Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. missjane837

    missjane83721 시간 전

    Great when you see the first one just think that was the start of all of it...

  2. Erick Vasquez

    Erick Vasquez일 전

    Woodi no back

  3. Darkgamer

    Darkgamer2 일 전

    Andy: You’ll take care of Woody right? Bonnie: Well yEs, but actually nO

  4. Brody Beast

    Brody Beast3 일 전

    Toy Story 3: Andy gives Bonnie His most prized possessions/his toys. Toy Story 4 Trailer: Bonnie making a toy spork that she cares about more than REAL TOYS. Not trying to be mean. I love these movies. I just think it is kinda weird.

  5. Theo’s gaming show

    Theo’s gaming show3 일 전

    They used livein thing from guardians of the galaxy telltale game

  6. JayJay 24601

    JayJay 246013 일 전

    the movie was good not bad like pets 2

  7. Dheeraj Kumar

    Dheeraj Kumar4 일 전

    Clearly could see the graphics improvement....

  8. Cuddle team Leader&bullseye&fish stick

    Cuddle team Leader&bullseye&fish stick4 일 전

    0:11 look at my cute hand

  9. Sean 1234

    Sean 12344 일 전

    How bout the old push rush I was laughing so hard

  10. ALEX

    ALEX4 일 전

    Number 4 sucked. Horrible.... I didnt even finish the whole movie..

  11. Carmen Juárez

    Carmen Juárez5 일 전

    Me gusta a forky

  12. Wil Bourke

    Wil Bourke5 일 전

    This movie is so good, i cried 3 times!

  13. Kevin Ramirez

    Kevin Ramirez6 일 전

    Woody: to infinity.. Buzz: and beyond... Me:😭😭😭

  14. Alyssa Truscott

    Alyssa Truscott3 일 전

    SAME I just watched it today and couldn't stop crying

  15. Galactic Jewels

    Galactic Jewels6 일 전

    I sobbed my eyes out. That’s all I’ll say on this movie.

  16. Esther Coquillat

    Esther Coquillat6 일 전

    Hyper déçue de la fin

  17. Daniel WILD

    Daniel WILD6 일 전

    *To Infinity And Beyond* - Buzz Lightyear 1995-2019

  18. Lisa Anderson

    Lisa Anderson7 일 전

    I like toy story 3

  19. Kyuiis

    Kyuiis7 일 전

    The attention to detail...I love it!

  20. Yan dennis

    Yan dennis8 일 전


  21. Yan dennis

    Yan dennis8 일 전


  22. MemesAreCancer

    MemesAreCancer8 일 전

    Plush rush

  23. bnh •

    bnh •8 일 전

    Why did they try to make Lil Bo peep hot??????

  24. Azenith pangyan jacobe

    Azenith pangyan jacobe8 일 전

    boooo suck peep

  25. Kalilah Croes

    Kalilah Croes8 일 전


  26. Faith Tejada

    Faith Tejada8 일 전

    Toy Story 4 maybe the last one but there are other toys out there with stories to tell will find one as good as Woody and Buzz maybe even better toys in this world have come so far.

  27. MARCY

    MARCY9 일 전

    It's livin' thing !!!

  28. João Rafael 3D gamer 105 Rafael 3

    João Rafael 3D gamer 105 Rafael 39 일 전

    i'm luan rafael in brazil on cinemark in brazil in june 20 in Criciúma shopping on toy story 4!!!

  29. spooky weirdo

    spooky weirdo9 일 전

    That stuntman is breathtaking

  30. Tad Strange

    Tad Strange10 일 전

    Can we talk about how this is rated G? When's the last time you saw a movie that was rated G?

  31. Tad Strange

    Tad Strange9 일 전

    Clips de Películas Eh, doesn't count.

  32. Clips de Películas

    Clips de Películas9 일 전

    Cars 3

  33. Teresa Perez

    Teresa Perez10 일 전

    Toy story 4 es la mejor película del mundo mundial

  34. Justin Turner

    Justin Turner10 일 전

    Seen toy story in theatres in 1995 when i was 4, so it makes sense to see toy story 4 at 28 yrs old in theatres. 👍🏿

  35. Storm Dude

    Storm Dude10 일 전

    Justin Turner spoiler woody stays with bo peep at the end hence no longer being Bonny’s toy. There saved you money

  36. Lingonsben Trollskogen

    Lingonsben Trollskogen10 일 전

    You have me at Duke Kaboom, Canada's greatest stuntman! ;) =D

  37. Lucy Salazar

    Lucy Salazar10 일 전


  38. nico

    nico10 일 전


  39. dj sabab

    dj sabab10 일 전

    We want toy story 5 also

  40. t!pzzy

    t!pzzy10 일 전

    Ahh the old suffocating an old lady trick.... mmmmm a classic

  41. Un Men

    Un Men10 일 전

    00:15 song please?

  42. Jack Einoff

    Jack Einoff11 일 전

    Spiritual so in the building!

  43. Dietista De Pérdida De Peso

    Dietista De Pérdida De Peso11 일 전




    after i watched it i realize that all the jokes is for the adults so they can enjoy companying their kids just to get the animation lol

  45. Singers Dream

    Singers Dream11 일 전

    Andy: You gotta take good care of woody for me Bonnie: I will *Choses him over a SPORK*

  46. Confetti Funfetti

    Confetti Funfetti11 일 전

    I saw toy story 4 and I don’t want to spoil, but its the saddest movie I’ve ever seen



    "How about the old 'plush rush?'" "there you go!" Me: i called it the dangle strangle because i jump on someone, strangle them, and dangle from their neck.

  48. Evelyn Ygritte

    Evelyn Ygritte12 일 전

    Toy Story 4 (2019) film Available The emotions run high, with stunning animation and imagery all around. the animation is literally spectacular. I highly recommend

  49. k_lok

    k_lok12 일 전


  50. Eagle Pink

    Eagle Pink12 일 전

    Full Movie

  51. David Cunliffe

    David Cunliffe12 일 전

    Toy story rated R 2:09

  52. Tragedy PuR3

    Tragedy PuR312 일 전

    This movie was literally so sad at the end. Toy Story will be missed, for infinity and beyond.

  53. Melvin *

    Melvin *13 일 전

    When I watched Toy Story 4 at the theaters me and my brother were the only kids there, the others were 17+

  54. Gaming Jacob Player

    Gaming Jacob Player13 일 전

    I saw a lot of adults because it's there childhood movie