Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. YNWA 4 Life

    YNWA 4 Life18 분 전

    Why did I hear Mabel’s voice from gravity falls here

  2. Who is this?

    Who is this?18 분 전

    Same Old Story!!! For the Fourth time now... 😑

  3. Afthab Anwar

    Afthab Anwar20 분 전

    The vfx🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  4. Johnny Sweatzz08

    Johnny Sweatzz0821 분 전

    1980 Aladin 2019: Spork Story 1

  5. Travis McCutchan

    Travis McCutchan30 분 전

    Tom Hanks is a Hollywood Peadophile.

  6. Captain Hydro XL

    Captain Hydro XL31 분 전

    Operation “Plush Rush” is a go

  7. nala box

    nala box31 분 전

    Can't wait for all the Pixar Theories after this comes out!!

  8. El Diablo

    El Diablo31 분 전

    wow. now I know the whole plot of the movie

  9. Dhanya Dhanesh

    Dhanya Dhanesh33 분 전


  10. Milton Travis Williams

    Milton Travis Williams36 분 전

    Time is precious

  11. Justin Weber

    Justin Weber38 분 전

    Please check out my first KOreporter video and tell me what you think. Please and thank you!

  12. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman40 분 전

    *All seats are taken by adults in the movies* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Wayne enterprises bat

    Wayne enterprises bat40 분 전

    Animation graphics of year 20134

  14. Wicked One

    Wicked One40 분 전

    Chucky is coming for ya 😄👍😎

  15. BG Resjek

    BG Resjek40 분 전

    They whooped Grandma's butt. I'm going to say the B word since this is a PG commercial.

  16. Isc

    Isc41 분 전

    I'm 18 now I don't think I can watch toy story now :( used to be my childhood favorite

  17. PK Gawaria

    PK Gawaria41 분 전

    Wow music

  18. Miracle X

    Miracle X42 분 전


  19. Princess Queen

    Princess Queen42 분 전

    •What about the ole' Plush Rush ! •Buzz : Well we're not doing that

  20. mrspence spence

    mrspence spence44 분 전

    we don't need another toy story movie

  21. jake wyllie

    jake wyllie44 분 전

    Why dont the toys just make a new Forky? Bonnie would never know

  22. Project Malin

    Project Malin46 분 전

    Where’s that female cowgirl?? Can’t remember her name

  23. Caesar

    Caesar49 분 전

    1:25 Look how realistic that cat looks!

  24. SaifulIslam ROHAN

    SaifulIslam ROHAN50 분 전


  25. cowfinatic101

    cowfinatic10151 분 전

    why does this not look good...?

  26. Ansar Ahmadi

    Ansar Ahmadi51 분 전


  27. RobinFlysHigh

    RobinFlysHigh54 분 전

    The plush rush got me lol 😅😆😂😂😆😅

  28. Gipsy D

    Gipsy D54 분 전

    I seriously CANNOT imagine Keanu Reeves saying those lines for Duke in front of a microphone in an isolated room

  29. Doh Doh Sol Sol

    Doh Doh Sol Sol56 분 전

    Super cute Forky😍❤❤❤

  30. Katelin Hughes

    Katelin Hughes58 분 전

    This is gonna be lit

  31. Rick Harrison

    Rick Harrison시간 전

    2:08 Way to go Margaret, who’s gonna pic up pops ashes?

  32. Joeven Cerveza

    Joeven Cerveza시간 전

    Never thought woody's head was rubber

  33. Phiel Joshua Mondero

    Phiel Joshua Mondero시간 전

    Im expecting that there will be a toy story 4 every year... And here it comessssss

  34. KaidenLLJ

    KaidenLLJ시간 전

    I’m 17 and I’m excited for this 😂

  35. Phiel Joshua Mondero

    Phiel Joshua Mondero시간 전

    Omg my childhood movie has a new movie 😭😭😭😭

  36. Mike Murdoch

    Mike Murdoch시간 전

    so i have 2 questions i really want to ask. 1. Why is Forky being kept inside an antiques closet? He's a plastic fork with googly eyes stuck to him for goodness sake! 2. How does Bo keep changing clothes? Is it 2 different Bo's?

  37. YoungLive Stryker

    YoungLive Stryker시간 전


  38. KEEWOOO Villaruel

    KEEWOOO Villaruel시간 전

    sonic or this??

  39. Iron Man 357

    Iron Man 357시간 전

    Wow cant wait haha

  40. Doom xanders

    Doom xanders시간 전

    A simple vista creo que se debió de quedar en trilogía... espero retractarme

  41. Bee Kay

    Bee Kay시간 전

    Is that The Living Dummy from Goosebumps 1:21 ?

  42. Wolf Daniel

    Wolf Daniel시간 전

    cliche story line, didn’t they already do the “save another toy” idea already ?

  43. OmegaSanz

    OmegaSanz시간 전

    Knowing that Mabel's voice actor is here makes me happy

  44. Multani MunDa Studio

    Multani MunDa Studio시간 전

    Allama Mufti Abdul Hameed Chishti Allah Mola Aur Ali Mola New HD 2019 By Multani Munda



    "What about the ole' plush rush? " Something straight from a Chucky movie if we all going to be honest to ourselves

  46. Camro

    Camro시간 전

    Pause at 1:12

  47. Olivia Hancock

    Olivia Hancock시간 전

    Omg omg omg omg omgggg

  48. ClearThoughts

    ClearThoughts시간 전

    Such a good trailer

  49. Avrice Asus

    Avrice Asus시간 전

    ELO + Toy Story = Good Times

  50. PixarYesDoraNo Productions

    PixarYesDoraNo Productions시간 전

    0:14 - 0:28 What's the song called?

  51. Riq B

    Riq B시간 전

    they had a spork represent every teen in this generation

  52. Shayla Kay McCartney

    Shayla Kay McCartney시간 전

    Sorry but this tot story seems weird !

  53. Moretti Outdoors

    Moretti Outdoors시간 전

    Forky??? What a waste of money

  54. SpongeBob NiggerPants

    SpongeBob NiggerPants시간 전

    Is it bad I’m a 2000’s baby but never had a interest in toy story ?

  55. pandaland1

    pandaland1시간 전

    Keep milking the franchise...

  56. Joshua Argueta

    Joshua Argueta시간 전

    Dude did you see the rain? It looks so real! Also has anyone seen the Child’s Play teasers? It’s literally Chucky dismantling the toys from Toy Story lol

  57. Jurgen Strang

    Jurgen Strang시간 전

    My boi keanu in toy story!!

  58. Bernadett Bán

    Bernadett Bán시간 전

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing this looks? Pixar never fails to amaze me how beautiful their films are.

  59. Herdian Darma

    Herdian Darma시간 전

    Can my pc run it?


    TEESAVV시간 전

    Been wIting like 2 years for this to come out, hopefully it was worth the wait

  61. Brandon

    Brandon시간 전

    Im fairly annoyed and upset so far,like i just wish the toys stayed in Andy's family, like he had a kid or something, it just doesn't feel right with bonny (and before ppl start going off, yes i know the movies aren't focused on Andy)

  62. Street Fighter Player

    Street Fighter Player시간 전

    Toy Story- Was Awesome Toy Story 2- Was Very Awesome Toy Story 3- Was Awesome, Darker And More Emotional Toy Story 4- Looks Uninteresting too the point I actually think they should have left the Toy Story franchise at TS3.

  63. Tye Rex

    Tye Rex시간 전

    "Am I a spoon? A fork? A toy?" Woody- "Whatever you identify with buddy. And you hold your tongue Trixie, you intolerable dinosaur."

  64. The adventures of Ash and Jeff

    The adventures of Ash and Jeff시간 전

    starts with u are a toy me: 😭😭

  65. KoalaTea Guy

    KoalaTea Guy시간 전

    Plush rush. I like it

  66. Jon Cloyd

    Jon Cloyd시간 전

    I’ve never gotten over 100 likes😰

  67. English Bro

    English Bro시간 전

    This film Is for adults sorry kids...

  68. 10,000 subscribers with no videos

    10,000 subscribers with no videos시간 전

    Toy story: was born 4 months later Toy story 2: 3 Toy story 3: 14 Toy story 4: 23 There have been some huge time gaps between the movies lol but to this day the toy story franchise has been my favourite thing to ever come out of Pixar! It just invokes my childhood, I remember watching the first two on vhs all the time as a kid!

  69. Angel Sanchez-Mayorquin

    Angel Sanchez-Mayorquin시간 전

    Isn't that old lady the same one Dash saved in Incredibles 2????????

  70. Elon Fucking Musk

    Elon Fucking Musk시간 전

    *spoiler alert* : Thanos snaps and half the toys disappear

  71. Maribel Boroc

    Maribel Boroc시간 전

    I miss andy though. 😭

  72. Eddie Freaker

    Eddie Freaker시간 전

    Doesn’t look super sad like everyone’s saying

  73. Lorcan

    Lorcan시간 전

    Best selling toy; a spork

  74. Vitor Sousa

    Vitor Sousa2 시간 전

    Br? 🇧🇷

  75. Julion M

    Julion M2 시간 전

    The new apartments are all 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms, I saw the listing in craigslist and other rental sites, it's just me in my new apartment but I'll see if I can find a roommate, good thing the water is included in the bill.

  76. Travis McCutchan

    Travis McCutchan25 분 전

    Um... I think you’re commenting on the wrong video.

  77. RJ TP

    RJ TP2 시간 전

    Was that Slappy?

  78. Jiren chillin in the comment section

    Jiren chillin in the comment section2 시간 전

    0:28 *_Fork commits endgame_*

  79. Ed Charles

    Ed Charles2 시간 전

    Interesting how this trailer has a completely different vibe to the first one...

  80. Thuy Vi Nguyen

    Thuy Vi Nguyen2 시간 전

    hello world

  81. The Devmiester

    The Devmiester2 시간 전

    The fact that we saw an elderly woman get assaulted by a stuffed duck and rabbit doesn’t even phase me at this point.

  82. Bella Oliver

    Bella Oliver2 시간 전

    LOVE IT!!!

  83. Shaggyeatstacos 17

    Shaggyeatstacos 172 시간 전

    Let me get this straight this whole movie is about saving a plastic spoon. Wow the critics are going to eat this up 😂

  84. Mr Legit

    Mr Legit2 시간 전

    I've never been so hyped for a kids movie for a while. Looks so good

  85. toxic_white_male

    toxic_white_male2 시간 전

    Tom Hanks is a pedderass

  86. Jordan Wolfson

    Jordan Wolfson2 시간 전

    Why does this have so many dislikes? Shouldn't we live in the generation of don't judge a movie by its trailer? The movie will end up getting a 99% on rotten tomatoes, and the dislikers will feel real dumb.

  87. Misstuhh Waveman

    Misstuhh Waveman2 시간 전

    They just getting worse

  88. Venomxreview77

    Venomxreview772 시간 전

    Lol that’s keanu reeves 1:04 that’s awesome 😎💯😁😂😂

  89. Matty McDonnell

    Matty McDonnell2 시간 전

    The cinemas will be like 75% teens/adults and 25% kids, just like the incredibles lol

  90. BobTheT-rex

    BobTheT-rex2 시간 전

    50¢ that Bo is the bad guy.


    TOON GARDEN2 시간 전

    Well, a new movie of toy story.I also love children's animated movies. I am trying to get 1000 sub to continue raising the hope of making animation for children😁

  92. 10,000 subscribers with no videos

    10,000 subscribers with no videos2 시간 전

    The animation looks absolutely incredible!! It's all come a long way in all these year's, just compare this to the 2010 movie! let alone the level of detail in the original two movies. the rain at 1:40 Looks hyper realistic! the fur on the cat in the sunlight is another good example, or the grass.

  93. TheLimseron

    TheLimseron2 시간 전

    Wow Disney has toys robbing old ladies now? Im watching :)

  94. JUST THINGS anything

    JUST THINGS anything2 시간 전


  95. maxwell 4782

    maxwell 47822 시간 전

    Let's goooo

  96. JoeMilano9

    JoeMilano92 시간 전

    I am expecting to be disappointed since that has become the currency of the realm.

  97. VinHeko

    VinHeko2 시간 전


  98. NothingXD ___

    NothingXD ___2 시간 전

    You're telling me I waited 9 years to watch a *SPORK* !??!

  99. Eros

    Eros2 시간 전

    NothingXD ___ same man haha

  100. NothingXD ___

    NothingXD ___2 시간 전

    +Eros oh...I'm gonna have to bring some tissues then.

  101. Eros

    Eros2 시간 전

    NothingXD ___ the producers said it’s gonna be more emotional than toy story 3. this movie is gonna have a turn i bet.

  102. Thomas Burleson

    Thomas Burleson2 시간 전

    Forky sucks, why couldn’t it be a more fun toy?

  103. Tinowimba Katsumbe

    Tinowimba Katsumbe2 시간 전

    The plush rush is so dark Buzz was thrown off a bit there😂...Toy story, my childhood buddy. Love that animation.

  104. Katy Out n About

    Katy Out n About2 시간 전

    Duke Kaboom!! Can’t believe he’s in this movie!!! He was always one of my favourite toys