Tony Hawk Ramping Things Up


  1. Sean Fisher

    Sean Fisher일 전

    Tony Hawk's skills are the same as Will Smith's looks. They just don't see to catch up with their age.

  2. Joseph Gwapo!

    Joseph Gwapo!개월 전

    Tony was epxecting a shake hand lmao

  3. noah Bankhead

    noah Bankhead개월 전

    This boi spiderman

  4. Eric Nguyen

    Eric Nguyen개월 전

    Dude, Tony Hawks got deep bags under his eyes, he's gotta get some insane sleep.

  5. Will Furlong

    Will Furlong개월 전

    Varial kickflip is ac a mad trick

  6. Jakarta Fanspage

    Jakarta Fanspage개월 전

    the legend

  7. niki123489

    niki1234892 개월 전

    Tony Hawk is a legend! Thank you slow mo guys!

  8. jezusmylord

    jezusmylord2 개월 전

    thats Tony Hawk, the actually TONY HAWK you cant go bigger on celebs than that.

  9. Tyler Messer

    Tyler Messer2 개월 전

    The fact he can pull that off at his age just goes to show, you're only as old as you feel. Back in the day, he'd be near death at his age and lucky to have lived that long. Now we have people doing impossible skateboard tricks at almost 50. Tony Hawk is a God amongst men.

  10. Brocolli Macarole

    Brocolli Macarole2 개월 전

    Im surprised how Tony Hawk’s still alive from skating at that age

  11. Corey

    Corey개월 전

    Its going to keep him alive Makes him healthy.

  12. No Subscribers

    No Subscribers3 개월 전

    God of skate boarding

  13. dual8288

    dual82883 개월 전

    to date, my best skate trick is staying on the board without getting scared and jumping off for 5 seconds

  14. Rudsongamer35

    Rudsongamer353 개월 전

    2:53 could be a meme lol

  15. Guanjyn

    Guanjyn4 개월 전

    Tony would have genuinely been happy about that lab coat since he has a habit of “borrowing” props.

  16. murali vm

    murali vm4 개월 전

    Tony Hawk is 49 and skateboards... My dad is 50 and he skateboards too , and the skateboard is called a wheelchair..

  17. Petra J.

    Petra J.5 개월 전

    Tony Hawk video game memories... He's amazing even in slow mo.

  18. Necro Knightly

    Necro Knightly6 개월 전

    start putting Flour on things. nice dusty material to watch in slow mo

  19. profish19

    profish196 개월 전

    Who came from smosh cast?

  20. Nathanael Davis

    Nathanael Davis6 개월 전

    is it just me or did anyone else think the guy at 2:22 was Jake Phelps?

  21. Ryan M

    Ryan M6 개월 전

    3:11 there’s no one in the world who I trust more than Tony Hawk saying I got it about a skateboard trick no matter how hard it is

  22. Jeff Levitt

    Jeff Levitt6 개월 전

    Ahh yes the famous Heelflip sexchange melongrab

  23. New Flesh

    New Flesh7 개월 전

    Tony Hawk looks like he's playing chess when he's in mid air. So focused.

  24. Joe Breakwell

    Joe Breakwell7 개월 전

    Im wearing the same socks as Tony Hawk



    even though i don't skate tony still seems to be some elite being form the 2000s who is still cool for some reason

  26. Dygby Took

    Dygby Took7 개월 전

    He first did that trick the year I was born -.- n I feel like I'm too old to skate. I have no excuse. lmao.

  27. frenchkiss

    frenchkiss8 개월 전

    you know what.. now that I'm watching this again Tony reminds of Toby from the Office

  28. AbbaZabbaOlyFrn

    AbbaZabbaOlyFrn8 개월 전

    Hundreds and hundreds of tries just to land one trick, I never had that kind of patience and dedication. That's why Tony Hawk is the greatest

  29. Celeste Greene

    Celeste Greene8 개월 전

    It’s so cool to watch people do stuff they’re experts at

  30. Nelson Stack

    Nelson Stack9 개월 전

    That was SO awesome. Ty, guys.

  31. Broseph Thomas

    Broseph Thomas9 개월 전

    He's such a humble dude! You can't have anything, but love for Tony Hawk.

  32. Peter Johnston

    Peter Johnston9 개월 전

    They should do a video of a baseball being hit by a professional baseball player!

  33. NonsensicalVids

    NonsensicalVids9 개월 전

    mute the video, go put on THPS or THUG soundtrack enjoy

  34. makayla learned

    makayla learned9 개월 전

    i was looking at tony and thinking he looks kinda old for a 35 or something year old when i looked his age up and hes 50 years old. i frl thought he was like 35 or 40

  35. Justin Xin

    Justin Xin10 개월 전

    A heel flip WHAT?

  36. Bilal Babar

    Bilal Babar10 개월 전

    Sub 2 me

  37. Nolan Mott

    Nolan Mott10 개월 전

    he looks like he’s baked

  38. Stephen R

    Stephen R10 개월 전

    Just WOW

  39. jkdogbro 12

    jkdogbro 1210 개월 전

    He's 50 and still knows how to skateboard

  40. Krenon

    Krenon10 개월 전

    he looks like a old rich drug addict

  41. juust_j0siah

    juust_j0siah10 개월 전


  42. musicmatt

    musicmatt10 개월 전

    Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history' Slow mo guys: hold our beers

  43. Wowasaur

    Wowasaur11 개월 전

    Hey. It’s tony hawk.

  44. Oooiki

    Oooiki11 개월 전

    is it just me or does tony hawk sound like less excited roman atwood?

  45. Conscious Bias

    Conscious Bias11 개월 전

    6:06 hawk looks like patient zero

  46. Frank Kujawski

    Frank Kujawski11 개월 전

    I have seen so many experts do a safe trick, or underperform to be safe. Tony, thank for taking the tough road, you look great even on the third time watching the video!

  47. Manny Donaire

    Manny Donaire11 개월 전

    tony's a freak of nature...dude rolls in and stomps trick on his 3rd or 4th try. rips harder and goes bigger than majority of younger riders. insane.

  48. Zak Hendrix Johnson

    Zak Hendrix Johnson11 개월 전

    I like the slow mo guys but wish theyd be a bit more enthusiastic like thats THE Tony Hawk

  49. TheJonesChannel11

    TheJonesChannel11년 전

    Time has not been a nice on Tony.

  50. Noodle

    Noodle년 전

    I love my skate dad

  51. 'sniceverything

    'sniceverything년 전

    Tony is 50 good god

  52. Edd Jordan

    Edd Jordan년 전

    Tony Hawk Legend and all round nice guy.

  53. onafixedincome

    onafixedincome년 전

    He's not going to get much help from his brain bucket (helmet) if he doesn't tighten it and wear it properly! Doofus!

  54. RenzitoARG

    RenzitoARG년 전

    The everchanging sweat stains at TH's shirt... lol

  55. Weston Forced-last-name-display

    Weston Forced-last-name-display년 전

    5:50 What blows my mind is that the _legendary Tony Hawk's_ kids are jealous of the _legendary Tony Hawk_ because _legendary Tony Hawk_ is with the Slo Mo Guys! What a legend. xD

  56. Ian Filippelli

    Ian Filippelli년 전

    1:21 smile 1:22 mad face

  57. George Doty-Williams

    George Doty-Williams년 전

    When I see Tony Hawk, I can't help but thinking about Steve Buscemi and "How do you do, fellow kids?" XD

  58. gaming4u Andmore

    gaming4u Andmore년 전

    any one else notice that tony looks like hes super blown in this video!? And im not talking "weed high"..

  59. Canuteo

    Canuteo년 전


  60. Morning Rose

    Morning Rose년 전

    I'm an adult, but the first time he landed that trick was four years before I was born.... Wild. Loving the show!!

  61. Cheska’s Life Channel

    Cheska’s Life Channel년 전

    Ur sooooooo awsome

  62. Bradlee Carney

    Bradlee Carney년 전

    He’s aged so much....