Top 5 Ant Super Structures


  1. Harold Keller

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    Assjokes killed them

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    So I’m itchy😒

  3. nadi2sweet

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    I thought ants could survive 2weeks submerged in water

  4. Seeta Maharaj

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    Who saw the dog in number 1. Like if u saw it

  5. Gee  Wiz

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    Kill a bunch of ants to study how they build... never apply what we learn. WORTH IT!!!

  6. Qihong Cheng

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    Use a flamethrower

  7. Arthur Darby

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    Some call the CDC

  8. The dragons shadow 2005

    The dragons shadow 20052 일 전

    Yeah that's pretty fuked up to just fuck up their hard work that's like destroying New York City u wouldn't want that getting destroyed by a giant stick ... Would you?

  9. The dragons shadow 2005

    The dragons shadow 20052 일 전

    Omg ants Canada I love your vids

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    Kill them With Fire....👽👾👽

  11. Alejandro Resendiz

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    I hope that on number 3 someone destroys this man's house for no reason .

  12. TWICEPINK Entertainment

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    I wanna spray them baygon

  13. SwissRoll Otaku

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    No. I want them dead.

  14. Marisa Faith

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    I've seen bigger

  15. John Sationi

    John Sationi3 일 전

    Humans die in this proces, but we are able to understand more about city building technics.

  16. Kristine 0075

    Kristine 00753 일 전

    Ofc I know. You have no idea how much we humans can do when we work together. 0:01

  17. Handel Nehemia

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    I wish I have Flame thrower, I'll kill them all

  18. John Sationi

    John Sationi3 일 전

    Why? They dont post a treat 99% of the time. Killing just because...

  19. nbts skye

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    anyone itching ?

  20. MR Dip

    MR Dip4 일 전

    I also would enjoy the feeling of pouring hot aluminum in my home and burn me then look at it like its some kind of masterpiece

  21. NovaToxic

    NovaToxic4 일 전

    “He pokes a stick in the pile” * shoves the whole thing and digs up ants*

  22. Steward Appiagyei

    Steward Appiagyei4 일 전

    Imagine just chilling at home only to realize your house was being flooded with molten freaking aluminum.

  23. wavegodCS

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    So how many Ant structures were destroyed just for one video..?

  24. Lost Network

    Lost Network5 일 전

    I'm astounded by the amount of *ant rights* activists Don't do this under Ants Canada's name, its disgraceful, if you cant accept things being done for the sake of research, dislike the video. I don't care, you just don't have to write a whole bible.

  25. Nova Caldera

    Nova Caldera6 일 전

    The ants on the bottom don't die, they encase themselves in the air bubbles to help them breathe....

  26. Infinity MemeZ

    Infinity MemeZ7 일 전

    2:56 "he then pokes it with a stick" more like smashes the top of the nest into oblivion

  27. None Of your Business

    None Of your Business7 일 전

    Conspiracy theory ants made the Eiffel Tower

  28. Connor Cole

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  29. Nick_txnbtj

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    I wanna yeet a rock at the pile of floating ants. Yeet a stick at the bridge and watch some fall

  30. John Sationi

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    You need to see a psychic then.

  31. Bob Hansler

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    I do not recall giving permission to use my footage. Care to comment?

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    i'm gonna have nightmares for weeks, thanks to you, BOB! >_>

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    yea, do something about it

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    Copyright strike him now, man.

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    Copyright strike him

  37. Thomas Burk

    Thomas Burk9 일 전

    When there is a flash flood, why don’t we make a human raft to support the survivors?

  38. Rosanna Melendez

    Rosanna Melendez9 일 전

    Rip the ants that died to Mother Nature press f to pay respects

  39. Kyu Zine

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  41. GunsAndClips

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    There's and ant emoji 🐜

  42. Master Gamer #1

    Master Gamer #19 일 전

    Number one is not using drowned ant to float but using lavas to form a raft

  43. mv c

    mv c9 일 전

    If we worked like that we'd be advanced as these movies project

  44. Japan and Philippines

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    I feel so itchy right now.

  45. Philip Heuser

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    poor ants

  46. Richard Noggin

    Richard Noggin10 일 전

    The aluminum any bed art is so cool. I don't care that the ants died. It a cool peace of art.

  47. Richard Noggin

    Richard Noggin3 일 전

    How did you know what I was doing? :v

  48. John Sationi

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    +Richard NogginWow, You are so edgy, go watch some more anime.

  49. Richard Noggin

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    Go for it man.

  50. John Sationi

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    Can I kill you and use your skull as a figurine? I will meake a true piece of art of it.

  51. Tayeriffic Beats

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    That isn’t an apartment building.. those are the projects 😂😂😂😂

  52. CJ 17

    CJ 1711 일 전

    Fire ant hill trippy


    BERX IS BEST11 일 전

    pouring liquid metal into a live nest, really?


    BERX IS BEST11 일 전

    as bad as somebody setting fire to a cat or dog and posting it here

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    I feel itchy

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    leave the ants alone

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    Call this numbers: 666,888,911 and 112

  58. Fawad Fawadi

    Fawad Fawadi14 일 전

    Number 4. People who dont think how bad doing that is. You dont have kill or torture them to protect your own life. Killing is acceptable under circumstances, such as being in situation where your life is in danger. Ants dont want bad to you if they are looting your house, its jusy natural happening. People have brains and knowledge, be responsible :( Cant blame the individuals because its in our community. (Yes there is exceptions)

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  60. why

    why15 일 전

    It is not called Georgia Tech University. It is The Georgia Institute of Technology. It's one of the handful of colleges in the USA that doesnt have University in it's name.

  61. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez15 일 전

    Ants are Cool 😁

  62. David Schmidt

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    Poke it with a stick....pour 5 gallons of diesel...1 more colony.

  63. ExploreFoods Doodle

    ExploreFoods Doodle16 일 전

    R u now happy killing this hardworking species?

  64. AntsCanada

    AntsCanada17 일 전

    Ant love forever! Their structures are definitely amazing! PS - Weaver Ant leaf nests should be part of this list! :)

  65. Jose Campos

    Jose Campos일 전

    Ants are the most amazing building structures ever

  66. SweetDarkangelGirl1

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    Im about to mention ants canada and then i found ur comment! 🤣

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    I knew you would be here!

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    The first thing i said before i watch this video i actually said you was gonna comment something cus you obe ants so much

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    AntsCanada boi two times in a day

  70. THE BroGrammer

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    8:10 when you see the america floating on the river :)

  71. ImSorryScotty

    ImSorryScotty17 일 전

    Okay.. the floating raft is incorrect. The ants at the bottom rotate at with the ones at the top they also have Itty bitty hairs on their body's that hold pockets of air to keep them alive and then switch with the other ones..

  72. Agnė Gult

    Agnė Gult17 일 전

    He's a murderer .what did they do to him there just freaking ants

  73. Luchi Hanzo

    Luchi Hanzo17 일 전

    Wow you kill off all the ants just to learn more about ant building techniques do you even know how much time the ants took to make that thing HOW COULD YOU YOU ANT MURDERS DAMN YOU

  74. Agnė Gult

    Agnė Gult17 일 전

    I agree whit ya

  75. Jacqueline Austin

    Jacqueline Austin18 일 전

    Y'all so sad about them dieing u til you kill one for bites you for just standing there

  76. Jamo The Great

    Jamo The Great18 일 전

    Omg all you people saying poor ants. You wouldn't be saying that when they raid tour home. Ants are pest and deserve to be destroyed.

  77. Agnė Gult

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    Ir a cruel as him

  78. Lenna Tran

    Lenna Tran18 일 전

    Oh no ants evolving to become into super smart aliens

  79. DeenanTheKemon I

    DeenanTheKemon I18 일 전

    My friends grandfather was lying on his deathbed, with his entire family surrounding him (when my friend was about 11 yrs old.) And he looked around the room as if some grand realization just took place, and he proclaimed; "Ants, Are Aliens. Sent to slowly, but surely, take over the Earth." He then almost immediately passed away. My buddy tells his own story better, but he said it always gave him the creeps, being that it was literally 100% out of context, it just blurted out.

  80. djeAfskie

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    Just leave my people alone!

  81. movienaut

    movienaut19 일 전

    When he said bridge, I didn't think the ants actually made a bridge! My mouth was wide opened when I saw that. Also, a water bridge too! Ants are clearly more organized and socialized that ordinary human societies!

  82. rafael quintero

    rafael quintero19 일 전

    have u ever feel how the Ants felt wen u ppour in the boiling aluminun in thier family and hous? OMG

  83. Jamie Owns

    Jamie Owns19 일 전

    When you are small like an Ant or any other insect of that type you can interact with water differently to us. Water is almost sticky. Insects can create air bubbles so they just float. This all has to do with surface tension. If you ever tried to drown a spider. You can see that it will just float. So the ant's many of the ants aren't dead. Though some may be.

  84. turtle sweets

    turtle sweets19 일 전

    Watching this made me itchy

  85. Alicia Allman

    Alicia Allman19 일 전

    Ant 1:hey can I climb on you to see if there’s a way out? Ant2:sure dude let me ask the others Ant 2:can we climb on each other ? All ants :sure buddy 😂😂

  86. Fucked up Alien Guy

    Fucked up Alien Guy20 일 전

    I have a theory. The people who are complaining about ants being killed are ants :0

  87. Clayton Sinclair

    Clayton Sinclair20 일 전

    3:31 come to manitoba canada. These fireants build mounds 4 to 5 feet high. Now you need alot of antpower to make these mounds exist.. They are truly a magnificent species.

  88. Terrance Walden

    Terrance Walden20 일 전

    2:01 wtf its shaped like a plant

  89. Dae mon

    Dae mon20 일 전

    5:18 fyi they are transporting babies, not food

  90. Dexie Diaz

    Dexie Diaz20 일 전

    4:15 i see girls standing here.

  91. Suwarna Hardas

    Suwarna Hardas20 일 전

    The first tower of ants looks like venom symbiote

  92. VStewart Backup

    VStewart Backup21 일 전

    As someone who is grossed out by ants, I feel disturbed...

  93. Marline Harrold

    Marline Harrold21 일 전

    Excellent. Thanks heaps.

  94. TogitooZ

    TogitooZ21 일 전

    Ook i was expecting The ant Raft but WHERE DA *OOF* IS THE ANT BLACKHOLE

  95. Dawson Turner

    Dawson Turner21 일 전

    When you stretch out pointless footage to get stem minute video

  96. Imran Ali

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    You kill many ants and showing us how they made there home.

  97. Rin Sakamura

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    Ants are so smart expecially number 1

  98. Spicy Boy

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    I appreciate this video.

  99. t84t748748t6

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    no ants where harmd in the filming of this.... nah this is mass murder

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    придкрок убил колонию муравьёв и прётся от этого , долбаёб !

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    jump on that floating pile of ants

  102. josh portie

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    Ants arent any older than any other species. You are behind the genetic times.

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    hehehe ants are cool

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    No ants are harmed in the making of this video.

  106. Ty Terrell

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    #2 looks like the ants are slaves!

  107. Charles StevensPlays

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    I have been convinced that ants will invade the world.

  108. Jake Glenn

    Jake Glenn24 일 전

    For all you feeling sorry for some dead ants, go ahead. Step in a pour little fire ant nest sometime. If you don't get stung or bit any, let me know and we'll have a funeral for all the ants that die every day😂

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    Minecraft but ant

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    1:57 a super shroom

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    Ants can curse you man. Becareful

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    Music come to annoy me

  114. Tascend prologue

    Tascend prologue26 일 전

    lol people complaining about killing ants.....with all the animals and plants we kill just for food and clothes....and your angry about im guessing you humanely catch flies and wasps and mosquitoes and release them back into the wild hornets and wasps too right.

  115. 張宗瑋

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    Burn them !BURN THEM!!

  116. Diekefirts

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    the ants on the bottom of the 5th colony's raft didn't drown. they take air with them by surface tension.

  117. paktype

    paktype27 일 전

    If humans were as focused and as industrious as ants, we'd have colonies all over the solar system by now. Ants find ways to do incredible things with no tools, no machines, just their own bodies and their smarts. I'd like to see a group of humans build what these ants can build using only their hands.

  118. Jonathan Graham

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    I do it in the name of science !! Josef Mengela. 😠

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    That was no food by the 2 these white things are lavae