TOOL - Fear Inoculum (Audio)




    Does this mean half life 3 is out too?

  2. Hybrid 9

    Hybrid 9시간 전

    If you listen to this album in sequence without any of the skit/filler songs it makes for a amazing listening experience (Must Listen) Fear Inoculum Pneuma Invincible Descending Culling Voices Tempest

  3. Kurt M

    Kurt M시간 전

    Great album...does anyone know how to buy it without having to pay 150+$? Seems outrageously expensive

  4. Kyle Cantrell

    Kyle Cantrell시간 전

    the cover art is still better than the songs, cmon tool

  5. Othman Benhamamouch

    Othman Benhamamouch2 시간 전

    2:24 .......!!!!!

  6. Aaron

    Aaron2 시간 전

    The screech got my dog going

  7. Rich Aftanas

    Rich Aftanas2 시간 전

    Writing this stuff has to be so easy now. Throw a few obscure lines together, then good to go. Genius. Laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. Eduardo G

    Eduardo G2 시간 전

    Lets Rock!! Rock will live FOREVER..

  9. Maxwell Heuberger

    Maxwell Heuberger2 시간 전

    He sits in awe of the majesty of reason, his new understanding of life. He look towards his friend to tell him of this found knowledge, as his eyes finally meet his friends figure he sees nothing but light. Before he can even speak, his friend turns to him and says "Yes, I know what you are about to tell me, for once, let me just realize it without your help."

  10. The Dude

    The Dude3 시간 전

    The noise in the beginning sounds like the Curiosity's soil analysis instrument

  11. Дмитрий

    Дмитрий3 시간 전

    That was VERY GOOD. So, see you in 21 years I guess

  12. sebastian Barrera

    sebastian Barrera3 시간 전

    Aburrido donde estan los riff heavys ? Metal ? Where!¡¡¡¡??¡?¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿?,¿?!!?¡¡?

  13. Steve Grubb

    Steve Grubb4 시간 전

    Heard this on the radio (!) and thought it was new Perfect Circle. Well, close enough.

  14. 1967haze

    1967haze4 시간 전

    From 5:50 the guitar of Adam Jones sounds like a diamond drill boiling into the rock.

  15. Jorn Brenoe

    Jorn Brenoe4 시간 전

    Last time I experienced, explored and enjoyed a new Tool album with my son, he was 5 years old and already a longtime fan... Can't be with him now 'cause he's playing guitar on some stage somewhere out there, only texting with his old man about that new Tool album when he's too tired to make much sense... I blame Tool for that. Lol

  16. Google User

    Google User4 시간 전

    What the fuck are people talking about Taylor swift for... Are you not all aware that that is completely irrelevant to your lives.....

  17. Mordhorst

    Mordhorst5 시간 전

    How About that Album order: 1.Fear Inoculum 2.Pneuma 3.Invincible 4.Mockingbeat 5.Chocolate Chip Trip 6.Descending 7.Legion Inoculant 8.Litanie contre la Peur 9.Culling Voices 10.7empest works better for me... just an idea. ;-)

  18. Josh’s Gaming

    Josh’s Gaming5 시간 전

    There’s only 200 cds of the album in the world

  19. coldwarunicorns

    coldwarunicorns6 시간 전

    yes! Excelent

  20. aBanabis

    aBanabis6 시간 전

    So far I'm not really drooling over it, but I wasn't really drooling over 10,000 days at first either. Hearing it live is a completely different experience. Not to mention if you're lucky enough to be tripping like I was at their bonnaroo show in 2007. After the show I was completely exhausted and I didn't even move. Music moved through me. Saying I got chills up the spine is an understatement. At least everyone knows what I'm talking about these days. Wonder what happen. Good times?

  21. Daniel hansen

    Daniel hansen7 시간 전

    So some dude on eBay, has the new Tool CD up for sale, the sticker on the CD is upside down due to factory mistake, this guy is asking $10,000 for this CD. just curious who in their right mind would pay $10,000 for any CD? Just because the sticker is upside down. Have A Tool kind of day my brothers and sisters.

  22. Echelon Army

    Echelon Army7 시간 전

    ━┳━╭━╭━╮╭ ┈┈┈┣▅╋▅┫┃ ┈┃┈╰━╰━ ━━

  23. bassmaniac9

    bassmaniac97 시간 전

    Dayyum that Tabla ❤️

  24. Justin Regan

    Justin Regan8 시간 전

    Shout out to a band that actually puts out a new album and stays true to their roots , much respect

  25. СlayСlay 404

    СlayСlay 4048 시간 전

    waited more than slipknot

  26. Bone Grey

    Bone Grey8 시간 전

    To me, the album art resembles a well shaped derriere.

  27. Justin Graves

    Justin Graves8 시간 전

    If you have a friend that is new to tool, here is a 2 cd list that I came up with. Cd 1 is 79:36 and cd 2 is 76:51 Disc 1 Sober Schism Descending Forty six & 2 Lateralus The pot 7empest Parabola Stinkfist Prison sex Disc 2 Vicarious Pneuma H. Jambi Right in two The grudge Enema Eulogy Rosetta stoned

  28. ¡¡ !!

    ¡¡ !!9 시간 전

    *_S O B E R_*_ is still the best Tool song._

  29. Matt Gawlik

    Matt Gawlik9 시간 전

    Delusion of mania = the paradox is there is no paradox

  30. Matt Gawlik

    Matt Gawlik9 시간 전

    “Fear Inoculum" = truth realization Immunity = truth (absolute) infinite Contagion = ego (what you love or hate and everything inbetween) belief Naive, I opened up to you = I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started looking at truth Venom and mania = the act to say something true (who am I?) deceiver = mind (small mind) Recast my tale = negation process (death rebirth) Weave my allegorical elegy = hero’s journey Enumerate all that I'm to do = trust the process (with no matter what) Calculating steps away from you = doing the actual math of negation (not understanding it or read someone else doing it (pen and paper / computer) mitosis - transformation (imago) Forfeit all control = negation of question of free will (surrender) You poison, you spectacle = what you love what you hate (all that is you)

  31. Gloria Rios

    Gloria Rios9 시간 전

    Greetings from SAN ANTONIO,TX we love TOOL down here and i speak for All the TOOL FANS throu out The great LONESTAR STATE of TEXAS

  32. Gloria Rios

    Gloria Rios9 시간 전

    Hey all tool fans whoever is familiar with 90's RAP. doesn't the beginning sound like the song "MURDER" by U.G.K.feat. MASTER P.i thought i heard a big coincidence.AM I THE ONLY ONE?????


    RIQUET FAURE10 시간 전

    Excellent ___ Comme c'est bon de vous réentendre ..

  34. Pink shrooms

    Pink shrooms11 시간 전

    Adam Jones: I've come up some cool riffs Danny, have you come up with anything? Danny Carey: Here hold my beer

  35. Pulkit Arora

    Pulkit Arora12 시간 전

    7:00 onwards, I can hear shades of RATM's Bullet in the Head. What about you guys? I have always felt that TOOL has similarities with RATM.

  36. William Graves

    William Graves12 시간 전

    - Bless this Community -

  37. bluff2085

    bluff208512 시간 전

    Who here is among those elite ‘90s kids who kinda just “grew up with Tool” ?

  38. Major Luchs

    Major Luchs12 시간 전

  39. kavosh samadi

    kavosh samadi12 시간 전

    I died to the inorganic state and became endowed with growth, and (then) I died to (vegetable) growth and attained to the animal. I died from animality and became Adam (man): why, then, should I fear? When have I become less by dying?

  40. Nonne B

    Nonne B12 시간 전

    Bad nerd song

  41. Adrian Z

    Adrian Z13 시간 전

    So have you observed how Taylor Swift fans made 11 thousand accounts just to dislike this for overtaking Lover on Billboard 200 ?

  42. Tom Slijkerman

    Tom Slijkerman14 시간 전

    His singing is inspired by this:

  43. Scott Page USMC

    Scott Page USMC15 시간 전

    I've listened, and loved you, since 1990. This album takes time to absorb, but it's worth the wait! Just wait a little longer for the hard parts.

  44. Rich Giroux

    Rich Giroux16 시간 전

    Beiber, Perry, Swift...etc fans will not get how amazing Tool is!!!!!!!

  45. David Lad

    David Lad16 시간 전

    not a tool fan but that did not even feel like 10 minutes haha good album for sure

  46. Bluepajamas GG

    Bluepajamas GG17 시간 전

    Congratulations for being number 1 Tool and all the fans !!

  47. James Bishop

    James Bishop18 시간 전

    Good work

  48. James Bishop

    James Bishop18 시간 전

    I love it brothas

  49. SoCalFreelance

    SoCalFreelance18 시간 전

    TOOL, resellers are selling your D.C. concert tickets for $1,000+ WTF?!? Ticketmaster and scalpers need to die!

  50. L.A. Freeman

    L.A. Freeman18 시간 전

    Everyone look closely at the album cover

  51. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus19 시간 전


  52. Jeff Beisel

    Jeff Beisel19 시간 전

    I dont get how there are thumbs down ,, are you fucked ,, this is what real talent does!!

  53. Jeff Beisel

    Jeff Beisel19 시간 전

    this is the best form of art , i love the way this band is great at makeing us apart of the craft!!!

  54. Ray Gonzales

    Ray Gonzales19 시간 전


  55. Mad Mac

    Mad Mac20 시간 전

    Right on 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  56. Backyard Airgunner

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  57. Snazz berry

    Snazz berry20 시간 전

    Just curious How old are y’all? I’m 17

  58. RHYS Style

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    50 dude

  60. Joe Sansone

    Joe Sansone21 시간 전

    Who’s this Taylor Swift guy?

  61. Ander Sandman

    Ander Sandman21 시간 전

    The guitar riff is incredibly nice.

  62. Ander Sandman

    Ander Sandman21 시간 전

    This is a psicodelic song. It's thrills me.