Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. Vkr1810 IFREESH

    Vkr1810 IFREESH시간 전

    Sub x sub??

  2. A-bomb 7274

    A-bomb 7274시간 전

    She looks like my great grandmother

  3. Spark in the DaRK

    Spark in the DaRK시간 전

    Rip Jim Varne😭

  4. Adoodwhomakesstuff

    Adoodwhomakesstuff시간 전

    I can’t wait for this anime’s exciting conclusion

  5. Shuget Universe

    Shuget Universe시간 전

    I think the plots a little dumb..except the part with bo peep! Hopefully her return is epic:D

  6. Schleich Figurine Photography

    Schleich Figurine Photography시간 전

    The plush rush ahaha

  7. Angel Zapien

    Angel Zapien시간 전

    Toy story 4 > Avengers Endgame

  8. Oh!Line

    Oh!Line시간 전

    I tryed plush rush on my friend His parents banned me from seeing him ever again.

  9. Justin Fischer

    Justin Fischer시간 전

    I’m telling y’all they should have stopped at three. Perfect ending to the series. This does not look good at all

  10. CV Anims

    CV Anims시간 전

    To infinity and YOUR MOM.

  11. MyDaze FilmedDaily

    MyDaze FilmedDaily시간 전


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  13. MxCP11

    MxCP11시간 전


  14. steph

    steph시간 전

    My heart can't take it again, im not strong enough

  15. Royal

    Royal시간 전


  16. Nik

    Nik시간 전

    But now we have f* smartphone..

  17. Luke Rideout

    Luke Rideout시간 전

    Jessie is getting cheated on F

  18. Marianne Moreno

    Marianne Moreno시간 전


  19. matt stephens

    matt stephens시간 전

    Disney to Pixar????

  20. Justin Quintanilla

    Justin Quintanilla시간 전

    I Can't Wait To Go See Next Month

  21. Hasan Kothari

    Hasan Kothari시간 전

    why did some clips of the trailer sound like cuphead music

  22. bro like what

    bro like what시간 전

    Me: mom can can I use a spork Mom: no we have sporks at home The sporks at home:

  23. Eric Wilson

    Eric Wilson시간 전

    Imagine giving your childhood glassy to some brat only and they toss it away because they found a spork

  24. Samuel Sanabria

    Samuel Sanabria시간 전

    Pretty sure sporky will turn evil

  25. I Hope Y'all Remember Me

    I Hope Y'all Remember Me시간 전

    The last part cracked me.

  26. Suncat

    Suncat시간 전

    Toy Story 4ever

  27. TheDemuncimator

    TheDemuncimator시간 전

    *Rare footage of Vietnamese soldiers jumping American soldiers 1955*

  28. Albertoxxx X

    Albertoxxx X시간 전

    It’s crazy how this movie looks more real compared to our world

  29. sad dictator

    sad dictator시간 전

    It’s pretty predictable the fork is going to be a villain

  30. vox Xox

    vox Xox시간 전

    “and I.. am.. Woody..” *Snaps fingers

  31. Frog King

    Frog King시간 전

    The cg in this film is disgustingly good

  32. JC4

    JC4시간 전

    wow, this looks so boring, why couldn't you just stopped at 3

  33. Camo 64

    Camo 64시간 전


  34. E

    E시간 전

    2:09 get help vibes

  35. Mauricio Martinez

    Mauricio Martinez시간 전

    when Rex said “the panic is attacking me” i felt that

  36. Ankur Bhaskar

    Ankur Bhaskar시간 전

    In relation to Kingdom Hearts, in which the story of Toy Box in KH3 is confirmed to be cannon with the movies, I wonder if we’ll see any references or Easter Eggs in this film with the game. Better yet I wonder if in KH4 we’ll have some form of special attacks with Forky used as a weapon! 😀😃🎮👾

  37. Zhou Enlai

    Zhou Enlai시간 전

    *John Wick 4*

  38. Lemuel Delvalle

    Lemuel Delvalle시간 전

    Will you go infinity and beyond,Woody?

  39. Berry’s Antics!

    Berry’s Antics!시간 전


  40. SnoopyDoo

    SnoopyDoo시간 전


  41. Seffboi Productions

    Seffboi Productions시간 전

    Woody's first line in this trailer is "You are a toy". I'm proud

  42. ratedahmed

    ratedahmed시간 전

    @ Ducky and Bunny committed assault to an elderly lady. cue the law and order intro.

  43. ratedahmed

    ratedahmed시간 전

    @ Ducky and Bunny committed assault to an elderly lady. cue the law and order intro.

  44. LeBron is GOAT

    LeBron is GOAT시간 전

    Woody I have a question Well actually I have all the questions Wait you read everyone's mind and you're gonna ask all the questions they are going to ask?

  45. PhilK

    PhilK시간 전

    Keanu Reaves in a Pixar movie acting all cool and happy is the best thing ever. I like how Duke kaboom even kind of looks like Keanu too.

  46. A So

    A So시간 전

    All the great toys and the stupid kid in love with a fork... stupid story

  47. Alexanderpro_1

    Alexanderpro_1시간 전


  48. Ariel Calero

    Ariel Calero시간 전


  49. WithOpinions

    WithOpinions시간 전

    “woody, why am I alive?” me

  50. Beachmunks

    Beachmunks시간 전

    It's good to see Bo Peep again.Hey if Bunny and Ducky attacked that lady then that means she's another character in Toy Story to witness the toys coming to life the first was Sid

  51. Ceptor

    Ceptor시간 전

    “Reach...for...the sky..” *Snaps fingers*

  52. Raquel Diniz

    Raquel Diniz시간 전


  53. DankDonkeyCdv010

    DankDonkeyCdv010시간 전

    *Existential Spork*

  54. Gaven Purnell

    Gaven Purnell시간 전

    Plot twist: this movie is goin be darker than toy story 3

  55. Ladybugdollies13

    Ladybugdollies13시간 전

    Sounds like bolt but with extra steps.

  56. manthan mehta

    manthan mehta시간 전

    And I'm Woody The Cowboy

  57. G.O.A.T of a Nerd

    G.O.A.T of a Nerd시간 전

    One second in, and spork is questioning life *I like it*

  58. Bart Simpson Goat Bootleg

    Bart Simpson Goat Bootleg시간 전

    0:01 Toy Story 4 when Pixar announced it was in production.

  59. Cooking Diva Style

    Cooking Diva Style시간 전

    I will definitely bring the kiddos

  60. YUWIN

    YUWIN시간 전

    Nice music sync at 0:40.

  61. jacobdanting

    jacobdanting시간 전


  62. Brÿåń Wäs hęré

    Brÿåń Wäs hęré시간 전

    My childhood was 6 years ago But I'll still watch it

  63. Castlecliff_ Boy

    Castlecliff_ Boy시간 전

    0:41 Don Rickles!!!!!! 😃

  64. maria pire

    maria pire시간 전

    Ay lo ameeee😻

  65. Wesley Holland

    Wesley Holland시간 전

    Who else thought it was the fortnite island based on the thumbnail

  66. YoungVortez_

    YoungVortez_시간 전

    Remember when buzz was carrying woody and buzz went under and over the telephone line. I always wonder was he actually gliding🧐🧐

  67. Porter Calender

    Porter Calender시간 전

    Bad guy is the lady with the sheep

  68. Chika Priest

    Chika Priest시간 전

    0:12. That’s Mabel from gravity falls. loud and clear

  69. Cream Floof

    Cream Floof시간 전

    Why can’t forky just behave?

  70. ZekSkywalker 7824

    ZekSkywalker 78242 시간 전


  71. bace

    bace2 시간 전


  72. Nani

    Nani2 시간 전

    I’m so tired of remakes

  73. Cameron James

    Cameron James2 시간 전

    I really hope this whole movie isn’t about them trying to save a spork !

  74. Maddox 30 SC

    Maddox 30 SC2 시간 전

    Nobody: Toy Story: LeTs MaKe A mOvIe AbOuT jUsT tRyInG tO fInD a FoRk

  75. KOUSHIKraj tella

    KOUSHIKraj tella2 시간 전

    Wow this trailer was amazing thanks to Pixar for making other movie in Toy Story series

  76. Michelle Ruiz

    Michelle Ruiz2 시간 전

    0:35 “The panic is attacking me” 😂 I felt that on a spiritual level

  77. Leo RV

    Leo RV2 시간 전

    1:07 - 1:14 I feel quite insulted.

  78. Bendan Dulay

    Bendan Dulay2 시간 전

    Not going to lie this second trailer reminded I needed to go see this but the length spoiled some of the best scenes, cut it down like 30 secs.

  79. Lashan

    Lashan2 시간 전

    It looks like Toy Story has jumped the shark on this one. 3rd was perfect, no need to continue but I guess Disney just needed the $$$

  80. Jack Litchman

    Jack Litchman2 시간 전

    When watching this, the only thing I heard was “Livin’ Thing” in the background. ELO is my weakness

  81. Blake Walker

    Blake Walker2 시간 전

    That cat looked real

  82. Raj Raj

    Raj Raj2 시간 전

    I already know Michael Scott is gonna watch this right when it comes out 😂

  83. Jake Myers

    Jake Myers2 시간 전

    Toy Story 4 overshadows Dude Perfect on the trending list. Dude Perfect, you’ve been outnumbered by Pixar.

  84. Midnight_Otaku

    Midnight_Otaku2 시간 전

    Who voices the toy triceratops? The voice sounds like Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls

  85. Zachary Watson

    Zachary Watson2 시간 전

    I've been waiting for this since toy story 3 came out

  86. hasan farahani

    hasan farahani2 시간 전


  87. OopsyLoopsy

    OopsyLoopsy2 시간 전

    0:35 is literally me at school when the teacher calls on me.

  88. skye 123ood

    skye 123ood2 시간 전

    Love the new roblox rp



    Mom: *steps on sporky* Bonnie: ........



    What do you think bonnie did?

  91. We Three Bros

    We Three Bros2 시간 전

    Were missing forky Me: hold my spoon/fork

  92. paco taco

    paco taco2 시간 전

    I cant wait for the memes

  93. Max Perlman

    Max Perlman2 시간 전

    Are we gonna talk about how good the animation is?

  94. Vaniberri UwU

    Vaniberri UwU2 시간 전


  95. Jahfrombern YT

    Jahfrombern YT2 시간 전


  96. Elizabeth Hart

    Elizabeth Hart2 시간 전

    You got a friend in me :)

  97. Valerie N. Aguirre

    Valerie N. Aguirre2 시간 전


  98. Forb1ddenOn3

    Forb1ddenOn32 시간 전

    im betting 10000% little bo peep ends up being the secret bad guy in charge of the dummy dolls.

  99. Veronica Lazo

    Veronica Lazo2 시간 전

    *Thanos action figure* * snap *

  100. Super Hero

    Super Hero2 시간 전


  101. Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar2 시간 전

    Who is actually excited for this