Top 5 GOLDEN BUZZER Magicians on Got Talent Global | Magicians Got Talent


  1. Jamal aldeen

    Jamal aldeen28 분 전

    19:10 The Funniest SHOW Ever 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. carlpaga1

    carlpaga14 시간 전


  3. Ovi

    Ovi4 시간 전

    6:00 *SPEECHLESS* 💕

  4. Harli Warli

    Harli Warli13 시간 전

    Who else saw the Harry Potter reference??!

  5. Charlize Le Marhadour

    Charlize Le Marhadour15 시간 전

    I looooooooooooove the first. It made me cri like if it made you cri

  6. Jennie and Amanda

    Jennie and Amanda15 시간 전

    Just add some confetti to the salt.

  7. Shane Simmons

    Shane Simmons17 시간 전

    The golden buzzers are for when we the Americans won the reveloushanary war sry I can’t spell

  8. Ahmed Bachir Pacha

    Ahmed Bachir Pacha20 시간 전

    العرض الثاني لا يستحق الباز الذهبي

  9. TheBig AlexanderMan

    TheBig AlexanderMan23 시간 전

    tequila from a hungary dj

  10. Kiary Henry

    Kiary Henry일 전

    The first one melted my heart

  11. Andrew Barnett

    Andrew Barnett일 전

    1st one was no joke ................MAGIC

  12. Tetty Tjandra

    Tetty Tjandra일 전

    Theres No magic in this world there is just science

  13. yg lamz

    yg lamz일 전

    1st one was bitiful magic. But i love the 3rd one haha unice way to represent. 😂 So sweet & funny man.

  14. muhammad Kafeel

    muhammad Kafeel2 일 전


  15. Ultra Galaxeye

    Ultra Galaxeye2 일 전

    9:22 did anyone notice he is left handed?


    JANAM MAGAR2 일 전


  17. Nor Aisah Anuar Shah

    Nor Aisah Anuar Shah2 일 전

    the first onei already watch the origanal video and on the origanal video is make me tear but i watch this again so i dont tear



    12:03 crack head on the loose

  19. Egli Chanel

    Egli Chanel2 일 전비디오-cB35IY7SMo4.html free ig instagram 20k free

  20. Flowers Glitch

    Flowers Glitch2 일 전

    Whoever dislikes this has no soul

  21. J Majarocon

    J Majarocon3 일 전

    Hey it's my son in top 5

  22. Christian Delos santos

    Christian Delos santos3 일 전

    I cried for a day watching the #1 like if you love babies

  23. Jeffry Faiz

    Jeffry Faiz3 일 전

    Am I the only one who cry for the 3th, and 4th?

  24. Monika-chan

    Monika-chan3 일 전

    The first one made me cry.... Damn invisible ninja's cutting onions. (I know this is overused and unoriginal joke)

  25. EK Luberio

    EK Luberio3 일 전

    Waw its so amey zing😭😢😢😢😭😢

  26. Lance Ryder Wilson

    Lance Ryder Wilson3 일 전

    I ❤ MAGIC!!!

  27. Jessica Wilson

    Jessica Wilson3 일 전

    The first one was sooooooooooooooooo sweet I cried 😓

  28. Rania Diary

    Rania Diary4 일 전

    20:35 he uses malaysia money! Any people from Malaysia too here??

  29. Rose Allison

    Rose Allison4 일 전

    The first one made me cry

  30. k2edge1

    k2edge14 일 전

    Awesome VERY amazing and your kiddo is SO CUTE

  31. olt shukolli

    olt shukolli4 일 전

    The first one made me cry so much 😭😩😫😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  32. ramenn 2

    ramenn 24 일 전

    Matt Edwards should be a comedian

  33. Garry Hitchman

    Garry Hitchman4 일 전

    Well done all of you

  34. Garry Hitchman

    Garry Hitchman4 일 전

    Issy simposne was the best just was amazed for that age

  35. Carol Indayon

    Carol Indayon5 일 전

    I'm crying in the first man...

  36. bishowraj Bhandari

    bishowraj Bhandari5 일 전

    this is Just wowowowowowowowwowowow love from Nepal

  37. L O L

    L O L5 일 전

    Im Not Cry😀

  38. Dan Winter

    Dan Winter5 일 전


  39. amy bundalian

    amy bundalian5 일 전

    When i begin watching this i was so amaze and i said how did they do that my heart melt i want to cry like if you like it

  40. Skul led

    Skul led5 일 전

    In the last one, of the judges are from BTS

  41. Lilly and Addy lps girls

    Lilly and Addy lps girls5 일 전

    The first one 😢

  42. Emmn Emmn

    Emmn Emmn5 일 전

    Your so very vilib

  43. The World According To Joey 2

    The World According To Joey 25 일 전

    the first one is 1000% a witch

  44. florence muthoni

    florence muthoni5 일 전

    Loved the first one I even cried

  45. Dinan Koko

    Dinan Koko6 일 전

    The first one is make me crying 1 like you cry 0 like you not cry

  46. Nicole Pineda

    Nicole Pineda6 일 전

    who is the first magician?i want to know his name!!he was very brilliant..i was like cryin..

  47. Alexandre Foiu

    Alexandre Foiu6 일 전

    Ommgggggggg the first one ee ommmmmggmggggg that is inpossible

  48. Flop a Dop. POP

    Flop a Dop. POP6 일 전

    1st and 2nd ones made me cry...

  49. Skeeby Zeeby

    Skeeby Zeeby6 일 전

    Th 1st one was too tute dat i cried

  50. Skeeby Zeeby

    Skeeby Zeeby6 일 전

    Ya it was cuteeeee

  51. SprinkleLovely M

    SprinkleLovely M6 일 전

    23:16 Ayeeee where are my Burmese peeps at?

  52. Ash Larasson

    Ash Larasson6 일 전

    Press the like button if your heart melted

  53. Nightmare_ 7906

    Nightmare_ 79066 일 전


  54. Lippy Carla

    Lippy Carla6 일 전

    my heart melted on the first one

  55. GachaVëe

    GachaVëe6 일 전

    The first one made my heart break into pieces and melt...

  56. Quang Nguyen Dang

    Quang Nguyen Dang7 일 전

    A little too much tequila i think

  57. yousuf

    yousuf7 일 전

    5:50 song name plz

  58. xxx chu

    xxx chu7 일 전

    idk but the second to the last just made my day lmao

  59. Saqi Sial

    Saqi Sial7 일 전

    The first one was great

  60. It's Hanasa

    It's Hanasa7 일 전

    First one made me cry like if you cried too xx

  61. dil ally

    dil ally7 일 전

    The guy at 8.10 really deserved that



    This is not a magic.

  63. NightGaming

    NightGaming7 일 전

    He Deserve it... GOOD JOB!

  64. Michelle z

    Michelle z7 일 전

    Did anybody notice that the first 3 acts had the SAME SONG

  65. squashems777

    squashems7777 일 전


  66. Noobie

    Noobie7 일 전

    The first one got me real damn good ;-;

  67. preston playz

    preston playz7 일 전

    Love it


    RUBA ALYEMEN37 일 전

    12:65 lol

  69. Nicole kitten

    Nicole kitten7 일 전


  70. Emily Martinez

    Emily Martinez7 일 전

    Simón is SHOOK

  71. Mariana Hernandez

    Mariana Hernandez7 일 전

    I cried really really really bad😭😭😭😭😭

  72. sunshinewolf2651 19

    sunshinewolf2651 198 일 전

    1:ok I'm watching the first one I'm now crying and scant stop 😢 2:dieing of laughter 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 3 THAT VOICE DOW 😂😂😂😂😂😂(I'm also crying cuz it was emoshnal at the end) 4 FFICK IM STILL CRYING FROM THE FIRST ONE BUT THIS ONE IS TO GOOD 5 HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE😲😲😲😲😲

  73. Мтс Мтс

    Мтс Мтс8 일 전

    Нехуя не понял.

  74. Mary Grace Montefrio

    Mary Grace Montefrio8 일 전

    I think all of u guys like the 1st one,I like so much too Please like😂😂😂

  75. sudipta sarkar

    sudipta sarkar8 일 전

    The first one *BROKE* my frickin heart

  76. DEXO 018

    DEXO 0188 일 전


  77. David Vasces

    David Vasces8 일 전

    I loved the first one I was crying so much that I couldn't stop crying

  78. Steward K

    Steward K8 일 전

    So emotional

  79. S.M.T 5P

    S.M.T 5P8 일 전

    5:38 The name of this song please? (,,๏ ㅅ ๏,,)

  80. Alex88504

    Alex885048 일 전


  81. Mihika Murthi

    Mihika Murthi9 일 전

    how do people do that?!

  82. Gaming Kovlak

    Gaming Kovlak9 일 전

    indonesian whhaaat

  83. Gaming Kovlak

    Gaming Kovlak9 일 전

    he made me ccrryyyyy!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  84. Jacqualine Soo Jia Qi

    Jacqualine Soo Jia Qi9 일 전

    The first one make me cry,that really make my heart melt. Love it

  85. suZy April lee

    suZy April lee9 일 전


  86. Leticia Panico

    Leticia Panico9 일 전

    WOW, the 1st was the best EVERR . I cried*

  87. SpringyPlushBoi

    SpringyPlushBoi9 일 전

    The second one was good, just me? okay...

  88. danielle munson

    danielle munson9 일 전

    The first one made me cry like if you did too.

  89. Chara Chan

    Chara Chan9 일 전

    Wanna know what’s magic? How I got through the school week.

  90. Ifeanyi Moses

    Ifeanyi Moses10 일 전

    What is the title of the golden buzzer music

  91. A&S Vlogs A&S Vlogs

    A&S Vlogs A&S Vlogs10 일 전

    This video is the best

  92. short film and Music vedios

    short film and Music vedios10 일 전


  93. Kurtsamuel Balahadia

    Kurtsamuel Balahadia10 일 전

    The first one is REAL MAGIC!!! The best!

  94. - Forgottennx -

    - Forgottennx -10 일 전

    The first one is so cute... OUCH, something got in my eye! Argh.., I'm crying!! Omgg~☆

  95. NooblyHunter 203

    NooblyHunter 20310 일 전

    Probably the best 00:00 - 08:45 moments in my KOreporter history.

  96. JAYLA LOUIS VLOGS flores

    JAYLA LOUIS VLOGS flores10 일 전

    I feel cryd and i like it my mom asked me why I'm crying i said beacouse of this video and she cryi too ti watch this




  98. BVSILVA Vieira

    BVSILVA Vieira10 일 전


  99. Rafael Zeya

    Rafael Zeya11 일 전

    I need to cry by the first one

  100. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama11 일 전

    Wow the first guy was amazing

  101. Martha Wia

    Martha Wia11 일 전

    first one almost made me cry