Smith

    Zach Smith시간 전

    what’s happened to andy’s cloud walls?? 😢

  89. King of Youtube

    King of Youtube시간 전

    *What's your favorite Toy Story Movie?* 👇

  90. Phi Nguyen-Vo

    Phi Nguyen-Vo시간 전

    1st movie: Outside adventure 2nd movie: Motel hideouts 3rd movie: Sunny Side playtime And now 4th movie: Wicked wild Carnival!

  91. Cool Potato

    Cool Potato시간 전

    Forky is low key representation of the entire millenial population.

  92. AMP. com

    AMP. com시간 전

    Andy looks different

  93. Keøki

    Keøki시간 전

    Hillu da

  94. js yoo

    js yoo시간 전

    Im almost crying nowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  95. Pandemic

    Pandemic시간 전

    2:00 what did they do to Andy?

  96. Keiber Quijada

    Keiber Quijada시간 전

    *HYPE* xd