Top 5 GOLDEN BUZZER Magicians on Got Talent Global | Magicians Got Talent


  1. Retro Electro

    Retro Electro3 시간 전

    Let’s face it the only reason the first one got through was because of that sob story

  2. SeniorFluffy99

    SeniorFluffy99일 전

    R.I.P me I started crying Woke up with horrible eyes For school love the fist one it’s my Favorite

  3. BluKat :3

    BluKat :32 일 전

    Sooooooo That’s kind of unfair... Because he won because he made everyone cry, but who knows if his wife actually has cancer? No hate, but any magician can have a daughter and then just do that. Hahahaa *JUST KIDDING* Number one was amazing.

  4. zab vlogs

    zab vlogs2 일 전

    Wait I'm just gonna say who is cleaning the floor

  5. Wee CC

    Wee CC3 일 전

    the first one nearly put me in tears

  6. Kailah Fale

    Kailah Fale3 일 전

    First one turns on Me:gets 5 tissue boxes😢

  7. Rommel Pascado

    Rommel Pascado4 일 전

    That song was you are the reason

  8. Leander Godwin

    Leander Godwin4 일 전

    Money can't buy real full fill happiness

  9. Leander Godwin

    Leander Godwin4 일 전

    1st magic it is possible.My heart goes down,don't have a word.wao

  10. Rytis Partauskas

    Rytis Partauskas4 일 전

    First one is amazing i love it

  11. Joaquin Buensalida

    Joaquin Buensalida4 일 전

    The song makes it very sad😢😢😢😢

  12. NN Durjoy

    NN Durjoy4 일 전


  13. John Jj

    John Jj4 일 전

    5:48 was cool nice one

  14. Arlyn Sy

    Arlyn Sy4 일 전

    At 21:42 lol and at 22:58 lol

  15. Jhazzen Rocabo

    Jhazzen Rocabo5 일 전

    on the first one my heart touch I cry much

  16. Anish Messi

    Anish Messi5 일 전

    First one made me cry

  17. Justin Reyes

    Justin Reyes5 일 전

    The first one was really inspiring

  18. Murtaza Khan

    Murtaza Khan6 일 전

    Wow first one is amazingggggg

  19. Lucky Laxman

    Lucky Laxman6 일 전

    Firat one touched my heart.

  20. David Marque Abrenica

    David Marque Abrenica6 일 전

    the 4th one is a stupid decision its not even majic

  21. Runch Panda Rap Monster

    Runch Panda Rap Monster6 일 전

    The first one made me almost cry 😭 i pray that his daughter is ok the baby girl is so cute *sniffs* its so cute and beautiful

  22. Elowin Nadera

    Elowin Nadera6 일 전

    Omg brilliant so heart melting 😢😢😢😢

  23. Raquel Coronel

    Raquel Coronel6 일 전

    The third magician is funny his like drunk XD

  24. Neil D'souza

    Neil D'souza6 일 전

    The third one got it for his presentation

  25. Zeenia Saeed

    Zeenia Saeed7 일 전

    I was in tears oh lord wow but in the first one

  26. Martina Lizama

    Martina Lizama7 일 전

    The first one it pretty touching😭😭💕💕💕💕

  27. Jen Arnold

    Jen Arnold8 일 전

    Soooo coool!

  28. LM__ 10

    LM__ 108 일 전

    Wow amazing 😀

  29. Adam Ali

    Adam Ali8 일 전

    I love the first

  30. Pranks To Crush

    Pranks To Crush8 일 전

    The first one is the best. I ALMOST cried on that part

  31. Erica Horn

    Erica Horn8 일 전

    I really loved the first one ☝🏻 I can’t even imagine if I was both pregnant 🤰🏻 and battling cancer ♋️ just like the magician’s 🎩 wife. I didn’t want to cry 😭 but after watching it I couldn’t stop 🛑 crying 😭 this was heartwarming. I’m just so glad that the little girl 👧🏻 made it through chemotherapy and she’s so adorable. I agree ☝🏻 with David that the magician 🎩 includes his family in the act it was really special. The second one ☝🏻 was pretty good and funny 😆. Oh my goodness the third one ☝🏻 was very hysterically funny 😆 and what he did was incredible.

  32. Respected Gaming

    Respected Gaming9 일 전

    11:23 Simon got scared

  33. Princess diane Terbio

    Princess diane Terbio9 일 전

    The first magician my heart just relate it and I feel it so good and he is so amazing!and I almost cry and her baby girl is cute😊😘😘😭😭

  34. Ayala Socrates

    Ayala Socrates9 일 전

    The first one made my Heart Melt thank the god the girl is ok 👌

  35. Itz_Giliane Marquez

    Itz_Giliane Marquez9 일 전

    The first one WOW!❤

  36. mykel cunanan

    mykel cunanan9 일 전

    no one will make simon cry thats just sad T_T

  37. Feur Zrosie

    Feur Zrosie10 일 전

    Real performans simon: that good but simon: but i like that most dramatic story

  38. Amy Patayon

    Amy Patayon10 일 전

    Im crying at the first

  39. Jay Wilks

    Jay Wilks10 일 전

    The first one made me cry



    matt edwars i think is the best

  41. Steven Rodrigues

    Steven Rodrigues10 일 전

    The 1st one made me cry....u were awesome man

  42. Ann Chin

    Ann Chin10 일 전

    i̫ l̫o̫v̫e̫ t̫h̫e̫ f̫i̫r̫s̫t̫ o̫n̫e̫ a̫n̫d̫ t̫h̫e̫ f̫u̫n̫n̫y̫ v̫o̫i̫c̫e̫ o̫n̫e̫

  43. Treecko 56

    Treecko 5611 일 전

    The first one had me like😶😥

  44. Its The Shivelys

    Its The Shivelys11 일 전

    On the third one how did that get a golden buzzer

  45. Asif Samir

    Asif Samir10 일 전

    because it was funny

  46. Tincan_games

    Tincan_games12 일 전

    families r the most important thing in your life

  47. Arjun Thandi

    Arjun Thandi12 일 전

    The 3rd was not magic it was just comedy

  48. umesh tiwari

    umesh tiwari12 일 전

    That's really good

  49. Petunia Pets

    Petunia Pets12 일 전

    Hats off for Mark Spelman. He was the best. (If you don't know who is he, he is the guy in the first video). If you felt that was the best leave a like to my comment.

  50. Reynaldo Paguia

    Reynaldo Paguia12 일 전

    Best dad best magician thankyou ..

  51. roberto consano

    roberto consano13 일 전

    1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Super Schön

  52. The Amputators

    The Amputators13 일 전

    My god... The first one is... Really, Sad and impressive! Clapped like its not been better

  53. Avery Waterman

    Avery Waterman13 일 전

    I crying because the first one 😢☹️ god bless their family 🤝

  54. Fan of BTS

    Fan of BTS13 일 전

    The first one My mom : nothing special (as she starts tearing) Me : 😐😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Hadolphson Durogene

    Hadolphson Durogene15 일 전

    The first one is my favorite

  56. Carrot_ HD

    Carrot_ HD15 일 전

    Simon Was shook I almost cried but I was to shook so I left the chat...Carrot has left the chat

  57. Utahlian Gamer

    Utahlian Gamer15 일 전

    The magic one game me chills

  58. XyTED

    XyTED15 일 전

    There could be some thing that could make the first act fake, he probably put the puppet penguin when she was sleeping. Just saying.

  59. IPadGamer456

    IPadGamer45615 일 전

    The first one was really great 👍 good

  60. Juric Catubac

    Juric Catubac15 일 전


  61. Ice Berg

    Ice Berg15 일 전

    The first made me cry but it made my heart have comfort

  62. Aldrex YT

    Aldrex YT15 일 전

    I cried

  63. TheSorrowfulKitsune

    TheSorrowfulKitsune13 일 전

    Nvm I just cried

  64. TheSorrowfulKitsune

    TheSorrowfulKitsune13 일 전

    Aldrex YT boy shut yo sensitive ass up

  65. Beverly Ortega

    Beverly Ortega16 일 전


  66. Lydia Beesley

    Lydia Beesley16 일 전


  67. Stephanie oberoi

    Stephanie oberoi16 일 전

    First man made me cry and it was a real magic which touches my heart and I was thinking about him full night

  68. Zora Plevin-Westbrook

    Zora Plevin-Westbrook16 일 전

    That is just............I cried so much

  69. wA0kO YaCzo

    wA0kO YaCzo17 일 전

    if u ain't crying at the first one.. your are not human 100%.. and yes I am crying so I am human ;p; 💧

  70. Brandon Bounleaungkoemany

    Brandon Bounleaungkoemany17 일 전

    I was crying so bad my mom was like: Can you please stop crying so hard?



    The first one is really amazing wtf. Just how he do that?

  72. Macoy Bunao

    Macoy Bunao17 일 전

    Someone was cutting onions on the first vid MAKE IT STOP PLEASE 😢😭

  73. Savage Boi

    Savage Boi17 일 전

    1st Audition Dang I Just Breaked A glass Because Being Impressed

  74. Jayln Justus

    Jayln Justus18 일 전

    I love thisapp

  75. Darren Arianto

    Darren Arianto18 일 전


  76. Darren Arianto

    Darren Arianto18 일 전

    20:28 ._. I See Him Dribking Water

  77. Darren Arianto

    Darren Arianto19 일 전


  78. Meifwa Girl Loves Cats

    Meifwa Girl Loves Cats19 일 전

    when you're drunk on tequila XD

  79. Taufa Taulanga

    Taufa Taulanga20 일 전

    That the best one I have seen g get on doing somemore

  80. Amz Channa

    Amz Channa20 일 전

    The first magic act was incredible. Love it made me feel emotional

  81. Maybe / Maybe not

    Maybe / Maybe not21 일 전

    Matt Edwards's innocence tho

  82. shemyong2011

    shemyong201121 일 전

    The first one was so cute I love the baby and the Penguin I just want the penguin I just want to make it into a ball and I *cried* 😢

  83. Anushk Bishnoi

    Anushk Bishnoi23 일 전


  84. Janani Janani

    Janani Janani23 일 전

    The Frits one is best one ☝️ I love it 😱😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  85. CVO Channel

    CVO Channel24 일 전


  86. hương nguyễn thị lan

    hương nguyễn thị lan24 일 전

    The amazing is his daughter

  87. selena gois

    selena gois25 일 전

    Ant and Dec are funny

  88. Suneetha Vinod

    Suneetha Vinod27 일 전

    Best magic'I have ever seen I love it 😘😘😘💞💞💞

  89. The Pleasent Pikachu

    The Pleasent Pikachu29 일 전

    I love watching Matt’s magic shows I never get tired of watching it

  90. Linh Vu

    Linh Vu29 일 전

    I don't really think the guy that did the card drawing thing deserved a golden buzzer. I think hid act was pretty short

  91. pes official

    pes official29 일 전

    First is best

  92. Rexx Jung

    Rexx Jung개월 전

    whats song ? i love all show

  93. Velica Yeuritanza

    Velica Yeuritanza개월 전

    0:22 0:27

  94. Shailesh Singh

    Shailesh Singh개월 전

    Great graet more times.........

  95. Japhet Kogo

    Japhet Kogo개월 전


  96. Jayred Aguda

    Jayred Aguda개월 전

    i love the first one

  97. Jayred Aguda

    Jayred Aguda개월 전

    i love the first one

  98. iPad Pro

    iPad Pro개월 전

    Janitors:don’t press it Judges:wow Janitors:don’t *presses golden buzzer*

  99. Chindu lohinandh

    Chindu lohinandh개월 전

    The first one is heart touching. Great way of presentation. Truly amazing. I cried...I watched many times. God bless

  100. Rocking Reviews

    Rocking Reviews개월 전

    matt is more of a comedian but a fantastic comedian and totally deserving of the golden buzzer under comedy not magic.

  101. mine boy

    mine boy개월 전


  102. clifford Dela Cerna

    clifford Dela Cerna개월 전

    It's make me cry and also it's so amazing

  103. शुभ सन्ध्या

    शुभ सन्ध्या개월 전

    The first one is I liked so much. I love your presentation

  104. Jesse Cisneros

    Jesse Cisneros개월 전

    Made me cry 😭😭

  105. TheSorrowfulKitsune

    TheSorrowfulKitsune13 일 전

    Nvm I just cried

  106. TheSorrowfulKitsune

    TheSorrowfulKitsune13 일 전

    Jesse Cisneros boy, shut yo sensitive ass up