1. Marianna Van Huissteden

    Marianna Van Huissteden6 일 전

    Flynn is soooo cute.

  2. Val Jordan

    Val Jordan8 일 전

    Omg thats bigger then my house XD Btw my house is biggggg

  3. hlcarns

    hlcarns9 일 전

    That apartment is huge and you guys definitely deserve something like that Flynn does and I think you deserve something like that because you guys are a really great family and a Busy family love you all🥰😘😍😜

  4. Alexia Waldon

    Alexia Waldon9 일 전

    Can you do some more videos with Shane Dawson

  5. Cristal Veras

    Cristal Veras10 일 전

    What’d you do w all the things from that apartment

  6. till sty

    till sty11 일 전


  7. Eva ‘

    Eva ‘11 일 전

    Flynn is so cute

  8. Inés G. Gao

    Inés G. Gao12 일 전

    This has the best thumbnail I have ever seen

  9. Ragad Najjar

    Ragad Najjar13 일 전

    FLYNN IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEE UR THE CUTEST PERSON EVERRRR, ADORABLE oh btw who else thinks Flynn was seeing someone else in the mirror when he kissed his self 😂 Did anyone understand what I said 😂😂😂😂

  10. trent UTTP

    trent UTTP13 일 전

    Flynn should have a foster family

  11. Shir Kalati

    Shir Kalati13 일 전

    my sexuality is Colleen saying "we'll never know what's inside" at 13:05

  12. LULU

    LULU13 일 전

    Hawaiian rolls are the best

  13. Elianna Andrade

    Elianna Andrade14 일 전

    Colleen this is the merrw flin smouch kiss

  14. madelyn rutkowski

    madelyn rutkowski14 일 전

    i would like to see a day in the life with a baby

  15. Sara Maria

    Sara Maria15 일 전

    Why is Flynn like the CUTEST little munchkin EVER❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Polar Hare

    Polar Hare15 일 전

    Flynn is the most kissable and adorable baby ever!!!!!!!!

  17. Xtremers

    Xtremers14 일 전

    He knows that, it’s why he kissed himself.

  18. Paige Sherman

    Paige Sherman16 일 전

    Your cookies 🍪 sound really good and I want to taste them

  19. Ashtynn 78

    Ashtynn 7818 일 전

    At 8:15 that’s me mocking my mom when she shouts at me when I’m mad at her.

  20. Duc Le Nguyen

    Duc Le Nguyen19 일 전

    I literally just stared at flynn the entire time he is sooo cute 🥰😂🥰

  21. Panda Dorito

    Panda Dorito19 일 전


  22. Kamila Blas

    Kamila Blas19 일 전

    I only watched because of Flinn He is AdOrAbLe!!!!☺️☺️☺️🤪🤪😊💞💞🥺🥺🤚

  23. Benjamin Romero

    Benjamin Romero20 일 전

    Colleen: If ur wondering why I have m&m’s Me: nope

  24. Jaedyn Berg

    Jaedyn Berg20 일 전


  25. Cynical Error

    Cynical Error24 일 전

    3:24 it’s for health reasons

  26. Alex pasta and spaghetti

    Alex pasta and spaghetti25 일 전

    You guys you abandoned Rachel

  27. Malgorzata Iwon

    Malgorzata Iwon개월 전

    Finally someone that shows actually the appartment instead of where she keeps the beauty case.

  28. Shelly Champion

    Shelly Champion개월 전

    i thought that the microwave was a fridge..... Is it just me??.. Like if u agree

  29. juliana edwards

    juliana edwards개월 전


  30. juliana edwards

    juliana edwards개월 전

    Mom and bestfriend live with you

  31. Elliee Rose

    Elliee Rose개월 전

    14:19 😭😂

  32. Leah Kelly

    Leah Kelly개월 전

    please do a tour in kansas im dying i have all ways wanted to go but please please please

  33. Jessica Griffith

    Jessica Griffith개월 전

    Colleen: it's a fridge Me:cool Colleen: it looks like a part of a kitchen Me: I thought it was? Colleen: gotcha it's a fridge Me: okay?

  34. Lucinda Archuletta

    Lucinda Archuletta개월 전

    My god if there's a more precious baby living I don't no where. What a doll!

  35. Livvy Babic

    Livvy Babic개월 전


  36. Fallfox 7089

    Fallfox 7089개월 전

    Is this a temporary move but they're keeping the apartment?

  37. Leah vlogs Street

    Leah vlogs Street개월 전

    I love your youtube banner

  38. Andreea Luca

    Andreea Luca개월 전

    "Did you forget we are married?" LOL

  39. Lily Hempfling

    Lily Hempfling개월 전

    I'm soo sad u were in Knoxville and I missed you

  40. Sarah Martinez

    Sarah Martinez개월 전

    1:08 Flynn wants to vlog. 😂😂

  41. Raffy woowoo

    Raffy woowoo개월 전

    Colleen: This is *MY BREAD* and *MY M&MS* Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Aubree Schneider

    Aubree Schneider개월 전


  43. Maisie that weirdo

    Maisie that weirdo개월 전


  44. Lenore Pimlott

    Lenore Pimlott개월 전

    I saw the TV on?!

  45. Fran Lewis

    Fran Lewis개월 전

    Keep it up! You are the only way to keep my baby brother from crying

  46. Abby Auburger

    Abby Auburger개월 전

    I’m still waiting on patio: the musical sensation

  47. Bernadette O Donovan

    Bernadette O Donovan개월 전


  48. You Tube

    You Tube개월 전

    Hahahah ur so funny lyyyy

  49. Mariya_ bmy

    Mariya_ bmy2 개월 전

    12:45 this is where the magic happens.... 😂ouf

  50. Haneke Lourens

    Haneke Lourens2 개월 전

    Is it his child

  51. Lara Weber

    Lara Weber2 개월 전

    I was shure you were going to say that there is cookie dough inside the couch

  52. Cousins 4life

    Cousins 4life2 개월 전

    did you leave your cats?

  53. Emily Wright

    Emily Wright2 개월 전

    14:07 “...making out with himself...” 😂😂

  54. Shining Bright

    Shining Bright2 개월 전

    This is how many times colleen said "just girly things"✌ I I I v

  55. Dayana Garcia

    Dayana Garcia2 개월 전

    An Apartment like that in New York must be super expensive

  56. The New fam

    The New fam2 개월 전

    My uncle lives right by the Empire State

  57. Persephone

    Persephone2 개월 전

    Love the Star Wars paintings!!!😊

  58. BTS_ArmyFan 9128

    BTS_ArmyFan 91282 개월 전

    ‘And Flynn’s making out with himself so...’

  59. Matthew Darnell

    Matthew Darnell2 개월 전

    I love Madonna in the powder room!

  60. log west 2

    log west 22 개월 전

    I ship it baby and mirror XD

  61. evi evi

    evi evi2 개월 전

    I prefer small houses with courtyard in nature than apartments in big cities especially if you are having kids but your own is very beautiful!!