Top 5 GOLDEN BUZZER Magicians on Got Talent Global | Magicians Got Talent


  1. L1szt _

    L1szt _44 분 전

    The actual best magician will be the guy who gets 10,000 likes on utube.

  2. Tarkesh uk

    Tarkesh uk3 시간 전

    Hat,red crayon, puzzle game,penguin , that guy is the real genuine goddess 🦄🌬🌪🌠heavean magician

  3. AshOn Game

    AshOn Game6 시간 전

    17:16 always give me *CHILLS*

  4. Jagat Bk

    Jagat Bk7 시간 전

    Awesome first

  5. Suji N Mahi

    Suji N Mahi8 시간 전

    They've actually got talent or pre planned 🤔 act it was unbelievable especially First one ❤️ it got emotional

  6. Terry Knepp

    Terry Knepp13 시간 전

    1st one simon: one this act will Change your life. ant And bart: pressed gold on buzzer

  7. Romnick Aljecera

    Romnick Aljecera13 시간 전

    best all time

  8. A Mother's Heart

    A Mother's Heart15 시간 전

    You forgotten Collin key



    Anyone know the song can tag this song please for me

  10. Every Thing Simple

    Every Thing Simple일 전

    The X

  11. Christy Maria

    Christy Maria일 전

    12:43 Just was AWESOME

  12. Jessica Gomez

    Jessica Gomez일 전

    4:27 hope it from the mask she the magic this whole time is about hope

  13. Le Phong Nguyen

    Le Phong Nguyen일 전

    Watch 10:48 0.25 you can see paper

  14. Mudassir Safiya

    Mudassir Safiya일 전

    Made me cry after years...

  15. iron man

    iron man일 전

    That Pippi guy omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. The dark Of Awesomeness

    The dark Of Awesomeness2 일 전

    1 Like=1Happy family

  17. Erik Stimac

    Erik Stimac2 일 전

    1st one is really amazing i loved it so much, even made me tears come out, but then 2st guy is do funny, it would be cool if i could change it, when he said that I fell on floor laughing as sick

  18. Frias Lilingan

    Frias Lilingan2 일 전

    I think is not a magic but he can make time traveler this is my opinion guys thanks

  19. Yong Jing

    Yong Jing2 일 전

    I love the crazy one

  20. Omar Sameh

    Omar Sameh2 일 전

    X.. 💖

  21. ZOM BIX

    ZOM BIX2 일 전

    Judge is about to click golden buzzer Janitor: “No no no no no” Janitor throws broom at judge

  22. Abang Ganteng

    Abang Ganteng47 분 전

    ZOM BIX hi

  23. Mark Anthony Gregorio

    Mark Anthony Gregorio2 일 전

    That was great😢😢😍😍😍 really magic exist.. God bless u man

  24. Luan Morais

    Luan Morais2 일 전

    O sasuke também ia se apresentar?

  25. Jake Ynot

    Jake Ynot2 일 전


  26. Anthony Zamora

    Anthony Zamora3 일 전

    Tailand got talent

  27. J4mes

    J4mes3 일 전

    The last one was lame... Why? I don't understand anything they said

  28. Karthi muththu

    Karthi muththu3 일 전

    Love u ❤ lot

  29. Amli Zawawi

    Amli Zawawi3 일 전

    I AM X

  30. Raj

    Raj3 일 전

    1st is awesome

  31. Rajendra Tama

    Rajendra Tama3 일 전

    ada yang datang dari indonesia

  32. Daffa T77

    Daffa T773 일 전

    7:58 what song golden buzzer

  33. Daffa T77

    Daffa T773 일 전

    what song golden buzzer

  34. Monster Jack

    Monster Jack4 일 전

    They should’ve played the last one first....

  35. Legendary Gamer

    Legendary Gamer4 일 전

    Heart breaking... I m crying 😭😭

  36. jesse arrey

    jesse arrey4 일 전

    The person on the stage his name is iamxofficial

  37. TheReaper

    TheReaper4 일 전

    Got my talent ready and im about to go to britain got talent What is isnt in Canada?! Nvm

  38. It's Yellow

    It's Yellow4 일 전

    first one is the legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Madridista 17

    Madridista 174 일 전

    For The First I LOVE 3000

  40. Trina Tang

    Trina Tang4 일 전

    Loved the first one

  41. 123456 FN

    123456 FN5 일 전

    I got inspired on that first magician ♥ 😢 😔 everytime I hear and see some inspiring parts on it I keep shaking with no reason now that feels me I got inspired ♥

  42. Abiegail Cuevas

    Abiegail Cuevas5 일 전

    Hey! It's magic! Why am i crying?! 😭😭😭💕

  43. Legendary Gamer

    Legendary Gamer4 일 전


  44. GGMannerz

    GGMannerz5 일 전

    The 1st act is X.

  45. Akashdeep Akashdeep Gholia

    Akashdeep Akashdeep Gholia5 일 전

    awesome 😲😲😍😍😍😍

  46. Rifki Gg

    Rifki Gg5 일 전

    Subtaitel mana woi

  47. Unknown Girl Who Is Depressed

    Unknown Girl Who Is Depressed5 일 전

    What is the song for the golden buzzer for the first magician?

  48. Munowira Yaqoob

    Munowira Yaqoob5 일 전


  49. HS Gamer

    HS Gamer6 일 전

    Who came after X announced he was the person who got golden bussred at first

  50. L e i T oo t

    L e i T oo t6 일 전


  51. kostas S

    kostas S6 일 전

    The first guy was totally Jesus

  52. Good Side

    Good Side6 일 전

    I predict and guess the first person is (iamXofficial)

  53. Forchunate Sungoh

    Forchunate Sungoh6 일 전

    What is that last song of first audition plz tell .

  54. Shelby Nevin

    Shelby Nevin6 일 전

    I love the funny magician with the weird voices

  55. TheCreeLava [fortnite]&[minecraft]

    TheCreeLava [fortnite]&[minecraft]6 일 전

    I still shocked that the 1st video was IamX Like who was shocked too

  56. NaF

    NaF6 일 전

    0:17 back sound name please???

  57. aung lay

    aung lay6 일 전


  58. Dibyendu kumar Das

    Dibyendu kumar Das7 일 전

    the first one is the best ever ...... that made me cry..... i really loved that littlr babay....

  59. Brent Torotoro

    Brent Torotoro7 일 전


  60. Parallel Drippy

    Parallel Drippy7 일 전

    Like if syemuhn is the best judge

  61. Larry BJack

    Larry BJack7 일 전

    Public:OMG OMG he got golden buzzer!!! Cleaner:AM I JOKE TO YOU!?!?!

  62. Paotam Praise

    Paotam Praise7 일 전

    I just came back to this vid to check whether there was a book of "Hope" with the baby from the first magician after his reveal in the agt as X.. Anybody who came just like me??

  63. • PotterHead •

    • PotterHead •7 일 전

    Then 2 years later Marc Spelmann (The thumbnail) will become X

  64. Lyzah Mae Brigildo

    Lyzah Mae Brigildo7 일 전

    omg he is great this is the first time of my life thqt watching real magician . a real one is so amazing ..... i cant imagine how how he do that a real magic its unbelievable magic ..... first time ever in a whole world

  65. Laura Figueroa

    Laura Figueroa7 일 전

    im crying

  66. Kenza Wijaya

    Kenza Wijaya7 일 전


  67. มนัส กองปัด

    มนัส กองปัด7 일 전


  68. Franz Königswieser

    Franz Königswieser7 일 전

    The best thing about it is Coldplays Fix You in the background. Love it

  69. Gjorgji Velkovski

    Gjorgji Velkovski7 일 전


  70. Gjorgji Velkovski

    Gjorgji Velkovski7 일 전

    The first one made me cru 😭

  71. TEEMO

    TEEMO7 일 전

    Am i the only one expecting shin lim to be the first one?

  72. Fahim Khan

    Fahim Khan8 일 전

    Here only coz of marc aka mr x...

  73. mergar pomuceno

    mergar pomuceno8 일 전

    The first act is also X. Been watching this act again and again. Made me cry. 😢

  74. ItsPistol

    ItsPistol8 일 전

    The First Person Got The Golden Buzzer is really brillian . But I know the trick !!!

  75. David Grbic

    David Grbic8 일 전

    I got back here to see his first audition because he is the X

  76. Endro Serbhed

    Endro Serbhed8 일 전

    Trimakasih banyak

  77. Nyirandikumana Serinah

    Nyirandikumana Serinah8 일 전


  78. Green Gangsta

    Green Gangsta9 일 전

    Comment Section: 1% “amazing performances” 99% “I feel bad for the janitor”

  79. Daniel Vash Vizcayno

    Daniel Vash Vizcayno9 일 전

    The First magician was my favorite He did it for his daughter And also matt edwards And the second one Ok i like all of them

  80. Tyler Kagel

    Tyler Kagel9 일 전

    OMG This video was so sad and so cool

  81. Darkie Animations

    Darkie Animations9 일 전

    Janitor left the server

  82. aung khun

    aung khun9 일 전

    the first one, the unbelievable and very emotional, very lovely magic, he takes magic to a whole new level...

  83. Eva Del Barrio

    Eva Del Barrio10 일 전


  84. Jasmine Cantay

    Jasmine Cantay10 일 전


  85. girl street Thailand

    girl street Thailand10 일 전

    amazing woooww

  86. Gacha And FUN :3

    Gacha And FUN :310 일 전

    When Simon was crying he was like “what are these emotions??” Cause he has no soul

  87. uthman Ali

    uthman Ali10 일 전

    First one got me😭😭😭😭🤲

  88. BTS_isLove Army_isLove

    BTS_isLove Army_isLove11 일 전

    Two guys:*press the golden buzzer* Cleaner:WHY!!!!! I FU HATE MY JOB

  89. Gavin Andal

    Gavin Andal11 일 전


  90. Terbanks YT

    Terbanks YT11 일 전

    Lmao dude hejust ask for doing something with his hands so hecant press the button

  91. Random Videos

    Random Videos11 일 전

    The first one is the best out of all



    trimindious have no words got gooshbum 😅

  93. Ms.Kiyayumi Lockheart

    Ms.Kiyayumi Lockheart11 일 전

    they all deserve it

  94. JesseTristan Mount

    JesseTristan Mount11 일 전

    I love the 1st one and the 3ed one

  95. Ban Sinar

    Ban Sinar11 일 전

    I love Matt Edwards

  96. Ann Salsabilla

    Ann Salsabilla12 일 전

    The first magician did not achieve that golden buzzer for only his story but it is also for his amazing presentation and tricks. I would definitely give him a golden buzzer even if there isn't any sad/inspirational story behind it. He's simply a great performer.

  97. Toxxic Kidz

    Toxxic Kidz12 일 전

    The 1st one was actually x

  98. KatccioalyGamer

    KatccioalyGamer12 일 전

    I can’t understand the last one-

  99. Flightism

    Flightism12 일 전

    The 1st is legit magic

  100. Lopez Mill Council

    Lopez Mill Council12 일 전

    The 1st is very good

  101. cap bro

    cap bro13 일 전

    I came here after the x was revealed

  102. hemant gupta

    hemant gupta13 일 전

    Simon is a totally humble person...