Top 5 Ant Super Structures


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  3. Ismael Solomon

    Ismael Solomon일 전

    How about editing out all of the digging up of the ant colony?

  4. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe2 일 전

    its so hot im pretty sure they die in miliseconds, mentioning theyre exponentialy smaller and therefore require far less heat to kill. chances are they dont even realise theyre in pain by the time its over. itd be like detonating a thermo nuclear warhead on top of new york. the people at ground zero would be carbon piles so quick theyd never know it dropped, just see a flash and fade to black.

  5. MajoraMan

    MajoraMan2 일 전

    Ants can hold their breath a long time they aren't drowning lol

  6. Nick Grace

    Nick Grace4 일 전

    i know this sounds mean but who else would be tempted to kick the ant bridge? i wouldnt but you know

  7. Phillip Winter

    Phillip Winter5 일 전

    3:22 😮

  8. Borntwice RSD pt 2

    Borntwice RSD pt 27 일 전

    Somebody call PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Ants.

  9. Michael Deonte Grant

    Michael Deonte Grant7 일 전

    Lol why so many dislikes

  10. Mr Sneaky

    Mr Sneaky12 일 전

    in the second thing he says that mound was bit but that is tiny

  11. Bianca Freismuth

    Bianca Freismuth13 일 전

    Insects are smarter than we give them credit for.

  12. Gaspar Bertazza

    Gaspar Bertazza16 일 전

    Why they destroy ants?

  13. enviidakid

    enviidakid16 일 전

    that second dude is a ant serial killer LOL

  14. ballnutz

    ballnutz17 일 전

    @2:46 that is pretty small. I live in texas. Every year we get ant hills 6 foot wide.

  15. Joy Morin

    Joy Morin18 일 전

    1:59 master piece

  16. zog noty

    zog noty18 일 전

    second vids is clearly showing us how dumb are ther biggest polluters of the planet could be vs nature.

  17. Sebas Alink

    Sebas Alink19 일 전

    7:50 Thats litteraly a tsunami for the ants lol

  18. كاشف الحقيقه

    كاشف الحقيقه19 일 전

    So u killed millions of ants just to see how they work or how is ants home? .. extincted animals and u want ants too? .. its not enough ?

  19. Alpha_Wolf 9001

    Alpha_Wolf 900119 일 전

    Dis anyone else feel something crawling on you while watching this?

  20. Alpha_Wolf 9001

    Alpha_Wolf 900119 일 전

    "The ants on the bottom have drowned, and are no longer alive" , well said.


    HIGHTOGETLOW -20 일 전

    8:16 the raft looks like North America

  22. Jasmine Fortune

    Jasmine Fortune21 일 전

    All I can say is ewwwwwww eweewwww ewwe

  23. Sun Li

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    Holocaust! massacre!

  24. Dantdml ken

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    Im getting the chills man

  25. Graal Gaming

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    1000th comment

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  27. Carlos Avila

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    Se pasaron de verg echandole aluminio derretido al nido de hormigas con ellas adentro

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  29. Kandy

    Kandy24 일 전

    I honestly want to be an ant

  30. Pablo Fifsun

    Pablo Fifsun24 일 전

    the ants are killed, bu we learn about their advanced building structures... colony ants getting colonized lmao...

  31. Terryauna Williams

    Terryauna Williams25 일 전

    I hate that people are invading the ants homes and privacy and they didn't do anything smh

  32. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe25 일 전

    7:50 dude needs an m80

  33. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe25 일 전

    2:16 so this is what modern art students do for an a+

  34. Jane Doe

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    10 12 packs of coca cola were harmed during the filling of this ant hill with aluminum. rip sweet coke

  35. Terry camp

    Terry camp27 일 전

    Your camera stinks

  36. Meggy DC

    Meggy DC28 일 전

    Why did they destroy the ants house? 😲😱

  37. Fc Peeps

    Fc Peeps29 일 전

    were is the queen in number 1

  38. Lazit Mech

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    I think I going to look amazing but all shit video

  39. Da'Moni McFadden

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    Ha I actually helped build a entire working mining system and storage and they actually stored food inside and roads going under cement into where they could travel anywhere in the with the complexes

  40. Philipp Krebs

    Philipp Krebs개월 전

    what the heal was the second experiment !!! i´m from germany and love to eat meat and normaly i don´t coment things but this was so useless and i can´t understand what brings enyone to the idea to fill liquid aluminum in an aunt colonie. no other hobbies ???

  41. 윤 윤

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    납골당 이네

  42. C S

    C S개월 전

    learn how to use a camera

  43. K I R A的啊人快

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    If I was an ant in there, I would mostly get lost.

  44. Alejandro Flores

    Alejandro Flores개월 전

    This man did not do his research ants in a raft don't actually die not even the ones on the bottom

  45. Teamdeathray Forever

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    Wow so some guy killed loads of ants just to show of that son of a show off lol and the pipe looking is cool but not trying to show off much better

  46. Donny Danger

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    I think ants are more on instinct than smart!

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  48. 974cerebrate

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    2:58 he pokes it ? He literally fucked the darn thing lol

  49. Imagine if you will

    Imagine if you will개월 전

    One day were going to need the ants the way we need the bees......

  50. dark normie axolotl

    dark normie axolotl개월 전

    2:58 Texas in a nutshell

  51. Fei Xu

    Fei Xu개월 전

    “Ants are killed in the process but.” BUT. We kill them BUT.

  52. juAn lastcRy

    juAn lastcRy개월 전

    insect cruelty

  53. Lance Ramirez

    Lance Ramirez개월 전

    u don't need to destroy ant's home

  54. maschoss

    maschoss개월 전

    6:30 holy fuck this spider

  55. Doğukan Kurtbeli

    Doğukan Kurtbeli개월 전

    Fourth one is just CRUELTY

  56. Basel TheLeaf

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    This makes me want to watch George shrinks

  57. Sam Schneider

    Sam Schneider개월 전

    I once heard ants are like apps very useful try an idea lie honey unshrunk yall get drunk and ridem holla schneida

  58. Thomas Man

    Thomas Man개월 전

    All the libtards in their feels about a few ants need to get a life.

  59. JustJess

    JustJess개월 전

    I don't even like ants but when the guy with paddle separated their colony I was hurt

  60. Safa'a Al-ayaseh

    Safa'a Al-ayaseh개월 전

    سبحان الله

  61. do you know ANIME IS LIFE?

    do you know ANIME IS LIFE?개월 전

    They learned that on minecraft

  62. the risistance

    the risistance개월 전

    It's amazing!

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  64. Thea Montijo

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    He said "the ants are killed in the process" so clearly everything was killed.

  65. Jordan Weise

    Jordan Weise개월 전

    Imagine the dog jumping out the boat onto all those ants 😂😂😂

  66. iglo Loud

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    This video is pretty amazing

  67. Lucas Kaminsky

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    2= diver ants

  68. DATO

    DATO개월 전

    song name?

  69. Danny de jong

    Danny de jong개월 전

    Will you make that decision being lazy and telling yourself..Okay i will become the dead one saving my queens nest to sleep endless? Or will i work for my queen till i die .. Small worlds bigger worlds it is all the same. Ants VS Humans..

  70. Alex Palenik

    Alex Palenik개월 전

    “Then he pokes it with a stick” •destroys half of top•

  71. jellø

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  72. נועם אברג'ל

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    3:10 , just kill them with a flamethower , rly

  73. Mobidic

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  74. Captain Cluckington

    Captain Cluckington개월 전

    Lol u just streched the video to 10 mins for ad revenue lol

  75. chae chae

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    It's called teamwork!😊

  76. Harold Keller

    Harold Keller개월 전

    Assjokes killed them

  77. E Marley

    E Marley개월 전

    So I’m itchy😒

  78. nadi2sweet

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    I thought ants could survive 2weeks submerged in water

  79. Seeta Maharaj

    Seeta Maharaj2 개월 전

    Who saw the dog in number 1. Like if u saw it

  80. Gee  Wiz

    Gee Wiz2 개월 전

    Kill a bunch of ants to study how they build... never apply what we learn. WORTH IT!!!

  81. Qihong Cheng

    Qihong Cheng2 개월 전

    Use a flamethrower

  82. Arthur Darby

    Arthur Darby2 개월 전

    Some call the CDC

  83. The dragons shadow 2005

    The dragons shadow 20052 개월 전

    Yeah that's pretty fuked up to just fuck up their hard work that's like destroying New York City u wouldn't want that getting destroyed by a giant stick ... Would you?

  84. The dragons shadow 2005

    The dragons shadow 20052 개월 전

    Omg ants Canada I love your vids

  85. only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    only one Mr X Only one Mr y2 개월 전

    Kill them With Fire....👽👾👽

  86. Alejandro Resendiz

    Alejandro Resendiz2 개월 전

    I hope that on number 3 someone destroys this man's house for no reason .

  87. TWICEZ*ONE Entertainment

    TWICEZ*ONE Entertainment2 개월 전

    I wanna spray them baygon

  88. SwissRoll Otaku

    SwissRoll Otaku2 개월 전

    No. I want them dead.

  89. Marisa Faith

    Marisa Faith2 개월 전

    I've seen bigger

  90. John Sationi

    John Sationi2 개월 전

    Humans die in this proces, but we are able to understand more about city building technics.

  91. Kristine 0075

    Kristine 00752 개월 전

    Ofc I know. You have no idea how much we humans can do when we work together. 0:01

  92. Handel Nehemia

    Handel Nehemia2 개월 전

    I wish I have Flame thrower, I'll kill them all

  93. John Sationi

    John Sationi2 개월 전

    Why? They dont post a treat 99% of the time. Killing just because...

  94. MR Dip

    MR Dip2 개월 전

    I also would enjoy the feeling of pouring hot aluminum in my home and burn me then look at it like its some kind of masterpiece

  95. NovaToxic

    NovaToxic2 개월 전

    “He pokes a stick in the pile” * shoves the whole thing and digs up ants*

  96. Steward Appiagyei

    Steward Appiagyei2 개월 전

    Imagine just chilling at home only to realize your house was being flooded with molten freaking aluminum.

  97. dontloveocin

    dontloveocin2 개월 전

    So how many Ant structures were destroyed just for one video..?

  98. Lost Network

    Lost Network2 개월 전

    I'm astounded by the amount of *ant rights* activists Don't do this under Ants Canada's name, its disgraceful, if you cant accept things being done for the sake of research, dislike the video. I don't care, you just don't have to write a whole bible.

  99. Nova Caldera

    Nova Caldera2 개월 전

    The ants on the bottom don't die, they encase themselves in the air bubbles to help them breathe....

  100. Infinity MemeZ

    Infinity MemeZ2 개월 전

    2:56 "he then pokes it with a stick" more like smashes the top of the nest into oblivion

  101. None Of your Business

    None Of your Business2 개월 전

    Conspiracy theory ants made the Eiffel Tower