Top 20 NEW Sci-fi Games of 2019


  1. parsa nikkhah

    parsa nikkhah2 일 전

    4:35 it's just the H.A.W.X. series(1 and 2) but a little bit better or maybe a lot better the planes are exactly the same and the user interface of the air plane (like alt and speed, etc.) are just like H.A.W.X. but again a little bit better.

  2. Shaka Bono

    Shaka Bono7 일 전

    Borderlands 3 is such a bad boring game and it's frustrating also it's worst then 2 and 2 was buggy as he'll

  3. Shaka Bono

    Shaka Bono7 일 전

    People playing Destiny are sad individuals , the game has no purpose the only one is trying to get you money from a credit card...sad , get some real games

  4. MrMethadrine

    MrMethadrine8 일 전

    All these games are so childish..Last good sci fi game i played was Mass Effect (not Andromeda).

  5. Damian Calleja

    Damian Calleja14 일 전

    Dang... well, we know you can reload in bl3 LOL

  6. QBit07

    QBit0719 일 전

    "great Souls-like game" That's a logical fallacy. Souls-like games, as well as the Souls series itself, aren't even good games.

  7. QBit07

    QBit0719 일 전

    "Wonderful community" being used to describe an aspect of multiplayer games is also a logical fallacy. Multiplayer game communities are nothing but toxic environments full of crass and impolite people who regularly insult others and perform actions with the intent to cause others grief and unnecessary stress.

  8. Cain Tindal

    Cain Tindal21 일 전

    You Missed Empyrion Galactic survival

  9. Odlaw Games

    Odlaw Games22 일 전

    Was that gameplay for eds5? It kinda looks like shit graphics wise. Gameplay looks interesting though.

  10. Efrain Vazquez

    Efrain Vazquez23 일 전

    Can you do a video assistant NPC?

  11. TomatoJuices

    TomatoJuices25 일 전

    Metro exodus was soo imersive

  12. Sh3riff s

    Sh3riff s26 일 전

    Out of all the games I’ll like to play the outer world at a price drop

  13. MADagain

    MADagain27 일 전

    No dismemberment from the new Star Wars game... I'm out already.

  14. clar ask

    clar ask28 일 전

    i tried watching a playthrough of control and it looked so confusing and boring now i don't know what to think

  15. superarsenal009

    superarsenal009개월 전

    Half these games aren't even sci-fi...

  16. Dark Cynn

    Dark Cynn개월 전

    Almost none of the games on this list are good. With a few exceptions.

  17. Sean S

    Sean S개월 전

    a genre that is as big of a let down in games as it has been in movies.

  18. Manny Calavera

    Manny Calavera개월 전


  19. Roy Riley

    Roy Riley개월 전

    Exclusives and EA games on the list.... we want cyberpunk games not cyberpunk real life.

  20. Bearbelow

    Bearbelow개월 전

    12:09 observation is a thriller

  21. IHasNoLife Productions

    IHasNoLife Productions개월 전

    Finally, with Control now both Xbox and PC can understand a sliver of the incredible gameplay mechanics of InFAMOUS

  22. Pepe ga

    Pepe ga개월 전

    Control looks dull maybe thats why? Lol

  23. sterling Archer

    sterling Archer개월 전

    The way you explained crack down 3 I'd swear you were talking about saints row 4...

  24. No U

    No U개월 전

    The first one looks absolute shit

  25. maksim tyshkevich

    maksim tyshkevich개월 전

    Duuude, really, crackdown 3?... Why are you still pulling for this pos?.... The game is a hot mess that needs to be taken behind the barn and shot, burned, shot again and buried,,,, Tsk-tsk Jake, have some dignity, man.

  26. Viktor von DOOM

    Viktor von DOOM개월 전

    Dude I've been wasting so much time on school I COULD BE PLAYING VIDEOGAMES

  27. Thilo Yeah

    Thilo Yeah개월 전

    Nice overview, thanks for that. Hm, I just wondered, if "Subnautica" could have also been here.

  28. Nabilio

    Nabilio27 일 전

    Subnautica is amazing. I can't wait for them to finish below zero

  29. John Nguyen

    John Nguyen개월 전

    Gundam Battle Operations 2 is my fav sci-fi game atm

  30. AlbertScoot

    AlbertScoot개월 전

    Why do reviewers keep trying to make No Man's Sky and Destiny 2 a thing years after the fail launch.

  31. hcaz

    hcaz개월 전

    Because no mans sky is incredible now

  32. Alex Shvartz

    Alex Shvartz개월 전

    Do a history of Ubisoft video

  33. Alex Shvartz

    Alex Shvartz개월 전

    There rage 2 but it's just okay

  34. Frederic Remata

    Frederic Remata개월 전

    Hope there will be a space game where you build an empire, its kind of survival at first then you meet npc conquer the world then move on to other planets.

  35. Francisco Jacobo

    Francisco Jacobo개월 전

    So few people mention the SCP foundation when talking about Control, which i feel mirrors a lot of its lore and mechanics from.

  36. Laine Keema

    Laine Keema개월 전

    Risk of rain 2 should have been high on the list but it wasn't on there. Ror2 is a massively underrated game

  37. Travis Toole

    Travis Toole개월 전

    I can't believe Destiny 2 is free now. I dont have to use my disc anymore. But downside is I cant play the content I paid for.

  38. Travis Toole

    Travis Toole개월 전

    I wanted to get No Mans Sky when it came out for xbox, I'm glad I waited until the next few weeks to get it.

  39. Mark West

    Mark West개월 전

    First person or third person shooters don't qualify as "sci-fi"; therefore, most games on this list were not sci-fi.

  40. xvc00

    xvc00개월 전

    First one looks crap, definitely made by amateurs.

  41. Ryan Gg

    Ryan Gg29 일 전

    Yep, never even heard of Earth Defense Force before

  42. IHug Kittens

    IHug Kittens개월 전

    I LOVED Control and I really hope they expand on that universe. One thing though, the checkpoint system was needlessly frustrating, put checkpoints on bosses and it will be perfect.

  43. Octavia Kustiawan

    Octavia Kustiawan개월 전

    It's weird that more and more games have female main characters now

  44. uzah88

    uzah8829 일 전

    No one cares

  45. Manny Calavera

    Manny Calavera개월 전

    Its called social engineering.....

  46. Pillock

    Pillock개월 전

    I still find it amusing, when looking at Crackdown III and think about, the most powerful console yet together with the power of the cloud.

  47. Krystal Dragons

    Krystal Dragons개월 전

    Number 15: what LOFTY EXPECTATIONS!?? They overpromise underdeliver and gameranx is like "it was the fans fault for getting hype"🙄😒

  48. Krystal Dragons

    Krystal Dragons27 일 전

    Do you like crackdown 3

  49. Nabilio

    Nabilio27 일 전

    Take a nap.

  50. William Ganas

    William Ganas개월 전

    How about x4 Foundation

  51. Scott Martin

    Scott Martin개월 전

    How did Elite: Dangerous not make this list?

  52. Brex 10

    Brex 10개월 전

    3:55 No you didn’t, i played it, that game fecking sucked, i wont get into why because i don’t want to subject you to a 3 page essay, but i will say it’s nothing about the concepts, everything that made that game bad can be completely fixed while still not changing it away from being the surge, so i do plan to give the sequel a try.

  53. Quiet Time Gaming

    Quiet Time Gaming개월 전

    1:16 rip XB1 and Switch. 100% confirmed that Gameranx doesn’t consider them to be “major platforms.”

  54. Lizard Luminosity

    Lizard Luminosity개월 전

    "Outer Wilds is calm and relaxing." *Shows world covered in tornadoes*

  55. Hungry Guy

    Hungry Guy개월 전

    I would love to have an massive open world Mechwarrior game, kind'a like Skyrim or GTA but with mechs that you ride in 1st POV like Mechwarrior 2.

  56. Ploxxy Ryder

    Ploxxy Ryder개월 전

    "No mans sky didn't quite meet expectations" that is the biggest the understatement of 2019 lol

  57. Richard Holiday

    Richard Holiday개월 전

    For Daemon X Machina, are we talking the Ravensoft devs or macrosux devs.

  58. World Hayes

    World Hayes개월 전


  59. darkholyPL

    darkholyPL개월 전

    Is the protagonist in Control trans? She has a mans face.

  60. Krystal Dragons

    Krystal Dragons개월 전


  61. Jesus D

    Jesus D개월 전

    but where is Risk of Rain 2

  62. Stevepunk

    Stevepunk개월 전

    That screen tearing in the EDF5 footage at the start of your video is offputting. Turn on vsync or get a modern screen please. It's also super-blurry at 1080p.

  63. mjolnir112

    mjolnir112개월 전

    Control deserves top billing. It's fantastic and needs more exposure

  64. DaBoiJ

    DaBoiJ개월 전

    Outer wilds looks like a Dreams game

  65. Damager007

    Damager007개월 전

    That game at 11:50 is basically Tacoma

  66. Bangcat

    Bangcat개월 전

    I've been playing MOBILE SUIT GRANDAM: BATTLE OPERATION 2. It's a bit of an acquired taste, a bit slower than some. But it's methodical in it's motions, kind of like Chrome Hounds was.

  67. N7 AVEN6ER

    N7 AVEN6ER개월 전

    Really don't know why you guys are putting games on here that haven't even released yet. You don't know if they're among the TOP new games of 2019.

  68. Akarsh Adithya

    Akarsh Adithya개월 전

    Glad to See Control on no.1, it really really deserves it.

  69. jose armando camarena

    jose armando camarena개월 전

    the first ace combat that i play was on ps1, ace combat 3 the anime in the family