Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. EyeSpyTheSky

    EyeSpyTheSky3 시간 전

    This trailer gives me so much positivity for my week ahead. Guess I'll only have to watch it another 52 times then.

  2. PulpChristian

    PulpChristian5 시간 전

    Gonna be playing soo much Ace Combat 7 in preparation for this movie!!!

  3. Ace Bee

    Ace Bee7 시간 전

    fuck the troops .. invade a WalMart or invade Iraq, same thing .. propaganda for the idiots

  4. never stop fighting

    never stop fighting7 시간 전

    Please, no sjw chick pilot.

  5. Rick Jasper

    Rick Jasper10 시간 전

    Top Gun 2... I FEEL THE NEED!

  6. Erica Marcelina

    Erica Marcelina10 시간 전

    Dov'è take my breath away?

  7. Erica Marcelina

    Erica Marcelina10 시간 전

    Dov'è Kelly McGilles?

  8. NPC 99845

    NPC 9984512 시간 전

    #GetWokeGoBroke - OF COURSE there has to be a female navy pilot - something as rare as unicorn sht for good reason. Women don’t wanna do these jobs. Stop trying to socially engineer the public you far left moronc trash. Not gonna pay to watch this - no self respecting man or non feminazi woman should either.

  9. alrii

    alrii14 시간 전

    Where is the underwear scene part?

  10. Igor Dugonjic

    Igor Dugonjic14 시간 전

    guess that at 1:16 we can see the picture of Goose on the right side

  11. myenilmez6469

    myenilmez646914 시간 전

    still captain ??

  12. Pragya Agarwal

    Pragya Agarwal14 시간 전

    We are not putting any money in the hands of a Scientologist, unless he changes for good

  13. KnaggsGuitars

    KnaggsGuitars15 시간 전

    The one and only Steve Stevens - Grammy winner for performing the Top Gun Anthem with Harold Faltermeyer back in the day -

  14. Chiszle

    Chiszle15 시간 전

    What a nice present, thanks movies.

  15. Decrode44 Decrode44

    Decrode44 Decrode4415 시간 전

    Where is Danger Zone??? 😧😧

  16. Terra Europa

    Terra Europa16 시간 전

    It makes me laugh when this millenial generation pretends to understand original movie because of sequel's trailer, THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THIS, why? because they're artificial as this youtube is where we are writing right now, with no soul, but at least we can watch this PARADISE from our past, somethin words can never describe, this is beyond words. Greets from Europe to all kids from 80's and 90's

  17. Glenn Joshua

    Glenn Joshua17 시간 전

    Back in 1986, the Soviets were the bad guys. . . kinda. . .33 years later, it's the Russians. . .kinda.

  18. TheTheratfarmer

    TheTheratfarmer19 시간 전

    i recommended they talk to the US Navy. dicipline and respect.

  19. TheTheratfarmer

    TheTheratfarmer19 시간 전

    a Captain can still fly.

  20. jmuduke99

    jmuduke9919 시간 전

    If they have Danger Zone in this one, I'm gonna lose my mind.

  21. ofir beck

    ofir beck21 시간 전

    "what do we say to the Peter Weller?" Not today

  22. SigmaDraconis87

    SigmaDraconis8721 시간 전

    Take me on your mighty wings Take me on your mighty wings tonight

  23. Karthik Raghavan

    Karthik Raghavan21 시간 전

    Where is Val Kilmer?

  24. Iron Head

    Iron Head21 시간 전

    Everything was real in the making of this movie as much as they could do, which is why this will be fuckin awesome!

  25. InvictusPug

    InvictusPug23 시간 전

    This movie better have some sick 80s music

  26. TheTheratfarmer

    TheTheratfarmer일 전

    one of lifes mysteries.

  27. TheTheratfarmer

    TheTheratfarmer일 전

    why are you only a two star Admiriral? can you lead?

  28. Shearman Mills

    Shearman Mills일 전

    so where is the blond ? too old ? too ugly for a movie ?

  29. Becky Barnes

    Becky Barnes일 전

    Watched Top Gun so many times when I was a kid with the old man, can't wait for this!

  30. casa casa

    casa casa일 전

    NOSTALGIA INTENSIFIESS ,ok you've more of 30



    The Ace of ace's......

  32. Van Poll

    Van Poll일 전

    This could be good...

  33. Joshua Tucker

    Joshua Tucker일 전

    To the 12K that dislike this you can go eat a bag of aids dicks!

  34. Rob

    Rob일 전

    Seeing the f-14 at the end makes it soooo sad. That plane did not deserve to be retired. It dominated the skies and was better than the f-15.

  35. Ten Second BuickGN

    Ten Second BuickGN일 전

    Why do I get the impression there will be feminism rearing it's ugly head like in Star Wars?

  36. zach valentine

    zach valentine일 전

    It needs some Kenny Loggins to complete it

  37. Patrick Lynch

    Patrick Lynch일 전

    0:33 Merging onto the highway... to the Danger-Zone!!

  38. Pedro Moronta

    Pedro Moronta일 전

    The best movie of the all times, 1986 and the best soundtrack ever made...

  39. MichaelsMejia

    MichaelsMejia일 전


  40. John B

    John B일 전

    I am a Cruise whipping boy. This trailer gave us a taste.

  41. Ansoni

    Ansoni일 전

    Only the few knows that, this is real stuff not some crappy CGI. Which makes me wanna see it even more than the old movie with my dad.

  42. Darron Sanderson

    Darron Sanderson일 전

    I feel the need, the need for speed! 🇺🇲

  43. Elm

    Elm일 전

    I miss watching harriers taking off and landing vertical on my old ship

  44. Atoms Alan Hall

    Atoms Alan Hall일 전

    Tic-Tacs v Maverick anyone?

  45. InChrist

    InChrist일 전

    I just got young again!

  46. Michael Demarco

    Michael Demarco일 전

    F-14 Tomcat at the end there 😍

  47. TheAceOfSpades

    TheAceOfSpades일 전

    I am so happy they put him in a Superhornet. Hollywood typically would have put him in a F35 so he could do impossible VTOL stunts.

  48. Jonathan W

    Jonathan W일 전

    Me: You: Me: This type of comment is for internet kiddies.

  49. Joseph Miller

    Joseph Miller일 전

    Discovery Mode: When Survival Becomes Your Only Way Home

  50. Kkdf Dkkck

    Kkdf Dkkck일 전

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  51. Satisfaction Notes

    Satisfaction Notes일 전

  52. JesusSavedJoshua

    JesusSavedJoshua일 전

    You invite others back but not Kelly..what's up with that?!!!

  53. scud69er

    scud69er일 전

    I can't wait for this movie!!!!

  54. The &cribbler

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  55. Prabhu Ram

    Prabhu Ram일 전

    Looks okie dokie

  56. CallOfMan25

    CallOfMan25일 전

    Indians be like: *LIKE for X* *Comment for X*

  57. Liyanna De Lioncourt

    Liyanna De Lioncourt일 전

    We deserve another vampire movie with Tom playing Lestat and Brad Pitt playing Louis 😍

  58. FNH SCAR 17

    FNH SCAR 17일 전

    This looks like Hot shots! Easy there “Topper”

  59. Damien Ramey

    Damien Ramey일 전

    This isn't a recruitment movie........🇱🇷. Tom did a great job of giving Naval Aviators their credit and he loves flying! Great trailer! But bring your kids..........they'll grow up to be Navy pilots after watching this! My 3 boys can't wait to see it. Best job ever! The first movie made me become a Navy pilot! So....Thank you Tom!

  60. Flash Wilson

    Flash Wilson일 전

    Damien Ramey Top Gun inspired you not made you the fact you're a fighter pilot is due to you and those people who helped you along the way.

  61. Dalton James

    Dalton James일 전

    I predict a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes but I will love it.

  62. XII

    XII일 전

    Great! Now Bring Back Topper Harley too. Dying to See another "Hot Shots!" Movie.

  63. Cte. Eli

    Cte. Eli2 일 전

    Subscribe to my channe I’ll return

  64. John Park

    John Park2 일 전

    Hot damn. This movie looks sexy as hell. Cant wait.

  65. interceptor1986

    interceptor19862 일 전

    Tom cruise best film of all time was Top gun so you know this is going to be cool as fuck

  66. Sam Arcade

    Sam Arcade2 일 전

    i really love that they'll use F/A-18E Super Hornet but i miss F-14A Tomcat

  67. TheAceOfSpades

    TheAceOfSpades일 전

    Yes imagine them putting him in F-35 (fk that) < 4th gen aircraft.

  68. chocograph

    chocograph2 일 전

    What if they worked in the line "at least you're not hanging onto the exterior of the aircraft."

  69. Jay Willow

    Jay Willow2 일 전

    1:38 😮

  70. DreamGTS

    DreamGTS2 일 전

    ..Can I get a Days of Thunder 2 with music like this as well? The nostalgia is real!

  71. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith2 일 전

    God in heaven please don’t let them fuck this one up. Hollywood has had their fun with other horrible classic remakes, but as God as my witness, if they fuck this up.... well, you’ll see me in prison.

  72. Bhargav Radhakrishna

    Bhargav Radhakrishna2 일 전

    Tom Cruise doesn't. Wtf.

  73. jakedizzle

    jakedizzle2 일 전

    A glorious tribute to our air force.

  74. jakedizzle

    jakedizzle2 일 전

    Yes. Fuck yes.

  75. jakedizzle

    jakedizzle2 일 전

    Fuck. Yes.

  76. Adrian Aparicio

    Adrian Aparicio2 일 전


  77. Ramond Ferreal

    Ramond Ferreal2 일 전

    Just take my money already.

  78. pEMDASist

    pEMDASist2 일 전

    Drones. Callin it.

  79. Robert Penner

    Robert Penner2 일 전


  80. Kenny Nguyen

    Kenny Nguyen2 일 전

    Man...This is one of the few trailers that I really like. Take my money!

  81. BIRMZE

    BIRMZE2 일 전

    I feel the need, the need for speed!

  82. hooper6453

    hooper64532 일 전

    Everyone posting quotes from the trailer... We have ears. WE HEARD IT LOL

  83. sweet gal

    sweet gal2 일 전

    Maybe so sir, but not today.