Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica


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    Top 10 People Who Were Frozen In Time

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    This question might be wrong but would that ship be covered in ice and snow

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    Maybe You Can Do One About Bangladesh Urban Legends! If there are 😐

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    0:38 thats normal its water with a lot of iron that’s why it looks like that

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    I'm sorry but i did not find a single thing on this list scary in the slightest, either i have been desensitized to scary stuff or the uploader is a total woos who is scared of his own shadow.

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    do new zealand

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    At the mountains of madness...

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    XD 1.25x speed.

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    The pyramid belongs to the preditor

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    You haven’t done the Netherlands yet my country

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    the fist one is scp 354

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    Pls don't use Jason.

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    Where's rebecca?



    Rutgers got a shout out! That’s my school!

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    Wha do I think about the pyramid? I think if the planet's geology experts tell me pyramids are common in nature, I'm going to believe them.

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    The first one is like mars

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    Death note's Yagami: i can kill u just write your name. 6:44: *good luck*

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    there is no such thing as millions of years ago.

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    can you talk about scary things found in norway norway?

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    Im still your video even though you use fake thumbnails.

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    Can you do Australia! Please :D

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    Try New Zealand

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    Scariest Theory About Sweden. Pewdiepie Was From There... o-o'

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    go to kings lynn

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    8mil years my ars

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    How about the most haunted places in Canada preferably the Niagara region

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    Deep sea discoveries

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    Pyramid In snow In sand In Antarctica In Desert

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    Rusty Iron, Fossilised Lizzard, A plane, hut, ship, lake, a meteor, a blank spot on Google earth, bacteria and no Jason Voorhees Scary stuff

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    0:23 is red because it contains lots of iron like a lot so that’s why it’s red I think.... I LEARNED THAT FROM OCTONAUTS IM SMART

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    Do scary things in the Amazon

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    the first one is actually pretty cool

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    I find it interesting that most of the things start with "The" The Lake, The Dinosaur, The Pyramid, The Eerie music in the background.

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    kick bate i dint get to see the picture of the thingy human girl or guy it had a hokey mask ):< you DINT SHOW ME I:

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    Pyramid is illuminati

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    Where is Jason that l saw in the cover

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    Danny you've never done a Rhode Island video!

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    I love the Friday the 13 series

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    The pyramid place was the set of Alien vs Predator

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    South Africa

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    Is there life on maaaaaaarrrrrrsssss ....if you know that song you get a imaginary cookie

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    0:03 *Prove that Earth is a Cube*

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    The lake contains the meg.

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    Pyramids, alien possibility, the peaks line up with the belt of Orion, sorry I watch a lot of conspiracy show on tv.

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    This is Tom and every like = 1 year older 👇 c'mon! Start liking!

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    Who else just clicked the vid because you wanted to see if tuey actaully found a frozen jason like if you did

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    1:56 ouija board

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    Secular garbage.

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    Love that spooky piano music in the background.

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    So if they are going to try to find shalkaltons ship does that mean we will get more shakalton whiskey???

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    Antarctica needs a tampon Bro :p

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    As long as nobody found a frozen city in the antarctica we should be fine.

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    Bro dont use Jason it's stupid

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    Geez dat was *cold*

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    Maybe a kind of microorganism

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    0:43 or was it the Nile River Illuminati confirmed

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    I have now been clickbaited by the same channel 10 different times... 👌 you looked...

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    Where jason hockey 🏒 mask ?

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    Do new Zealand

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    Jason jason Jason!

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    “The Pyramid” that is a pretty lazy name

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    I came here for Jason....

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    3:55 what about pangea. It was a thing. Antartica was probably a Tropical land millions of years ago, it could be possible that some sort of intelligent life was there if this is an actual Man-made pyramid.

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    How do you know if the blood wasen't becuase of jason😐

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    Gabriel Masella개월 전 - real video with the underwater Jason

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    What about Arkansas?

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    Why Antarctica being ICY Did Old point of antarctica is in australia continent?remember australia had nice season but why antarctica i had a theory is there big earthquake behind the story?which antartica broke into australia continent and why australia is whole broke?

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    The lost one totally not Jason

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    Smirnoff is good for yur helth

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    So watch you saying is.... U lied about Jason

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    Cover your but when it’s October and it’s Friday the 13th

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    Leave a like if this was not scary

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    I'm here for that King Krule "The Ooz" hoodie

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    (\_/) (• - •) / > 🏔️

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    See you are wrong I don't know where you got your information but Antarctica froze over on my a few thousand years as go not millions

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    Jason is at 10:08

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    Mars has lots of water on it,wake up bro

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    yes you are the best

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    This video made my sister die of omega ligma

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    Right, if Antarctica used to be a normal continent and temperature rarely went below 0°C then it's evidence that global warming is natural. And the ice caps are melting rising sea levels was obviously gonna happen some point. Explain Zealandia continent and how 94% of it sunk if you think otherwise.

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    Well..... It's good that global warming isn't a real thing.

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    Scary, no. Interesting but clickbaity, very much so.

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    First of all, NOTHING scary about this. Not even creepy. At 6:58, your "patchy mass" says "matchy mass". Well done.

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    Do England

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    Ch ch ch...Hah hah hah...

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    13 billion, not 17 million years ago.

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    I clicked for Jason & before watching, read the comments to find that there is no Jason. Thanks guys.

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    3:09 He said "amination" instead of "animation." ^^;

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    it said matchy not patchy?????

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    Maybe the pyramid was made by aliens 👽

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    Who here thought there was going to be some zombie thing because of the picture on the video of ‘the lost one’.

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    Random but your hair looks really good in this vid

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    I desperately need to know who works on the thumbnails

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