Top 5 GOLDEN BUZZER Magicians on Got Talent Global | Magicians Got Talent


  1. The Icyking

    The Icyking54 초 전

    I now believe real magic

  2. Esquivel Sandoval

    Esquivel Sandoval2 시간 전


  3. カワイイ Dawn I’m A Shy One

    カワイイ Dawn I’m A Shy One3 시간 전

    ThE fIrSt OnE gEtS mE eVeRy TiMe 😭

  4. Aqua _Playz

    Aqua _Playz3 시간 전

    1st one: WHOS CUTTIN ONIONS?!?!???

  5. Wan Yenki Pirninastri

    Wan Yenki Pirninastri10 시간 전

    Marc spelman 👍

  6. The hyper panda gurl Unicorn

    The hyper panda gurl Unicorn10 시간 전

    I loved the first one it was so sad and amazing

  7. The hyper panda gurl Unicorn

    The hyper panda gurl Unicorn10 시간 전

    Like plz

  8. Rosanna Rodriguez

    Rosanna Rodriguez12 시간 전

    The first one got me in tears

  9. Munchy Mochi

    Munchy Mochi13 시간 전

    No one cares about what year you are watching this in 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

  10. Tsupokumba Longchari

    Tsupokumba Longchari13 시간 전

    The 1St magic touch my heart a lot n it's amazing... Gbu n yur family..

  11. JamesPlay -RB

    JamesPlay -RB14 시간 전

    pee pee!!

  12. Dachi Matsubara

    Dachi Matsubara16 시간 전


  13. Samanvitha Pulugurta

    Samanvitha Pulugurta18 시간 전

    the first one made me cry it was beutiful

  14. Hyper Jump_HD

    Hyper Jump_HD18 시간 전

    11:45 MATT EDWARDS: *plays with salt* JANITOR: are u Joking!! MATT EDWARDS: *Gets the golden buzzer* JANITOR: WHAT THE FU*K.?!!! I hate this Job!!!

  15. Hot Fires

    Hot Fires18 시간 전

    The 1st one is the best i cried waaaa

  16. parinde *

    parinde *19 시간 전

    First one 👍💖

  17. The JC gaming channel JCGC

    The JC gaming channel JCGC19 시간 전


  18. bernadine and family

    bernadine and family19 시간 전

    I like the first crying in there.i love it so much😢

  19. Albert cleon Galang

    Albert cleon Galang20 시간 전

    DA THIRD ONE ;-; I LOVE IT YES 9MS the third one was the best I have seen in front of mah life :3

  20. Gamer XY

    Gamer XY21 시간 전

    Were is stormtrooper

  21. Cas van der Staal

    Cas van der Staal23 시간 전

    This is amazing!!!!

  22. Cas van der Staal

    Cas van der Staal23 시간 전


  23. bedprakash dhar

    bedprakash dhar23 시간 전


  24. The Ligma Monster

    The Ligma Monster일 전

    Me watches the first one: I'm not crying *Sniff* my eyes are sweating

  25. nguyen Ho

    nguyen Ho일 전

    The third one I was crying😭🤧

  26. purplecrayon806

    purplecrayon806일 전


  27. myron sux at everything

    myron sux at everything일 전

    The first one made me cry a bit

  28. TM vines

    TM vines일 전

    Harry Potter and the goblet of fire😍😍😍

  29. Jennifer Wijaya

    Jennifer Wijaya일 전

    At 20:48 it is indonesian language he said thank you very much

  30. Kearnu King

    Kearnu King2 일 전

    2nd didn’t need gold buzzer

  31. Johnny Nguyen

    Johnny Nguyen2 일 전

    That is so cool on the first one it made me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Hungrysandwich :3

    Hungrysandwich :32 일 전

    Rip janitor

  33. CiTheBee 89

    CiTheBee 892 일 전

    The first one was better than the rest . No doubt

  34. Fun stuff with Maddie

    Fun stuff with Maddie2 일 전

    For the first act he’s a time traveller

  35. Twilight UnderSky

    Twilight UnderSky2 일 전

    It feels good for people to win golden buzzers

  36. Leybis ventura

    Leybis ventura2 일 전


  37. Vloger Roblox gamer

    Vloger Roblox gamer2 일 전

    Cry of happynees omg

  38. Seulrene Entertainment Minatozaki

    Seulrene Entertainment Minatozaki2 일 전

    Janitor probably gonna leave😂

  39. Daphne Hyacinth Mayuga

    Daphne Hyacinth Mayuga2 일 전

    I cry at the first part😔😭😣😞😞😞😞



    1 like = prayer

  41. Aiden Jensen

    Aiden Jensen3 일 전

    Whos HOUDINI?

  42. NoodleHead 115

    NoodleHead 1153 일 전

    I can't help but to wonder what the girl in the background at 21:26 is looking at lol

  43. max brimo YT

    max brimo YT3 일 전

    Did you guys tear up?

  44. Stephanie and Jessica castellanos and

    Stephanie and Jessica castellanos and3 일 전

    The first one I started crying 😭😭😭😭😭 it is so sad it made my heart break because when I was little not born my mom was so sick I was still in her stomack and she made one wish that at least 2 of her kids servived and ma and my brother survived my little 👶 baby sister passed away because my mom was very 😷 sick😭😭😭😭💖💖😘💔💔💔

  45. Lola Miles

    Lola Miles3 일 전

    It’s just so nice to see them in such a happy mood I was in floods of tears 😭!!

  46. cecilox21

    cecilox213 일 전


  47. Brisey18 ;-;

    Brisey18 ;-;3 일 전

    I heard Matt before lol

  48. sai siddarth

    sai siddarth3 일 전

    mathew is amazing

  49. TheRedstoneWolf

    TheRedstoneWolf3 일 전

    Ant and Dec always push the golden buzzers for magicians😂

  50. Noah Tanis

    Noah Tanis3 일 전

    I promise to like this comment Well you promised

  51. Ysabella Acosta

    Ysabella Acosta4 일 전

    The first one made me cry so much omg

  52. Srinivas V

    Srinivas V4 일 전

    this is amazing there is evrey thing the same in the first one

  53. Nathan Lovelace

    Nathan Lovelace4 일 전

    1 like 1 prayer for the dad and his daughter

  54. bobohu hu

    bobohu hu4 일 전

    JAY PARK?????

  55. Rashaad Armstrong

    Rashaad Armstrong4 일 전

    I love the first one

  56. Emma Perez

    Emma Perez4 일 전

    the best magic trick you can posses.. is a families power

  57. Emma Perez

    Emma Perez4 일 전

    hope that wife survived through her cancer.

  58. Ange Ton

    Ange Ton4 일 전

    Matt is funny

  59. Susmita Subedi

    Susmita Subedi4 일 전

    I like the first one

  60. Dark Shadow 117

    Dark Shadow 1174 일 전

    0:14 tittle oficina te song ? Plis

  61. Edrex Pinlac

    Edrex Pinlac4 일 전

    The first one make me cry

  62. Robert Dejesica

    Robert Dejesica4 일 전

    what saying for simon hat or at

  63. ItsMex LimeFission

    ItsMex LimeFission5 일 전

    Like = Real Magic Comment = Fake Magic

  64. Evan Kisielewski

    Evan Kisielewski5 일 전

    This is super cute

  65. Eternal Dusk

    Eternal Dusk5 일 전

    My favourite is matt

  66. goku xx lil god

    goku xx lil god5 일 전


  67. Southern Belle

    Southern Belle5 일 전

    😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😱😱😱😨😨😨😨👍👍👍👏👏👏✌✌✌🙏🙏🙏🙏 I love it!

  68. hans dalisay

    hans dalisay5 일 전


  69. Tylor Star Lord

    Tylor Star Lord5 일 전

    Thanks to Dec and Ant because they both press golden buzzer 😁

  70. Ram Jequo Mondejar

    Ram Jequo Mondejar5 일 전

    How the fudge did he🤭😵do that!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. borg

    borg5 일 전

    XD 23:54 at X25 speed!!!! :D

  72. Mike and Freddy :3

    Mike and Freddy :35 일 전

    I cried

  73. Mike and Freddy :3

    Mike and Freddy :35 일 전

    Why do you all say 2019 /:

  74. Marcus the Gaming Bro and Vlogs

    Marcus the Gaming Bro and Vlogs5 일 전

    The Third Video Was Funny

  75. Marcus the Gaming Bro and Vlogs

    Marcus the Gaming Bro and Vlogs5 일 전

    The First One Is The Best

  76. bandamx 17

    bandamx 175 일 전

    13:50 was performed in America's got talent way better.

  77. Riley Franco

    Riley Franco5 일 전

    19:08 just shows us how easy it is to make someone believe with just simple tricks

  78. Muhammad Luqman

    Muhammad Luqman6 일 전

    Wait, that last one use a malay money??

  79. Titus Johnson

    Titus Johnson6 일 전

    That was so sad

  80. Sharon Grace Agosto

    Sharon Grace Agosto6 일 전

    the first make me cry a tsunami huhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhhhhuuhu😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 its so sweet 1 like = happy family

  81. Nicole Martsenyak

    Nicole Martsenyak6 일 전


  82. RandomZombie

    RandomZombie6 일 전

    Well that all folks! *Presses the button*

  83. El Salvador

    El Salvador6 일 전

    The firts video i cry is so sad 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭

  84. Dirt X

    Dirt X6 일 전

    The first one was absolutely phenomanel

  85. lilian tube

    lilian tube6 일 전

    The first won made me cry

  86. hock Meng

    hock Meng6 일 전

    The first is real magic

  87. Alfie Wright

    Alfie Wright6 일 전

    the one with the worst backstory wins factor

  88. LowLCuber YT

    LowLCuber YT6 일 전

    the 2nd performer's magic trick is ez look at his hand

  89. -_RedTeam GachaPlayer_-

    -_RedTeam GachaPlayer_-6 일 전

    *the first one made me cry😢😢*

  90. R Gamer

    R Gamer6 일 전

    first one is god levl

  91. Gina Palma

    Gina Palma6 일 전

    I remember my grandpa when I see this and cry because is very sweet

  92. Gina Palma

    Gina Palma6 일 전

    That is wonderful

  93. QPlayzGamer YT

    QPlayzGamer YT6 일 전

    The 1st one made me cry

  94. Sharon Grace Agosto

    Sharon Grace Agosto7 일 전


  95. karalynetaylor

    karalynetaylor7 일 전

    The first one this is what I have’t to say about this if that isn’t magic I don’t know what is??😭😭it made me cry💖💖

  96. Lady dhesm Ocampo

    Lady dhesm Ocampo7 일 전

    I think there is no cheat

  97. Ladislado Dominguez

    Ladislado Dominguez7 일 전

    The first part make me kry 😭😭😭

  98. Rosedits Arts and crafts

    Rosedits Arts and crafts7 일 전

    0:14 and the rest of that vid is the best thing in the world 😭😭😭😭

  99. todd whitney

    todd whitney7 일 전

    Im crying from the first one

  100. raquel ortiz

    raquel ortiz7 일 전

    The first one WAS SoO sweet

  101. Annikadione Eje

    Annikadione Eje7 일 전

    i bet all of them are magicians and will get a golden buzzer if its true press the like button😂😂😂